nova city Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad is an under-developing society in the suburbs of Islamabad.  The Nova Developers is successfully executing the design. The project is located adjacent to the CPEC route at Fateh Jang Road and Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, the society’s design and outline  provides a chief location close to both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Currently, the project is not formally propelling. However,  According to the sources, the project targets to launch very soon by the Nova Developers with all the over-the-top facilities at astonishing low-costs.

Developers & Owners

The Nova Developers is the owner and planner of the up-and-coming property wander. Furthermore, the developer  is renowned within the real estate division. Moreover this is because of their high-class framework and advancement plans. They are presently effectively working on The Nova Society to form a perfect work of art. Nova Developers real estate engineers is  popular for their ability to exceptionally orchestrate ventures with remarkable planning compared to the other noticeable builders. Furthermore, The engineers’ objective is to change over the living association towards a cutting edge and sharp lifestyle. Nova City developers keep the ultramodern and sumptuous way of life in intellect when making their wanders and provide extraordinary client support and detailed consultancy to those who require it.


When a real estate investor looks for a property to invest in, there are a few factors that they bring their consideration to. One and the foremost of which is the location.Moreover, The reason behind this particular thing is that the locality gives a sense of security to the resident. Moreover, the availability of day-to-day requirements around is also very essential to live a hassle-free life. Before you close a deal, you have to make sure that the location is accessible from the city’s main spots. The area of Nova City Islamabad is located in a prime area that is close to Islamabad.

Two primary routes pass in conjunction with the property, including the CPEC route on one side and the Rawalpindi Ring Road on the other side. one can effortlessly reach the extension through the CPEC route. Moreover, The new Islamabad International airport is additionally decently close to the venture. Considering its prime area, the property is, as of now, in consideration of the real estate investors. Furthermore,  It gives a luxurious way of life distant from the surge and whirlwind of the city. The scenic views of the project are breathtaking.

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Location Map

The map below shows the location of Nova City. It has significance as it is easily reachable by the CPEC Route and Ring road. Moreover, You can conveniently reach both Islamabad and Rawalpindi in around 30 minutes from the housing project. The property is located only 6 minutes away from Bango, Attock. Moreover, The location holds a weighty value as the position is adjacent to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange. You can easily access to the motorway (M2) in about 25 minutes; however, New Islamabad International Airport is only 21 minutes drive away. With a short drive of under ten minutes’ places like Kanial (Rawalpindi), Dhok Korak (Attock), and Qutbu; (Attock) is easily locatable.

location map of nova city Islamabad

A few adjacent overwhelming areas that make the property’s location appreciated are; National Highway N-80, Attock, Top City-1, CPEC route, Rawalpindi City, Islamabad City, Fateh Jhang, Mumtaz City, M2 Motorway, Capital Smart City, Rawalpindi Ring Road, CPEC-Ring Road Interchange, and new Islamabad International Airport.

NOC Status

The NOC of nova city is under process, and soon they will get approval from authorities. The NOC emerges as a primary matter of any housing society and for the speculators. This is often because the approval of NOC legalizes a lodging society and creates a sense of security within the project. Soon after the endorsement of NOC, the engineers are planning to formally inaugurate Nova Housing Society lodging society Islamabad with its whole eminence. The promoting stage of the society in addition is not propelling due to under prepare NOC.

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Master Plan

The project is initiated by Nova Developers is done with the long-term goal of gaining a top-level cosmopolitan arrange with modern-day facilities. The designers guarantee to provide a handsome return on the investments as they plan to upscale their living style. Moreover, the housing society provides Highly innovative and luxurious facilities and services to the residents. Furthermore, quality advancements all through the project to make the residency worth living or investing in this case. Additionally, the team includes  excellent and qualified personals  put together ensure the flawless progression of the structure and design as well as the masterplan of the property.

The main motive of the developers is to make a living space luxurious and affordable at the same time. Additionally, it will provide an innovative and customer-driven place to work and live in. Moreover, Since this project is in its prelaunch stage, so the management has not made the Master Plan of the project available to the general audience. With world-class landscape parks, Nova Housing Society has a dedicated land of 10000 Kanal and is, moreover, divided into blocks.

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Plot Details

Following is the detail of the  residential plots offer by the nova city currently:

  • 5 Marla Residential Plots
  • 8 Maral Residential Plots
  • 10 Marla Residential Plots
  • 1 Kanal Residential Plots
  • 2 Kanal Residential Plots

Development Status

Nova city Islamabad Development Status

The developer is initiating the infrastructural development  as the society is launching. Furthermore,  this is undoubtedly attract the investors towards the project.

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Nova City Payment Plan

The project is launching soon thus the discussion of prices below is of  prelaunch and is subject to change after the project’s inauguration. If you wish to invest in the project, this might be the golden chance to do so. Following is the easy payment plan and prices of the plots available for sale in the project.

new payment plan of nova city Islamabad

Nova City 3.5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

nova city 3.5 year payment plan

Important Note

  • The above mentioned  prices and plots is  for non-category plots. In case you want to buy categories plots, the developers will charge extra 10%.
  • The developers can change the price anytime without notice.
  • The Cost includes development charges.
  • The client must pay the confirmation charges of 10% in 45 days.
  • To pay through a pay order, NOVA  DEVELOPERS should be addressed.
  • A cancellation of deal occurs if the individual fails to pay the confirmation charges within 45 days.  If so, the developers will return 75% of the amount paid in 6 months.
  • The housing scheme offers a 10 percent discount  on complete payment, and a 5 percent discount offer on 5 percent of the total cost.
  • The above mentioned price excludes applicable government tax and duties.


Other facilities provided by the project are as follows:

  • Excellent security system and CCTV surveillance cameras
  • A completely gated community to maintain the safety
  • Broad and carpeted roads
  • A 120 ft. Boulevard
  • Street lights
  • Water filtration plants
  • Fool proof sewerage system
  • Parks, Landscapes, and Zoo
  • Green belts throughout the project
  • Jogging and walking tracks
  • Play areas for children
  • School and hospitals
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Well maintained garbage disposal system

Pros and Cons

An individual took every choice always holds a fair share of pros and cons. The decision is suitable since the list is inclines towards the benefits. An individual also needs to analyze what factors may end up affecting him or her the most and decide accordingly. Following are some pros and cons of the Nova City Islamabad, which will help you make your decision to invest in the project.

Nonstop supply of utilities Marketing campaign is not started yet due to delay in the approval of NOC.
Educational Institutes Generally there is a perception that society is located far away from the city.
Parks and community areas
Malls, grocery and retail stores
Eco Friendly Environment
24 hours security surveillance
Prime location
Excellent Infrastructure
Well planned sewerage and waste disposal system
Smart housing society
Police station in the vicinity


The project will reflect international standards in terms of development and infrastructure. Furthermore, the locale plans to meet the requirement to accommodate more than 2 million Chinese tenants moving to Pakistan for the CPEC route in the coming future. In order to fulfill the purpose, the society ensures to match the international standard to ensure a comfortable and lavish lifestyle to the locals.

Another reason behind the unmatched facilities provided by the extension is to level up the standard of living in Pakistan. Moreover, it is a  planned private society  provides all the cutting edge extravagances and services with mechanized components. The project is totally secure to invest in and dwell in. Following are some of the features of Nova City:

Grand Mosque

Each square of the venture will have exceptionally arranged mosques for each block’s tenants so that they can pray pleasantly and fulfill their sincere religious allegiance without any inconvenience at their comfort. To suit people further in Friday supplications, Jamiah Mosques are arranging to be built all through the project for the feasibility of the society’s occupants and visitors.

Nova Schools

The Nova designers get the importance of instruction and thus are strongminded to provide exceptional instruction because it possesses a great school as of now. Moreover,  The developers will construct universal standard schools to provide quality education to the children of tenants.

Gated Community

A boundary wall provides a sense of security that is essential for any inhabitants to believe at all times, be it may any time of the day or night, as all that eventually matters is the residents’ security. An individual is always, and rightly so, worried about the safety of his or her family, and in the case of a society that does not deliver a secure environment, no inhabitant or speculator might be interested in contributing to the project. This is why the Nova City is a properly gated community.


Because of its boundary wall, any undesirable access is limited. There are only highly monitored gates to enter and exit the property making sure of the security situation. Hi-tech advancements and trained security guards are to be assigned for the duty of maintaining a peaceful environment on the premises. All the areas of the property are 24/7 monitored by advanced CCTV camera surveillance.

Wide Carpeted Roads

The streets, properties, and robust framework are made with elegant capabilities and the foremost recent development equipment to preserve the entire movement. It is designed to be conceivable by the persistence of the architectures and the workers who are doing a great deal of work all through the venture to supply a modern and luxurious residential society.

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The Nova developers made sure that the residents not only enjoy the extravagant lifestyle but at the same time connect with nature. Nature is an essential factor that affects both the general mood and health of an individual. To maintain a healthy and active life, the project offers various parks with serene views that will surely calm the hearts of inhabitants. People can spend their free time in the parks and enjoy beautiful sunsets while their children can play in the gardens.


The venture also plans to arrange a zoo for the amusement of the residents and attract guests. Many wild animals from all around the world will be imported and kept in the zoo, which will become a highlight of the property. Residents can come to the zoo with their families and enjoy full day picnics.

Medical Centers and Clinics

Society is progressing to give all the world-class restorative and wellbeing care centers to the inhabitants. Clinics and hospitals will provide all the medical care and emergency services with highly trained professionals and specialists along with the paramedic staff.

24-hour Electricity Supply

Nova City has guaranteed that the occupants of this private extend bargain with no power out issues by any chance, so to deal with any power outrages, standby generators will be available locally to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted supply of electricity. Additionally, gas and water administrations are too given to the tenants so that they do not face any inconvenience of as such.

Modern Lifestyle

Nova City plans to be known for its top-notch living standards. The infrastructure of the project is designed on a modern-day innovations, and tactics maintain a universal standard design. Nova City, in addition, reflects a display of the modern way of life, exceptionally sketched out for the best way. The establishments of the fittings show off an elite impact, and the property reflects foreign designs.

Waste Management System

A foolproof waste management system is one of the exceptionally main factors that lead to the venture’s success. Nova City plans to arrange a property-managed garbage disposal system. This will a fully automated and professionally handled design provided for the ease of the residents.

Water Filtration Plant

Nova City wants to be a self-sufficient and viable area. One of the notable highlights of an independent lodging society is to supply its tenants with clean drinking water. The establishment of an innovative water filtration plant will ensure the supply of clean drinking water throughout society.

Why Invest in Nova City?

One of the primary reasons, in our opinion, is that financial specialists specifically look up to the more prominent return on investment rates when investing in a property. Nova city, Islamabad, has an increased value due to the accessibility of Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC course. This is one of the main reasons the property is highly appreciated in the market. The worth of projects in this neighborhood is additionally developing innumerable within the last few months because of the location.

Another reason that might pull the investors’ interests is the simple payment plans offered by the project, which is discussed in detail in this article. Moreover,  the prices of the plots are incredibly competitive and friendly on the pocket. Furthermore, the greenery and eco-friendly environment and world-class facilities that the developers will provide to the inhabitants make Nova Housing Society worth investing in.


Nova City Islamabad is a private residential project that offers you all the fundamental necessities to lead a momentous way of life. Here the essential, as well as progressed comforts and luxuries, will be accessible to fulfill all your prerequisites. Moreover, The project is a completely secure place to live or to invest. The engineers’ most recent measures and individual concerns are kept in intellect when arranging this top-notch lodging society. If you wish to invest in this upcoming project, please contact us at Estateland Marketing. We are always happy to assist.

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See Payment Plan


Following are some frequently asked questions that may help you:

Q1- How is Nova City distinctive from other projects?

ANS- Nova City Islamabad is a progressed adaptation of a futuristic private community.

Q2- Where is Nova City located?

ANS- Nova City is located adjacent to the CPEC route and the newly made Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Q3- Is the project’s NOC approved?

ANS- As of now, the NOC is not approved but is under process, and we soon expect to receive it.

Q4- Has the development of the project started?

ANS- The development process has already been started by the developers and is expected to be completely real soon in the coming years.

Q5- Does the property guarantees high returns on investment?

ANS- Yes. Because of the prime location and amenities provided to the inhabitants, the return rate on investment will be relatively high.

Q6- Are the plot prices affordable?

ANS- The project currently offers four plot sizes with elementary installment plans with a prelaunch price.

Q7- Are there any commercial plots available in the society?

ANS- Currently, the details of commercial plots is not disclosed by the developer.

Q8- Is it available to pay in installments at The Nova City?

ANS- Yes, Nova City’s administration has provided flexible and straightforward payment options.

Q9- What are the plot sizes available?

ANS- The Nova City Islamabad provides housing units of 5, 8, and 10 marlas and 1 and 2 Kanal.

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