Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Islamabad is a hub for some of the most renowned housing schemes all across Pakistan. Fortunately, the massive project is under prime minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program. In addition, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an upcoming luxurious real estate project in the heart of the Federal Capital. Moreover, the location is close to Chakri Interchange and New International Airport.  Additionally, this economical housing solution offers low-cost residential plots at affordable rates. Furthermore, the chairman and chief executive officer, Ghulam Hussain Shahid, is the remarkable man behind the establishment of the project.

The developer aims to construct state-of-the-art infrastructure and carefully planned society facilities at the disposal of valued residents. Moreover, the project is the most prominent and beneficial investment hub with an urbanized approach and the latest development shift. Furthermore, the scheme provides a safe, serene and innovative outlook. The project holds a valid no-objection certificate as it comes under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Apart from top-notch facilities and amenities, property availability at a subsidized rate makes it more attractive.


Developers & Owners

Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal is proud to be the owner and developer of this housing scheme in Islamabad. Mr. Ghulam is the chairman and Chief executive officer of the valley project. Moreover, he is especially famous for the development projects all across Pakistan. The owner and developer are fortunate to acquire great credibility in the real estate industry. The development of the housing project is taking place under the utmost dedication of the excellently trained staff. The staff includes engineers, architects, construction workers, planners, and managers.

The team is at present working diligently to create a perfect work of art. Moreover, Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal real estate engineers are prominent for exceptionally organized ventures with phenomenal planning compared to the other noticeable builders. Furthermore, the objective is to enhance and modify the living association towards a cutting-edge and keen lifestyle. Mr. Ghulam is keeping the ultramodern and luxurious way of life in mind. Moreover, the team is dedicatedly offering fantastic client support and detailed consultancy.

Location & Map

Locations play the most vital role when investors and residents decide on acquiring a property. Moreover, the reason behind area being the foremost decision-making factor is due to specific rationales. The rationale is that the locality offers a sense of security, and the proximity to essential day-to-day utilities is monumental. Henceforth, before making a transaction, individuals need to make sure that the location is accessible from the city’s prime areas. The area of the Valley project is locatable in an ideal site close to Islamabad.

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Kingdom Valley Islamabad is locatable near Chakri Interchange towards Islamabad Lahore M-2 Motorway. The location of the scheme makes it a prime development in Islamabad. It is suitably close to renowned housing societies such as Capital Smart City, Blue World City, and Mumtaz City. Furthermore, it is approximately a five-kilometer distance away from Rawalpindi Ring Road. Additionally, linking to Bahria Town, Defense Housing Authority, and The New International Airport. The housing scheme is accessible from different routes of the twin cities, including Rawalpindi Cadet College and Thalian Interchange.

The map below shows the detailed map of the prime location.

Location Map of Kingdom valley

Nearby Landmarks

The location adds tremendous value to this housing society in Islamabad. Residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi prefer an area that has prime landmarks located very nearby. Furthermore, this housing scheme by Ghulam Hussain Shahid has specific important landmarks situated very close. The list entails below:

  • 10 minutes away from Rawalpindi Cadet College
  • 5 km away from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • New Islamabad International Airport
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • 5 km from Thalian Interchange locatable at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  • 4 kilometers drive away from the Chakri Interchange on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2

Nearby Landmarks Kingdom Valley Islamabad

It is an ideal location away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life, yet close enough that the distance will not be an issue for the residents and investors. Furthermore, this real estate project permits a bewildering course of action to significant parts of the city. It is an astounding zone of Islamabad where primarily extraordinary and cutting-edge construction work is going on. Furthermore, this spirited locale makes it past any other housing projects. Moreover, assorted primary boulevards and expressways are mainly designed for the people, making this lodging society more systematic and effortlessly reachable across the city. Lastly, it will be close to Rawalpindi Ring Road, and the Impact of Ring Road will positively affect the investment opportunity here.

NOC Status

Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC is an abbreviation used for the no-objection certificate. Kingdom Valley is an entirely legal housing scheme with its NOC approval under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program.  Moreover, the grant of permission is under DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. The project has authorization from Pakistan Housing and Town Planning Management. Furthermore, it is a project by the excellently reputed Ghulam Hussain, because of which the housing scheme did not face legal issues when attaining the NOC. The NOC approval is essential as it indicates that the project is safe for investment. Additionally, since it is approved, experts predict that an increase in future plot rates is soon happening since the property value is increasing.

Master Plan

The implementation of the master plan of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is happening at the government level.  Moreover, an area of approximately 15000 Kanal covers and encompasses the entire development of the society. Furthermore, the plots in the valley project include residential, commercial, overseas, farmhouses, and villas at a highly affordable rate.

In addition to the master plan of the housing scheme, a high-end state-of-the-art infrastructure building, theme parks, high-tech healthcare facilities, and other amenities are a component of this master plan. Furthermore, we greatly encourage investors to invest in this real estate housing scheme to avail themselves of the optimal benefits and amenities at Valley Islamabad.

Master plan of Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Furthermore, Modern infrastructural and the latest developmental ideas are kept in mind by the management and developers. Similarly, the developers chose a prime location with expert planners, architects, and engineers executing a remarkable idea into a beautiful reality in an optimal manner. The innovative highlights and progressive coordination relates with the alter and provide more diversity. Henceforth, the cutting-edge strategies and tactics make an advanced framework and creative plan.

Plot Details

The housing society in Islamabad is divisible into several categorical plots with varying sizes.  Given below is the category of properties and their magnitude:

Residential Plots

The residential plot is a section of the housing scheme that dedicatedly offers residential properties to inhabitants. The residential sector is family-friendly, with entire facilities and amenities readily available. Moreover, the various sized plot is available according to the family’s financial status and need. Therefore, the residential sector makes it entirely feasible for the residents to reside, and the community offers an affordable payment plan.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 kanal

Overseas Executive Block

The overseas executive block design is for Pakistanis living abroad and the best investment plans for overseas Pakistanis. The executive block offers superior facilities and amenities in comparison with the rest of the housing society. Moreover, the habit of overseas Pakistanis to reside with top-notch features and security is uncompromisable. The scheme offers a plot size of:

  • 8 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 16 Marla

Commercial Plots

Every society requires a commercial hub to serve its residents optimally. The commercial plots are an excellent opportunity for investors looking to invest in a safe and secure real estate venture. Moreover, with the scheme having its NOC approval, the prices of plots are increasing rapidly—the commercial property positions along Main Boulevard. Additionally, the retail field and zone are accessible for residents of every block with direct access to shops and markets. At the valley’s main entryway lies the leading commercial site. Moreover, although the community directly links to major thoroughfares such as Ring Road and Chakri Road, many areas are set aside for this purpose. The commercial plot is available in the following sizes:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Farm Houses

Living a busy and boisterously monotonous life can result in mental strain. Furthermore, to promote a break from this busy routine, one periodically wishes to live in a calm and serene place. Likewise, Valley Farm House is a place where individuals openly appreciate the natural magnificence and experience extravagance. Moreover, the developer is introducing the farmhouse to fulfill the high requirement. Henceforth, the farmhouse’s location is set in an ideal world setting at the central, serene zone of the scheme.

Furthermore, it encompasses an enchanting water stream streaming adjacent and surrounds the natural heavenliness of the project. In addition, Residents could idealize the peaceful and easing lifestyle while residing in spacious farmhouses.

Similarly, it is an excellent investment opportunity. One can either live in the farmhouse or even use it for commercial purposes. The farmhouse plot size mentions below:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Kingdom Villas

The developers of the housing scheme have exquisitely designed the villas for the ease of the inhabitants. The Kingdom Villas is an initiative that aims to raise the bar in Islamabad for a luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, it is an excellent site for people seeking to build magnificent homes. Furthermore, it meets high hopes by being among the superior shopping and leisure destinations and focusing on culture and convenience. Theme parks, libraries, community centers, and grand mosques enhance the attractiveness of the villa by catering to all of your social needs. Moreover, the community offers villas of the following sizes:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Kingdom Heights

Kingdom Heights is the new venture of kingdom valley to offer the best living experience to all the investors. Moreover, this will be an eco-friendly project with plenty of amenities from basic to luxuries like the rooftop restaurants, parking area, swimming pool, gym, and shops. Another best aspect is the security parameters that the developers focus on to provide a healthy lifestyle to all the investors. So, this magnificent project will be here to facilitate the investors soon.

kingdom heights


Kingdom Apartments

Kingdom Apartment is another future project that will offer sustainable living standards to all the residents and the investors. Moreover, the infrastructure of this project will be marvellous with the use of Italian marble. Furthermore, there will be many facilities like the gym, swing pool, shops, hotels, modern sanitation system, and foolproof security. All these facilities will be available at affordable prices. Lastly, to get the latest details keep visiting the Estate Land Website.

kingdom apartments

Development Status

The advancement in this real estate project is happening very rapidly. Society has marked various understandings between companies and the government to provide cutting-edge innovation and high-end highlights within the scheme. Moreover, as it is a project under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, residents shall rest assured that the developmental pace is rapidly pacing since the housing scheme is legal and acquires full support and assistance from the government’s side. Furthermore, usually, glitches arise from the authorities such as Rawalpindi Development or Capital Development Authority. Still, the investors and residents should be glad that the society reports no hitches. Conclusively, the development pace is fast and rapid, which means the construction will soon be complete.

Kingdom Valley File Verification 

File verification possesses many benefits, so it is mandatory to do it quickly to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, the safest method to verify is this, so if you are interested in checking the Kingdom Valley Files, then continue reading.

  • Open the official website of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad website.

kingdom valley file verification

  • Click the Open File Verification from the top menu.

kingdom valley file

  • After clicking, a new window will open, asking for an application number. Now add the valid application number.

kingdom valley

  • A window will open with the relevant details.

kingdom valley open file

  • And if the application number is invalid, it will show “No Results.”

Kingdom Valley File Verification is the best way to make the ideal and long-term asset in the community. However, guidance from experts and professional realtors is mandatory to get valuable assets in the community. Lastly, the developers are creating an ideal living space for everyone.

Kingdom Valley Payment Plan

The housing scheme offers various plots with a highly affordable payment plan in installments. The Kingdom Valley payment plan stretches over 4 years with 8 bi-annual payments and 40 monthly payments. Moreover, individuals have to pay a specific amount according to the plot size as a down payment and a certain amount at the time of balloting. Thus, the remaining amount is payable in installments. Moreover, the prices range from PKR 975,000 and go up to PKR 13,000,000. The explicit mention  of the payment plan is below:

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Residential Plots Payment Plan

General Block Payment Plan

Updated Payment Plan General block of kingdom valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley General Block Residential Plots New Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley General Block Residential Plots New Payment Plan 

Kingdom Valley 5 Marla Residential Plots Payment Plan

kingdom valley new residential plots

New 3.5 Marla Residential Payment Plan

New 3.5 Marla Residential Payment Plan

Heroes Block Payment Plan

kingdom valley heroes block

Kingdom Villas Payment Plan

kingdom Villas payment plan

Executive Block Payment Plan

Executive Block Updated Payment Plan of kingdom valley

Overseas Executive Block Payment Plan

Overseas Executive Block Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Commercial Plot Payment Plan

Commercial Updated Payment Plan Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Farm Houses Payment Plan

 Farmhouses Updated payment plan Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley Farm Houses Updated Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Farm Houses Payment Plan 2023


Kingdom Villas Payment Plan

Kingdom Villas Updated Payment Plan

New Payment Plans Executive Block

The latest updates regarding payment plans are as follows:

Kingdom Valley Executive Block Commercial

The executive block commercial has it all for its investors, from basics to luxuries. The block is here with all the amenities to facilitate its investors. Moreover, different plot sizes are available here, mainly four and eight marlas. The best feature is the payment plan which is highly affordable to meet the requirement of the investors. Furthermore, the price range starts from the PKR 5, 800,000/- to PKR 10,800,000/-. Not only this, there is a provision of an installment plan to facilitate the investors further. Lastly, investment here will be a valuable asset.

executive block commercial Updated payment plan

Kingdom Valley Executive Block Residential

The executive block residential is the best feature of this housing society. Moreover, the master plan includes all the facilities that all residents and investors need for high-end living standards. Furthermore, several plots are available here, mainly from six marlas to 1 Kanal, as we all know. The kingdom valley is the most affordable housing society in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. As the payment plan of this block starts from PKR 1,340,000/- to PKR 3,200,000/-. Lastly, there is also an installment plan option that will facilitate investors from different economic backgrounds.


Executive Block Residential Payment Plan

Documents Required for Booking

Booking a plot is a critical aspect of making a sustainable investment. Moreover, it is also vital to maintain the housing project’s transparency and legality; the individual must provide certain booking documents. Most Importantly, if you are wondering How Can Overseas buy a Plot in Kingdom Valley then below is the requirement of documents:

  • A copy of the buyer’s CNIC
  • A copy of next to kin’s CNIC
  • Passport size picture
  • Booking costs via cheque, pay order, or cash.

Terms and Conditions for booking a plot

  • If you require a corner plot, a plot facing a park, a property with three edges free, or a field located on the main road, a 10% extra is chargeable on the entire amount.
  • The given payment plan is prelaunch and will change once the development work starts.
  • The developers have the authority to change the price anytime without notice.
  • The client is only applicable for booking if they provide all the necessary documents.
  • The Residential plot singularly allots residential use, and non-compliance with this condition pertains to booking cancellation.

Remarkable Features

Secure and Gated Community

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a fully gated and secure society surrounded by a boundary wall encompassing all project sides. Furthermore, it is a stunning, well facilitated, safe, and secure community for the residents to live in a family-friendly environment. The developer makes sure to provide security guards and the facility of CCTV footage to maintain the residential scheme’s security.

Grand Mosque

Spiritual attachment is an essential part of every individual’s life. Furthermore, this real estate project offers the facility of grand and spacious mosques for the residents to pray peacefully. Every block has a separate small mosque whereas, an immense mosque is locatable in the center of the society. The mosque is an architectural masterpiece and can host many worshippers at a single time.

Educational Institutes

Society incorporates the setting up of prominent educational institutions. Furthermore, it offers the optimal and superior curriculum within proximity to the resident. The residents will benefit from the opportunity at a minimum distance. The projects provide renowned institutes such as the Global School System, Superior College of Girls Chakri Campus, and Usman Institute of higher studies.

Theme Park

Recreational activities and a fun time are essential for adults as well as children. Moreover, another fantastic feature of this affordable housing society is a theme park for the residents. The theme park includes fun rides, swings, slides, and many other fun recreational activities.

Continuous Supply of Utilities

The most fantastic facility is the continuous supply of essential utilities such as water, gas, and electricity. The facility is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, there is proper waste disposal and sewerage system. Furthermore, the developers of the housing society incorporate an underground electrical wiring system which ensures that there won’t be any load shedding problems.

Adequate Provision of Health care

Adequate health care is a basic necessity of each individual. This housing scheme is optimal because the provision of proper health care facilities such as hospitals and clinics is located very near the community. Moreover, the hospitals and clinics employ the latest technology and expertly trained medical staff such as doctors and nurses. In addition, some of the most outstanding health care facilities near the project include Care Medical Center Ranyal Chakri Road, Basic Health Unit opposite Al-Haram City, Children’s Hospital, and Armaghan Clinic.

Remarkable Infrastructural Development

The Kingdom Valley rawalpindi is remarkably developing its infrastructure. Moreover, the development ensures the optimal progression, sidewalks, pavements, designed properties, and other essential frameworks built with technically refined expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, infrastructural development is made possible through architects’ and engineers’ contributions. They offer a progressive private community during the constructional developmental duration plans.

Pros and Cons


A Luxurious Lifestyle

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers an opulent and luxurious lifestyle to its residents. Their main target is to get to you with a fantastic home to escape to after a hectic day. The housing scheme offers world-class facilities, and engaging in the housing scheme is incredibly beneficial for the residents and investors.

Closeness to Essential Regions

One of the significant advantages of purchasing a residence in the valley is that it is situated close to the essential regions of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.  Moreover, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, educational institutes, and New Islamabad International Airport are close to the housing scheme. Therefore, it provides ease to the residents and is a valuable opportunity.

Continuous Provision of Necessary Utilities

Moreover, another significant advantage of this housing scheme in Islamabad is the continuous and uninterrupted availability of basic things such as gas, water, and electricity. The offering of utilities such as gas and power is available to the residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, it’s evident how much more feasible life can be if you don’t have to think about ironing your clothes or getting the air conditioner on until the power goes out.

Convenient Payment Plan

Moreover, another primary benefit of buying a plot in this housing project is the convenient payment plan. Usually, the payment plan eliminates modest and humble investors from investing due to the competitive payment prices. However, a good factor of this project is that the prices are incredibly reasonable, and individuals can pay in 8 bi-annual and 40 monthly installments over 4 years.

Well-Organized Map and Development Plan

The superior venture planners have intricately designed the Kingdom Valley Islamabad architecture. Moreover, it’s incredible how spacious the streets will be, with bicycles and travelers separated from the main ones. Furthermore, it’s astonishing how lovely the central lush green gardens will be and how magnificently fabricated the monuments and hospitals will be.

Scope of Expansion

As Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi  covers and encompasses a land area of approximately 15000 Kanal, the scope of expansion is very high. The development opens up chances for new business prospects and acquisition opportunities. Moreover, Investors plan ahead of their objectives and targets for the area, and to stay competitive, you should do it as well.

Proper Sewerage & Waste Disposal System

The housing society facilitates the residents with an excellently well-planned sewerage and waste disposal system. The system benefits the community as they will not face any disposal issues in the future.


The expected Period of Development is long.

Experts expect that the infrastructural development duration might extend. Moreover, the general perception is that since it is a newly developing housing scheme, it requires little time to realize complexities and creativity.

General Perception of Higher Prices

The housing scheme entails a general perception that the property prices and value is high. However, the project offers a highly affordable and convenient payment plan for residents and small-scale investors.

Why Should I Invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

The recent trend of residing in residential properties in Pakistan is becoming essential and enticing because of the various modern-day and luxurious amenities provided by the administration of the housing scheme. Moreover, the housing scheme offers individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds equal opportunities to live a better life. Let’s look at a few of the many factors contributing to this society’s triumph and why you should invest in it. lastly, there are numerous Reasons to Invest in Kingdom Valley, and a few are here.

Prime Location

The most prominent factor determining the value of the property is the location. The area adjacent to the main Chakri Interchange and Thalian Interchange is prime in every sense. It is at a distance from the hustle and bustle while still connecting to the main areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi through the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, the new International Airport is also only a few minutes drive away. Therefore, one factor that makes this housing scheme worth an investment is its executive location.

Furthermore, it is only 5 to 10 minutes away from the CPEC route, motorway, as well, as the new international airport. The totality of all these features raises the worth of this project and the surroundings. As a result, the housing scheme is a gold mine for investors looking for a medium-to-long investment and individuals seeking to build residences for their families.

Affordable Prices

This housing project’s reasonable and affordable pricing contributes substantially to increased activity. Moreover, Investors who recognize the project’s actual potential and invest early in the scheme reap the benefits of growing property value and profit. Additionally, this is another worthwhile initiative to invest your money into this low-income housing scheme. It has a vast range of basic plot sizes and a convenient payment plan. Plots vary in size from 5 Marla to 8 Kanal. Therefore, the project offers residential and commercial sectors of society, allowing you to invest in the structure that best suits you. The convenient installment plan makes it relatively practical for investors to engage in this housing scheme for a fruitful future.

A Serene and Peaceful Ambience

Kingdom Valley Islamabad enables a natural setting free of pollution and disturbance. Moreover, the astonishing views of the project allow for a remarkable and unique living opportunity for those wanting a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere free of the concerns and strain of everyday busy life.

Secure Investment

An investment in Kingdom Valley rawalpindi is safe and secure. Moreover, the reason behind this is that it is a housing society developing under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program Initiative. Consequently, this means that it is under government aid, resulting in reduced legal issues and more help in any matter from the official representatives.


The site of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is ideal as it is locatable in the proximity of various essential landmarks in the capital city of Pakistan. Moreover, it’s a perfect investment opportunity. It is one of the best housing societies of Islamabad for residence and investment due to its affiliation with the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Furthermore, the housing society in Islamabad provides the optimal amenities and facilities for its residents to spend a serene and content life. In addition, the housing scheme is a beautiful residential project that encompasses the luxury facilities and international standard amenities; therefore, inhabitants don’t have to face any issues while residing in this real estate project.

Henceforth, if you have a medium financial n budget and wish to purchase a valuable piece of land in the posh Metropolitan City of Islamabad, visit or contact us at Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate advisors provide the best guidance for you to turn your dream into a reality.


Q1. Who owns Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

This housing scheme is under the development of Mr. Ghulam Shahid Hussain Sanpal. He is the chairman and CEO of the valley project.

Q2. Where can I locate it?

The housing scheme is locatable on Chakri Interchange towards Lahore Islamabad M-2 Motorway.

Q3. Does the society have its NOC Approval?

Yes, the housing project is entirely legal with NOC approval from Pakistan Housing and Town Planning Management under DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.

Q4. What are the different types offered?

The housing scheme offers residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouses, and villas.

Q5. Is the payment plan affordable?

Definitely! The management facilitates the residents with a reasonable payment plan which is payable in installments.

Q6. Will the developer provide essential utilities and power?

The housing scheme aspires to provide its residents with essential utilities, including 24-hour access to water, power, and gas.

Q7-Does the project have an Overseas Block for Pakistani citizens living abroad?

Yes, the developer has specifically constructed an overseas executive block for Pakistanis living abroad.

Q8. What is the scope of return on investment?

The prime location and amenities provided to the inhabitants, in addition to top-notch facilities, ensure that the return rate on investment will be relatively high.

Q9. How can I book a plot?

You can get guidance from Estate Land Marketing agents. You can visit our office, City Arcade Plaza i8 Markaz Islamabad, or contact us through the official number.

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