Amounts of waste pile up in the capital, causing difficulties for the residents

Amounts of waste pile up in the capital, causing difficulties for the residents

Rubbish mounds besiege the capital city. As shoppers and dealers alike turn a blind eye, the mountains of waste in the federal capital’s business districts continue to rise unabated. Amounts of waste pile up in the capital, causing difficulties for the residents.

While older markets such as Aabpara, Market, Melody, and Karachi Company feature conspicuous piles of garbage, affluent retail complexes such as Blue Area, Jinnah Super, and Super Market have resorted to concealing trash by discarding it at the rear of buildings or inside alleyways with little foot traffic.

However, shop owners assert that the issue is not a lack of civic sensibility but rather a trash shortage in the city’s business centers. Fayyaz Abbasi, a shop in Blue Area, a bustling business district along Jinnah Avenue, expressed his disappointment with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in an interview. He stated that while the department has placed large dumpsters in markets, most of them are broken and need repair and replacement.

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“If I put trash in a faulty dumpster, it will eventually end up on the road or sidewalk,” Abbasi added. “Isn’t it preferable to dispose of my trash behind my building than to have it wind up on the road or sidewalk and deter customers?” he inquired.

Read 2,000 tonnes of solid garbage generated every day wreak havoc on twin cities. The capital is facing this problem which is problematic for the residents of city.

Shaukat Mehmood, a trader at the encroachment-infested Karachi Company market, remarked, pointing to a dumpster beside his establishment, “a single dumpster is insufficient to service these roughly 300-400 stores.” When it’s full, where should we dump it?” Mehmood enquired why the CDA was unable to empty the single rubbish bin quickly enough if it was unwilling to provide extra ones. “The authorities should understand that such trash can only accommodate approximately 100 shops,” he added.

Apart from larger disposal areas, it is the CDA’s responsibility to construct dustbins for the thousands of daily visitors to our market, according to Raja Ghayyur, a merchant at the Aabpara market, located a short distance from the CDA Secretariat. Ghayyur believed that because Aabapara received a high volume of foot traffic and customers could not easily reach a dumpster, they were compelled to discard their rubbish on the pavements. Amounts of waste pile up in the capital, causing difficulties for the residents.

Asif Mehmood, the CDA’s spokesman, denied charges of a casual attitude, stating that cleaning personnel performed their duties consistently and efficiently. “Our cars empty dumpsters every day, and our employees sweep all sidewalks and roadways in the morning,” Asif explained. However, he stated that the CDA was incapable of instilling civic virtue in Islamabad’s people. “It is our moral obligation to utilize the dumpsters supplied. Even though persons who litter in public are penalized, the conduct persists,” he said. Amounts of waste pile up in the capital, causing difficulties for the city’s residents.

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Proposals invited for Banigala-Islamabad botanical garden

Proposals invited for Banigala-Islamabad botanical garden

Proposals invited for Banigala-Islamabad botanical garden. It reported in the national daily that the federal ministry of climate change had issued a call for proposal (CFP), inviting ‘consultant(s)/consortium of consultant(s)’ to work on the development of a botanical garden in the Banigala area of Islamabad. Invitation to submit proposals for a botanical garden in Banigala-Islamabad.

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The claimed botanical garden would be spread across 725 acres. The services of national and international consultants are being sought for the ‘conceptual design, master planning, and detailed design phases of the project’s development. They will complete the project by 2022.

Proposals for a botanical garden in Banigala-Islamabad are invited.

They will use a single-stage two envelope approach to accepting the bids, according to the information that has been supplied. Accordingly, the interested firms are advised to submit technical and financial proposals in the approved format in two separate sealed envelopes, under the scope of work specified in reference, to be considered (TORs). Invitation to submit proposals for a botanical garden in Banigala-Islamabad.

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They can obtain the RFP materials for the assignment mentioned above from the Ministry of Climate Change’s website, the PPRA website, and the office of the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program’s National Project Director’s website, respectively. Proposals for a botanical garden in Banigala-Islamabad are invited.

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On or before October 29, at 12:30 p.m., should deliver proposals to the National Project Director’s office in Washington, DC. The deadline for submissions is October 28 and should provide ideas to the National Project Director’s office in Washington, DC. Assuring that will process the suggestions following the PPRA’s standards. Proposals for a garden in Banigala-Islamabad are invited.

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Fawad plans to take action against corruption in road projects

Fawad plans to take action against corruption in road projects

Fawad plans to take action against corruption in road projects. Fawad Chaudhry, the Minister for Information and Broadcasting, announced action against those involved in corruption during the previous government of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Fawad Hussain informed the media that decided during the federal cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He stated that Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed briefed the forum on the “hair-raising” corruption scandal involving the National Highway Authority (NHA), which completed road projects worth Rs1 trillion at the highest possible rates during the previous PML-N administration (2013-2018).

Fawad stated that it was observed that the rates at which signed contracts for road infrastructure construction in 2013 were nearly double those used by the incumbent government.

He stated that the federal cabinet was informed that the NHA’s current road construction costs were nearly Rs100 million per kilometer less than those built during the PML-previous N’s tenure.

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“All of this is occurring even though the cost of all materials used in road construction has increased,” he added.

Murad Saeed informed the forum about the strategy being developed to prosecute those responsible for this corruption, Fawad noted.

Both ministers spoke to the media last weekend about the PML-massive N’s corruption in motorway projects and a comparative analysis of the expenses incurred by the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the PML-N.

Fawad also asserted that the Sharif family purchased Avenfield flats in London as a result of their massive corruption in the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-1) project.

Giving details of the federal cabinet meeting, he stated that electoral reforms had become a regular agenda item for the forum, which began with discussing the introduction of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and i-voting in elections.

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There had never been a sitting government in the past that placed the same emphasis on electoral reforms as the ruling PTI, he noted, adding that it was the incumbent government that launched campaigns emphasizing the importance of EVMs in permanently curbing election rigging.

The minister commended the treasury and opposition benches in parliament for initiating dialogue on electoral reforms, stating that the government wanted them to proceed.

“Our top priority is to ensure that EVMs and i-voting are used in elections,” he said, describing remittances sent to Pakistan by overseas Pakistanis as a vital part of the country’s economy.

He stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed his Adviser on Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Babar Awan, and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan to discuss electronic voting machines and internet voting as cornerstones of electronic voting electoral reforms.

While he ruled out the possibility of ex-pats being excluded from the political system, he made it clear that introducing i-voting and electronic voting machines would be a required component of electoral reforms.

Explaining why EVMs are critical for electoral reforms, he stated that approximately 70% of election-related disputes used to occur during the vote count process, but that the device would reduce that time to minutes.

The minister also cited a report by Justice Nasirul Mulk’s judicial commission on election rigging to support his assertion that most poll-related disputes occurred during the vote count process.

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The Role of CDA, RDA, and LDA in Pakistan Real Estate

The Role of CDA, RDA, and LDA in Pakistan Real Estate

Role of CDA, RDA, and LDA in Pakistan Real Estate

Authorities such as CDA, RDA, and LDA play a vital role in Pakistan Real Estate. LDA in Pakistan Real estate stands for Lahore Development Authority. Moreover, CDA in Pakistan Real estate stands for Capital Development Authority, whereas RDA in Pakistan Real estate stands for Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Real estate is one of the most revenue-generating areas in Pakistan’s economy. Real estate is a business entity that engages in buying, selling, managing, or investing in properties. Pakistan Real estate is a substantially growing industry. World Bank estimates state that the real estate sector assets contribute around 60 – 70% of the country’s wealth, which amounts to an estimated 300 to USD 400 billion.

Pakistan real estate is among the few sectors that have seen perpetual growth. Every day, numerous individuals all around Pakistan are in search of a place to live. They want to live in an area authorized by the government body and will not face any legal issues in the coming future. For this purpose, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Capital Development Authority (CDA), and Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is established. We will discuss the role of CDA, RDA, and LDA in Pakistan Real Estate.

Read About Real Estate Sector Analysis in Pakistan

LDA in Pakistan Real Estate

Lahore Development Authority in Pakistan Real Estate

LDA is an abbreviation used for Lahore Development Authority. Lahore Development Authority is responsible for new planned development, and it also regulates and issues permits for new construction and housing projects. Moreover, LDA handles and issues licenses for private houses, commercial development, parks, and green areas. Furthermore, LDA is established under the LDA Act of 1975 by The Provincial Assembly of Punjab.

LDA in Pakistan real estate plays a very vital role. It is a government department that overlooks the real estate and infrastructure projects in the entire Lahore Division. Several housing societies in Lahore claim to be authorized; LDA has given them the no-objection certificate making it a legal housing project.

LDA has modified its criteria to grant a NOC for a housing project. Enhanced facilities and spectacular town planning is core principles for developers to earn a NOC. In addition, the authority periodically publishes the list of legal and illegal housing societies in Lahore. This helps investors avoid any fraudulent use of their funds.

CDA in Pakistan Real Estate

Capital Development Authority in pakistan real estate

CDA is an abbreviation used for Capital Development Authority. Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Pakistan Real Estate is the top civic authority responsible for the town planning, building, and maintenance in the capital city, Islamabad. The authority’s responsibilities also include coordination with other sources such as Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and administration of Islamabad Capital Territory to achieve uniformity in planning and development of the capital, as per CDA Ordinance 1960.

Also, read about the best CDA sectors for investment in Islamabad.

Another role of CDA in Pakistan real estate is to execute other functions, including the municipality, health, cleanliness, education, and provision of goods in housing societies and elsewhere. Moreover, CDA successfully developed dedicated cycling tracks and, model forestry park. Any real estate project developer in Islamabad has to get permission and no objection certificate from CDA.

RDA in Pakistan Real Estate

Rawalpindi Development Authority in Pakistan Real Estate

RDA is an abbreviation used for Rawalpindi Development Authority. The RDA mainly oversees the development work and implementation of growth plans in Rawalpindi to ensure the safety and lifestyle demands of the increasing population. RDA is in charge of land development and management of real estate projects in Rawalpindi. Moreover, it launches residential and commercial schemes, especially as a joint venture. Furthermore, RDA in Pakistan real estate can approve private housing schemes in Rawalpindi and other development projects.

Additionally, the government body is responsible for planning and implementing short- and long-term development projects, consisting of roads, corridors, bridges, and much more. Furthermore, RDA can undertake development works, incur any expenditure, and enter into contracts and issue interim development orders. The RDA Approved housing schemes list is available on their official website and can be downloaded.


These government-managed bodies play a very vital and significant role in Pakistan real estate market. CDA, RDA, and LDA in Pakistan real estate are the main governing bodies that ensure that all the construction and development work happening in these large cities is according to laws and regulations. Moreover, The authorities grant a no-objection certificate to the housing societies, declaring that the scheme is completely legal and that no legal issue will arise in the future. The official websites have a comprehensive list of all the legal and illegal housing societies listed in them. This ensures that an individual is secure from any fraudulent activity.

Henceforth, The role of these governing bodies is monumental in Pakistan’s real estate. For further queries or information related to real estate and legal housing schemes, visit or contact us at Estate Land Marketing.



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A Guide: Is Taj Residencia NOC Approved or Not

A Guide: Is Taj Residencia NOC Approved or Not

Taj Residencia NOC

Taj Residencia is a residential project by The Sardar Group of Companies. The Rawalpindi Development Authority approves the Taj Residencia NOC. The NOC Approval Taj Residencia is of 10,000 Kanal of land.   Moreover, The Developer of Taj Residency is very well-known for delivering on their promise of always excelling amongst the competition and completing profitable real estate projects.

The Sardar Group of Companies have demonstrated their expertise by introducing their commercial project known as Centaurus Mall. The Taj Residency is just another remarkable project that guarantees performance for you. Moreover, Taj aims to be as plentiful as Centaurus Mall, but at only a fraction of the comparative cost.

Taj Residencia is the ideal and prime choice for individuals wanting to get away from the chaos and busyness of a city while still staying close by. Moreover, the housing society in Islamabad is located close to CDA Sector I-14 in Islamabad. Furthermore, Taj Residency is under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). However, the location is such that it is just a short distance from Islamabad. Additionally, the key entry point for this residential project is the I-14/I-15 link route. The Taj Residencia NOC declares that RDA has approved a total of 10,000 Kanal of land for the Taj Residencia Installment Plans and Community project.

Once the development work for Rawalpindi Ring Road is completed, this route will also serve as an entry point linked to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Read About the Reasons to Invest in Taj Residencia

Importance of NOC Approval Taj Residencia

NOC is an abbreviation used for No Objection Certificate. Therefore, It is a legal document that is issued by an authority. The certificate signifies approval for the individual or company to continue construction on the property. Therefore, the NOC is demanded by a real estate buyer from the authority of a previous owner to ensure that there is no legal encroachment attached to the property. To summarize, a NOC is required or issued when an offer, business deal, or transaction is made.

NOC Approval Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is an entirely legal housing society in Islamabad. The Rawalpindi Development Authority gives taj Residencia NOC. Rawalpindi Development Authority is a government sector corporation and authority responsible for catering Municipal and Town Services in Rawalpindi City. A total of 10,000 Kanal land is approved for the housing project.

Now that the housing society is completely legal, the master plan is going to come into existence. The development is happening at a very rapid pace which is attracting many investors as well. As mentioned, since the RDA has approved the residential scheme, the land price is appreciating. Appreciated land prices indicate that the investors are actively attracted to this society, and the return on investment will also be high.

The facilities and amenities included in the master plan is health care districts, sports districts, educational institutes, mosques, basic utilities, underground wiring, smart waste management system, and many more. In addition, Taj Housing scheme Phase 1 is revealed, and a wide area is set aside for Phase 2 and any future extensions. Moreover, Residential Plots, Apartments, and Villa is among the properties available. Furthermore, 5,8,10 and 20 Marla plot is available for you to make your dream turn into a reality.

The payment plan for Taj Residency is very flexible and convenient. Since NOC Approval of Taj Residency is granted and the NOC Status of Taj Residency is clear and authorized, residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are strongly considering this real estate project for their residence and investment.

NOC Approval Taj Residencia Land Area Map

Taj Residencia No Objection Certificate Approved land area map

The picture above is taken from the official website of The Rawalpindi Development Authority. It shows the location map of Taj Residency after the relevant authority grants the No Objection Certificate. Even though Taj Housing Scheme is located moderately close to Islamabad, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved the housing society. Furthermore, the same is valid with other housing societies falling close to the capital city; Rawalpindi Development Authority is granting them the approval and authorization for continuing their construction as well as development.


RDA approves Taj Residencia NOC, and the housing scheme is located at a prime location.  The project is  promising its people a good quality of life, hospitality, and a safe climate. Moreover, the society is close to CDA sectors I-14 and I-15 beside Link Road, making Islamabad readily accessible. The built block is very high in demand, and the majority of the property is already leased. As a result, the future rate is also predicted to increase. Furthermore, plots are required for immediate ownership just after the down payment! It implies that you will be able to begin building your home right away.

Taj Residency is a smartly planned building society with cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities. Moreover, Commercial possibilities, hospitality, and secure residential choices is encouraged. Taj Residency is a hit due to all the exposure it is receiving as a result of Centaurus mall’s popularity. Pay a visit or contact us at Estate Land Marketing; our team is filled with trained real estate professionals offering the best advice and guidance.

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Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites Gwadar investors

Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites Gwadar investors

Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites Gwadar investors. Chairman of the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), Naseer Khan Kashani, has asked members of the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) to seize golden business prospects in the port city.

He stated at a meeting with members of the QCCI here on Monday that the government has previously declared plans to provide maximum facilities and incentives to business people interested in investing in Gwadar. He told them that their investment and trade initiatives would be given priority.

Mr. Kashani stated that 92% of work on the Eastbay Expressway had been completed, the Pakistan-China Vocational Center had been completed three months ago. In addition, they had accelerated the pace of work on other projects launched under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Gwadar and other coastal districts.

On his arrival at the Chamber, Mr. Kashani was greeted by QCCI patrons Chief Ghulam Farooq Khliji, Senior Vice President Abdullah Achakzai, Vice President Akhtar Kakar, Yahya Khan Nasir, Fujan Bareech, and Ayub.

According to them, a Chamber delegation recently visited Gwadar Port to assess the situation and progress on the ground. Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites Gwadar investors.

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They stated that Balochistan exporters and importers should also receive tax exemptions at Gwadar port following SRO 492 and promised the GPA chairman that the QCCI would give all feasible help to the government regarding Gwadar Port.

He stated that an increasing number of people were taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity to work in Gwadar. However, he noted that those concerned in industry and commerce would need to make a swift and decisive investment in Gwadar Port.

The GPA’s chairman stated that additional trade-friendly measures were being implemented. He said that he would pursue tax exemptions and other incentives. “By 2050, we will be able to construct 31 berths in Gwadar.”

He stated that the project was in the sights of adversaries who were attempting to derail it, but “we all have to work together to see it through successfully.”

Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites Gwadar investors.

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A tender has been published for the Kuchlak and Khuzdar roadway

A tender has been published for the Kuchlak and Khuzdar roadway

A tender has been published for the Kuchlak and Khuzdar roadway. On Monday, Baluchistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani announced that a tender for constructing a dual highway between Kuchlak and Khuzdar had been published. He stated that the government would achieve another milestone with the completion of this highway.

The chief minister stated on Twitter that the road between Kuchlak and Khuzdar was critical. A dual carriageway along this route had been a long-standing demand of the Baluchistan people.

He stated that numerous fatalities have occurred as a result of frequent accidents on the Quetta-Karachi motorway.

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In another message, CM Alyani stated that the administration was working to improve the province’s educational standards, one of which was constructing a girls’ college in Nawan Killi.

In response to the second All Pakistan Chief Minister, Baluchistan Diamond Jubilee Football Tournament, held in Quetta, he stated that the government had organized numerous similar events over the last three years to provide opportunities to Baluchistan’s sportsmen.

Meanwhile, Dr. Munir Baloch, president of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Baluchistan Insaf’s chapter, commended the government for announcing the tender for the construction of the Kuchlak-Khuzdar dual carriageway. A tender has been published for the Kuchlak and Khuzdar roadway.
He was noting that Prime Minister Imran Khan had kept another promise he made to the Baluchistan people.

He congratulated National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri and Federal Minister Murad Saeed on the release of the tender for the construction of this critical route, saying that “would always remember their efforts for the construction of this road.”

“In the first phase, a tender has been published to convert the national highway from Kuchlak to Khuzdar to a dual carriageway,” he explained, adding that the dual carriageway would alleviate transport concerns on this route.

A tender has been issued for the construction of the Kuchlak-Khuzdar highway.

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The SHC has requested a list of all officials charged by the NAB

The SHC has requested a list of all officials charged by the NAB

SHC requests the list of all NAB-indicted officials. On Monday, the Sindh High Court instructed the provincial authorities and the National Accountability Bureau to provide reports on all government personnel, BPS-17 and above, who entered plea bargains with authorities, opted for voluntary return, or are now facing trial in NAB cases.

The SHC voiced concern with an earlier report filed by the secretary of services, general administration, and coordination (SGA&CD), noting that the report omitted information about officers in grades 17 and higher.

The panel of Justice Salahuddin Panhwar and Justice Adnan-ul-Karim Memon also directed the secretary to submit a report on officers who entered plea bargains, received VR, or were prosecuted by the NAB but had their referrals or appeals ongoing in courts.

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The court said he would submit the report, together with his affidavit, following proper verification and acceptance of responsibility.

Additionally, information about officials who struck plea bargains or voluntarily returned looted funds is requested.

It also asked the director-general of NAB-Sindh to submit a list of such instances against officers by Sept 30 after a NAB prosecutor requested additional time to file the report in light of today’s order.

While hearing two identical petitions, the bench noted that the SHC had previously issued several orders on the subject and questioned the SGA&CD secretary’s compliance report filed in December last year, stating that he did not cover senior officers.

In December, the SHC asked the Sindh chief secretary to immediately suspend all employees serving in various sectors of the provincial government who had entered into a plea bargain or elected for VR and to commence disciplinary procedures against them.

The court also has an explanation from the chief secretary for promoting and allowing such officials to continue in their positions in violation of the apex court’s law and directed the NAB chairman.
The special prosecutor to submit a comprehensive list of all Sindh government civil servants who entered plea bargains or opted for VR following the petitioners’ counsel’s racial slur.

It stated that while the Sindh government was required by law to commence disciplinary actions against all such employees, simply imposing modest penalties as a deterrent did not accomplish the law’s aim.

Initially, two petitions were filed against the posting of certain officers who restored embezzled funds to NAB via plea agreement and VR last year. Later, Kanwar Naveed Jameel of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan petitioned the SHC, claiming that about 500 employees who had struck a plea deal and opted for VR with the NAB had been reappointed and promoted in many provincial departments in violation of the supreme court’s 2016 judgment.

SBCA officials have been compelled to face the consequences.

On Monday, the Sindh High Court (SHC) slammed the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) for allowing unlawful and unauthorized development in the city and asked the SBCA’s director-general to take action against personnel.

The division bench, chaired by Justice Irfan Saadat Khan, lamented the SBCA’s failure to act against such projects until the matter reached the courts.

It authorized the SBCA’s executive director to take action against officials who permitted and failed to control illegal and unauthorized structures in their respective areas/jurisdictions.

The bench stated that it could halt unauthorized projects if extreme legal action, including suspension and termination from service, is taken against the officers.

They issued these directions during the hearing of a petition challenging unlawful structures in the Federal B. Area.

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No jurisdiction ordinance promulgated: LDA probes

No jurisdiction ordinance promulgated: LDA probes

There has been no ordinance establishing jurisdiction: LDA investigates. LDA has requested the director-general (DG) to inquire into the officers’ failure to extend the LDA (amendment) ordinance of 2021 (XVIII) promulgated on April 13, amending the LDA act, 1975 (XXX of 1975), which reverted the authority’s jurisdiction to the Lahore metropolitan area as defined under.

The body concluded a meeting on Sept 22 after discussing the LDA’s jurisdiction over master planning for the entire Lahore division or just the metropolitan areas.

However, LDA DG Ahmad Aziz Tarar stated that they would rectify the matter shortly after extending the ordinance. “A Punjab Assembly resolution has extended this. However, I do not have access to the final date of extension at the moment,” he added.

There has been no ordinance establishing jurisdiction: LDA investigates.

According to an official source, the governor’s April 13 promulgation of the 2021 (amendment) ordinance amending the LDA Act, 1975, was not enacted before its expiration date. “Subsequently, we learned that it was extended in August and will expire on October 1,” a senior LDA official told Dawn on Sunday.

“And if this is not implemented or extended by October 1, the LDA’s jurisdiction over the Lahore division (which includes the Lahore Metropolitan Area and the districts of Kasur, Sheikhupura, and Nankana Sahib) will be reinstated.”

According to the meeting minutes conducted to review compliance with the LDA governing body’s sixth meeting of the year on August 17, participants discussed concerns connected to the Lahore division’s master planning.

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“It discussed that the LDA’s (under the ordinance) powers would be limited to the Lahore metropolitan areas. However, the meeting resolved that should consider the views of stakeholders from three districts (Kasur, Sheikhupura, and Nankana) as well as legal considerations relating the LDA’s master plan for areas outside its jurisdiction”, the minutes stated.

The authority formed a committee comprised of the secretaries of housing, local government, law, and the LDA’s general manager to investigate the situation and make suggestions as soon as possible. According to Article 128 of the constitution, the committee deliberated and determined to revisit the question following the ordinance’s passage on this subject. However, the committee advised that the LDA remain the master of Lahore.“

It may recall that following the ordinance’s promulgation, the local government department directed the LDA to hand over the entire land use and private housing scheme record for the districts of Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, and Kasur via a letter titled ‘Curtailment of Jurisdiction of LDA concerning land use and housing schemes viz-a-viz Nankana Sahib, Sheikhupura, and Kasur.’ Accordingly, the LDA began turning over the whole land use/private housing scheme/subdivisions record to the relevant defunct local government field formations in these districts following the regulation and direction.

They expanded the LDA’s jurisdiction in 2013 to include the entire Lahore division in response to growing complaints about the mushroom growth of illegal housing schemes, commercial buildings, and inappropriate land use in Kasur, Nankana, and Sheikhupura. The goal was to regulate all such activities through uniform laws, rules/regulations, and policies rather than TMAs. However, the difficulties in these areas have remained unresolved due to various legal, technological, and administrative challenges.

Though the then-governing PML-N administration was satisfied with the ruling, the PTI government immediately began working to repeal most PML-N orders/policies, notably the LDA (Amendment Act) 2013, which enlarged the authority’s jurisdiction to include additional districts. Finally, on April 13, Governor Chaudhry Sarwar issued an ordinance amending the LDA Act, 1975, removing Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana Sahib from the LDA’s jurisdiction.

Building/zoning regulations: Following the governing body’s meeting decisions, the LDA administration has revised building and zoning regulations-2019. Amendments (Ramps and Toilets for Persons with Disabilities) would require such facilities accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs and those with other disabilities in all buildings other than residential ones.

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Is Blue World No Objection Certificate Approved or not Updated Guide 2021

Is Blue World City NOC Approved or Not? Updated Guide

Blue World City is a remarkable residential project by Blue Group of Companies in partnership with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. Moreover, Blue World City NOC is attaining approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. In addition, the housing society resides on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway. Furthermore, the residential project allows the residents to enjoy a serene and quiet living atmosphere.

Blue World City is the most satisfactory option for investing in an optimal property or a private plot. The real estate project is offering online administrations such as Blue World City confirmation, online Installment, and application status. Furthermore, the housing society in Islamabad covers several blocks and squares.  Such as General Square, and Overseas Square. Blue Hills Farm Houses, Awami Villas, Orbital Flats, and affordable Awami Residential Complex.

However, there has been confusion about the NOC approval of Blue World City since the announcement of the project.  Therefore, we will discuss the significance of NOC-approved housing societies and the NOC Status of  Blue World City.

Significance of NOC

NOC is a popular abbreviation for a No Objection Certificate. It is a statement of approval given to a person or a company for moving ahead with constructing or purchasing property. NOC is a necessary document for avoiding legal hardships and hassle in the concerned property in the future.

NOC Approval

A No Objection Certificate, commonly known as a NOC, is a critical document that certifies the legitimacy of a project. Therefore, it is a statement that declares that no legal issue is going to arise if the deal and transaction go through. Furthermore, The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is issuing a No Objection Certificate for Blue World City. It is in response to RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148 published on February 19, 2019.

The developers sent a new application when the community initially received authorization for 427 Kanal of Land. Therefore, RDA added Blue World City to the list of companies for approval. However, the NOC status shifted between unlawful and under investigation. Fortunately, Blue World City is about to acquire the NOC shortly, given its rapid expansion and development. Regrettably, there is misinformation spreading that Blue World City Islamabad is illegal. However, the RDA’s NOC Status of  Blue World City Islamabad is completely legal.

NOC Update of Blue World City 2021

Numerous people say that this is an unlawful housing society in 2019, RDA is processing Blue World City NOC documents. However, the authentic update on the NOC status is that it is undergoing its NOC clearance process, which practically every residential scheme undergoes.

Blue World City Islamabad recently won a lawsuit against RDA over the NOC approval. Therefore, the decision of the case was in the housing society’s favor by the Rawalpindi Session Court. Hence, it is a huge triumph for Blue World Management, which is now trying to expand its sphere of influence by purchasing more land for the project. It is a fully legal housing society confident in setting a new benchmark in Pakistani real estate development.

Total Land Specifications

The housing society has almost 10,000 Kanal land in its scope, and the area is increasing day by day. Additionally, Blue World City is rapidly growing and developing extensive machines and fleets. It is also one of the reasons to invest in blue world city. Hence, this clarifies that the housing scheme is following all standards set by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Therefore, this project will get its Blue World City no-objection certificate approved very soon.

Moreover, since the Rawalpindi Session Court is favorably ruling the housing society, the Blue World City development is taking place at a good and rapid pace. It makes it evident that Blue World City is a completely legal housing society developing with the assistance of Chinese companies. Furthermore, this project is also known as the Pak-China friendly housing project as it is becoming the first purpose-built tourism destination in Islamabad.

RDA Documentation Approval for NOC

Documentation of No objection certificate for Blue World City

Official Notice of  Land Area by Blue World City

procured land for Blue World City after approval from Rawalpindi Development Authority

NOC Update December 2021

The good news is here for all the investors and future residents of Blue World City. This housing project now has a legal status under the District Council.  As we know, Blue World City has an area of 1534 Kanals and 05 Marlas, and 1134 Kanal falls in the Mouza Sehal and 400 Kanal in Mouza Habtal, which is located at main Chakri Road.

Moreover, the government plays a vital role in fulfilling this task as the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and District Council find common ground. Furthermore, all the Blue World City legal issues are resolved by legalizing status by the district council Rawalpindi as per the Local Bodies Ordinance 202, signed on 11 Dec 2021. However, the Blue World City gets a Noc status from the district council Rawalpindi, vide letter no 532/10/DC on 07-08-2018. And now, the NOC of Blue World City has a legal status under the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021. Indeed it’s a piece of good news for all the investors and future residents.

blue world city NOC Update December 2021

NOC Status Updates 2023

Blue World City is undoubtedly one of the best asset-creation opportunities in the twin cities, with primary and luxurious amenities for all prospective investors and residents. Moreover, the housing project’s legal status is still under process. The BWC management has submitted all the mandatory documents to the authorized entities. And here are the details of the previous land data that the concerned authorities have authorized.

  • In 2017, 427 Kanals of land were granted first planning permission by the RDA.
  • Secondly, in 2019, the RDA declared another planning permission for 1534 Kanals of land.
  • Lastly, in 2022, BWC management submitted the required documents to the PHATA for 17,121 Kanals of land. And the 8609 Kanals land approval is under process.


Blue World City is a legal housing society in Islamabad constructed with Chinese corporations’ assistance. Consequently, the project is also known as the Pak-China-friendly housing project. Therefore, it is an easy investment opportunity as there is no legal hardship. Moreover, the No objection certificate status of Blue World City looks bright as it is winning the lawsuit against the Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Moreover, the development is in full swing, indicating that the housing society is one of Islamabad’s prime and leading real estate projects. Estate Land Marketing is a team of experienced professionals who are expertly trained in the real estate industry. Our team is available for your service if you want to acquire the property of your dreams in Blue World City now that their no-objection certificate is getting approval, making it a legal housing society.

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