Blue World City Won the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2024

Blue World City Won the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2024

Blue World City is a prestigious housing project that is developing near twin cities. Moreover, the location and the payment for the housing project are the best features. Most importantly, investors globally want to invest in housing projects. The meticulously designed infrastructure will help investors find the ideal investment opportunity. Also, the developers are keen to offer the first purpose-built tourist city to the investors as soon as possible. The blog is going to highlight the achievements of Blue World City Management. So, stay here to learn more about the Blue World City Asia Pacific Property Awards.

We have great news to share with Blue World City’s present and future investors this time. BWC participated in the Asia Pacific Property Awards for the first time and took home two significant prizes. Congratulations to Blue World City Senior Management for their conquests at the Asia Pacific The Property Awards in the categories of Public Service Development Award for Horse Mascots & Leisure Development Award for Water Theme Park. Lastly, for Blue World City updates, keep reading.

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2024

The top developers, real estate agents, and projects in the Asia Pacific area are honoured at the annual Asia Pacific Property Awards. The International Property Honors has been an esteemed international program for more than 25 years, and these honours are a part of it.

The Asia Pacific Property Awards cover numerous categories. Commercial and residential real estate development, interior design, architecture, property development, agents, and consultation all fall under one umbrella. The four pillars of these accolades are design, construction, innovation, and sustainability—moreover, the expert and impartial professionals in the field host the Asia Pacific Property Awards. The strict judging process recognizes only the most worthy initiatives and specialists.

In addition, their accomplishments garner acclaim on a global scale. Aside from recognizing achievements in the Asia-Pacific real estate market, the awards ceremony also provides an opportunity to network with other professionals in the field. So, the awards hold precious status in the real estate world. And Blue Wor,d City has proved that investment there will be sustainable. Most importantly, the approval of Blue World City NOC is around the corner. So, investment here is a must.

Public Service Development Award

Public service and community development programs and initiatives that have achieved excellence are recognized. Innovations with far-reaching beneficial societal and community impacts are highlighted with this award.

The tallest horse mascots in the Blue World City are the reasons for receiving a Public Service Development Award. These 125-foot-tall sculptures of horses serving as mascots have finally reached completion. All lit up, they catch the eye of onlookers immediately. Another popular coffee business that uses this horse mascot is Second Cup Coffee. So, it’s safe to say that the charming Horse Mascots from BWC have won over fans all over the globe. These horse mascot provisions are at the Blue World City Sports Valley.

Leisure Development Award

The Leisure Development Award is one category that pertains to the property and real estate industry. Outstanding undertakings in the leisure and entertainment industry are recognized. This prize is for the developments that stand out when making first-rate recreational facilities and experiences.

Due to its development to worldwide standards, Blue World Water Theme Park has been chosen for this prize. On top of that, Pakistan has never before seen a project of this nature under development. Twenty first-rate roller coasters, the 70,000 square meters of the Water theme park, a playground, and several fast-food joints in the park make this block an investment opportunity.


Blue World City Asia Pacific Property Awards indicates that the housing project is a prestigious and trustworthy real estate investment. Moreover, developers are making one-of-a-kind real estate projects. Multiple features are available in the area that will help all investors make sustainable investments. Also, the Blue World City has won two awards. One is the best leisure development award for the water theme park. The second is the Public Service Award for the tallest horse mascot construction. Hence, it has been proved that investing here will yield higher returns. Lastly, kindly visit the Estate Land Marketing site for more updates and news.

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