Blue World City Latest Updates 2023

Blue World City Latest Updates 2023


Blue World City is one of the latest elite housing project that is currently under construction in Islamabad. It is going to be a vast housing project that comes under the ownership of Blue Group of Companies (BGC). This housing project has a huge potential to become an elite and beautiful real estate project due to its efficient plan. As of now, it is getting a lot of gratitude by real estate specialists because of its affordability factor. The entire housing project is further separated into sectors like General Square, Blue World Economic Zone, Overseas Square, , and low-cost Awami Residential Complex. The latest Blue World City updates has revealed a lot of innovative features about this housing project.

Owners and Developers

This housing project is the idea of Blue Group of Companies, who are operating in Pakistan’s development sector for 18 years. They are very famous in giving outstanding real estate development amenities to their real estate investors. The owner behind the company is Saad Nazir, who is also son of the ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore named, who is Chaudhry Nazir. Also,  the developers have recruited a hardworking and intelligent team of designers and architects, who are working efficiently to make this project a success. Other main owners of this housing project are Shah Jian Municipal Engineering, a Chinese firm, as per the Blue World City Total Area Guide 2023. The collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese real estate developers prove that this housing project would be really innovative one.

Location & Map

The real estate investors do check out location before going ahead with their investment in their real estate project. They mainly want to reside in a place, where there is beauty and accessibility. The other factor about the location is also the security of that place.  As per the recent location map, the entire housing project is locatable in main Chakri road near under construction CPEC route. Also, it is adjacent to M2 Islamabad Lahore Motorway that is only few miles away from Islamabad International Airport. Such recent Blue World City Updates has raised hopes among the real estate investors of this housing project for living in a beautiful project. The best part about the location of this housing project is that it would be away from huge hustle and bustle.

Blue World City Updates

The owners of this housing project have released some updates that are going to be very exciting for its investors. The new Blue World City Update suggests that this housing project is near its completion due to its innovative planning. It has a huge potential to totally transform the entire location of Islamabad with its splendid features. Some of the important construction project of this housing projects are huge horse mascot with blue and green lights. Other exciting developmental projects of this housing project are huge cricket stadium, and community centers. Also, the developers have planned to create a huge overseas sector that would cater to the investors residing abroad

Other than that the developers planned to cater to the education of the children by planning world class educational institutions. The owners are planning to construct flagship schools of five floors building, and some of them are near completion. The developers also plan to make some commercial projects, in order to cater to financial requirements of their inhabitants. The housing project would also be a tourist spot, as it comprises of numerous tourist attractions too. The main purpose behind such premium project is to ensure that the entire project would be lucrative. One of the most famous tourist destination within this housing project is Blue Mosque replica in Istanbul.


The latest Blue World City Updates suggests that it could be a dream destination for real estate investors. Entire housing project is completely appealing with its reasonable payment plan and world class infrastructure. The developers of this housing project are making sure that the investors get a comfortable lifestyle. Their reasonable payment plan proves that the investors would easily purchase the plots to develop houses. We would recommend the investors looking forward to invest in this project to visit the office of Estate Land Marketing. Our marketing agents would guide you in getting plots with the better payment plan.

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