New City Paradise Launched Commercial Plots

New City Paradise Launched Commercial Plots

New City Paradise

New city paradise commercial plots are now available for all investors at highly affordable rates. Also, the new city paradise developers have launched commercial properties for investors looking to create sustainable investment opportunities. Moreover, different sizes of commercial entities will be a part of the community where they can earn the best return on investment. Also, the developers are ensuring that the retail space must fulfil international standards of quality; several amenities will be part of the community to gain the maximum benefits and investment opportunities.

We know the owners have previously developed housing projects where investors have the best lifestyle of their dreams. So, with little time, the details of the commercial plots in the new city paradise are here.

New City Paradise Owners

Renowned and famous builders develop the housing project for creating unique housing projects like New City Wah phases 1 and 2. Also, the housing community is growing in the new city, wah. Therefore, the developers are willing to make the best possible livelihood among the investors and future residents.

NOC Status

Legitimacy is the first and most vital aspect that will be available in the housing project. Also, the best part is that the New City Paradise has approval from the PHATA, making it one of the desirable housing projects near the twin cities. Also, the developers are creating the most viable and affordable living space by offering the best features in just a gated community. Therefore, the investment here will be valuable because of the legitimacy and affordability factor.

New City Paradise Payment Plan

The developers of the housing project are helping the investors share the most affordable housing investment. We know that the New City Paradise Payment Plan is highly affordable and includes prices of the various residential plots. And here is the latest commercial property for sale rates.

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Commercial properties that are highly affordable with the instalment provision will assist the investors in creating long-run profitable opportunities. Besides the best features and amenities accessibility, the rest of the commercial properties are highly affordable. The other details we have available are elaborately described below:

New City Paradise Commercial plots

2.5 Marla Plot for Sale

2.5 marla commercial properties are now available at the new city paradise, where retail investors can get the highest livelihood and commercial gains. The makers have shared the particulars of the further price that are accessible here:

  • The total price of a 2.5 marla commercial is PKR 5,500,000/-
  • Whereas the booking and confirmation amount of the plot is PKR 550,000/-
  • The four-half-yearly balloon payment is PKR 276,000/-.
  • The easy 36 monthly instalments are PKR 61,100/-
  • And the allotment and possession price at 10 per cent is PKR 550,000/-

4 Marla Commercial Plot for sale

The housing project will have four commercial properties, one of the desirable sizes available for most retail investors looking for investment. Also, the easy payable instalment will be available for investors to try to make a profitable investment. Lastly, the other four marla commercial plot specifications are here.

  • The total amount of 4 Marla plots is PKR 8,500,000/-.
  • Also, the booking and confirmation amount, PKR 850,000/-, is highly feasible to pay.
  • The four half-yearly balloon payments of 4 marla plots are PKR 426,000/-
  • PKR 82,600/- is the thirty-six monthly instalments.
  • The possession and allocation price at 10 per cent will be PKR 850,000/-

7 Marla Plot Price

The seven marla properties will be one of the most popular to make a business venture of their wish. Moreover, there will be world-class features facilitating the investors to build a profitable future. Lastly, these are the details of the price.

  • The total price of the 7 Marla plot will be PKR 14,500,000/-
  • And the booking and confirmation amount is PKR 1,450,000/-
  • Also, the four half-yearly balloons payments will be PKR 727,000/-
  • The thirsty six monthly instalments are PKR 140,900/-
  • At ten per cent, the allotment and possession will be PKR 1,450,000/-


The new city paradise offers one of the most luxurious housing communities developing near the twin cities. Moreover, there will be world-class features and amenities will be accessible to future residents and investors where. Furthermore, the housing project owners have recently developed commercial properties with the best and most futuristic features and facilities. As a result, investors can make a good amount of money in any corporate and retail setting to make a high return on investments. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing thoroughly provides details and investment guidance. So, keep yourself updated with them.

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How to check blue world city google earth footage

How to check blue world city google earth footage

Blue World City Google Earth footage is something that real estate developers and investors look for. The best thing about such a facility is that it provides a visual and clear picture of a real estate project. Real estate investors would definitely search for a perfect location and sitemap details of their project before making an investment. This app would also give hindsight about the project of Blue World City with regard to its location.

As Blue World City is an upcoming elite society of Islamabad, it has a wonderful location. The investors looking forward to investing in their preferred plot must take help from Blue World City Google Earth footage. The owners of this housing project have introduced another innovative feature that makes it easier for investors to invest here.


While investing in any real estate property, the investors look for a suitable location for themselves. Such aspect determines things such as the reachability or beauty of a real estate project. Also, it acts as a dominant factor in determining the profitable aspects. As per the recent Blue World City total area guide, this project is located on the main Chakri road near Islamabad Airport. The entire area lies under the CPEC route and the under-construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. A lot of real estate experts have applauded this project because of its ideal location and huge boulevards. One can easily view the location of this ideal project through Blue World City Google Earth footage.

Blue World City Google Earth

The Blue World City Google Earth is footage in Google Maps that shows the visual representation of this housing project. The commendable part of this app is that it comprises numerous geospatial features. It would help the investors to navigate and reach the exact site of this housing project. This map would be very helpful in assisting the investors, who are not in Pakistan. As overseas investors won’t be able to visit the site themselves, this app would be helpful for them. It is not much difficult for the user to utilize this app, and come up with better investment decisions. Another important aspect of this app is its easy user interface. Apart from that, this app would comprise all the innovative features that would help in navigation. It would have 3D pictures of the Blue World City location.

After the Blue World City Bank challan form, the Google Earth facility of this housing project is another innovative factor. Whenever investors search for Blue World City, its location automatically appears in the Google Earth app. The developers have adopted all kinds of innovative techniques to encourage more investment in this housing project.


The Blue World city Google Earth has become the talk of the town. As it is one of the first real estate map platforms in Pakistan, it has the potential to change the game. Nowadays, Google Maps is helping real estate developers and investors to make more accurate and profitable decisions for investment. Another important aspect of such a facility is that it helps the investors to save their time and money from visits.

The investors may not feel any need to memorize the access points of this housing project because of Google Earth. So, the investors looking to find suitable plots for themselves should visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. We have knowledgeable real estate marketing agents, who would help the investors in buying a plot in Blue World City.

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The Punjab government would audit Murree building proposals

The Punjab government would audit Murree building proposals

Rawalpindi: On February 27, news outlets claimed that Divisional Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chattha has declared the start of an audit of the building plans for 166 structures in Murree.

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Building plans for both residential and commercial constructions in Murree will be examined during the drive, and any that violate building regulations will have their architectural blueprints cancelled. DC Chattha ordered the local government to concentrate on a cleanliness campaign in the city and to oversee cleaning personnel in order to guarantee a perfect sanitation system for tourists. In order to create a tourist-friendly atmosphere for both locals and visitors, he claimed that the province administration is also trying to upgrade the area’s roads and water services. He urged hotels and restaurants to follow hygienic practices on their property and provide clients with high-quality cuisine.

It is significant to highlight that Murree is one of the nation’s most well-liked hill stations, drawing visitors all year long. It has just been declared a separate district from the Rawalpindi division with its own local administration in charge of overseeing neighborhood businesses and regulating building plans.

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Directives to expedite overseas Pakistani housing developments

Directives to expedite overseas Pakistani housing developments

According to news from February 25, the Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, has told the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to speed up the building of homes for Pakistanis living abroad.

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The Finance Minister (FM) led a meeting to check on the progress of CDA’s development projects, especially the projects to build homes for Pakistanis who don’t live there. He told the CDA officials to move quickly on housing projects for Pakistanis who don’t live there. The minister asked the authority to use an online system to keep international standards and be open. Also, the people there were told that the government had started working on several short-term and medium-term housing projects for Pakistanis living abroad.

The source of the news said that the CDA said that one of the housing projects is almost done and that registration has begun. During the meeting, FM Dar talked about how important Pakistanis living abroad are to the country’s financial and economic growth. He told the government to do everything they could to get Pakistanis living abroad to invest in the country.

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Tomorrow, LDA City will hold its fourth ballot

Tomorrow, LDA City will hold its fourth ballot

Director General of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Amir Ali Ahmad, has said that the 4th balloting for the LDA City Housing Scheme will be on February 28. This was said in a post on the LDA’s official Facebook page on February 27.

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The notice says that the computerized draw for 1,150 plots will take place tomorrow at the LDA Sports Complex in Johar Town. The Punjab Information Technology Board will run the vote to make sure that everything is clear (PITB).

The advertisement told people what was going on with the scheme’s development and land acquisition and said that the LDA had sped up the land acquisition process for the Jinnah Sector and given it PKR 1.5 billion to do so.

Also, the file holders have been given the following instructions on how to vote in the LDA City 4th ballot:

Landowners who gave their land to the LDA before February 20 will be the only ones on the 4th LDA City housing ballot.
Only files that have a letter of exemption before February 20 will be on the ballot for February 28.
Those who don’t send in their letter of exemption won’t be able to vote in the fourth ballot.
Check the “Entitlement Letter” issued by the LDA in the landowner’s name if you want to buy plot files directly from the landowner.
People who buy files directly from landowners should also make sure the file has been properly processed for the LDA confirmation letter to be issued.

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Kalma Chowk Underpass opens to traffic in part

Kalma Chowk Underpass opens to traffic in part

Caretaker Chief Minister (CM) Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi said on February 25 that part of the Kalma Chowk Remodeling project is now open to traffic. This is to make sure that traffic flows smoothly during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) cricket matches in Lahore.

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According to the details, three lanes of the underpass lead directly to the Liberty Roundabout and Qaddafi Stadium. For the PSL games, which started on February 26, the underpass will make it easy for people to get from Barkat Market to the stadium.

When Caretaker CM Naqvi spoke at the ceremony, he thanked the contractor and engineers for working quickly on the underpass and getting it ready for use before the matches. It’s important to remember that this project should be done by March 23.

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Why is Real Estate Economics Important?

Why is Real Estate Economics Important?

Real Estate Economics

The application of the economic technique in real estate markets is real estate economics. Also, the relationship between supply and demand in real estate helps investors create better and more sustainable efforts. And moving forward, the order is the investor’s need for the product, and the supply is what owners have to offer. Moreover, the study helps all real estate participants, including owners, investors, and renters, make wise and timely decisions. Also, it can only benefit the real estate participant when they get the authorized and latest details from the professionals. Let’s explore other aspects and their importance in this blog.

Real Estate Economics Importance

Several reasons help create viable investment opportunities for all investors and owners. Moreover, from macro and micro points of view, real estate finances will help all real estate participants and stakeholders. Also, other details of the benefits are available below.

Helps Understand Market Trends

One of the significant beneficial aspects of Real Estate Economics is a better understanding of market trends. Moreover, the other factor will facilitate the investors in creating long-lasting and worthwhile investment opportunities. Also, market trends depend on various factors, including government policies, market sentiments, supply & demand, and corporate news. All these areas help investors in making the best feasible outcomes for themselves. Lastly, mainly for residential investments, guidance plays a pivotal role. So, seek professional help from estate land marketing consultants.

Investment Decision

Market trends and Real Estate Economics and Finance inform investors when it’s the right time for a profitable investment. In addition, making informed decisions is always valuable as it helps gain higher returns on investments. The investors can better understand property buying, holding, and selling. Most importantly, they can better take advantage by grabbing the opportunities. Also, the investment is not a day or two task; rigorous efforts are involved in the process. Some are checking the investment specification: location, variety of properties and many more. Thus, taking knowledgeable insight from expert real estate agents is mandatory.

Pricing Strategies

Both investors and developers can benefit from real estate economics because it gives an overall idea of investment worth. Also, it helps the investment when and how much the real estate investment is apt. Buying property at excellent prices is the dream of all investors and future residents to make a sustainable livelihood. Moreover, developers and owners can use their pricing strategy for maximum benefits. Listing properties to gain a high-profit return usually helps the owners to a good business. Therefore, owners and investors must better consider these criteria to design their prices.

Government Policies

The factors why real estate finances are vital to make better strategies is because it affects government policies as well. Moreover, the government looks at real estate economics to make the respective sectors better policies. Also, after analyzing it, the investors can plan to create affordable housing projects. One of its best examples is Kingdom Valley Islamabad, accessible to all investors at highly reasonable rates. Furthermore, the idea of the residential community arises to curb the need for affordable housing, and it also comes under the Naya Pakistan housing project. Therefore, the government also analyzes and acts according to not only help investors but also to develop sustainable strategies.


Real estate economics is a vital parameter that helps all real estate participants strategize their investment opportunities. Moreover, real estate finances allow micro and macro stakeholders to explore and analyze market trends. In addition, the relationship between supply and demand in real estate can help the owners and investors know when to buy or sell the property. Further, government policies depend on these factors. And after analyzing them, they decide to create guidelines for owners and investors. One of its perfect examples is the Naya Pakistan housing scheme project known as kingdom valley Islamabad.

The real estate finances information from legal and professional entities is necessary. Also, the guidance in setting the appropriate prices and investment time is what all investors want from the residential investment; hence contacting the professionals like Estate Land Marketing will be beneficial. So, connect with their highly skilled team and make a viable and sustainable real estate venture.

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RDA develops economic strategy to self-fund development projects

RDA develops economic strategy to self-fund development projects

Rawalpindi: News sources reported on February 24 that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has come up with a plan to bring in more money by building commercial real estate projects on all the plots it owns.

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Sources say that RDA Director General Saif Anwar Jappa said that the goal of the strategy is to make the authority financially stable and self-sufficient so that it can pay for its own development work in the future. He said that the authority will build a three-story commercial building with a basement on an 11-marla commercial plot that the RDA already owns in the Civil Line area. s neighbour will also start working on the RDA Mega Complex project near Murree Road, which will make the area a business hub.

Also, the bidding process for building the three-story parking garage in the unfinished parking plaza at Fawara Chowk will resume and be finished based on the building’s maximum capacity and market prices.

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CBD would have the highest building in Punjab

CBD would have the highest building in Punjab

According to news that came out on February 23, the Sirius Tower will be the tallest building in Punjab. It will be in Lahore’s Central Business District (CBD), which is expected to bring in both foreign and domestic investment.

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According to the details, Sirius Tower will be in the middle of Lahore on the CBD Punjab Boulevard. It is a mixed-use project, which means that there will be space for business, recreation, and living. The building will be built on 24 kanals of land and will be 750 feet tall, which is the maximum height allowed. It was said that the skyscraper will be built in three parts: the Digital Valley, the Business District, and the Commercial and Residential District.

The news source said that this huge project will create jobs and encourage long-term growth through a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The project could take up to 5 years to finish, and it should be done by 2028. Mohammed Omer, who is the Executive Director of Commercial for the CBD, said that this project will change the skyline of Lahore and help the economy grow.

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CDA will launch development efforts in neglected sectors

CDA will launch development efforts in neglected sectors

Islamabad: According to a news source on February 21, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has chosen to develop the federal capital’s neglected areas and bring them up to the standards of Sectors F-6 and F-7.

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According to the specifics, CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal said that in order to meet the expanding population of the capital city, sector development is crucial. It was mentioned that more housing is needed to meet the growing demand of the population. The authority intends to build new residential and commercial areas in the city with an emphasis on enhancing the infrastructure and quality of life. The news source made no more mention of the development project’s schedule or the sectors that will be prioritised.

Also, the expansion of new sectors will foster economic development, open up job possibilities, and raise living standards. It is significant to note that the CDA has been tasked with developing and planning the city’s urban regions, including the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors.

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