Park view city Lahore

Park View City Lahore is an efficiently designed residential project privately owned by the vision group. It is locatable on main Multan Road Lahore. As the name suggests, Park View Lahore is full of scenic views and an eco-friendly environment that is a comfort to the eyes and leads towards a healthy and peaceful life. The property contains a valid NOC from the Lahore Development Authority. Moreover, the NOC confirms the project’s legitimacy. Additionally, Modern-day living standards, state-of-the-art architecture. Furthermore,  excellent infrastructure, Hi-Tech security, massive zoo, health club, and community centre are some highlights that distinguish the project. Apart from the facilities mentioned earlier, the prime location and top-notch services are some more main reasons why Park View City is a perfect place to build your home.

Total Area

Covering an area of around seven thousand Kanals, Park View City can accommodate approximately four thousand and five hundred families. Moreover, Park View City is a project to upgrade your living experience. The residents will not regret their decision to choose Park View City as the project carefully caters to the inhabitants’ needs and takes care of their satisfaction. Having all the luxurious facilities, Park View City has a peaceful ambiance that is not too far from the city. Similarly, away from the Lahore city hassle. Furthermore, This astonishing project in Lahore offers multiple plots and villas to satisfy your luxurious needs. Besides, the management facilitates the residents with a payment plan that is  elementary on the pocket.


When looking into a property, one of the primary concerns of a buyer is the location. Location is essential because it provides a sense of locality as well as security to the buyer. Moreover, location matters as it defines if or not everything that a buyer requires around his future home is present nearby his house or not. The location of a project also determines the worth of the property. Moreover, the property value and worth inevitably increases if schools, shopping arcades, hospitals, and leading commercial areas of the locality are close,and vice versa. Investors keep an eye on such locations for maximum returns.

In Park View City Lahore, the location holds a prime spot as it is located on the main Canal Road. The location is  a few kilometers away from Thokar Niaz Baig flyover. The main Lahore-Islamabad highway is a second way to reach the property, making the location even central. Separating the inhabitants from the city Park View City’s humming is also only 5 minutes away from the city. The Inhabitants can enjoy a calm and peaceful environment without compromising on the city life as all the town’s commercial areas are a few minutes away. Park View City is an excellent investment opportunity in terms of location.

Location Map

The outline above shows the region of Park View Villas, which is located on Lahore Canal Road. Found close to the Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover, this lodging plot will appreciate a bewildering course of action to most parts of the city. It is an astounding zone of Lahore where the first extraordinary and cutting-edge movements are going on. This energetic locale makes it past any address that you simply will experience astonishing venture benefits around in the near future. Assorted primary boulevards and expressways are specifically related to this locale. Consequently, making this extend more orderly and effortlessly reachable from all over the city.

park view city Lahore Location Map

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Park View Villas Master Plan

Park View Lahore is directing to reach a top-level urbanized progression, like the Park View City Phase 2. This meander will, without question, advance cash-related advancement and upgrade the quality of living. Moreover, the organization of creative highlights and improvements is to be related all through the extend to convey more savvy results. A much predominant living environment is available for the occupants through keen techniques and signs of advance and progressive framework and far-off and exciting plan. Furthermore, When beginning Park View City’s fundamental advancement methodology, the property developers arranged a secret society that would offer sensible and competent living spaces. Additionally, it’ll provide an innovative and consumer-driven working environment.

park view villas master plan

As we can see in the master Plan, Park View has four blocks allotted for residential purposes as follows:

Blocks in Park View Villas

  • Gold Block
  • Topaz Block
  • Jasmine Block
  • Tulip Block

Gold Block

Park View Villas Gold block’s installment plans are the most practical and budget-friendly when comparing them to the rest of the blocks. The Gold Block offers completed luxurious villas to move in and residential plots to build your dream home on. The block contains different sizes of the plots, such as 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots, for which the prices differ accordingly. However, the costs are inviting, and multiple-size properties are available for you to invest in or build a place for yourself. This block gains the attention of investors and buyers as the payment plans are incredibly budget-friendly.

The costs advertised within the Gold Block are a part lower than diverse squares of Park View Villas, including Tulip, Topaz, and Jasmine square, in which the costs for 5 Marla are up to Rs. 48 Lac or more. The Gold block is investing plan pleasant and easy on the pocket.

Moreover, Park view villas Lahore is a brilliant opportunity for an excellent return on your ventures. Similar to all the Vision Group’s wanders in monitory and satisfactory terms.  For the most part, the Estates are standard among the local buyers and overseas also.

Topaz Block

Like Gold block, Park View Villas also offers residential plots and lavish villas for sale in the Topaz Block. For the elite standard of living and luxurious amenities, this block’s prices are very tempting to the investors. The block holds a significant position in the property as all the commercial areas and the project’s main places are reasonably near this block, making the location legitimately prime. The block offers multiple plots of different sizes and costs with a practical payment plan.

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Jasmine Block

The  Jasmine Block is the foremost preference of  buyers and investors as the development work of Jasmine Block is almost complete. Furthermore,  The block offers benefits in favor of the buyer, which makes the block appealing to the buyers. This block also provides multiple residential plots and villas for sale in different sizes. Moreover, you can invest in this block to live peacefully in an eco-friendly environment. This block is central for all the offices and workplaces, so the prices are very fetching.

Tulip Block

Tulip block relishes the finest and most exceptional range inside the astonishing project, which is why the properties in it have an unprecedented offer to the buyers. Putting assets into this square is imperative for people who need to secure the most satisfactory speculation returns in the future. Just like the other squares, distinctive size plots are accessible here at diverse costs. The perfect location of Tulip Square expands magnificent benefits for your home. The Tulip block’s payment plans are also planned, keeping in mind the practicality, which is why this block is also in demand.

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Plots For Sale

Park View Lahore could be a top-class extend that goes with various engaging wander openings for you. Park View Lahore offers Villas fair as commercial and residential plots accessible as it is open for acquiring. The costs of plots are attractive and diverse size plots are available from which you’ll be able to choose as per your requirements. The complete plan is so fundamental and exceptional that it allows you to secure advanced points of interest from your venture. Following plot sizes are accessible for sale.

  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

This astounding lodging society is advertising private plots of 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal counting all the modern-day advancements. Furthermore, the plan of the Park View Villas installment arrangement keeps in mind the consolation of buyers. People who wish to have a house that suits the uttermost down the line desires for everyday comforts ought to think around obtaining a property in Park View Villas. With a particular degree of beginning installment, you’ll be able to book your perfect property.

Payment Plan

Your venture Park View City will bring each one of those focal points and comforts you need for yourselves and your family. Accessibility to the primary zones, boulevards, and workplaces makes it attainable for you to live in an idealized world. Furthermore, the villas accessible for acquisition  in Park View Villas  allow you to appreciate an upscale house at sensible costs.

In Park View City Lahore, the tenants will feel satisfied with their choice of living in a luxurious, reviving environment a long way from the city’s buzzing. Park View Villas will deliver an accommodating and pleasant urbanized living inclusion within the foundation, everything being break even with.

Park View Villas offers five marlas, ten marlas, and 1 Kanal residential plot on the first-come-first-served premise for a two-year installment arrangement. Bookings begin from 20% of the beginning installment, whereas the remaining whole is payable in 2 years through quarterly payments.

Following are the payment plan details:

Overseas Block Payment Plan

Park view city Lahore Payment Plan

3.5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

3.5 marla payment plan of park view villas Lahore

5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

With a region of 5 Marla, you’ll have abundant space to manufacture your future house. The Private Plot arrangement concurs to the particular purchasers’ requirements and necessities. Set on Park View Villas, this can be an exceptional and brilliant land opportunity. With the modern-day services available at the outstandingly direct cost of Rs 4,500,000, typically a chance you ought not to miss. 5 Marla plots are one of the quickest offering plots of the venture since its area and immaculate measure.

5 marla payment plan of park view villas Lahore

10 Marla Payment Plan

10 marla payment plan of park view villas Lahore

Important Note

Foremost, the installment is payable through P.O / Demand Draft or Crossed cheque within the title of “Vision Developers (Pvt.) Limited”.

  • A rebate of 5% is accessible on the lump-sum installment of the plot price.
  • Additional charges of 10% will be pertinent to the elite category plots, e.g., corners, park confronting, and primary boulevard plots.
  • The terms and conditions compel the  purchaser  to yield post-dated checks of their installments in advance at the time of booking.
  • The developers will grant possession of plots in all blocks in 2 years.


One of the main discernible highlights of the property is its dazzling design. Planned by the best-qualified designers, the property reflects an exceptional front block with twofold coated windows for both protection and excellence. Furthermore, the management takes into account the inhabitants comfort. Consequently, from expansion to appearance, the society offers  spacious rooms and cutting edge washrooms. The security framework of the property is essentially out-class counting 24-hour observation cameras and profoundly prepared proficient watches. Therefore, to preserve the residency’s security the management introduced  motion sensors and fire cautions.  The property has state-of-the-art lodging advancement with a community center that incorporates a well-being club. Besides, the project includes a fantastic zoo that will provide quality excitement for the guests. The residential scheme offers the following services and facilities to its valued inhabitants:

Parks and Greenery

Lahore fortunately provides a comfortable living space. Moreover, Park Views interior is astounding and keenly outlined. The extend offers picturesque views of nature and a green environment for the distant living encounter. Around 5 percent of the region commits to parks where families  spend their free time in peace while getting a charge of their quality time near nature.

 Within the community center, a 22 Kanal central park is locatable with a play zone for kids and a strolling track. Moreover, there is plantation of an  assortment of lovely looking and uncommon blooms distinctly for a reviving sense of feeling. Other than the central park, it also includes different smaller parks within the immaculate Park View City Lahore project.

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Educational Institutes

School is an essential factor among families, as quality education is parents’ number one priority. Having a good quality education providing school nearby is always a plus. It saves a lot of commute time and gives a sense of security to parents. Park view City plans on developing a first-class level educational institution with highly trained and qualified professionals. The school can cover an add-up to the region of more than 8.8 Kanal. Moreover, the school will incorporate an active nursing unit and a childcare unit for the school staff and understudies’ handiness.

Community Center

A completely serviceable community center, including a well-being care center, is arranged to be shaped to supply a fantastic healthcare facility for Park View City’s inhabitants. Keeping in mind the quality of life, the project offers different administrations within the center. Most recent innovations and restorative gear, along with extraordinarily proficient and prepared staff, will be equipped for the continuous care provided to the inhabitants at the community center’s health care unit. A devoted area of 18 Kanal has as of now been designated for this reason.

Commercial Area

Found within the heart of the extend is the commercial zone of Park View City Lahore. It incorporates a vast shopping center with different driving local and worldwide brands for the accessibility of the inhabitants. The main boulevard has an eighty feet wide street with numerous smaller shopping complexes built to cater to tenants’ requirements. The shopping center overlooks an impressive atrium, cutting-edge capsule lifts, and stunning fountains. Moreover, keeping in intellect the amusement figure, cinemas, and food courts are found within the commercial zone. Not as it were for grown-ups, but an extraordinarily planned play area for children is also one of the numerous civilities advertised within the venture’s commercial range.

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24-hour electricity Backup

As Pakistani residents, we all have to, unfortunately, face power outrages. A lot of our daily work is affected because of the power shortage and load shedding. It is only a dream of Pakistani to live in a load shedding-free zone. To avoid that inconvenience, park view Private housing society guarantees that the occupants of this private venture bargain with no such issues by any implies. To cater to any power out rages, standby generators are available locally to ensure a smooth and nonstop power supply. A 24-hour supply of electricity is provided to the project, and in case of load-shedding, standby generators are available as backup. Subsequently, the venture offers a total load-shedding-free society.

Grand Mosque

This venture moreover includes a mosque that’s magnificently developed. People within the society can come to offer five-time supplications in a calm and quiet environment. Park View Villas gold square and distinctive squares moreover have different small mosques. People can, without much of an extend, offer their supplications and other devout obligations. The mosque has the most refined interior and exterior design, be that as it may, people can discover all the specified necessities and perfect environment for their religious obligation.


This private project ensures a secured neighborhood with all high-level security endeavors through and through. It is encompassed by a security divider that somewhat has restricted any undesirable path to society. The whole venture is outfitted with the foremost innovations in security and a committed security guards team that is thoroughly trained for any incident or mishap. These security officers are posted at different centers all through the property to keep up the housing society’s respectability. A working organization of CCTV cameras to boot is available within the whole project to monitor all the works out, giving a secure place to live.


  1. Striking architecture
  2. Outstanding front phase
  3. Dual glazed windows and doors
  4. Safety
  5. Motion sensors
  6. Smart control apps
  7. Fire alarms
  8. Large rooms
  9. Elegant bathrooms
  10. State of the art Housing Progress
  11. Hospital
  12. Community center
  13. Gardens and Parks
  14. Zoo
  15. Mosques


To summarize, Park View City is the perfect place specially designed for you and your elite lifestyle. The infrastructure of this real estate project is beyond belief. The scenic views of the project make it an ecofriendly and close to nature project. An incredible place for you and your family to live and build a future. A home near the city and at the same time away from the hassle. It is also an excellent opportunity for investors.


1- What is the Location of Park View City?

Park View City is located on the main Canal road.

2- How can Park View City Lahore access?

We can access Park View City from both Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover and Lahore-Islamabad Highway.

3- Who is the proprietor of Park View City?

This advanced gated community is a venture by the Vision group.

4- Does Park View City have a valid NOC?

The property comprises a valid NOC from the Lahore Development Authority and will soon get approved by CDA.

5- What are the plot sizes and types that are available for sale?

5 , 8 , and 10 Marla, and 1 and 2 Kanal residential plots and 6  and 8 Marla commercial plots are available.

6- What is the installment plan for the project?

Park view city offers a two-year easy installment plan for their clients.

7- Has the development work completed? When will the possession be given?

The development work is almost completed, and the possessions have also been started for most of the plots.

8- What are some facilities provided to inhabitants?

Park View City provides multiple facilities: schools, hospitals, 24-hour power supply, water, gas, parks, and a community center.

9- How long will it take for the plot to transfer the ownership?

After clearing out all the dues and payments, Park View City transfers the ownership in a day or two.

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