Park view city Terrace Plots Details 2023

Park view city Terrace Plots Details 2023

Park View City terrace plots are extremely feasible, impeccable, and highly affordable. In addition, the developers, Vision Group, are widely known. It sure is one of the most acknowledged, trusted, and finest real estate firms. The CEO, Mr. Aleem Khan, has always envisioned a much brighter, more lucrative, and promising future. Not to mention the incredible journey that the company has so far.

Well, talking about this housing society, the Park View City block list including terrace plots and more is a great sign of the diversity, feasibility, and opportunities that the developers have to offer. It makes the best investment choices to have. Anyhow, we have amalgamated all kinds of details regarding Park View City Terrace Plots to help you make a much better decision. So, keep reading.

NOC Status

The terrace apartments are part of Park View City and have approval from the Capital Development Authority. Further, the developers are known for producing high-quality deliverables. Legal housing projects have the trust and confidence of the investors, and they can create a sustainable asset in the community. So, we can say that the prospective residents can strive for an ideal livelihood here. For more information regarding the investment prospects and the Pak View City NOC information, kindly visit our website or connect with our professional real estate consultants.


Vision groups are the main culprit behind this magnificent block. Moreover, the developers keep the luxury factor in mind, where all international standards and basic amenities will be accessible to everyone. Experienced and qualified professionals are part of their team, and they know how to deliver the best deliverable to the investors & prospective residents. Their different blocks of housing projects are another reason that makes it a trustworthy investment opportunity in the community. Lastly, the developers know how to offer the best living spaces to all investors where they can strive for blissful living standards.


The location of the Park View City Terrace apartment will be near blocks A and B. Moreover, the luxurious apartments will be highly accessible, making it a suitable investment opportunity for prospective investors. The high-quality infrastructure will make the living standards more upscaled. The high access points and the approachability are the reasons that make it a popular investment opportunity for investors and prospective residents.

Access points

  • Fifteen minutes away from the Bahria Enclave.
  • 18 minutes drive from Rawal Chowk
  • 24 minutes away from the Bhara Kahu
  • 40 minutes away from Quaid-e-Azam University
  • 28 minutes away from the Simply Dam
  • 26 minutes away from Faisal Mosque
  • 5 minutes away from Serena Hotel

Best Investment Criteria

One of the biggest reasons why anybody would invest and envision more could have multiple reasons. well, one can obey and do up the thing. There are a whole of things that make a good investment become a great one. And, that is precisely what the investors are looking for, in the future and in the present time. Well, it may include that it could be location, affordable payment plan, exceptional master plan along with the impeccable basic and advanced facets availability. In addition, what makes a property even more attractive is how easy it makes a resident’s life along with luxury.

Park View City Diversity

There is a gamut of diversity in Park View City Islamabad. In both its offered plot sizes and even facets/facilities that it has to offer. Anyhow, we will shed light on diversified society in general. Well, Park View City terrace plots too come into that category, offering a plethora to investors and stakeholders alike. Anyhow, here are the key details.

Park View City terrace plots

The location of terrace plots within the society holds an extremely pertinent place. It is only possible if the society itself is in an ideal place, which Park View City Islamabad is right now. Residing at Zone 4, Malot Road which is exceedingly ideal. Therefore, the residents are safe.

In addition, the importance of location matters because the residents need to have all personal and professional comforts available to them. Well, that is exactly what Park View City terrace plots have because it is located in the C block, bearing high & easy accessibility.

Affordable payment plan

Talking about the impeccably affordable payment plan, Park View City terrace plots are soon becoming one of the best choices. Anyhow, as we have mentioned earlier all blocks and plot sizes within the society are in a highly affordable range including pearl block, terrace blocks, and more, making it a dream for all social classes.

Park View City terrace plots

Here are the available plots. Well, for the time being, the developers, and vision group, are offering 10 Marla and 1 Kanal at the moment. Here’s the payment plan.

  • For 10 Marla, the total cost is 20,000,000 along with 5,000,000 as the down payment. Not to forget that the down payment is 25% of the total price. Anyhow, for the quarterly installment, it is 3,750,000.
  • 1 Kanal total cost is 50,000,000 along with 12,500,000. For the quarterly installment, the investors will have to pay 9,375,000.

Since Terrace Plots are offering just these for the time being but seeing the hype and insane mass interest, the future might unveil more.

Terrace Apartments

In addition, the Vision group also offers terrace apartments within Terrace Plots territory. This takes us back to the initial phenomenon which says that there is a high level of diversity. A kind that caters to all kinds of investors and stakeholders. Irrespective of the cultural, religious, social, and economic differences, stakeholders, potential investors, and even the general masses can come. Making investments has become insanely easier with opportunities like Park View City Terrace Plots.


Terrace Apartments has unique features available for all investors. There will be countless amenities present, and a few of them are as follows:

  • High-speed lifts
  • Rooftop Garden Area
  • Sports Club
  • Food court
  • Swimming Club
  • Community center
  • Mini Cinema
  • Grocery Store
  • Laundry Services
  • Optimal garbage disposal system
  • Parking area

Why Invest in PVC Terrace Apartments?

Several amenities make it a trustworthy investment opportunity. The first and foremost vital aspect is the location and high accessibility. Secondly, the affordable payment plan makes it a viable investment option for investors from different economic backgrounds. Further, the world-class amenities make it one of its living spaces, especially for overseas investors looking for outstanding and secured investment in the country. Most importantly, the development of the terrace apartments is going on a fast pace, another encouraging factor for the investors. Lastly, other investments and development updates are obtainable on the Estate Land Marketing website.


Terrace Plots are attaining an insanely high level of attention and hype among investors. It is only because all the right boxes of a perfect investment are fulfilled via this investment. Therefore, the masses are taking great interest. Furthermore, it is only wise if all the potential investors take on the opportunity hastily before the available plots run out. For any doubt or query, Estate Land Marketing is always here to serve you rightly.


Q1. Is the NOC status of these apartments approved?

The apartment has approval from the CDA.

Q2. What apartment sizes are obtainable to all prospective residents?

The developers have to offer 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartments to investors.

Q3. Is there any terrace apartment payment plan available?

A highly reasonable price plan, including installment provision, is available.

Q4. Who is the Park View City Terrace apartment owner?

The vision group owns the apartments.

Q5. Where is the Park View Terrace apartment location?

The apartments are accessible near the Blocks A and B of the housing project.

Q6. Where to find the best investment offer in park view terrace apartments?

You can find all the updates and investment opportunities from Estate Land Marketing.

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