Park view city Islamabad

Park View City is a CDA approved stunning living space by The Vision Group. Furthermore, It is situated at the heart of Islamabad (Zone IV). Moreover,  This beautiful housing society is located between the gorgeous lush green views and hills around the town. Additionally, Park View also provides a 400 feet wide main Boulevard that grants direct access from the highway into the society, and you can also enter via Kurri Road. Similarly, This project is approved by authorities and offers a secure and affordable luxurious living style. Furthermore, This housing project is popular among the investor because of its mesmerizing views and high-end facilities.

Developers & Owners

Park View City Islamabad is designed by modern architectures and technology provided by The Vision Group. Moreover, Vision group is owned by Mr. Aleem Khan, who is also an active member of PTI. Moreover, This project has grown to become the most sought housing society in Islamabad.

Vision Group

Vision group was founded in 2012 and achieved unbelievable heights of success within less than a decade. Furthermore, This is the first project by Vision Group in Islamabad. Similarly, Within such a short period Vision Group has grown its name to be the most reliable and trustworthy developing group in the region. Fortunately, Vision Group aims to create a luxurious living space throughout the cosmopolitan cities. Moreover, Projects by the organization are affordable, and a peek toward to future of housing societies. Moreover, Vision Groups focuses on providing a beautiful project outlook by introducing elegant and tasteful style and modern functionality.

Projects By Vision Group

  1. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  2. Park View Icon located at I.I. Chandigarh road -Karachi
  3. The National School
  4. Park View City in Islamabad
  5. Park View  Corporate Center at Mall road -Lahore
  6. Signature Apartments Park View  at Gulberg-Lahore
  7. Park View villas at Multan road -Lahore
  8.  Park View City Phase 2

Location Map

Location is the chief factor when it comes to making good real estate investments. Moreover, This is such a crucial aspect that most veterans and experienced real estate investors term location as the top priority when they are out for a property grab. Furthermore, Park View City Islamabad location on the map is located at Zone IV Malot road in lush green Bani Gala Hills. Furthermore, It is situated right next to Park Enclave and opposite Bahria Enclave Islamabad, within a distance of 5 minutes drive from the park road, only 15 minutes drive from Serena Hotel Islamabad, and only 1 minute walk from the lush green Botanical Garden. Therefore, Park View City is situated mainly in Mouza, Zone -IV of Islamabad.

park view city Islamabad Location Map

Hence, Its is an ideal location in Islamabad with beautiful and peaceful surrounding and really easy road access. Moreover,  The future value and of the land are significant due to ongoing construction going around. Therefore,  It’s an amazing and golden opportunity to buy for buyers and investors. Furthermore, All the basic daily life and advance facilities are available nearby; however, it is a peaceful place. Therefore, This society is the model of luxury and tranquility.

Moreover, Stretched across the land of 7000 Kanal with over several residential and commercial blocks, the society holds an attraction to society’s norms. Moreover,  Located on Malott Road with easy access from Kurri Road, 200 feet wide road has been approved by the CDA to make way for the mega project.

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NOC Status

Park View City is NOC Approved by CDA Islamabad. Furthermore, this society has got an arrangement of 200 feet of direct from Kuri road. Hence, the investors won’t face any litigation issues and can easily buy their desired property.

Everything has been carried out legally, and the developers kept legal guidelines from CDA in view throughout the construction process. Additionally, The residents, as well as investors, will be benefited and be secure. In addition, People here will never face any issues regarding the legal status of the project. Similarly, Anyone can verify the complete information of its NOC from the official website of (CDA).

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Master Plan

Park View City housing scheme is offering gorgeous and lush green surrounding residential and commercial plots for sale. Moreover, this CDA approved society is spread over 7000 Kanal. Likewise, It is divided into the different blocks from A to H. Moreover, Different sizes of plots are available at different, competitive, and yet affordable prices. Additionally,  A high Standard of living is promised at our variety of apartments and plots.

Modern infrastructural and advanced development ideas were kept in view by the management. Likewise, The developers chose an idea of an ideal location. Best planners, architects, and engineers executed an amazing idea into a beautiful reality in an excellent way. Similarly, Along the residential block, several commercial block basic and advanced amenities are easily available near every block. Moreover, The Walk is dedicated to being a top-class commercial area. Besides, The best commercial and shopping opportunities will be available.

park view city master plan

Fortunately, A convenient, high-end, and lavish lifestyle is aimed at which includes a lot of features that allow you to live exactly the way you want and have always dreamt of. Moreover, Educational transportation, recreational all kinds of facilities are made part of this gated community for you. Furthermore,  An easy installment plan is also introduced with promising outcomes in the future Park View  is divided into the following blocks:

A & B Block

Accordingly, These are the most developed block in Park View City, where the properties are ready for possession. Moreover, It is located near gate two and has easy access to all the facilities within society. Further, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots are available for sale.

F Block

F block has an advantage of an incredible location from where we can see a mesmerizing natural view. Furthermore, Refreshing green mountains surround it. 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots are available in this premium block. Moreover, You can buy your desired block here with a 25% down payment followed by a 1-year payment plan.

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J Block

With an amazing location view, easily available facilities, and high investment potential, J block has so much to offer. Also, Along with Plots of 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are offered for amazing residential and investment opportunities. Moreover, These plots are available with a 2-year easy installment plan.

H Block

H block comes up with 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots and very affordable prices. Furthermore,  H block is also very closely connected to the J block, where development work is going on quickly. Therefore, it promises a safe, bright future here.

Overseas Block

It is one of the most important recently added blocks of Park City View Islamabad. Moreover, The developers added this block to the project to meet the need of international clients. Besides,  Investors can book 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots with a 2.5-year installments plan. Furthermore, Located near Gate 1 of Park View Islamabad, this block has the most remarkable and superior status among all the other blocks. Moreover, Here not only residents but also great business and commercial opportunities are available for overseas Pakistanis.

Hills Estate Block

The housing venture is building the Hills View Block in the community, offering all investors scenic and green living space. Moreover, the sizes available in the community will be several that will help make the dream ideal living space. Most importantly, the high-quality infrastructure will add value to all investors’ lives at the best possible reasonable rates. Lastly, the sizes available at this scenic residing space are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Residential Plot Sizes

  • 5 marla
  • 8 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 1 kanal
  • 2 kanal

Commercial Plot Sizes

  • 3.5 marla
  • 8 marla
  • 1 kanal

Payment  Plans

Golf Estate Payment Plan

Golf Estate homes are an excellent choice for anyone seeking for a piece of land in a desirable location. Furthermore,  It is one of Park City View Islamabad’s most prominent newly constructed blocks. Moreover, The developers added this block to the venture to meet the demand of the developers’ high-end clients. Moreover, For a two-and-a-half-year monthly payment, 5 Marla plots can be reserved.  In addition, This block, on Margalla Road, is by far the most well-known and notable of the bunch. Additionally, For Pakistanis, there are not only wonderful residential choices, but also significant economic and commercial potential.

new payment plan Golf Estate Park view city

Park View City H block Payment Plan

Park View City H block Payment Plan

The Walk Payment Plan

park view city the walk

Park View City Downtown Payment Plan

park view city downtown Payment Plan

A and B Block

1-year payment plan

5 Marla 6,500,000 7,500 1,625,000 4,875,000 1,218,750
10 Marla 10,000,000 15,000 2,500,000 7,500,000 1,875,000
1 Kanal 25,000,000 25,000 6,250,000 18,750,000 4,687,500
  • Buyer should make payment through P.O./ D.D/Cross cheque in favor of “PARK VIEW ENCLAVE” (PVT) LIMITED.
  • The project will charge an extra amount of 05 on each category (corner plot/Park facing plot/Main boulevard plot).
  • The developers will give a 5% discount on lump-sum payments.
  • Prices are subject to change.

C, D, E Block

C Block Terrace

F Block

H Block

J Block

H Block Payment Plan

H Block New Payment Plan

J Block New Payment Plan

J Block New Payment Plan

Park View Homes Payment Plan

park view homes payment plan

3.5 Marla Commercial Payment Plan

park view city Islamabad 3.5 marla payment plan

Commercial Downtown Payment Plan

Downtown Commercial Payment Plan of Park view city


1 Kanal 120,000,000 300,000 24,000,000 96,000,000 12,000,000

Overseas Block Payment Plan

overseas block and k block payment plan of park view city Islamabad

Park View City Overseas Block Payment Plan

Park view city overseas block payment plan Islamabad

Hills Estate Block Payment Plan

The payment plan of the Hills Estate Block is affordable and gives the provision of an instalment plan to all investors. Moreover, the easy payable time frame is another charming facility for all investors. Lastly, the prices will be from PKR 8,000,000/- to PKR 15, 000,000/-.

Hills Estate Block Payment Plan

Development Status

The project’s foundation is about to complete, and the booking has been started in all the blocks. Moreover, Block J, K, and overseas block’s booking have recently opened. Moreover, this scheme includes a boundary wall and a complete road network, and the availability of all the necessary utilities. Alongside, In Block A & B, almost 80% of the development has been completed. Furthermore, The rest of the block is speeding up its way to completion and will ensure timely delivery to the investors, and its 200ft Main boulevard will also be complete in no time.

Moreover, The development is in the process with a rapid growth rate. Simultaneously, the construction of schools, Mosques, commercial areas, landscapes, and the park has also started, and the utility infrastructure and gas lines have been laid down under the land.

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Park View City Islamabad Development Status


Here are the PVC features accessible to all investors to make their living standards more desirable. The details are mentioned here:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Wide Roads
  • Commercial Areas
  • Parking Lots
  • Family Parks
  • Grand Mosque
  • Eco-friendly housing project
  • Gymnasium
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Medical Centers
  • Grid Station


Park View is an ideal model housing society with unparallel facilities. Moreover, Each block is well planned with a unique view and functionality to provide a glorious well-established living. Furthermore, This society aims to bring a new definition to a fine establishment and a housing society’s future.


Evidently, Park View City Islamabad aims to be the epitome of luxury and entertainment. In addition, This cinema with IMAX and 3D technology will provide you an impeccable and unforgettable cinematic experience. Moreover, Huge shopping malls and commercial zones, including bigger brand names, will cater to all your needs and provide an enjoyable, convenient shopping experience. Furthermore, The zoos, parks, and other fun activities will give a new name to the elements of enjoyment for people of all ages.

Club and Community Centre

In particular, The club and community center will allow the residents to enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor games and sports, including a bowling alley, swimming pool, cricket, tennis, mini-golf, etc.


In addition, A huge purposefully designed state-of-the-art hospital will be constructed in society’s heart to facilitate health issues. Similarly, The hospital will have modern-day equipment and the latest technology for resident’s aid.


The Incorporation of the best school and educational institution will set up. Furthermore,  It will offer the best curriculum within proximity to the resident to benefit from this opportunity at a minimum distance. Moreover, The vision group has decided to establish the school’s newest branch, which will be operated under the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation by the Vision Group.


The most elegant and significantly beautiful mosque will be built within the society to take care of the religious values.

Gated Community

In addition, Park View City is a fully gated and secure neighborhood surrounded by a boundary wall covering all project sides. Moreover, It is beautiful and well facilitated and safe and secure for the residents to live in a family-friendly environment.

Non-stop Supply of Utilities

Having basic utilities such as electricity, water, and gas is a priority in Park View Islamabad’s eyes. Moreover, The project will provide it all through the project round the clock. Additionally, Park View City is distinct compared to other similar societies in the region because it is naturally blessed with natural resources of underground water and the Gumrah river right near it.

Load shedding free Zone

Besides that, To make the society load shedding free, the water dam construction will also include an electric power plant to ensure 24/7 electric supply.

24/7 Surveillance

Park View Society takes the security of its residents very seriously. Moreover, It is important for them that their residents feel safe and at home, therefore ensuring that a wide network of CCTV cameras is installed throughout the society.

Modern and Elegant Housing Plan

Taking advantage of its blessed surrounding, this project promises to one of the greatest landmarks in the making, and its modern and elegant infrastructure and housing plan will add up to its appeal.

Botanical Garden

A Botanical Garden in the center of Park View Housing Society gives it superiority over all other regions’ societies. Moreover, Not only it’s a contributing factor to the natural beauty of the project, but it will also increase the fertility of its soil. Park View Society also aims to grow garden herbs and unique plants from around the globe. Furthermore, There will be nurseries and greenhouse to grow and cultivate great tropical plants and fruits. Moreover, The project will also have an organic fruit market to provide for a healthy lifestyle for the occupants.

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Pros and Cons


  • Ideal location
  • No litigation Concern regarding NOC
  • All basic and modern amenities
  • Peaceful environment
  • Pollution-free zone
  • Great investment opportunity
  • Water traces are present 50 feet underground.
  • Load shedding free zone


  • Prices are considered higher.

Steps to Purchase Plot in Park View City


Always verify the documents, including NOC. Buying a plot is a big and serious deal. Therefore, it is crucial always to verify all paperwork before a huge deal. Make sure to properly check all the required documents from the CDA and permission from the relative departments.


Before making a rash decision, check if you can or can not bear the cost and get your finances straight; make sure that you are taking all costs involved in purchasing a property under consideration and ready for a decision like that.


A visit to the Park View City site is highly recommended to potential buyers as you must familiarize yourself with the area and know about the property before investing.

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How can overseas book a plot on Park View City?

Overseas investors are finding this housing project the best investment opportunity because of the various features and amenities available in the community. Moreover, one aspect that is always concerning for overseas investors is the legality of the housing project. And park view city has all the desirable investment provisions, as the housing community has Noc approval from the CDA. So, it’s plus and a significant green signal for all the international clients. However, they have to follow the legal procedure to make a secured investment in the community.

  • Fill out the property form, and add the authentic and recent information.
  • Put together all the forms that are asked to start the investment procedure.
  • Pay the due amount, which is the downpayment of your desirable plot size, then attach it with the filled document.
  • Submit all the required documents to the authentic franchise or submit them online.

Document Requirements

These are the essential papers necessary to make a secure and legal investment. Here is the listing of the papers necessary to complete the investment opportunity.

  • Two pictures of passport sizes
  • For overseas, NICOP is mandatory
  • CNIC Copies, along with next-to-kin ID card Copies.


The outline of society is bewildering, and after its effective execution, Park View will be one of the most excellent ventures in Islamabad. Furthermore, Park View shows up to be a conventional speculation opportunity for both speculators and the ones who wish to own a home for themselves in it. Anyone can easily book a property in the Park View Society by contacting our dedicated agents at Estate land marketing.


Q1. What is Park View City?

Park View City is a popular housing scheme in Islamabad, Pakistan

Q2. Where is Park View City located?

Park View City is located in Zone IV on Malott Road near Bahria Enclave in Pakistan’s Capital City.

Q3. Who is the owner of Park View City?

Aleem Khan, a former political party member, owned PVC.

Q4. Who are Park View City Developers?

It is a Vision Group Project.

Q5. Is Park View City NOC approved?

Yes, PVC has a legal status from the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Q6. When will be the possession start of plots in Park View City?

The developers will grant the plot’s possession in Park View City after balloting.

Q7. Does Park View City have installment plans?

ANS: Yes, Park View City Islamabad offers two to three-year installment plans.

Q8. What does PVC have to offer to overseas investors?

There is a provision of Park View City Overseas Block with the best features and facilities available at affordable rates.

Q9. Does Park View City have commercial plots for sale?

Yes, there will be 3.5, 6, and 8 marla commercial plots available in the community.

Q10. How can we book a property in Park View City?

Anyone can easily book a property in the Park View Society by contacting our dedicated agents at Estate Land Marketing.

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