Real estate market by year 2023 Updated Guide

Real estate market by year 2023 Updated Guide

After several years of witnessing strong price growth, a lot of real estate experts believe that real estate market is declining. One must not be surprised that all of this is happened due to lessening purchasing power with soaring inflation. Other big reasons are global slowdown after COVID and hike in interest rates. Many of the house rates increased around19%, as per the initial quarter of 2023. A huge inflation normally relies the continuous rise of houses and other commodities. For instance, in a country like Pakistan, price of nominal house increased by 20%. If we analyze real estate market by state, we would realize that there has been real estate market bubble. This means that despite huge demand for housing, were available for only few individuals.

Real Estate Market by state

Supply Issues

During the pandemic years, we witnessed a huge increase in the demand for buying housing, despite the price increase. On terms of supply, houses go affected by lockdown closures, supply chain disturbances and labor deficiencies. The past few years have proved that the price trend in the housing market would be highly recurring. Investment in housing has been volatile component to some extent due to aggregate demand, especially during uncertain global markets. However, countries like Spain and Italy witnessed huge construction during financial crisis of 2008. In terms of real estate market by state, there were sharp drops in many countries of Europe. In many other countries, there has been severe real estate market crash by the mids of 2023. Despite the crash, prices of homes have witnessed drastic increase.


Substantial Mortgage rates

In past few months, real estate market by state have witnessed substantial increase in mortgage rates all over Europe. One clearly finds connection between the mortgage market and that of purchase and sale price in the housing market. If there is huge rate in house prices, this often turns into an increase in demand for loans by different households. There may be a huge effect on housing demand for current housing stock, as the current stock of houses might have reasonable market situations. So, one can witnessed that mortgages are obtainable on more favorable terms of real estate market by state.

The final aspect that acts as a link between interest rate and the inflation rate is the actual mortgage rate. The expectations of inflation might influence the claim for mortgages and the rate of long-term debt. A country like Italy had very low volumes in the mortgage market, as per numerous real estate surveys. Many of the real estate investors had got return from their investment in real estate market etf to pay mortgage.

Guard against inflation

Residential real estate in current term may offer less guard against inflation, in contrast to the one in past. If increasing volumes of loan may be able to tackle inflation, so financing would become further expensive. The only reason behind this is that inflation accelerates and would have direct impact on central bank monetary policy. After the time of 1970s, consumer and house rates considerably went on the same trend in all different countries. This was the time of huge inflation that branded these years s the era of interest rate shock.

From 2021 onwards, inflation in rent often relies on current lease agreements, which might result in less of housing purchase. But real estate market by state has different macroeconomic dynamics that follows the outbreak of the COVID. It even led to a huge increase in inflation, which has now resulted in  more real estate market decline 2023. So, government must formulize certain policies that would assist real estate investors in buying better houses despite inflation.


The real estate market by state presents risky tasks but better opportunities for both real estate investors and sellers. One need to deeply study about latest real estate trends, like affordability issues of low-interest rates. It would help in real estate in navigating the housing market. Many of the real estate market prediction focus on potential slowdowns on market and concerns of affordability. The investors must adapt to transforming time, and they have to aware themselves of real estate trend. Please visit the website of Estate Land Marketing to learn more about housing trends by state.


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Best Real Estate ETF to buy now in 2023 Guide

Best Real Estate ETF to buy now in 2023 Guide

ETF is the abbreviation of exchanged traded funds, a way through which investors can invest their money into an account that further invests in stocks, or other monetary assets. In current era of globalization, one can clearly match it with the other real estate business. Because of this the ETF purchase has become affordable and easier. Such funds can also be one of the best income source. Much of real estate investment trusts need to pay more than 80% of their taxable income every year, as per the law. The Real Estate Market ETF is now an amalgamation of growing interest rates. Especially after the impact huge inflation on hit real estate industry during peak COVID-19 two years before. Now, in 2023, we have some best best real estate etf reddit that provides income through dividends.

Best real estate ETF reddit

Real estate business is one of the best means to increase wealth with less of an effor. Forbes stated that real estate is now primary source of generating wealth, as more than 2000 millionaires have utilized it. Majority of the real estate investors have been taking advantage of creating wealth by contributing Real Estate Investment trust. American National Congress formulated this concept in 1960 to encourage investors to generate huge wealth in real estate. Now, in 2023, some best real estate etf reddit made it possible for investors to get rich. Majority of the investment in this trust helps in development of commercial real estate. Now, the real estate industry has become so much diverse due to this, as per the real estate market update. Some of the best real estate etf for purchase are below

Real Estate Select SPDR Fund

This is another best real estate ETF reddit that enables real estate investors to come up with more direct investment. It only holds those REITs that are amongst S&P 500 Index entities, which even limits its investment pool. This ETF concentrates mainly only on REITs of S&P 500, and some of its main holdings make up 60% of total portfolio. This would make it a suitable option for real estate investors looking to aim at the bigger REITs and also vital for real estate market growth.

Vanguard Real Estate ETF

This is one of the important real estate ETF that acts as a giant among REIT ETFs. It comprises of more assets, in contrast to its competitors, It invests the capital into REITs and some other important stocks of real estate. This ETF holds over more than  150 of real estate stocks, as per the real estate survey of early 2022. The best part about this REIT ETF that it also offer several opportunities of diversification. It also helps in avoiding real estate market decline with better investment strategies. The largest holding one among the stocks is a related REIT index that holds shares of 100 REITs and stocks. Also, some its other prominent holdings like Equinix, and Crown Castle have huge market capitalization.

iShares Cohen & Steers REIT ETF

The iShares Cohen & Steers is another best ETF for purchase, as it has much different approach for REIT investment. It emphasizes on holding large real estate entities that are leading in their respective categories of real estate. Also, it also has a rigorous portfolio of around 25 REITs, and some of its holdings are 58% of its portfolio. It takes a more active approach of REIT investment, as it charges high expense ratio. The investors aiming to target dominant REITS in S&P 500 must utilize this ETF especially in case of real estate market bubble.


Invesment in real estate ETFs offer investors with various benefits like diversification, lower fees, low risk, and more income generation. So, the best real estate ETF reddit in this block can be a better option for investors willing to gain profits. Also, it would provide better exposure about the real estate market without any hassle and expenditures of buying properties.  Investment in Real estate investment trusts through etf is method for stakeholders to contribute in this business without difficulties. The investors must also realize that there also many risks of investing in ETF. You may get in touch with representatives of Estate Land Marketing to learn about ETF business. Our team comprises of professionals, who are familiar with every previous and current trends in real estate sector.

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Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Location

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Location

Park View City is amongst elegant housing project in Islamabad, which is a brainchild of Vision Group. This would be a stunning housing project, and it got the approval by the government authorities. It would be a classic example of natural beauty and luxurious living lifestyle. If one clearly views the park view city Islamabad overseas block map, one would understand that there would be a separate block for overseas investors. That block is going to have a stunning view of mountains and hills around it. A lot of real estate investors are now  exploring the best investment potential of this housing project. Park View City Payment Plan for year 2023 is something that the real estate investors must look into. They would learn about some of the best housing projects and their affordable rates.

Owners and Developers

The owner and developers behind this housing project are Vision Group, a business entity of Mr Aleem Khan. He is not only a prominent businessman in Islamabad but also a former politician, who was once member of Punjab assembly. This entity is famous for catering to the interests of their investors by delivering some best real estate projects. They have completely utilized some of the world class technological features to make their projects successful. They have recruited some professional designers, who designed park view city Islamabad overseas block map for overseas investors. Due to efforts and successful negotiation between owners and government authorities, now we have Park View City CDA approved. The developers of this housing project have a mission to completely transform the real estate landscape of Islamabad.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Map

Location and Map

The location of this housing project seems perfect, if one views Park View City Islamabad overseas block map. It has a prime location and it would be very easy for visitors to visit this housing project. It is locatable on the sides of Malot Road with some of the very biggest housing blocks like Park View City J Block. There are also some other huge block near its vicinity like Block A, Block H, and Block H. Some of the other famous tourist landmarks of Islamabad are also near to this block i.e. Bani Gala, or Barakahu.


As per the location map, this housing project would stretch across more than 7000 Kanal of land area. The entire areas comprises of some several residential and commercial blocks that would display some best infrastructural features. The entire housing project is reachable with different entry points. Since it is at Malot Road, one can easily reach here through Kurri Road. One of the main and important entrance towards this housing project is through main gate that is near to Rawal Chowk. Over all the entire housing project would be locatable near Botanical Gardens and Islamabad Zoo. One should definitely invest in this Park View City as it is would be amongst the best residing area in the city.

Development Status

The development of this block is taking place at fast pace, as professional architects and designers are working for. Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Map indicates that there would be smooth roads to ensure proper traffic. The developers have already deployed heavy machinery for its efficient development, and they have also installed water pipelines. This block would be only for overseas investors, and they would get to experience some world class housing facilities. This block would somehow identical to another block known as Park View City Golf Estate, another famous housing block of this project.


Overall the entire housing project would be fascinating in terms of location and housing project. Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Map showcases tranquility and best development features of this housing project along with its beauty. The developers are working efficiently to make sure that their investors get some of the wonderful living facilities. Each and every project within this housing project is worthy of investment, as it is an personification of world class infrastructure. The development of this housing project involves some of the best technological aspects. For further news about the blocks of this housing project, please visit the official online site of Estate Land Marketing. Our housing consultancy firm has professionals, who would provide every type of guidance regarding real estate investment in Pakistan.


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Will the Housing Market Drop More in 2023?

Will the Housing Market Drop More in 2023?

Majority of the homebuyers have an impression that property prices would be keep on rising. Although, it seems not so special, especially when one discusses about mortgage rates of previous decades. The rates of the properties may continue to skyrocket, which might create a trouble in real estate sector. Some real estate specialists believe that real estate recession might be able to converse some of the main price gains in the houses. Some of the real estate markets like Pakistan had witnessed several slowdown in past few years. Even, the real estate experts have a belief that there would real estate market down in some countries.

Real Estate Market Down

Will real estate witness a crash?

Some of the real estate markets like Pakistan fluctuated downright, especially during 2008 financial recession. The rates of the houses witnessed numerous crashes, which resulted in worst consequences. It was the time of real estate market bubble burst due to which world experienced real estate market down towards deeper crisis. Nowadays, the recent housing boom after COVID is also facing potential threats due by increasing mortgage rates and recessions. Some real estate experts argue that the rates of houses would automatically fall but the decline wont be that much severe. The only difference between nowadays and the time of Great Recession is balance sheets of homeowners. Some financial experts argue that the balance sheets have grown much robust, in contrast to what they used to be decades ago. Nowadays, any homeowner with stellar credit of mortgage with huge equity would fall below 5 percent.

Some of the important aspects to protect housing sector from crash are below.

Low inventories

Many of the real estate authorities think that one witnessed around 90 days houses supply during month of August. In previous year, the supply was very less since the inventory was very less. It proves that the buyers of houses had very few options, so many of the homeowners had to increase their rates. It also proves that supply and demand formula may not put the real estate market down financially in future. Real estate market crash is one of the biggest reasons behind low inventories.

Homeowners didn’t pay heed to demands

Many of the homeowners had change their selling strategy by keeping previous crash of 2008 recession in mind. Now, they cannot purchase any land easily, or get regulatory approvals to quench demand. Back after the precious crash that occurred during 2008 recession. Although, they are attempting to buy and then build like they used to around two decades before. But due to lack of supply and higher demand, they are facing issues with this. As builder are bringing those homes that are already available in the real estate market. After that, it depends upon the homeowners to make decision regarding their sale or purchase of their properties. Such move would be helpful in equalizing supply and demand of houses, so there wont be real estate market down.

Demographic trends producing new buyers

Nowadays, many of real estate experts are witnessing evolving demographic trends that create new buyer in market. Such trends has successfully created a huge demand for houses at different fronts. Many of the people in rich countries like USA are owning the properties that they bought during COVID. During those days, many of the industries encouraged their staffs to work from home. Millennials have mainly followed this trend, and are passionate enough to build a home, where there would be a separate workplace. In other words, they look for a place to live that would be their office at the same time. Such emerging trend has resulted in lowering the chance of real estate market down trajectory with real estate market decline.


Despite numerous challenges, the real estate market doesn’t seem like fluctuating. It causes numerous slowdown, which might not make real estate market down. The prices are very high due to which the actual volume of sale has decreased. Also, the inventories of houses for sale have declined due to this issue. Some Homeowners who locked their 3 percent mortgage rates are not going to sell their properties. For more details regarding the newest update about real estate market situation, please reach out to professionals of Estate Land Marketing. Our consultancy firm has some knowledgeable real estate expert that assist in making beneficial decisions.

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When will the housing market crash again? Updates 2023

When will the housing market crash again? Updates 2023

Majority of the homeowners have expressed concerns about the prices that can often panic. For many individuals, their only biggest investment in real estate starts from their home. There is a huge nervousness among the real estate investors that often causes potential threat to their investment. Any sort of real estate market crash can cause negative impact on their investment, hence causing losses. On the national level, many of the housing activities have witnessed a sharp decline, in contrast to previous years. For instance, some rates decreased from the initial months of year 2022, but increased during 3rd quarter of that year. Many of the real estate experts have often expressed their concerns of real estate market bubble that may occur at end of year 2023. Within the coming years, the real estate investors had witnessed 2 percent increase in the housing price, which was higher than previous years.

Real Estate Market Crash

What does decline in prices indicate?

When one talks about house prices decline, it relies on numerous factors like real estate market crash, or market boom. Some of the other important factors regarding the decline in rates is below

Listing of decreasing rates or price drops.

If there is a house in real estate market for auction, and not gaining much interest, then this requires discussion. In these cases, listing agent and sellers often negotiate with each other about the changing prices of homes. When one sees about the drop of listing prices on huge scale, it indicates that the seller market is witnessing ease, and would favor buyers. During 3rd quarter of 2023, almost 18 percent of houses had witnessed price cuts of listing. Several real estate data have revealed that 20 percent of the houses witnessed rates cuts at year 2022. Many of the real estate investors have considered Real Estate Market ETF to be safe investment.

Increase of sale prices

In many of the real estate markets like Pakistan, sale prices of houses are still higher, as compared to previous year. This shows that they are growing at a much lesser pace, which shows there is a possibility of real estate market crash. Several surveys have indicated that sales price of a home are median, and peaked at $434,780 from 2nd quarter of year 2022. One can seriously consider this significant jump of 15% from 2nd quarter of year 2021.  Between the time May 2022 and July 2023, rates of the houses remained flat.

Decline of rates by month.

One can say that median of home sale rates in August 2023, which is more than the one in July 2023. Many of the financial experts have considered this real estate market decline of housing prices to be on monthly basis. However, due to the principally periodic nature of real estate market, one considers month-to-month numbers too volatile to indicate changing trends of real estate prices.

Drop of prices

Majority of the home sale prices have been increasing with every passing year, starting from month. One of data revealed that price of 3rd quarter of year 2023 witnessed 3 percent increased, in contrast to year 2022. Majority of the houses had lesser prices in August 2023, while the sale to list rate remained high and have not changed. Many of the real estate experts have witnessed crunch of housing inventory. Majority of the buyers are willing to give exact amount that the sellers are willing to charge by selling their home. The declining prices of homes are indicating that the real estate recession might take place in coming years. In such cases, one may not buy on high interest rate of mortgage.


There are variety of contributing factors, which show that real estate market around the globe might witness changes. Majority of the real estate markets that revolve around difficult financial modeling of real estate prices. There are several elements that result in real estate market crash, which would then result in losses of investment. For further details about the potential crash, we would recommend you to visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate consultancy website involves all kind of data analysis regarding the past and future trends of real estate.


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How to Conduct Real Estate Market Research in 2023?

How to Conduct Real Estate Market Research in 2023?

Real estate market research is one of the important ways for real estate investors gather information about real estate properties. Suppose, if one needs to  invest in some property in a city or to predict its profits or losses. It is really important for real estate investor to not go ahead with their purchase, unless they have proper information. It is one of the initial phase for every investors, before he invests his capital in real estate business. One must be sure that their investment must be viable and relies on current scenario. The best thing about such research is that it tell you about potential real estate market decline. In order to excel in real estate business, one must have some authentic research about this sector.

Real Estate Market Research

Why is it important?

The real estate market research is really important as it provides comparative examination of current real estate market. One can compare the properties that are available for sale and rent. Whether one purchases or rents any property, this research helps on coming up with best decision. This research helps in making decisions that would definitely help in longer run. The new real estate market update shows that the real estate business would prosper, if investors would rely on their proper research. All the information of this update was based upon the research of some best companies like Zillow.

Why is it necessary

There are numerous reasons, which are really important for real estate market research.  Some of the important reason for it are below

  • To learn whether one should invest in one city or any other.
  • Classifying the essentials delay investment in several cities.
  • To learn about demographic factors to regulate the development of the area where one plans to invest.
  • To have details about investment ventures in several areas and to learn about the future. That future would determine that they would have such development that would increase the worth of the properties.

How to conduct such research

One need to take a proper and organized method when one conducts a real estate market research. For this, one can segment their analysis around the four elements, which are market, demand, supply and atmosphere. Some of the necessary steps for this research are below

Study the entire market and its evolution

At first, one must have all type of real estate information about the sector globally. The main reason behind this is to improve information in this sector i.e. changing trends, and value of the market. One needs to understand things like volume of market, or the demands of real estate investors. Other main aspects that one must study is to look for prospects in coming years. Also, one can realize that whether real estate bubble, and its negative impact on this business. Whether the real estate market would evolve or not, one should study properly.

Analyzing the demand

In order to know about the real estate customers in the market, one must analyze their demand. One should also evaluate whether there is potential for real estate market to grow in the world. Some of the main things that one should learn during real estate market research should be the changing trends in real estate. One should learn about their location, and their consumption rate.

Analyzing the offer

The analysis of the real estate market research offer studying in detail about the competitors in the real estate market. Investors should research that what kind of resources does the competitor have to excel in the real estate business. What are the shares of different real estate companies are reliant on the analysis of such research. Also, one can easily learn about aspect like real estate market ETF to gain more profits.


If you are eager to invest in real estate to gain more profits, the you must have solid real estate market research. This research would be completely helpful in order to come with profitable decisions. If you have a good research, then you would know whether there are risks in this sector or not. For more details about this research, you must visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our consultancy website comprises all types of information about real estate research.


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Best real estate ETF to invest in for long term

Best real estate ETF to invest in for long term

ETF stands for exchanged traded funds that offer investors to invest their capital in a fund that further invests in bonds, or other assets. Nowadays, it is completely matchable with the real estate business, and its purchase has become easier and affordable. These funds would be better source of income, since REITs are needed by law to pay more than 80% of their dutiable income every year. Real Estate Market ETF has become an amalgamation of increasing interest rates ever since huge inflation hit real estate industry during COVID-19. Some of the entities like Deloitte suggested that some real estate professionals have planned to tackle real estate market bubble through ETFs. ETFs through real estate may provide investors with some stream of income through dividends, which is good for income.

Real Estate Market ETF

Best Real Estate ETFs for investment

Some of the best real estate etfs not only help in generating profits but also help to gather more investment for longer term. Many of the real estate experts have analyzed real estate market etf by looking at expense ratio. This would further help investors in generating their passive income without any need to manage responsibilities relevant to property ownership. The real estate investors must ensure that ETF might often involve risks such as interest rates, or other financial risks. Some of the best real estate ETFs that would guarantee long term investment are below.

JPMorgan Realty Income ETF

JPMorgan Realty Income ETF  is one of the best real estate ETF that invests capital in real estate trusts. It also includes other real estate investment aspects like primarily equity REITs and mortgage REITs, which highlight market capitalization. This entity looks REITs apparent to display economic strength that helps in operating revenues for further growth. The best thing about this etf is that it involves interest rate of more than 5 percent for three months. Also, it helps to manage assets worth 500 million dollars, which helps in averting real estate market decline.

Pacer Industrial Real Estate ETF

The Pacer Industrial Real Estate ETF (INDS) is the entity that tracks a catalog of established real estate companies that derive more than 80 percent of their revenue from industrial real estate events. This real estate market etf also includes industrial facilities like distribution centers, self-storage facilities, and warehouses. This entity also guarantees 5 percent of interest rate with the return of three months with the asset management under 200 million dollars.

Cambria Global

Cambria Global is another Real Estate market ETF that actively manages exchange funds that gives acquaintance to real estate sector. It is also relevant to industries with a global carrier of real estate securities like REITs and real estate management. The portfolio of this etf assigns around 50% of its assets in impartialities with targets of around 100 securities with equivalent weightings. As per the real estate market update, only asset worth 30 millions dollars would be managed by this.

Xtrackers International

This is one those real estate market etf that tracks a market-cap-weighted catalogue of stocks in global real estate business. It consists of the fund that involves sizes of every market cap that enables REITs to be among its elements.  It guarantees three month return with 2.5 interest rate, and enable management of assets worth 500 million dollars. The best part about this entity is that it has been helpful in addressing issue like real estate recession. Hence, providing better benefits to the real estate investors.


The investors capitalizing on real estate market ETF are able to experience financial diversification with lower risk and high growth. Also, it very helpful in generating more income with lower risk of low growth. The ETF is one of the best choice for investors willing to gain exposure for real estate investment by owing expenses properties. It also a method of stakeholders to engage with ETF sector without having any need to go around complexities. However, there are also some of the risk that investors must understand, in order to generate majority of revenue. If you want to know more about the ETF process, you should check out Estate Land Marketing. Our Real estate consultancy company has some knowledgeable real estate market experts, who would provide better guidance about it.


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Will real estate market face decline?

Will real estate market face decline?

The real estate market in some countries is going through a critical phase in 2023 due to conflicting opinions. Many of such opinion differ on the basis of real estate investment and changing infrastructure. The real estate market decline is occurring due to low rates of mortgage with huge demands of housing prices. Many of the concerns regarding housing sector has resurfaced, as some real estate experts are giving news of crash. One needs to analyze factors such as real estate recession to understand the factors that would contribute to crash. There also needs to be a neutral approach towards real estate market with single digit annual appreciation to predict potential future collapse. The impact of economic condition have direct impact on real estate market on all over the world.

Real estate market decline 2023

Potential Crash

As many countries are facing severe inflation, so many financial experts have predicted upcoming recession that may impact industries. Majority of the real estate professional have agreed that either there would be real estate market bubble. Other than that, there might be some other threat to real estate economy like less demand of houses. During financial recession of 2008, many of the mortgages were crumbling due more foreclosures. Those foreclosures resulted in less housing purchase, and the real estate industry was have several shocks. Most of the new houses were not witnessing any sales, and they remained empty. Real Estate Market decline occurred all over the world have faced several hurdles due to economic issues. However, one thing to note is that some of the economic issues did not directly impact on real estate market. For instance, when there was recession in 2001, the housing market was still robust.

Millennial Demand for housing

Majority of millennial generation have concerns about housing market crash, as they are potential buyers and sellers. Such huge demand for homes amongst the millennial generation might act as a barrier against a potential housing market crash. Gen Z are so much into real estate business nowadays that real estate market decline might not occur. The real estate market all over the globe is one of the best indicators of financial growth but still it often fluctuates. Real Estate Market growth is the reason that gen z is having an experience of comfortable lifestyle. Majority of the economic reports have suggested that as compared to previous generation, the current generation seem to have more interest in real estate business.

Mortgage Sector

To some extent, the mortgage sector have been fruitful in prevent the recession due to no bad mortgages in recent times. In countries like Pakistan, the shortage of housing is going through crises, and some millennials are facing hardships. In case there is real estate market decline, the housing market might face tremendous crash, especially after COVID. Some reports also have stated that majority of the house buyers are buying homes in small town and suburban areas. One thing is for sure that the millennials are not only investing in city center housing. As the world has turned into global village, the current generation is utilizing Internet for real estate investment. Even, majority of the real estate consultants have established online business for housing, specifically for transaction specifically of mortgages. The mortgage sector of housing through internet has boosted real estate market health.


To lot of extent, housing market in some parts of world are facing crisis. The recent data of 2023 suggest that some countries like USA and Pakistan have been facing real estate market decline. The rates of housing are increasing, so there is very less purchase, which does not give any positive impression. Although, there have been a lot of conflicting opinions among the real estate experts regarding the future. Some of the analysts often expressed their concerns about real estate market potential crash. Some other also believe that there might no be any real estate market decline, and would offer better returns. For more details about the potential market decline, you may discuss with the consultants of Estate Land Marketing. Our consultants are experienced enough to share the insights about the real estate market all over the globe.


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Real estate market update today 2023

Real estate market update today 2023

The real estate market in Pakistan has potential to increase significantly in coming years. World bank report suggests that this industry is the second largest employment opportunity after the agricultural sector. The survey further stated that the real estate market in Pakistan might expand through 2.3% by the end of year. This prediction would be a positive news for real estate investors and buyer of houses. As per the real estate market update, the real estate market in Pakistan relies on various trends like growing demand of low-cost housing. Also, the country is witnessing a huge population growth, which results in rapid urbanization. Other main trend is that many of the overseas Pakistanis have expressed their interest in real estate business. These trends prove that real estate market health in Pakistan would be very good by end of this year.

Real Estate Market Update

Current Real Estate Trends

If one highlights the emerging trends of the real estate market of Pakistan, there is a hope for better return. Different financial reports suggest that it would expand by next decade. As a lot of people have been moving from rural areas towards the urban areas for best employment opportunities. A lot of upcoming housing projects are going to be gated societies, which would provide some best security measures for investors. The investors in these housing projects would be consisting of some lavish houses, that would provide relief to inhabitants. Many of the housing projects like Park View Cityhave already gained plenty of investments. The current real estate market update particularly about real estate projects in Islamabad and Lahore is spreading optimism among the investors. So, this means that the real estate business in Pakistan is offering lucrative opportunities for better investment return.

Future Real Estate Projects

As per the real estate market update of 2023, many of the housing project have been successful in gaining investments. Especially, in Karachi, which boasts huge population of Pakistan with many other commercial projects. Many of the upcoming housing projects in main cities of Pakistan have aimed to provide a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle. The facilities of these project would comparable to global standard. So, many of the overseas Pakistanis have expressed their willingness to invest here. The economic Survey of Pakistan has even provided a positive glimpse of the real estate business, and it would thrive by 2.6 percent in coming years. It would be helpful in providing more job opportunities to real estate enthusiasts. Also, it further proves that real estate market bubble in Pakistan would remain static, and won’t have any kind of negative economic impact.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Many of the real estate investors in Pakistan have variety of option to make their investment in housing projects. The real estate market of this country is progressing rapidly, as government of Pakistan has also provided some better benefits. It completely depends on the investors that whether they prefer to invest in lavish or some low-cost housing project. Real estate market of Pakistan is really productive especially due to government incentives like tax subsidies.  Other than that some, huge project like China Pakistan economic Corridor have been instrumental in boosting real estate industry in Pakistan. In the outskirts of Islamabad, there is a huge Chakri road, where some of the important housing project are under development. The real estate market growth is one of the most successful economic prospects in Pakistan, as per the latest real estate market update.


The real estate market update of Pakistan shows that this thriving industry would pave the way for more foreign investment. Many of the overseas Pakistani investors have made up their mind to invest their money on upcoming housing projects, which they may utilize as vacation spot. Many of the upcoming housing project have begun their construction at rapid pace. The real estate investors would get tremendous return on their investment due to their investment strategies. So, the real estate investors would not need to worry about their investment in this business. For more details about the real estate update in Pakistan, you may look into the online site of Estate Land Marketing. We have knowledgeable consultants, who would assist real estate clients without any difficulty.

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Real estate market bubble prediction in 2023

Real estate market bubble prediction in 2023

The real estate market bubble somehow indicates housing rates that often rely on the demand. It highlights all the aspects such as assumption, or enthusiastic which also relies on the aspect of collapse. The bubble in housing normally start due to increase in demand, especially if there is less supply. It is also relevant to moderately extended period to refill and increase the price of house. Many of the investors would investing into the market, which is also increasing housing demand. To some extent, demand may decrease or deteriorate further, in case the supply of houses increases, that may result in decline of rates, as soon as the bubble bursts. Real Estate Market Graph 2023 gives a clear glimpse of what the housing bubble would be like.

Real Estate Market Bubble

Housing Bubble

The real estate market bubble may occur on temporary basis, but it may last for years. Normally, it depends on something outside the standard such as growing demand, assumption, remarkably huge levels of real estate investment. Housing Bubble is even dependent on excess liquidity, liberal financing market, and products that are dependent on mortgage. These issues can often enable the rates of home to become unsustainable, that automatically leads to increase in demands.

Signs of Bubble

There are numerous signs that specify a housing bubble, i.e. increasing prices, high debt levels, and an increase in the number of hypothetical purchasers. In previous decades, some real estate market bubbles that have often led to significant financial problems. Amongst them is the 2008 Recession, which caused huge real estate recession in countries like Japan and USA. The real estate market in these countries witnessed negative signs of Housing bubble during recession. This shows that the housing bubble signs also includes some negative side affects of real estate economy. However, now during current housing bubble, one would witness increase in housing prices due to high levels of debt. Also, there are number of buyers that often highlight the growing bubble of real estate. This also leads to oversupply of housing projects, that would later lead to decrease in demand and prices.

Impact of Bubble

A real estate market bubble would have a huge impact on the housing market, which is important for a broader economy. As soon as the housing price increases, it would be extremely difficult for homebuyers that are entering into real estate market for first time. More entry of first time homebuyers might decrease demand for housing, as the might not be comfortable with skyrocketing prices. If less demand results in sudden drop in housing prices, it may further result in decline in real estate market growth. The impact of housing bubble not only impacts real estate market, but also to equity of homeowners, which result in less consumer spending. Such negative bubble would also result in reduction of financial growth due to unemployment rise.

Ways to Prevent Bubbles

Policymakers and financial experts must impose several measures to prevent negative impact of real estate market bubble. One of the most easiest way is to legalize standards of lending and credit accessibility to improve real estate market health. Due to limit of credit availability, policymakers may prevent individuals from taking huge amount of debt, which often leads to housing bubble. Some individuals can also take step to safeguard themselves from negative aspects of housing bubble. For instance, some owners of the housing should make efforts to not take excessive debts and avoid speculative purchase of houses. Different homebuyers must be careful, when purchasing a property and avoid purchasing a house as investment.


A real estate market bubble occurs normally, if there is increase in rates of houses. But if there is a sudden decrease in prices, it would have huge impact on the national economy. In such cases, it is really important for the individuals to understand the real estate buyers, and investors. One must know about the aspects that often contribute to housing bubble, and individual must take careful decisions of real estate investment. For more details regarding the housing bubble in Pakistan, please reach out to agents of Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate professionals and team of researchers provide immense knowledge about real estate market in Pakistan.


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