6 key Steps to real estate market analysis

6 key Steps to real estate market analysis

The need for constant scrutiny and real estate market analysis is important. It is important because it helps to know where the industry is headed and just overall stats. Therefore, we will tap into some of the key and notable steps to make an apt analysis. Furthermore, as real estate is one of the biggest and most massive industry, therefore, key zooming is a must.

All the departments need to work on their feet to achieve the set goals. For example, core plus real estate, marketing strategies, and their work should be under consideration. Now, what kind of analysis, niches, and under what sectors is it a necessity, knowing is important. Therefore, here are the top 6 key steps to real estate market analysis 2023 to know and do better in the future. Anyhow, keep reading.

Analysis Pertinence

As mentioned earlier that analysis and constant watch-out for an industry as large as real estate is necessary. Therefore, the ways and means to tackle the analysis and conditioning will require awareness.

Moreover, the sector of real estate is the second biggest and most massive industry after agriculture. These stats are for Pakistan, so many major and small industries are in direct or indirect connection with it. So the revenue generation depends on it.

Real Estate Market Analysis

Well, the key aim of this conversation and blog is to find out to know better. We, however, focus majorly on property values, market size, comparative market analysis, and much more. how similar markets/properties are worth differently, their respective values, and more.

In addition, the real estate market conditions & analysis are from both sides. From the developers’ and even investors’ side because having an opinion/awareness for both parties is important. Anyhow, here are the key steps to do a real estate market analysis.

Scan the market

What works and needs attention firstly is scanning the real estate markets, comparing, and knowing their worth. The ratio and stakes of the industry evolution are also important. In addition, one may also wonder how the market is doing currently and the likely turnover.

To put it in a nutshell, have information about everything. It may include;

  • Direct and indirect competitors
  • Turnover
  • Sale risks and stakes
  • Supplier, stakeholders
  • Terms of conditions involved
  • Deteriorating or fast-paced industry in the coming years.

Customer Base

Another step is to know the customer/investor’s value. Their reach and how strong the numbers can get. Moreover, the customer base tells how solid the future is going to look and well, the background knowledge is also important. So, where your customers are coming from, their consumption, interests, and desires.

Competitor analysis

Another important step is to see what your competitor offers and what it has to offer. Everything that they have and you might lack. So, these in the comparative market analysis make a huge difference as they work on everything including work on the current housing market, strategies, and more. In addition, in this step, one can also analyze the competitor’s financial stability and how far they have come in comparison to you.

To put the conversation in a nutshell, the success rate is only measured if you know the other person’s worth. What they offer and your capability.

Legality check

We live in a society, therefore, have apt knowledge of the involvement of the legal system. Well, in this and more, while doing the real estate market analysis – one will be able to tap into all. Whether it is knowing the terms & conditions of the legal system, being aware of the technology involvement, and everything else, knowing is pertinent.

Get your facts in check

We are talking about the real estate market analysis, getting one’s facts right is highly important. It may be stats, data, authentic property information, and much more. one can also do ground research to be ahead of their game.

Collecting Data

Yet another important step is to seek out all the means of real estate market analysis. Once you have done that, it becomes way easier for you to analyze and look through the content. The information might be sensitive and even convoluted, therefore, collect data. From every department and sector of the industry.


Last but the least – also the massive and important step in the real estate market analysis is to document everything. Not to forget that it will help you invest better, sell better and most importantly, be better in your business. So, all the ground research, information, and even online awareness are important. So, always document it.


In this blog, we tried to include all the things that may be of great help in doing the very necessary real estate market analysis. Whether it is from the investor’s point of view or even from the developer’s one too – the factor of research and doing the background research holds great value. Anyhow, a giant firm like Estate Land Marketing can help you big time in doing real estate market analysis.

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