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Blue World City

Blue World City is one of the determiner elite lodging societies in the city. It is a massive project by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in partnership with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company and found adjacent to the Chakri Interchange & recently made Rawalpindi Ring Road. Currently, it is one of the foremost affordable lodging ventures within the region and has ended up being very prevalent among financial specialists.

For those looking to invest in a suitable property or a private plot, at this point, Blue World City is the most acceptable option. The venture also provides online administrations such as blue world city confirmation, online Installment, Certificate of enrollment online Confirmation, and status of the application. Blue World is partitioned into a few Squares, including General Square, Overseas Square, Blue Hills Country Farms, Blue World Economic Zone, Awami Villas, Orbital Flats, and low-cost Awami Residential Complex.

Blue Group of Companies

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is serving in Pakistan for 18 years, providing excellent real estate development services. The proprietor of this society is Saad Nazir, son of the ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore son, Chaudhry Nazir. A hardworking team of more than 300 individuals withholding different capacities makes Blue Group of companies (BGC) one of the foremost broadened aggregates in Pakistan. Enhancement is one of the most recognized qualities of developers. BGC began its operations in 1998 from Lahore, Pakistan. It started by giving structural plan and development administrations to its important clients and was able to capture a conventional share of the advertise before long.

Blue Group of Companies

The group currently works with various businesses that empower them to offer the customers all solutions from a single source for an assortment of administrations. It comprises real estate buying, outline, progress & showcasing of expansive scale private and commercial projects, Engineering plan & development administrations, and IT assist services & commercial press services. Moreover, the Group has expanded into a retail division within convenience retail stores and clothing brands. Because of the long-serving time, they have created an excellent customer satisfaction base.

Businesses by BGC

Saad Nazir has also accomplished businesses and lodging ventures such as PIA co-operative Society, Blue Town Sapphire, Center Park Lahore, Blue Mart, and Blue Technologies. Blue World City society Rawalpindi is the most recent cutting-edge private venture propelled by BGC. Blue Bunch of Companies possesses an exceedingly broadened set of businesses comprising of the following Companies:

  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Technologies
  • WPZ
  • Blue Media
  • Mart Blue
  • Brands Square
  • Artimmix

Location Map

While investing in a property, the foremost concern of the investor is ordinarily the area. Area not as it were characterizing the sense of security, but to decides availability of every necessity of the inhabitant. A speculator must think around the inclinations and disadvantages of a property’s area before concluding the speculation. Blue World City Islamabad is located on the main Chakri Road adjacent to Chakri Interchange. M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway can easily reach the project. The new Islamabad International airport is also relatively near the project.

Location of blue world city

Because of its prime location, the property is already in the attention of the financial backers. It could be described as an exceedingly lauded project by the speculators and realtors with an excellent ambiance. It gives an elegant way of life far from the rush and flurry of the city. The Blue World City extend gives one of the closest get to areas to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Simultaneously, advertising a serene, quiet, and sumptuous living atmosphere that no other private venture has promoted to its inhabitants in Pakistan, and this is often what makes the Blue World City jut out amongst other gated communities in Pakistan.

Access Points

As the map above indicates, the prime location of Blue World City is easily accessible through the Chakri interchange towards Chakri road. It is located close to notable projects, including Defense Housing Authorities and Bahria Town Islamabad. The motorway is around 13 minutes away from the venture, while the New Islamabad International Airport is 30 minutes away. The location is straightforward to understand by everyone. From the site, residents can reach the twin cities easily with a short drive of 30 minutes. The inhabitants can also reach GT road from the property in around 40 to 45 minutes. The government plans to arrange a road to connect the airport and Bahria Town, which will further decrease the travel time from Blue World City to GT road and Islamabad highway.

access points of blue world city

Some nearby predominant locations are Islamabad City, Rawalpindi City, Bahria Town Islamabad Phase 8, Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Capital Smart City, Mumtaz City, University Town, and Rawalpindi Race Club.

 NOC Status

Blue World City Islamabad was granted planning clearance by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in response to Letter Reference no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Dated: February 19, 2019, The community was first awarded Initial authorization for approximately 427 Kanal of land. The NOC status of Blue World City is now perfectly evident.

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After a bit of time, a new application was sent, and the society’s NOC standing from the RDA was added to the list of organizations in the process of being processed. The status alternated between unlawful and under investigation. However, given its expansion and development, there is a reasonable probability that BWC would acquire legal status shortly. Regrettably, there was disinformation spreading that Blue World City Islamabad was illegal, although the RDA’s NOC for Blue World City Islamabad was legally granted.

Master Plan

Blue World City Rawalpindi is arranged to reach a high-level metropolitan movement. This meander will, without question, advance cash-related headway and upgrade the lifestyle. Innovative highlights and improvements are organized to be related all through the venture to convey shrewder outcomes. Through keen procedures and signs of advance and progressed framework, and outlying and unique plan, a much predominant living environment will be made for the tenants. When beginning Blue World City’s fundamental advancement methodology, the property proprietors arranged a private society that would offer sensible and competent living spaces. Additionally, it’ll provide an innovative and consumer-impelled work environment.

master plan of blue world city

Land of 5000 Kanal has been dedicated for Blue World City that has been divided into blocks. The project offers private and commercial plots and farmhouses for sale. The project includes the following federations and plots; General Square, Overseas Square, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami Villas, Blue World Economic Zone, Orbital Flats, and low-cost Awami Residential Complex. The blocks are further discussed in detail below, including the following:

  • Overseas Block
  • Orbital Apartments
  • Blue Hill Farm Houses
  • Awami Complex

Overseas Block

Concurring to the planned extension, a limited number of residential and commercial plots are available in Overseas block that are available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis, with a restriction of inhabitants being non-residing Pakistanis. As the title of the block proposes, the target spectators of this square are Pakistanis who have double nationality or are foreign nationals.

The Overseas Block can directly be accessed through Chakri Road and will also appreciate its assigned gate directly through society’s main entrance. Moreover, the lodging venture will have admittance from Rawalpindi Ring Road, which can straightforwardly unite Blue World City with Motorway M-2 and Islamabad City in another two years. The extend is picking up a parcel of fascination from the nearby and worldwide speculators for its excellent and engaging area.

Orbital Apartments

Orbital Flats in Blue City offers a best-in-class style lavish way of life. If you are smitten with splendid picturesque views all day long, then no other flat-alternative in Pakistan might get superior to this. It gives all the high-level highlights and conveniences such as the tallest horse mascots, recreational water park, 208ft. Wide orbital boulevard with rich green and well-kept and open gardens. All the extravagant lifestyles at reasonable costs are uncommon in Pakistan reclassifying the total concept of extravagance living with highlights.


Following are some of the facilities provided to their inhabitants:

  • Lavish high-rise apartments
  • Picturesque view from the penthouse along with devoted lifts
  • Themed interiors
  • Top-notch services
  • Private atrium
  • Swimming pool
  • Gyms and Spas
  • Maintenance services
  • Constant supply utility

Blue Hills Country Farms

Living an active and boisterous regular schedule life can result in a strain. To urge a break from this monotonous routine, one continuously dreams of living in a calm and quiet place. A place where you’ll be able to appreciate the natural magnificence and encounter extravagance. To meet that requirement Blue Hills Country Farms are introduced by the developers. The location of the Blue slopes farmhouse is in a perfect world set at the central, quiet zone of the society, with a lovely water stream streaming adjacent and surrounded by the natural heavenliness of the community. Residents could idealize the peaceful and alleviating society of society to appreciate a life full of stability and comfort, absent from the city.

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Awami Residential Complex

Awami Residential Complex is the most current build-up to the magnificent lodging extend, Blue World City. The residential complex includes single and duplex units, each prepared with all requisites to live an extraordinary life with incredible society’s views. Each unit is planned to offer an economic framework, upscale comforts, and conveniences. This Awami Residential Complex is the most corresponding to the main gate of the project through Chakri Road, one of the foremost requested regions close to Islamabad International Airport. The Blue Group of Companies will execute the advancement with the most elevated qualities. It will comprise of shared spaces and administrations at the stature of this significant property.

Payment Plans

The proprietor’s integral approach is to deliver a hassle-free way of life to the tenants, beginning from a necessary and sensible installment arrangement. As Blue World City is currently under development, the installment arrangement is much flexible. On account of the prime area and the project’s grand plan, the plots are offering out excessively rapidly. Considering the recent events, it is anticipated that the plot costs will more likely rise within the coming future. In case you would like to invest in this sumptuous private property, now is a perfect chance. The society has advertised a 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year installment arrange for its speculators’ comfort. Bookings begin with as low as a 10% down payment. The owners of Blue World City have declared simple installment plans of Blue World City as takes after:

Overseas Block Old Payment Plan

Overseas Block New Payment Plan

blue world city overseas block new payment plan

General Block Payment Plan

General Block Old Booking Payment Plan

 Awami Residential Complex Prices

You’ll be able to book apartments in Awami Residential Complex that provides studio flats and one bed conjointly 2-bed flats for a simple 50 month to month installments starting from Rs. 10,800. Whereas Awami villas offer single floored, lavish villas for sale, including top-notch facilities and services and a central location.

Awami Residential Complex Apartment and Awami Villas Price Detail blue world city


This lodging venture will be a ponder of Chinese improvement and engineering. Not as it were, it is the foremost affordable lodging society within the region. It is additionally particularly arranged to meet the need to suit the convergence of over 2 million Chinese inhabitants moving into Pakistan for the CPEC course extend within the coming few years. To fulfill this prerequisite, it has gotten to be fundamental for society to present universal standard offices and services to encourage Chinese inhabitants and to progress the lifestyle of Pakistanis. The lodging will offer the following cutting edge never experienced before facilities to its inhabitants:

24-hour Utility Supply

Blue World City Islamabad is located in a moderately inaccessible area, and for so long, this region has been ignored in terms of power, gas, and water. Utilities were once in a while granted to the locals. Despite the difficulties, Blue World City has ensured that the tenants of this private project deal with no such issues by any infer to organize any power outrages; standby control generators are displayed locally to guarantee a smooth and nonstop control supply. Similarly, gas and water services are also provided to the inhabitants to subtract any inconveniences.

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Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, could be a wonder of classical engineering built in the 1600s by Muslim architects and designers who have propelled the organizers of the Blue World City to build a copy of this fantastic mosque within the society to reestablish Islamic values and culture in Pakistan. The composition of the Blue Mosque will end up a point of interest and will draw in guests to this society. The mosque will genuinely speak to and supplement the theme of Blue World City.

  • Other Mosques

Each block of the project will have extraordinarily planned mosques for each block’s inhabitants so that they can implore comfortably and fulfill their devout commitments without any trouble at their convenience. To accommodate individuals further in Friday prayers, Jamiah Mosques are planning to be built all through society to ease the inhabitants and guests of the community.

Commercial Hubs and Educational Institutions

The society will demonstrate to end up one of the most important commercial centers within the locale with the CPEC course in its vicinity, and the retail openings are endless. The ace arranges of this marvelous society have been planned, including state of craftsmanship, advanced commercial roads, and high-standard instructive offices in all the society segments for the accessibility of individuals.

Blue World City understands the significance of education and hence is strongminded to supply excellent education at the same time save travel time. Universal standard schools and colleges are built to provide excellent education to the children of inhabitants.

Theme Park

Water Park will incorporate fun water rides, slides, wave pools, volcanic waterfall, extraordinarily outlined water pools for small children and water surfing. The society has arranged to construct the greatest and Pakistan’s finest Worldwide water theme park.

Oxygen Park and Lakes

Project’s developers have made beyond any doubt that the occupants will live a luxurious life with a tight and robust relationship with nature, and for this, open recreational parks are made. In these parks, families and their children may spend their relaxing time and live a joyful life. The Oxygen Park and lakes within the society will increase the magnificence and the attraction of society. These parks are made to positively affect well-being, make social associations, and maintain the environment.


This private wander is a secured neighborhood with all high-level security endeavors. It is projected by a boundary divider that reasonably has limited any undesirable entryway to the society. The total amplify is outfitted with the first afterward advancement and qualified professionals of security guards that are wholly orchestrated for any occurrence or accident. These observations are posted at distinctive centers all through the lodging maintain the peace of the society. A set f CCTV cameras are in addition displayed inside the entire zone to screen all the activities giving secure space to live.


The roads developed properties and, another unique system is made with polished abilities and the most recent innovation equipment to maintain the culminate progression. It is planned to be possible by determining the designers and the architects who have worked hard throughout the project and design to supply a cutting-edge private society.

Modern Living

Blue World is celebrated for its high-end way of life executions in its plans. The design of the venture is planned on universal measures in expansion to ultra-modern innovation and headways. Blue World City moreover reflects a present-day way of life, extraordinarily outlined for the tip-top course. The installations and fittings take off a classy impression, whereas the property reflects foreign guidelines.

Underground Electric Wiring

Keeping in intellect the city’s climate circumstance and maintaining a strategic distance from any sort of inconvenience, all the electricity and phone cables are found underground. This makes a difference in dodging any unsettling influence and external issues, which underpins in giving a continuous association. Gas pipelines are too branched underground to dodge spillage.

Sports Complex

Multifunctional sports and social complex will be built in Blue World City to engage and advance differing qualities of societies and advance extra-curricular exercises and cater to the vitality of the sport-lovers, where they can not only play sports all day but moreover appreciate the picturesque views of the project. Different other sports services are provided by the designers, such as tennis courts, well-being clubs, gyms, play zones for kids, indoor gaming regions, etc.

Waste Management System

A failed waste disposal system ultimately falls level in a residential society. The property’s disposal system is arranged with the capability to manage up with all the overpowering waste stack of the venture. This will be an exceedingly beneficial system with high-tech equipment and vehicles.

Water Filtration Plant

Blue world city plans to be a self-contained and maintainable society. One of the only absolute highlights of an autonomous lodging society is to provide its inhabitants with clean water. Installation of an inventive water filtration plant will guarantee the supply of clean water worldwide and will move forward the living conditions within the locale.


Cinemas have gotten to be a vital implies of amusement and relaxation within individuals’ lives in any community. Blue World City will present 3D I-max cinemas to cherish the amusement needs of its inhabitants.

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Another dominant highlight within society will be its Safari Zoo, with a secure drive-through away in the midst of community with wild creatures wandering openly will be energizing and give an exceptional involvement of the guests. The zoo will contain an assortment of diverse species of animals and birds imported worldwide.


Having a hospital close to one’s home is imperative. Blue World City recognizes the reality and provides continuous hospital and clinical services for its inhabitants with the most recent and present-day advances and equipment that are dealt with and worked by qualified specialists and prepared staff in order to guarantee total care to be given to the inhabitants.


Blue World City Islamabad could be a dream private housing society for the individuals of this country. The most appealing highlight of this project is its reasonable prices and payment plans. Additionally, the project provides every top-notch present-day facility to its residents. Because the property is under development, the prices are comparatively relatively low, so if you want to invest in Blue World City, now is a great time. Or experts at Estate land Marketing can guide you better.


Q1- Where is the project located?

Blue World City Islamabad holds a prime location and is situated at the Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.

Q2- Who are the developers and owners of this project?

The project is privately owned by the well-known developers known for their excellent customer services and brilliant modern designs, Blue Group of Companies. The development is under a Chinese company called Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company.

Q3- What is the reason behind the name of Blue World City?

The property lies on the twin cities’ border, which is why it is called a blue world city by most individuals.

Q4- Does the project has a valid NOC?

The project has already applied to renew the non-objection certificate for the extension of being. It also has approval from the RDA for the layout and planning.

Q4- Has the development process started?

Yes, the development process has been started and being completed in full swing. The estimated time of the complete development is 3 to 4 years.

Q5- Are the plot prices affordable?

The plot prices and the payment plans are incredibly affordable and easy to follow. Details of the payment plans and prices are mentioned above in this article.

Q6-Will essential utilities and power be provided by the Blue World City?

Blue World City aspires to provide its citizens with essential and sophisticated amenities, including 24-hour access to water, power, and gas.

Q7-Does Blue World City have a payment plan?

Yes, the organization offers a three-year and four-year easy installment payment plan for investors’ convenience.

Q8-When will people be able to own plots in society?

Plot possession is anticipated to be obtained in three to four years. Due to the early establishment of the units in that phase, ownership will first be granted to properties in phase 1 of the community.

Q9-Does the society have any commercial plots available?

Yes, the organization offers various commercial plot sizes; if you missed it, see the payment plan connected to the article above for more information.

Q10-Does the society have an Overseas Block for Pakistani citizens living abroad?

Yes, the community has a distinct abroad block for Pakistanis who live in other countries.
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