Kingdom Valley Lahore

After the remarkable achievement of  Kingdom Valley Islamabad, the project developers have now introduced Kingdom Valley Lahore. The Kingdom Tower, similar to its predecessor, is designed to cater to the middle-class demographic. They are offering individuals the chance to acquire their ideal residences in Lahore. Further, the developers have not announced an official timetable for the launch of Kingdom Valley Lahore. Also, developers will establish a standard for real estate projects in the region similar to the success of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The increase in size is a result of the rising attention and financial commitment to the real estate sector in Lahore. Moreover, this housing estate will increase the city’s growth and provide additional choices for middle-income individuals.

Kingdom Valley Investment offers a compelling opportunity for individuals interested in investing. This housing venture is designed for individuals looking to start investment projects with little money, given the possibility of significant investment returns. Plus, the unveiling of Kingdom Tower was expected to generate increased interest within the real estate market. This option is appealing to residents and investors due to its intriguing nature.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Owner

Ghulam Hussain Shahid, Kingdom Valley CEO, is a highly regarded proprietor of Kingdom Valley Lahore. Also, he has the dual roles of CEO and chairman of this esteemed organization, which has garnered extensive acclaim in the housing industry. So, to materialize this ambitious housing development, an exceptionally proficient and committed labour force has been painstakingly curated.

This exceptionally skilled group strives to produce a work of art consistent with Mr. Ghulam’s renowned track record of executing meticulously planned and coordinated real estate projects. Further, their primary objective is to revolutionize and elevate the standard of living, introducing a contemporary and refreshing way of life. Thus, apart from their steadfast dedication to construction excellence, the team places considerable importance on delivering outstanding customer service and offering helpful client recommendations.

Location & Map

The developer has chosen a highly sought-after neighbourhood for the Kingdom Valley Lahore location. Moreover, the society will be the first waterfront housing community.  It will be near  Thokar Niaz Baig. The housing development is in the prime area of Lahore city. Also, it is one of the busiest neighbourhoods in the city. So, it allows convenient access to the city’s major landmarks. Thus, it is significant as it implies that residents will enjoy convenient access to essential city locations. Lastly, other details are also available in the Kingdom Valley App.

The proposed development has the potential to significantly alter the city’s appearance, with a focus on executing the project with precision and embracing contemporary approaches. It could also imply that it introduces novel and exciting attractions to Lahore, providing enjoyment for the public. Kingdom Valley Lahore’s location is highly desirable and offers residents an excellent living opportunity.

Kingdom Valley Lahore location

Access Points

The project’s advantageous proximity to Thokar Niaz Baig facilitates effortless movement to critical urban destinations. The beneficial location should also be conveniently near notable landmarks, vital amenities, and more. Moreover, the Kingdom Valley Lahore’s location map will provide residents with convenient access to essential destinations.

Further, the Kingdom Valley Lahore Phase I’s whereabouts have been made public. As reported on the RUDA website, a 600-acre tract has reportedly been secured in Mouza Koro Tana, Bola Garhi, Katar Band. Plus, it will be adjacent to Park View City Lahore and the Korotana Reserve Forests. So, it is near the River Ravi. Moreover, the Shahpur Kanjrah is also nearby. It has a straight route from Heavens Road in Lahore. Plus, from Sheikhupura, it is reached via Triddewala Road.

NOC Status

As per the report, the RUDA 2021 (Amended)  Private Housing Schemes Regulations, Kingdom Valley Lahore NOC, has been granted. On October 5, 2023, the reference number RUDA/D&BC/PPP-01/HS-0086/01 issued the provisional planning permit.

Also, it is noteworthy that Kingdom Valley Lahore is the sole housing development to have this provisional planning permission, which is applicable for one year from the date of issuance and covers a maximum of 600 acres. For more updates, visit Kingdom Valley official website.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley presents a unique opportunity in the plots for sale in Lahore, distinguishing itself from the numerous other real estate projects in the area. Plus, in a meticulously designed urban environment, it serves as a paragon of contemporary design in Pakistan. In addition to its modern architectural allure, Kingdom Valley Lahore provides a notable benefit in the form of a relatively reduced cost of living while upholding an elevated level of security and excellent quality of life.

The fundamental objective of the project’s developers is to provide every individual with their ideal dwelling to enhance their quality of life. The Kingdom Valley Lahore payment plan provides a transparent, cost-effective payment option designed for its esteemed clientele. Thus, the purchasers can acquire their ideal home in installments. The developers have implemented a payment schedule for two residential plots of two different sizes.

Mater Plan

The Kingdom Valley Lahore Master Plan is innovative. The society’s master plan is to create a sustainable community that fulfils the varied requirements and desires of its inhabitants.

The Kingdom Valley Lahore map is strategically located in central Lahore, providing easy access to the city’s prominent attractions and facilities. The society will also boast a commercial zone that appeals to local and international enterprises, tempting them to start businesses nearby. Furthermore, the master plan emphasizes the significance of establishing leisure facilities.

Kingdom Valley Lahore emerges as a preeminent choice for astute Lahore investors searching for an advanced, secure investment property opportunity. This development offers the ideal combination of high-end living and significant real estate prospects.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Master Plan

Residential Plots

This contemporary residential community provides a safe living environment for its inhabitants. Plus, the residential neighbourhood is encompassed by a fortified barrier, guaranteeing the safety and seclusion of its inhabitants. Thus, the possible land sizes for residential purposes in this project are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 5 Marla


A wide variety of facilities and conveniences will be offered to Kingdom Valley Lahore residents, a prominent residential development. Moreover, the residents of this area will benefit from these facilities to improve their quality of life. Although there may be variations in this project’s particulars, we can get insights from characteristics typically seen in advances of this kind. According to some top Kingdom Valley reviews, some available facilities are available.

Premium Location

The project’s excellent location in Thokar Niaz Baig allows easy access to critical metropolitan destinations. Additionally, the ideal location has a loss of proximity to prominent landmarks, essential amenities, and other vital facilities. Plus, this project is easily reachable. In addition, all major thoroughfares in the city provide access to this residential community. Buyers can discover that this society is an ideal location. The location is on the main routes. Therefore, it is in proximity to other cities as well. Consequently, it will also be a highly favourable option for Pakistani citizens living abroad.

Secured Gated Community

Investing in Kingdom Valley Lahore is a wise and rational decision. A gate restricts access to the residential area. Additionally, the region strictly adheres to comprehensive safety regulations. Security cameras are all over the housing venture, and the security squad is at each entrance. In addition, unauthorized individuals were not permitted to visit this area. Furthermore, the housing complex is situated in a locality with a delightful community.

Provision of Basic

The basic amenities accessible at the most remarkable convenience include constant electricity, gas, and water. Plus, the residents can frequently enjoy these luxuries. Additionally, the drainage system and waste treatment facilities are highly efficient. To further guarantee that there would be no power outages, the residential society’s designers integrated a subterranean structured cabling network.

Lucrative Investment

The society’s developers will shortly furnish details regarding the housing and commercial assets that are now accessible in the vicinity. However, the neighbourhood’s conducive business environment will attract new enterprises and enhance the worth of existing ones. Also, the charges will facilitate the establishment of any private company, irrespective of the requirements or assets of its shareholders. The society’s remarkable design enhances the area’s prospects of attracting new enterprises.


The developers have equipped this real estate property with unique and exclusive features. Furthermore, this property development is an ideal investment for buyers and future residents.

  • Best Living Standards
  • Constant Availability Provision
  • Sustainable Gated Community
  • Gated Security
  • Best Educational Institutes
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Parks & Gardens
  • Shopping Centre
  • Green Belts
  • Masjid

Why invest in Kingdom Valley Lahore?

The Lahore housing market is highly competitive, and sought-after homes like Kingdom Valley Lahore tend to sell quickly. The subsequent details are why investing in this society is essential.

Early Bird Discounts

Developers have an accepted tradition of providing early investors with preferred rates and discounts, which reduces the price of the plots for early buyers. When early investors purchase a property, they have access to more of the best facilities, whether they want a villa or an apartment with ample space. Investing early puts you in a position to earn more enormous profits as the development advances and property values increase compared to earlier investments.

Quality Project

The development of this project is sure to be of high quality, and much is certain. Immediately after its inception, this project causes a sensation in the housing sector. Moreover, it is equipped with every luxury. Additionally, purchasers will have access to all of their day-to-day necessities within it. Further, it will improve their way of life. As a result, purchasers have faith in them and invest the money that they have made. Kingdom Valley Files will also be available, which will help yield high ROI.

Sustainable Community

A sustainable community is what it is. And it’s near natural areas. Developers applied technology that reduces waste. It also boasts a lot of verdant regions. Plus, it’s good for the environment. On top of that, locals have plenty of undeveloped areas to enjoy nature at their leisure. Many plantations are thus part of the society. Also, it allows the locals to breathe easier. Plenty of parks are available for children.

Development Status

The development phase of Kingdom Valley Lahore is underway. They say they have an NOC from the RUDA, but no one has seen the paperwork or specifics. However, in October 2023, the 600-acre Phase I site received an NOC, which means provisional planning approval. A year will pass before this authorization expires. Roads, a border wall, and the main gate will be currently constructed. In addition to developing infrastructure, including water treatment and sewage systems, the company has finished building a recreational park.


This project has the potential to revolutionize the real estate market in Lahore. The project’s commitment to excellence, modernism, and advancement is apparent, even though information like its location, facilities, payment plan, and Kingdom Valley have not been out yet. This endeavour has excellent hope because of its developers. There is a lot of hope that this project will revolutionize city life in Lahore by providing a safer, more connected setting for people to live in. While we wait for the formal announcement of the opening date, this project is already exciting and a great example of how forward-thinking development can shape our communities. Lastly, Keep Visiting Estate Land Marketing for more news & updates.

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