Where is New City Paradise Phase 2 located?

Where is New City Paradise Phase 2 located?


The New City Paradise is planning to come up with its new Phase 2, which has the likelihood to be one of the most momentous suburban and viable housing complex. The owners plan to launch it soon, and it would have best facilities of the greater standard. This housing phase would consist of some elite class network of smooth roads, huge parks, fully-equipped modern colleges, along with state-of-the-art hospitals. Moreover, there are plans to develop some latest community centres or green parks. There would also be some other profitable development ventures that might result in transformation of entire venture. Some of the most vital features of this New City Paradise 2 Location are its cutting-edge features and accessible location.

Owners and Developers

The developers behind such adorable project are Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman. They are notable real estate managers who are making good efforts for the success of this phase. They enjoy a good reputation in the real estate business, as they proved the value of their previous projects, such as New City Wah. Some of their previous best projects also include some other residential sectors of New City Paradise. New City Paradise Phase 2 has a vast potential to be the most lucrative real estate investment, along with other sectors. The owners are doing their best by making strategies that are helpful in grabbing the attention of some overseas real estate investors. New City Paradise Phase 2 Location has the possibility to become one of the elite class sectors of the entire housing project.

NOC status

The owners of any real estate project must always seek for a valid No Objection Certificate before going ahead with the development of their project. The NOC file is a compulsory document that helps in getting legality of the project, as well as confidence of investors. Without a proper NOC, the entire project is considered a scam, as investors would not have trust. The owners of this housing project received NOC from Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) a few months before. Though, phase 2 is about to get NOC within the coming months. The NOC for phase 2 would help in getting more trust from the real estate investors within Islamabad. The owners are setting a plan to earn long-term profits by offering best investment opportunities in this phase.

Location and Map

Some of the real estate owners do consider the location of the project before planning the construction or approving the investment policies of their project. Location acts as an important domain that also highlights the worth of any housing project due of its accessibility. New City Paradise Phase 2 is locatable in the site of 330 feet GT road, adjacent to CPEC route. Some other important places near to it are Burhan interchange, and M1 Peshawar-Islamabad motorway. Generally, the entire site is surrounded all over by hilly mountains, and green fields.

Development Status

This upcoming huge housing phase would consist of some state-of-the-art facilities for its investors and inhabitants. The speedy construction of this phase is making sure that the residents get a tremendous experience. The real estate investors of this phase are keen to get lucrative profits by investing their capital here. The developers of this housing project are making sure that the investors get a green and clean environment for their residents, just like New City Paradise Phase 3 location.


The New City Paradise Phase 2 would be amongst the most lavish sectors of the entire housing venture. Some real estate investors are now seeing this phase as their dream destination for residing. The amazing aspect about this huge phase is it that one can easily reach here from various zones of Islamabad. It would also have huge traffic roads, and huge boulevards, so that the residents follow the smooth traffic flow. If you are eager to get more news about this sector, you should visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing for more information. The sales and marketing representatives of this organization are knowledgeable trends about all the perceptions of real estate sector of Islamabad.


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