Taj Residencia Islamabad

Taj Residencia

In Islamabad, the Taj Residencia should be your first upcoming luxurious living residence. The Sardar Group of Companies is very well for delivering on their pledge of extraordinarily  advancing through the competition and completing profitable projects.

Their demonstrated success and correct concept of a premium housing development and Islamabad’s commercial district is Centaurus Mall. The Taj Residency is just another fantastic project that promises performance for you. Taj aspires to be as plentiful as Centaurus Mall, but at a fraction of the cost.

Developers & Owners

The Sardar Group of Companies (SCG) are unquestionably proud to be the developer and owner of this venture. They are especially well-known for The Centaurus, a magnificent structure in Islamabad. This company has strong credibility in the building industry for offering high-end living.

Initially, the Sardar Group of Companies spent their  foundation years in Iraq. Moreover, the company is  specializing in the automotive sector, including vehicle dealing and rental. After which, they extended and agreed to engage in The Centaurus Mall, one of Pakistan’s most prestigious infrastructure projects. Furthermore, Following its growth, the company announced plans to invest in Taj Residencia, a housing project.

Sardar Group of Companies 

The Sardar Group of Companies is the developer of the Taj Residencia venture. This is a property development company that has pioneered, planned, and built Pakistan’s premium residential market. In 2013, The Team brought an unrivalled international standard, far better than any other time in Pakistan’s history. Moreover, This occurred during the design, construction, and delivery of their state-of-the-art mega project, “The Centaurus.”

owners of taj residencia sardar group of companies

In addition, The Sardar Group of Companies has a reputation for providing and running luxurious living in Pakistan, delivering not just the most refined living spaces but also a lifestyle to fit. Our private estate offers a concierge lifestyle tailored to satisfy all of our residents’ requirements, in addition to high-end features and amenities. The Sardar Group of Companies handles all of its project processes from initiation to implementation to ensure that our world-class levels are upheld.

Location Map

Taj Residencia is the perfect choice for you if you want to get away from the chaos and busyness of a city while still staying close by. It is located near CDA Sector I-14 in Islamabad. Taj Residency is part of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), but that is just a short distance from Islamabad. Moreover, The key entry point for this project is the I-14/I-15 link route. The RDA has approved a total of 10,000 Kanal of land for the Taj Residencia Installment Plans and Community project.

For the time being, Taj Residency can only be reached via Islamabad’s sector I-14 link route. However, in the near future, Rawalpindi’s Ring Road will also serve as an entry point, leading to the Islamabad Motorway. It takes just a few minutes to reach Centaurus Mall, 10 minutes to get to Islamabad Airport, and 5 minutes to get to the Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital. This range significantly increases Taj Residency value.

Taj Residencia Islamabad location map

Nearby Land Marks

When a company owner is searching for land to spend in, there are several factors to consider. The location is one of the most crucial. When buying a house, whether, for personal or investment reasons, the area is critical. The reason being that the neighborhood gives residents a sense of security. Furthermore, keeping day-to-day needs close at hand is essential for a stress-free existence.  double-check that the site is easily accessible from the city’s main attractions before signing a contract. Taj Residencia MIVIDA City Islamabad is located in a central position close to Islamabad.

NOC Status

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved Taj Residencia’s NOC Document, and all other legal requirements have been met.

Check NOC Status of : Park View City

Master Plan

The developers designed the property so that people don’t have to give up their comfortable lifestyle while still living comfortably with all of their luxurious and straightforward daily needs met.  To keep the living environment balanced, the property includes parks and commercial zones. It’s like having a city within a city.

master plan of taj residencia

Phase 1 of Taj Residencia is visible in the master plan. Moreover, a wide area is separately set for Phase 2 and future extensions. Residential Plots, Apartments, and Villas are among the properties available. In contrast to other residential units in the suburbs, however, growth is minimal. Taj Residencia has a total protected area of 1907 Kanals. Furthermore, it consists primarily of residential and commercial plots. In the regions of 5, 8, 10, 14, and 20 Marla, Taj Residencia offers Taj Villas in the Modern, Mediterranean, and Eclectic categories.

The plots come in various sizes and places, including standard, corner, and Main Boulevard plots, along with park facing plots. The Sardar Group of Companies offers Dream Villas in Taj Residencia, as well as ready-to-live Dream Villas. The upcoming sector’s wide range of platforms, which provides for Centaurs Mall-II and other unexpected facilities and amenities, has sparked a lot of interest. Its master plan also consists of the Royal Club Islamabad.

Dream Villas

Dream villas is an initiative that aims to raise the bar in Islamabad for a lavish lifestyle. It is an ideal site for anyone looking to build magnificent homes. It meets high expectations by being among the best shopping and leisure destinations globally, with a focus on culture and convenience. Theme parks, libraries, community centres, and mosques complement this ideal residential community by catering to all of your social needs. For the most outstanding living style, Dream Villas mix groomed scenery and chic interiors in complete harmony.

This project is conveniently located near the Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital and the New Islamabad Airport. Additionally, it connects to the main G.T. route, and it is only 18 kilometres from Saddar, Rawalpindi, and 7 kilometres from the Kashmir Highway.

Dream Villas has three as well as five bedrooms’ villas with elegant living spaces, kitchens, and toilets. Expert designers have designed these residences to be both elegant and comfortable. Furthermore, Taj Residency includes security level and monitoring features. The remarkable design of villas withstand earthquakes. It is a safe neighborhood that places a premium on the convenience of its residents. Moreover, as evidenced by a one-year free servicing provided to all villas. It is, without a doubt, a project that offers the very best living experience.

Project Details

The plots come in various sizes and places, including standard, corner, and Main Boulevard plots, along with park facing plots. The Sardar Group of Companies offers Dream Villas in Taj Residencia, along with ready-to-live Dream Villas.

Any of the Dream Villas’ options include the following:

  • 10 Marla Villa Mediterranean
  • 1 Kanal Model Villa
  • 14 Marla Villa
  • 1 Kanal Villa
  • 10 Marla Villa Eclectic
  • 10 Marla Villa Modern

Residential plot sizes

  • 5 marla
  • 8 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 14 marla
  • 1 kanal
  • 2 kanal

Commercial plot sizes

  • 5 marla

Taj Residencia Payment Plans

If you’re looking for upscale residential housing, the Taj Residencia seems to be the place to go. The ease of being close to different critical hubs and built-in systems adds to the charm, making it usually less distracting and more attractive.

The Taj Residencia instalment plan offers a 20% down payment option for plot sizes of 10 and 14 Marla, 1 and 2 Kanal. If you pay the entire instalment with one bill, you will get a 6% discount. The developers will add a 10% discount if you purchase a group plot such as Side plots, Main Boulevard, or park’s face.

Commercial and residential plot requires a 20% down payment. However, the remainder is payable in six quarterly payments.

1.5 Year Payment Plan

1.5 year payment plan of taj residencia

2.5 Year Payment Plan

2.5 year payment plan of taj residency Islamabad

3.5 Marla Plot 4 Year Payment Plan

3.5 marla payment plan of taj residencia Islamabad

5 Marla Plot Pakistan Package

5 marla 4 year payment plan of taj residencia Islamabad

8 Marla Plot Blue Bell Block Price

8 Marla Plot Blue Bell Block Price in taj residency Islamabad housing society

Corner and boulevard plot

All of the amenities in Dream Villas are premium quality fabrics and highly-specified interior decoration with high-end finishes and carefully sourced new fixtures and fittings. We set the standard extremely high in terms of villa design and interior finishing.

In Dream Villas, corner and boulevard places command a 15% premium, while park face villas command a 10% premium. The built blocks are in high demand, and the majority of the properties have already been leased. As a result, experts envision an increase in the  future rates.

Taj Residencia Development Updates

The four blocks of the community are facing massive developments. Moreover, soon these four blocks will have several living spaces to fulfil the living requirements of investors. Furthermore, the other blocks’ construction work will also be available with the best facilities. And the developers are also making the infrastructure of the buildings of premium standards. Moreover,  that will increase the value of living and investment. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will have the extensive and latest news of developments. So, do not mind connecting with their professionals.

Taj Residencia Development Updates


The high standard of luxurious amenities offered by the society s unrivalled in the nation. This lodging community is advantageous to the people of Islamabad. Moreover, The dedication and hard work of the respected engineers advertises all of the infrastructures. Every day, engineering teams work to ensure that their promise is met. It’s design provides  everyone in the family the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life. The below are among some of the features that the project has to offer:

  • A three-year warranty covers construction.
  • The structure that can withstand earthquakes.
  • Shower cubicles of tempered glass.
  • The rooms are big.
  • The kitchen is modular.
  • Branded accessories.

Health Care District:

The region’s most notable feature is its up-to-date medical center. The medical center is encompassing adequate beds and offers new technology and facilities.  Moreover, trained personnel is available to operate the medical equipment. Residential Society offers health care services to its citizens through top-notch medical facilities.

Sports district:

As the name implies, this block was designed primarily with residents’ sports events in mind. The sports block at Taj Residency will have several sports grounds and arenas for various games and sports. Furthermore, For the tenants, this building would be all-in-one. A cricket stadium, a football stadium, a badminton court, and a sports centre for indoor games are all planned. In addition, the residents of this block would have access to a Mini Golf course.

Educational institutes: 

A vast plot of land has been set aside for the project’s educational institute. The aim is to provide a learning experience with cutting-edge technology and a welcoming atmosphere. This land package includes more than just schools; it also has several colleges and educational institutes. The aim is to make it simple for residents to locate their nearest school or college without sacrificing educational efficiency.


This initiative also includes a central Jamiah Mosque, which is a massive structural concept. In a quiet and happy atmosphere, people from all walks of life will come to deliver five-time supplications. Individuals can provide their prayers and other religious commitments without any difficulty. The mosque has a beautiful interior and exterior architecture, but visitors are supplied with all of the required amenities and a perfect space to offer their prayers.


This private venture is a gated community with all high-level security measures in place. It is surrounded by a boundary wall that prevents someone from entering or unfavourably exiting the culture. The entire stretch is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and a dedicated security officer squad that is fully prepared for any incident or mishap. To maintain the respectability of the lodging arrangement, these watches are posted at various locations in the facility.


To ensure the ultimate progression, sidewalks, designed properties, and other essential frameworks are built with refined expertise and cutting-edge technologies. This was made possible by the architects’ and engineers’ contribution to providing a progressive private community during the construction period plans.

Nonstop Power Supply: 

Taj Residencia has ensured that the residents of this private venture face no problems by all means. To prepare for any power outages, standby power generators have been installed on-site to ensure a seamless and nonstop power supply. As a result, the extension provides a fully load-shedding-free environment.

Underground Wiring: 

The builders have ensured the beauty of civilization by providing the essential services by burying the power lines. As a result, culture is healthy and wonderful since the advanced lodging culture gives off a cumbersome and repulsive concept of old-fashioned shafts and overhead hanging cables.


Another vital service that every citizen requires is gas. The community has conveniently delivered a gas system to the residents’ doorsteps, enabling them to live a lavish lifestyle complete with all the facilities and comforts.


Society’s architects have ensured, without a shadow of a doubt, that its citizens will enjoy a luxurious life in which they will have a solid and intimate relationship with nature. Resultantly, the management is building open recreational parks.  Families and their children will enjoy their leisure time and live a happy, healthy life in these parks.

Community Center:

The society is promoting an outstanding community club for residents to gather at gatherings and participate in social activities, which may be a beneficial action in and of itself. It will allow the residents to meet one another, form bonds, and grow into a family that is there for one another in times of need.

Smart Waste Management System: 

In a lodging society, a stale waste collection scheme is useless. Taj Residency massive waste stack is in adequate handling of  the society’s waste storage component. With high-tech hardware and cars, this would be an extremely efficient framework.

Water Filtration Plant: 

An opulent lifestyle necessitates high-end living comforts. Typically, the planners and organizers have consolidated the facility with the purest form of drinking water into the water filtration process from the lodging society’s water filtration plant.

Centaurus Mall 2: 

Following the popularity of the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad, the developers plan to establish a second branch near Taj Residencia. This would provide residents with access to both local and foreign brands without wasting time driving outside of the property.

  • Large balconies.
  • Private parking spaces.
  • A.C. in shared spaces.
  • High levels of surveillance.
  • Granite in the entrance and common area.

Pros and Cons


  • Creation of Taj Residencia:

Approximately four sections out of eleven are currently in the developmental phase. A B, C, & D are the names of the formed blocks. The management expects that residents will join the establishing society blocks within a year. The company needs to accelerate the implementation process as quickly as possible to create a positive precedent for potential and upcoming project developers.

  • An Opulent Residence: 

In swap for one’s hard-earned cash, Taj Residencia provides you with the current lifestyle, including world-class facilities. As a result, engaging in this housing society would be highly beneficial to you. Their main objective is to get to you with a lovely home to escape to after the day.

  • The closeness of Important Regions:

To begin with, all of the requisite places to be are located inside the Taj Residencia’s walls, including hospitals, educational institutions, shopping arcades, banks, and many others. It connects Islamabad and Rawalpindi with ease. Aside from that, the airport is conveniently located.

  • Uninterrupted Provision of Utilities: 

The lodging society can provide electricity, water, and power to the residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That said, it’s obvious how much easier life can be if you don’t have to think about ironing your laundry or getting the ac on until the power goes out.

  • Well-Ordered Map and Development Plan: 

The finest venture planners have meticulously designed the Taj Residencia’s architecture. It’s incredible how big the streets will be, with those for bicycles and commuters separated from the major ones, how lovely the central gardens will be, how wonderfully fabricated the monuments will be, and how advanced the hospitals will be.

  • Expansion Scope: 

Although the proposal was initially limited to Phase 1, construction of the private property for Phase 2 has now started. This opens up opportunities for new business prospects and acquisition opportunities. Investors are planning ahead of their objectives for it, and you can go as well.

  • Suitable for Pakistanis living abroad:

Offshore Pakistanis want to put their capital into a world-class residential society that provides them with the standard of living they have come to expect. As a result, Taj Residency will be ideal for them because it addresses all of their concerns, including stability, tranquilly, and luxury, as well as world-class amenities.


  • Extended Period of Development:

It is expected to take a little bit of time for the housing society’s complexities and creativity to be wholly realized. As a result, the Taj Residencia will be unrivalled and superior to the others when it comes to the final corner.

  • Expensive in Contrast: 

The Taj Housing Society will conclude to be far more expensive than the options available in the market, primarily due to the sky-high level of prosperity they are trying to target. This is a subjective question since some clients feel that perhaps the sky is the height of perfection.

Why invest in taj residencia?

Taj Residencia is a populated area. Its people are promised high quality of life, hospitality, and a safe climate. Furthermore, the society is in a prime position, close to CDA sectors I-14 and I-15 and right just beside Link Road, making Islamabad easily accessible. The built blocks are in high demand, and the majority of the properties have already been leased. As a result, future rates are only predicted to increase. Furthermore, plots are required for immediate ownership just after the down payment! It implies that you will be able to begin building your home right away.

Apart from that, Taj Housing Society provides a luxury living opportunity—your dream home! With all of the latest conveniences and a fantastic venue. Furthermore, Taj’s road map is built in such a way that you really can travel a few kilometres and find anything you need. Medical centres, classrooms, universities, shopping malls, Carrefour, and many more are all available. Hospitals and airports are given special attention so that a Taj resident can reach them in less than five or ten minutes in the event of an emergency. Both primary services, such as water, power, coal, and other commodities, are operational with no major outages. In addition, the Taj Housing Society’s expansion prospects are up-and-coming, as the designers continue to build phase 2 after phase 1 is completed.


If you’re hunting for upscale residential housing, Taj Residencia is the place to be. The proximity to numerous critical hubs and built-in systems provide comfort, making it less distracting and more attractive.


Q 1- Who owns Taj Residencia?

Answer: The Taj Residencia is owned by the Sardar Group of Companies.

Q 2: Where will I find it?

The Taj Residencia is situated adjacent to the CDA Sector I-14 and I-15 in Islamabad.

Q3- Has the CDA authorized Taj Residencia’s NOC?

RDA has given its approval to this project’s NOC.

Q 4- What are the benefits of investing in Taj Residencia?

Taj Residencia’s is a smartly planned building society with cutting-edge facilities.

Q5- What are the different types of plots accessible in Taj Residencia?

Taj Residencia offers various plot sizes, with the most common being 5, 8, and 10 marla plots, along with 1 and 2 Kanal plots.

Q6: When will the properties be available for possession?

Possession of plots will be given after the complete payment of the principal amount. Upon completion of 50% payment, plot numbers will be allotted through balloting.

Q7: Can you tell me about the price trend at Taj Residencia?

The booking commences with a 20% deposit, proceeded by 10 equal quarterly payments over the following few months.

Q8: Do they have any property discounts or special offers?

Yes, you can obtain a 10% reduction on any property when you pay in full.

Q9: What distinguishes Taj Residencia from other communities in the region?

The Society provides you with the opportunity to live in luxury while also providing you with all of the latest amenities and a fantastic location.

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