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Park View City Phase 2 will be the most lucrative investment opportunity for all investors. As we know Park View City is the previous project of the developers that is developing at the fast-paced. That is a clear sign that soon prospective investors and residents will be able to start their dream lifestyle in the community. The housing project will be equipped with world-class amenities and features. And it will enhance the living standards of the future residents. Furthermore, the location of the housing project is what makes it a more suitable real estate investment for most investors. Lastly, continue reading to know more regarding the Park View Islamabad City Phase 2. And keep following our site to know more about its updates.

Owners & Developers

The Vision Group is the renowned name behind this unique development Park View City Islamabad Phase 2. In 2012, Aleem Khan, a notable political figure, established Vision Group. Park View City Developers has established a commendable standing by delivering dependable housing in top-tier facilities. The housing venture is the inaugural undertaking of Vision Group in the twin cities. It has garnered significant acclaim for its exemplary execution, which meticulously crafted a contemporary aesthetic with an understated sense of sophistication.

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NOC Status

The housing project is at the nascent stage. Soon the developers will announce the news of Park View City NOC approval. Moreover, this document ensures the legality of any property, making it more trustworthy. Most importantly, overseas investors usually look for NOC approval before investment. Therefore, it is vital to check the approval and authorization from the concerned departments. It is crucial to make a sustainable and profitable investment. lastly, keep visiting Estate Land Marketing to learn more about the housing project.

Park View City Phase II Location

Effective real estate investments are predominately determined by location. Furthermore, this is such an essential factor that the majority of seasoned real estate investors and veterans consider a location to be the most important when seeking to acquire a property. The Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 Location is near Chakbeli, Rawat. Further, the optimal site location will be the most fascinating aspect of investing in this dwelling. Also, the developers will soon reveal the exact location and map for all the investors. Especially for overseas investors who are seeking to make an ideal and beneficial asset in the project.

Also, Park View City Commercial will be a gig hit because of its prime location and amenities accessible in the surroundings. Lastly, here is the location map of park view phase II.

Park View City Phase 2 Location

Payment Plans

Park View City Phase 2 Payment Plan will be highly affordable with the inclusion of instalment plans. Moreover, as per the recent update, the housing project has revealed its initial payment plan for the investors. So, they have an idea about the property rates. Also, keep visiting our site to explore more regarding the latest payment plans. Lastly, here is the available Park View City Phase 2 Plot Price:

Park View City Phase 2 Payment Plan

Park View City Phase 2 Master Plan

Park View Islamabad Phase 2 master plan will soon be revealed. However, the prospective investors know that the developer’s previous project indicates that this dwelling will also be the best investment opportunity. One of their finest architecture example is Park View City Terrace Plots. Furthermore, they will be available in a variety of sizes and will feature the finest amenities, both premium and essential. Moreover, the comprehensive master plan specifications will be forthcoming and accessible to all investors; however, the aforementioned data pertains exclusively to the properties within the housing community.

PVC Phase 2 master plan

Residential Plots

There will be several residential asset creation opportunities will be offered in the venture. These properties will be equipped with world-class features and facilities. Moreover, it will ensure an elevated livelihood for all prospective residents and investors. Here are some of the residential units available in the community.

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla


Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 will offer world-class features & facilities to its investors. here is the list of some of the Park View Phase 2 Features.

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Prime Location
  • Wide Road
  • Medical Complex
  • Educational Hub
  • Family Parks
  • Gymnasium
  • Parking Lots
  • Malls & Shops
  • Grand Mosque
  • Cemetery
  • Grid Station
  • Commercial Zone


Numerous amenities will be provided in Park View Phase 2, guaranteeing that all future residents will enjoy the highest possible standard of living.

Eco-Friendly Venture

To render the housing community more verdant and tranquil, additional trees will be incorporated into the landscape. Furthermore, their constriction procedure will adhere to globally recognized standards. Moreover, it will aid in mitigating climate change and cause less injury to the area. These aforementioned elements will collectively establish this residential community as the optimal location for investment and residence.

Access to Basics

Every essential resource, such as gas, electricity, and water, will be accessible to every community. Additionally, filtration facilities will be situated near the residences of all prospective residents. Moreover, the inclusion of underground electricity within the community will augment the standard of living at exceptionally affordable prices. All of these elements will contribute to a perception of prudent and enduring investment.

Educational & Medical Services

Medical services will be accessible within the community. Furthermore, the medical centres shall provide facilities and services of an international nature, thereby facilitating the prompt and efficient management of medical emergencies and maladies. In addition, the educational facilities will adhere to a global curriculum, which will facilitate the attainment of academic objectives for all forthcoming residents.

Premium Infrastructure

The high-quality infrastructure will contribute to the aesthetic appeal of this residential community. Furthermore, this will yield enormous benefits not only for everyday use but also for commercial transactions. However, the quality of the infrastructure will significantly bolster the value of both commercial and residential investments in this area. Additionally, it is anticipated to attract foreign investors to Pakistan.

Commercial Hub

Even though the developers will shortly disclose the commercial properties available in the community, the site will increase the volume and value of business transactions in this area. Moreover, the rates will facilitate the initiation of any business endeavour following the investors’ financial means and specifications. Additionally, the structural integrity will facilitate lucrative transactions within the community. Therefore, Park View City Investment is a must for all investors looking to create a profitable asset.

Gated Community

The area will be secured for habitation. Additionally, the gates will contribute to a more tranquil and secure residential investment environment. Moreover, the most recent technological developments, such as CCTV cameras and facial recognition, will assist investors in attaining desirable living standards. Lastly, and above all else, security officers will contribute to the establishment of environmental tranquillity.

Pros & Cons

There are several pros of investing in Park View Phase 2. Here are some distinct pros.


  • Prime Location
  • Affordable Payment Plan
  • Meticulously designed Infrastructure
  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational Complexes
  • Family Parks
  • Secured Gated Community
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Commercial Properties
  • Malls & Grocery Shops
  • Grid Station
  • Filtration Plants
  • Cemetery


  • Perception of high property rates


Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 will soon be available for all investors from the twin cities. There will be abundant features and facilities obtainable in the housing venture. The creators are eager to make it a big hit exactly like their previous project. Therefore, they want to complete the project as soon as possible. So, the investors and future residents can soon start an elevated lifestyle.  most importantly the location is at the optimal sites with high access points. Along with the affordable payment plans, making it a feasible investment opportunity. Lastly, do explore Estate Land Marketing for more latest updates regarding Park View City Phase II.


Q1. What is Park View Islamabad Phase 2?

Park View City Phase 2 will be the most lucrative real estate investment for all investors.

Q2. Where is the Park View City Phase II location?

The site of the Park View Islamabad Phase 2 is near Chakbeli, Rawat

Q3. Who are Park View phase 2 developers?

The Vision Group is the renowned name behind this unique development Park View City Islamabad Phase 2.

Q4. Is Park View City phase 2 payment plan available?

Yes, residential plot prices are available.

Q5. Is there any instalment provision?

Yes, the instalment provision is available for the investor’s assistance.

Q6. Where to get the latest updates on this project?

Estate Land Marketing will be an optimal place to get the maximum relevant information.

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