New City Paradise

New City Paradise


New City Paradise is the upcoming housing project that will soon be available for investors near Twin Cities. Moreover, the new city paradise will claim to be the ideal site to help make the long-term investment a highly accessible housing venture. Furthermore, the developers Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman have been in the field for decades and are delivering to the nation with their marketing services; a lot of the housing community uses their efforts to grow their business and generate massive leads. However, few details are available now, but the blog will cover authentic and valuable information about New City Paradise.

Owners & Developers

Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman are the owners of this housing project. Moreover, they have successfully proved their work with the success and high investment at their New City Wah, which has two phases, New City Wah Phase 1 and New City Wah Phase 2. Furthermore, the New City Housing project Wah is an exceptional and world-class residing space that has already grabbed the attention of all investors and future inhabitants.

This New City Housing Project will also be the New City Paradise Phase 3. Now they are coming up with a unique infrastructure and high-quality housing community that will help the investors make their dream living capacity around the vicinity of twin cities. Moreover, as per the developers’ claims, it will serve the investors with the best investment opportunities for both residing and commercial facilities. Therefore, investing here at pre-launch rates will be highly recommended and valuable.

Platinum Sales Partner

Estate Land Marketing is the official Platinum sales partner of New City Paradise. Therefore, all clients can get authentic and relevant details of investing here from the official website. Moreover, our professional team is working diligently to provide the best possible guidance to all who will help them make a long-term and profitable investment. So, without a second thought, contact our professional team to get an ideal investment in this new housing venture.

New City Paradise NOC Status

A Noc-approved housing project will be available soon to make a sustainable and ideal real estate investment. Moreover, the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has offered legal status to New City Paradise. Furthermore, it will be a rare case when the developers provide a new residing space with legal status. And it is necessary to gain investors’ and buyers’ trust and confidence. Most importantly, the value of such properties and housing ventures increases with time. So, for long-term investment, this investment opportunity is profitable.

Location & Map

The site will be on Islamabad M1 Motorway, CPEC Route, just 0 km from Burhan Interchange. It is in the Wah City of Punjab, which comes in the Rawalpindi District, and is highly accessible from the main GT Road. Furthermore, the best point of investing in this new housing venture will be approachable from two points. The first is from M1 Motorway, and the second is from GT Road. Most importantly, many economic zones and educational institutions will be nearby. To know more regarding the New City Paradise Location Map, look at the map given below:

New City Paradise Location Map

Payment Plan

The pre-launch rates of the new city phase 3 are officially available here. Moreover, the instalment access for all investors will make it will ideal and feasible option. Furthermore, 36 monthly and four half-yearly payment options. And the total price range will start from PKR 1,850,000/- to 6,750,000/-. However, there will be a necessary processing fee payable by all investors, and the details and charges are in the payment plan. Most importantly, all instalments must submit on the first date of each month.

Prelaunch Rates are available initially, and the developers will soon offer the price range complete details. Furthermore, the best aspect is that the development charges will be part of the rates. And it will be payable in the time frame of three years. Most importantly, easy instalments will also be available to all to encourage them to make an ideal investment in this new housing community like the TAB City Rawalpindi.

New City Paradise Payment Plan

Master Plan

The developers are known as real estate specialists because their work will benefit all the investors and the future inhabitant. And thousands of Kanals of Land will be part of this housing venture. Moreover, they will be several sizes with the best possible facilities, including high-end and necessities. Furthermore, the master plan details will be available soon for all investors, but these are the available information regarding the properties in the housing community.

  • 5 Marla (25×50)
  • 10 Marla (30×70)
  • 1 Kanal (50×90)

New City Paradise Master Plan

Development Status

The housing scheme will offer several features to ensure a lucrative lifestyle for everyone. Moreover, the construction preparations are now in process, and soon the levelling and cutting of the land will be happening. The developers claim that the housing complex will be green and have serene surroundings for everyone by planting several plants. Furthermore, the infrastructure available in the community will soon be Mosques, Smart villas, Family Parks, Overhead Tanks, and a site office. Lastly, the other development updates will be available on our website, so keep visiting here. 

New City Paradise Features

Several features will be available in the New City Paradise. Moreover, these features will be available in this residing community.

  • Secured Living Standards
  • Access to all Basics
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Commercial Zone
  • Family Parks
  • Fitness Areas
  • Shops and Malls
  • Wide Roads
  • Green Belts
  • Filtration Plants
  • Educational Centers
  • Health Care Centers
  • Mosque
  • Community Center
  • Grid Station


Several facilities will be available at the New City Paradise, promising to offer ideal living standards to all future inhabitants.

Eco-Friendly Housing Venture

The housing community will be planting more trees in the community to make it more green and serene. Moreover, their constriction process will be according to international standards. Furthermore, it will cause less damage to the area and help curb climate change. All these factors will make this housing community the best place to invest and live.

Access to all Basics

All necessities, including electricity, water, and gas, will be available for all communities. Moreover, filtration plants will be available for all future residents close to their homes. Furthermore, the underground electricity will be part of the community that will enhance the quality of living at highly reasonable rates. All these factors will create a sense of long-term and valuable investment.

Medical & Educational Services

There will be medical services available in the community. Moreover, the medical centres will offer international healthcare services and facilities, contributing to the early and effective treatment of diseases and medical emergencies. Furthermore, the educational centres will follow an international curriculum that will help achieve the educational goals of all future inhabitants.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The infrastructure will be top quality, enhancing the beauty of living in this housing community. Moreover, not only for living purposes but for business deals, this will help in creating massive benefits. But, most importantly, the infrastructure quality will also enhance the worth of the residential and commercial investment here. And it will also become an attractive investment for overseas Pakistan.

Business Opportunities

Although the developers will soon reveal the commercial properties available in the community, the site will increase the rate of deals and the value of doing business deals here. Furthermore, the rates will also help in starting any business venture here according to the requirements and monetary resources of the investors. And the structural quality will also help make profitable deals in the community.

Secured Gated Community

It will be a secure residing space. Moreover, the gates will make it a more peaceful and protective residential investment. Furthermore, the latest technological advancements like face recognition and CCTV cameras will help investors achieve desirable living standards. Finally, and most importantly, security guards will also be assisting in creating peace in the environment.

Pros & Cons

Several pros will be available for the future inhabitant of New City Paradise.


  • Environmental-Friendly Housing Community
  • Gated Community
  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational Centers
  • Affordable Pre-Launch Rates
  • Ideal Location
  • Filtration Plants
  • Community Centers
  • Commercial Zone
  • High-Quality Infra
  • Family Parks & Grounds
  • Mosque
  • Grave Yard


  • Perception of expensive properties.

Why Invest in New City Paradise?

Investing in the New City Housing project, New City Phase 3, will be a profitable and long-term residential opportunity for all investors. Moreover, the developers are happy to offer the ideal living space to all investors at highly reasonable rates. Most importantly, all essential and luxurious commodities will be available and easily accessible in the community. Furthermore, the developer offers a legal housing venture to make the investment value long-term. Usually, all the new housing societies wait for the NOC approval, but this is one of its kind living space that is new and legal as well. So all these reasons make this housing venture more valuable and worth the investment.


New City Paradise will soon be available for all inhabitants, offering them one of its king living standards and investment. Moreover, Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman are famous and trustworthy developers, making this a long-term and valuable investment. Furthermore, the site will be in the ideal location with numerous vital access points. As per the initial price range, the affordability rate is high because it is a legal housing venture that will help make a long-term and profitable investment. However, the properties available here will reveal soon, but they will fulfil the residing needs of future investors and inhabitants. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will help create the ideal investment in New City Paradise. So connect with them now and get a chance to make a dream investment.


Q1. What is New City Paradise?

The upcoming housing project will soon be available for investors near Twin Cities.

Q2. Where will be the location of the housing project?

The site will be on Islamabad M1 Motorway, CPEC Route, just 0 km from Burhan Interchange.

Q3. From where will investors be able to access this housing venture?

The new housing venture will be accessible from two points. The first is from M1 Motorway, and the second is from GT Road.

Q4. Who are the Developers of New City Paradise?

Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman are the owners of this housing project.

Q5. Is it a legal residential investment?

The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) have offered legal status to New City Paradise.

Q6. Is there any initial price range available?

Prelaunch Rates are available initially, and the developers will soon offer the price range complete details.

Q7. Why will investment here be worth it?

The investment here will be worth it because of the developer’s name and site location.

Q8. From where to get the latest updates on housing society and information?

Estate Land Marketing will offer the best guidance to make an ideal investment at New City Paradise.

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