ICHS Town Islamabad

ICHS Town Islamabad

Although eighteen Islamabad, Taj Residencia, and Park view city were all established as prominent housing societies in Islamabad, none of these satisfy the interests of people who have a tight budget and those who have a low income. Furthermore,  To tackle this pressing issue, ICHS Town, takes the initiative . Furthermore, grants extremely affordable housing to the less wealthy members of society.

A cooperative housing society in Islamabad, Pakistan, names itself Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS Town). A feature of the neighborhoods built in close vicinity to Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi is that it allows people to have easy access to a city center. Moreover, To keep residents comfortable, it entertains them with the essentials.

It is a government-backed, semi-government residential development aiming to accommodate people of low and moderate income.  Moreover, it enables them  to afford quality and pleasant housing. Furthermore, Margalla Hills is reachable only a short distance away from Islamabad. Therefore, the housing project location graces the magnificent views of the striking hillside.

Formal Launch

The formal Multi Gardens inauguration was in 2004. However, the society’s first housing development, Islamabad Gardens in E-11/3, launched in 1989, and E-11/1, initiated in 2001. Moreover, At the very same time as this venture, the developers had also started ICHS Town.

It must adhere to rules and regulations stipulated by the Capital Development Authority when approving layout plans for the society (CDA).


The residential project  situates approximately 42 kilometers from zero point Islamabad and builds on Fateh Jang Road. Moreover, Connectivity to the new Islamabad airport is among the privileges of this social group. Additionally, A location advantage exists because of the proximity to the CPEC route, which is only 3 km away. Furthermore,  New Islamabad International Airport, which is only 4 km away.

Below is an approximation of the distance between the nearby cities and the society.

  • 20 Km from Fateh Jang
  • Islamabad zero point 42 Km
  • 15 km from the highway
  • Rawalpindi is 37 kilometers away.
  • Murree 77 Kilometres
  • 42 Km from Gandhara
  • Abbottabad is 112 kilometers away

You’ll be close to the Capital Smart City, among the most prominent organizations for landmark protection in the area. In addition, University Town, Mumtaz City, and Top City are all situated within a short distance.

Location Map

As you can perceive in the map.  You can connect this fascinating housing society by traveling along with the Fateh Jang, Attock Road, and the Ternot and Qatbal villages, all located on this important thoroughfare. Therefore, when you have made sure no confusion arises, you can quickly locate the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society on your cell phone by searching for it.

Moreover, it is in one of the most advantageous locations in Pakistan, the society  situates on the border of the cities of Fateh Jang, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

location map of ICHS Town Islamabad

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Points of Entry

You can access ICHS Town via Dhamyal Road, which connects to Kashmir Highway, and Attock Road, which connects to Ternot and Qatbal.

Total Area

According to the housing development,  the total land includes approximately 5,500 Kanal. Furthermore, Some sources estimate that roughly 35,000 to 40,000 of the locals depend on the society for their housing.

Master Plan

Zoom developers have planned the master plan for this society. Moreover, Below is the  illustrious project’s long-term master plan:

master plan of ICHS Islamabad cooperative housing society

NOC and Permission

It has been determined by the municipality of the town (Pakistan) and is a guaranteed, no-risk investment. ICHS got the following NOCs from the relevant departments.

Registration number 313 of the society is with the ICT management cooperative societies department. Moreover, If you require additional information, please see the rest of the specifics below:

Cooperative Societies

Registration No. 313, Cooperative Societies Department, ICT, Islamabad.

  • Municipal Tehsil Administration (TMA)

TMA Tehsil Municipal Administration, Fateh Jang’s NOC No. 567/SL/N-I/TP/TMAF

  • Defence Ministry (MoD)

D-28/2008 from the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Pakistan is referral number as NOC No.6/53/Misc/D-28/2008.

  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

No. HQCAA/1124/44/ATS(P/C) 2693 from the Civil Aviation Authority in Karachi, which deals with construction.

  • Environmental Protection Department

Numerical No. from the Punjab Provincial Environment Protection Department, the DD(EIA)EPA/F-80(IEE)/0307/2009/2892.

Payment Plans

Registration for prospective customers was made a breeze when the registration process began on October 1st. Silk bank branches situated in all of Pakistan’s major cities provided online registration forms starting October 1st. Furthermore, The first installment is now to be paid upon completion of the job.

While the plots that were available in previous generations are all sold out, those plots are available for sale with profit. In addition, in association with the latest expansion to the community, the society has rolled out an easy installment plan for home buyers.

The updated payment plan for residential plots is as follows:

Payment plan of ICHS Town Islamabad

Facilities and Amenities

Ichs town is not fancy, but it offers essential services such as running water, a television, and internet access. The following fundamental amenities are available to ICHS Town residents:

  • Underground Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Un-match able wastewater treatment arrangement
  • The main boulevard is 162 feet wide
  • asphalt-paved streets
  • streetlight fixtures
  • fitness paths
  • 18-hole miniature golf course
  • informal club
  • Gated community
  • the high-quality and extensive road network
  • Mosques, hospitals, and educational institutions
  • Shopping malls and public parks

Details of the project

The society initially segmented its area into six residential blocks, which only offered one Kanal residential plot. However, officials of the society soon realized that they should revise their master plan to add more blocks in order to meet growing demand.

In Quaid Block, new blocks have been added. Moreover, The two-and-a-half-year installment plan offers five-, seven-, and ten-plot Marla and one-Kanal plots.

Terms & Conditions

  • All corner plots and properties on Main Boulevard will be charged an added 10% premium over the program’s estimated cost.
  • Residential plots are exclusively allotted for residential use, and non-compliance with this term will result in the canceled allotment.
  • Private and govt. Employees, Overseas Pakistanis, Former Pakistani Officers. Moreover,  Disabled, Widows, and Orphans all receive special discounts from the housing society.
  • This special discount sets this housing society apart from the other residential properties in the vicinity. This includes Blue World City & Lahore Smart City.
  • These societies do not give any particular discounts.  Despite the fact that they are intended for those who have a limited budget and a fixed income.

Development Status

Phase 1 of the development is nearly complete, with 50 percent of the work finished on sewerage lines, road networks, and electricity lines. Unfortunately, the project development in phase 1 is extremely slow; it will take at least two to three years to construct the earthwork alone.

The pace of progress in ICHS has been modest in recent years. Still, since the new International Islamabad Airport opening, the current societal management has ramped up the pace dramatically. Moreover, the increased commercial activity in the area due to the CPEC Route passing close to this project has opened numerous possibilities and attracted many companies and builders to invest in this housing enterprise.

The increasing development in the area has resulted in higher pricing in society. Water, gas, underground power, plus telephone lines are all installed in the neighborhood. In addition, the carpeted roads that connect all regions of the society and the state-of-the-art 160-foot-wide Main Boulevard have been completed. The main entrance door has also been built, as has the boundary wall that surrounds the housing project.

The solar lighting on the Main Boulevard has been placed to make the housing authority more environmentally friendly and accessible. Furthermore, In the case of a power shortage, emergency power is also available.

The region is also equipped with a drainage and sewer disposal system. As previously said, all of the development, when combined with the amenities provided by the project and the modern infrastructure, increases land value for its residents at reasonable prices.

Development Status

Possession of Plots

The society has recommended granting plot possession in the first phase in 6 to 10 months; however, the expansion block will take longer because it is a comparatively recent block, and project implementation and other procedures will take time. Therefore, before giving up possession in these blocks, the residential society’s management seeks two to three years.

Perspective on Investing

Property investment is among the most advantageous and reliable ways to enhance your wealth and earn income. Furthermore, All of the world’s wealthy people invest in real estate since it is one of the smartest and risk-free sectors. In respect of value and excellent investment prospects, ICHS Town delivers the very same possibility.

It is a well-designed and picturesque residential community that has been rapidly increasing as the area’s socioeconomic dynamics have changed. It is unquestionably a fantastic investment opportunity in both the residential and commercial sectors of the community. Moreover, The quality and significance of investment are enhanced by a solid infrastructure, finely built roads, contemporary design, and up-to-date amenities.

It is quite advantageous to keep the estate for at minimum a year on investing in order to reap significant returns from this endeavor. Meanwhile, you will be awarded possession, which will increase your earnings.Additionally, The best-case situation is to be sufficient to retain the residence for a more extended period of time, say 4-5 years, in order to make a 100 percent return on your original investment.

No one knowing what the future brings, but the possibilities for this housing scheme are limitless.

Why Should You  Invest In Ichs Town?

Because of the many modern-day and luxury facilities provided by the administration of these housing societies, the recent trend of living in residential properties in Pakistan is becoming necessary and enticing. Furthermore, ICHS Town provides persons from all socioeconomic backgrounds with equal possibilities to live a better life. Let’s look at a few of the aspects that contribute to this society’s success and why you should invest in it.

Executive location:

There is just one aspect that determines the value of any property, and that factor is location. This housing society’s one-of-a-kind location at the crossroads of three significant metropolises Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Fateh Jang, is its primary selling factor. The society’s beautiful views are also not to be overlooked; the society displays beautiful panoramas of the capital city’s Margalla hills, which pique the interest of its spectators.

It’s also only a 5 to 10 minutes drive away from the CPEC route, the motorway, as well as the new International airport. The sum of all of these elements raises the worth of this project and the surrounding surroundings. As a result, ICHS is a gold mine for investors seeking a medium-to-long investment and people looking to build residences for their families.

Reasonable Prices:

This housing venture’s inexpensive pricing contributes significantly to increased activity. Investors who identified the project’s actual potential and invested early in society reap the benefits of increasing property value and profit. Housing societies in the CDA sectors, including B-17 Multi-Gardens in the Capital City, provide substantially higher rates and fewer commercial options than housing societies with identical views and amenities. As a result, investment in this enterprise is not only convenient but also highly profitable.

Simple payment options:

Another good incentive to put your money into this low-income housing scheme is that it has a wide range of basic plot sizes and an easy payment plan. Plots range in size from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. Therefore, they are available in both residential and commercial sectors of society, allowing you to invest in the format that best suits you. The safe installment payments make it reasonably practical for anyone to engage in this housing project for a positive tomorrow. Because the plots are primarily accessible on a first-come, first-served basis, it’s best if you don’t waste any time and grab your plot before all of the most significant spots are taken.

Contemporary Amenities:

Though that housing complex does not include ultra-modern amenities like those found in Pakistan’s high-profile societies like Park View City or Bahria Town, it does include all of the bare essentials for a comfortable existence, such as water, gas, electric power, shopping centers, cinemas, parks, schools, hospitals, and mosques, making it an excellent place to live.

CPEC Route Offers Bright Future Prospects:

Due to the proximity to the CPEC Route, there is little question that this housing project has endless possibilities and chances. Even if you don’t intend to use it for residential purposes, investing in just this project is a great decision; the commercial potential of this housing enterprise is exceptional. In the coming years, the location will be transformed into a significant business hub, making it extremely difficult to obtain any property in the area. As a result, we strongly encourage you to engage in society and reap the benefits of your capital for the long – term.

A higher standard of living:

Residents of the housing society will have the opportunity to live in a comfortable and serene environment. It is not only endowed with stunning features and modern conveniences but it is also located distant from the bustle and pollution of major cities. However, this does not imply that it is so far away that it is difficult to and from the community to the port; the journey time from all adjacent cities is only a few minutes. The housing project is a once-in-a-lifetime challenge to fix your standard of living on a shoestring budget.

A Natural and Peaceful Setting:

The housing society enjoys a natural setting free of pollutants and disturbance. The stunning views of the Margalla hills along these make for a fantastic and unique living possibility for those seeking a tranquil and quiet atmosphere free of the concerns and strain of everyday life.

Discounts for Special Occasions:

This housing project intends to provide residential and commercial options for people of various socioeconomic backgrounds. To support this endeavor, the housing projects provide generous concessions to government and semi-government workers, overseas Pakistanis, former Pakistani officers, disabled people, widows, and orphans, allowing them to buy plots and live a better life.

Pros and Cons


  • Reasonably priced
  • Simple Payment Plan
  • Located near the Islamabad International Airport –
  • CPEC route closeness –
  • Beautiful scenery and growing infrastructure in the area —
  • Essential services are available —
  • Community with a guarded entrance –
  • Excellent long-term income stream –
  • Easily tradable plot sizes –
  • a family-friendly environment –
  • Just a little distance from Islamabad & Rawalpindi –


  • In comparison to high-end surrounding civilizations, the architecture is not as lovely.
  • Plot sizes are standard.


Even while the investments in ICHS town would be long-term, experts have calculated that the profit margin will be substantially based on the amount invested. It is a fantastic chance for investors and low-income individuals to deposit their savings in a permanent home and a secure future. Take Advantage Of This Promising Opportunity To Turn Your Wishes Into Truth. To Read more about similar projects in the area such as Capital Smart City please visit Estate Land Marketing.


Q1- Where is the ICHS Town located?

Answer: The housing complex is located along the Fateh Jang Road.

Q2- How big is the whole residential property?

Answer: The society’s total land area is approximately 5500 Kanal.

Q3- Who is the proprietor of this property?

Answer: ICHS Town is a business endeavor of the Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme.

Q4- Why is it named ICHS Town Islamabad if it has TMA approval?

Answer: It is named ICHS Town Islamabad  since it is located relatively close to Islamabad city.

Q5- Does society have access to water, electricity, and gas?

Yes, the community has offered all of the significant services and facilities, such as water, power, and gas.

Q6- Are there any notable landmarks in the vicinity of this society?

Answer: The CPEC Route, the Islamabad International Airport, and the highway are all within a 5-minute drive of the society.

Q7- What is the average size of a residential plot in today’s society?

Answer: In the housing units of the society, plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available.

Q8- Are there any plots for sale?

Answer: Yes, commercial plots are accessible in society on a simple installment plan.

Q9- What is the expected return on investment?

Answer: This venture presents a fantastic medium to the long-term investment opportunity.

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