The Punjab government would audit Murree building proposals

The Punjab government would audit Murree building proposals

Rawalpindi: On February 27, news outlets claimed that Divisional Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chattha has declared the start of an audit of the building plans for 166 structures in Murree.

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Building plans for both residential and commercial constructions in Murree will be examined during the drive, and any that violate building regulations will have their architectural blueprints cancelled. DC Chattha ordered the local government to concentrate on a cleanliness campaign in the city and to oversee cleaning personnel in order to guarantee a perfect sanitation system for tourists. In order to create a tourist-friendly atmosphere for both locals and visitors, he claimed that the province administration is also trying to upgrade the area’s roads and water services. He urged hotels and restaurants to follow hygienic practices on their property and provide clients with high-quality cuisine.

It is significant to highlight that Murree is one of the nation’s most well-liked hill stations, drawing visitors all year long. It has just been declared a separate district from the Rawalpindi division with its own local administration in charge of overseeing neighborhood businesses and regulating building plans.

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