Blue World City Tallest Horse Mascots Complete Details

Blue World City Tallest Horse Mascots Complete Details

Tallest Horse Mascots will soon be available for the investors and residents of Blue World City. Moreover, world-class features will be available in the community to uplift the residents’ living standards. The two horse mascots will be available for all investors. However, the best aspect will be that they will have the tallest sculptures available for all investors and residents. The developers will create a unique yet outstanding feature in the community to make the looks of the housing project more appealing to all investors and residents.

Tallest Horse Mascots –Features

Tallest Horse Mascots will soon have several features and amenities available for the residents and investors from the community. Some of the undeniable features will undoubtedly enhance the living standards of the investors.

World Record

The first and foremost vital aspect of these mascots will be that they are the world’s tallest horse mascots available for investors. Moreover, the architectural quality of the mascots will be of World Class and international standards. Furthermore, the 125-foot-tall sculpture will enhance the community’s architectural standards. Lastly, other facilities will be available for everyone adjacent to the statues.

Second Cup Coffee

The developers will lift the standards to another level by building the Blue World City second Cup Coffee franchise near the horse mascots. The mascots will offer the best views to all residents and clients while having the best coffee in the community. In addition, several other facilities will be available in the community to enhance the quality time of the investors with their families.

Art Museum

The creators will be building a space that will attract the interest of various investors. Moreover, there will be attractive features available for everyone. The investors can see the work of famous artists in the museum. The best aspect will be that they can go out to have a quality and fantastic time with the family.

Food Courts & Restaurants

Like the Second Cup, other food brands will also be available in the community that will help the investors gain quality time with their friends and families. Moreover, the investors will have a commercial opportunity to make any food-related startup in the community. Lastly, there will be easy rates for all the investor’s residents of the Blue World City to have quality time in the community.

Shops Provision

There will be shops available for everyone with all the required commodities by the investors. Moreover, the Blue World economic zone and square of the society are simply impeccable and next to perfection. Also, the residents will find it easy to go and shop for the necessities of life at the superb location of the Tallest Horse Mascots. The shops will have several types of products available to make it the ideal place for everyone to come and buy the required essentials.

Benefits of Tallest Horse Mascots

Several benefits are also associated with these tallest horse mascots at Blue World City Islamabad. Moreover, the most pleasant and worthy reasons are as follows:

Unique Designs

The tallest horse mascot will have a unique design that will attract future residents to make an ideal investment in this housing project. Moreover, experts and professionals will be available to develop the perfect and unique infrastructure. Therefore, the investors might have the ideal lifestyle for this housing project.

Uplift Standards of Living

The mascots will enhance the way of living of all the investors. Moreover, the mascot will create a luxurious living standard for all investors in the community. Significantly at night, the lights will enhance the beauty of the sculptures. The residents can go out and spend quality time with their families. Therefore, the Blue World City residents can have international standards of living in the community.

Tallest Horse Mascots Development Status

According to the video released by the officials, the construction work of these mascots is almost complete. In addition, green and blue lights are installed at the sculptures to enhance the architectural beauty of these mascots. The mesmerizing views of these horse mascots will increase the community’s living standards and investment rates.


The tallest horse mascot is the popular feature available in Blue World City. Moreover, there will be several other general provisions for the investors and residents from which they can benefit and attain higher living standards. Therefore, the developers are trying to make it the best feature available in the community to uplift residents’ living standards. Several shops, an art museum, and a second cup of coffee franchise will be close to these mascots. These lucrative amenities will be the best aspect for all investors looking for a world-class lifestyle. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing explains all the development updates of Tallest Horse Mascots.

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