Park View City Block List 2023

Park View City Block List 2023

Park View City Islamabad is one of the latest housing projects in Islamabad that seeks to transform the city. It is going be an attractive, and innovative real estate project for the real estate investors of Islamabad. Due to its world-class facilities, it got a lot of praise from real estate experts. Park View City Block List shows that are available for booking, and some investors have already booked plots for themselves. The owners of this project are making sure that every block is available at inexpensive rates.

Location and Map

It is important for real estate investors to always check for location before making their investment in any housing project. A location denotes whether the housing project would have a beautiful site or would it be accessible to inhabitants of the city or not. The owners have just issued a location map which shows that it would be located at Malot Road neat Zone IV. It would be only a few miles away from Bahria Enclave, and Chak Shahzad. The exciting part of the location of this project is that some famous dining spots like Islamabad Club and Serena Hotel are only a few minutes away from it. All blocks of Park View City Block List would also be at a similar location as that of Serena Hotel near the lush green hills of Bani Gala.

Park View City Block List

This housing project has various residential blocks that increase the value of the entire project. The residential blocks are one of its huge Park View City investment reasons. Some important and financially lucrative Park View City Block List of this project are below. comprises numerous blocks that increase the overall worth of the project.

Block A and B

The blocks would be the initial phase of this housing project, as they would be the beginning point of entrance. Both these blocks would be located near Malot Road, near the huge entrance path. The plots at these blocks would be available for auction soon after the completion of this project.

Block F

This block has the advantage of an incredible location from where the residents would be able to enjoy beautiful views of hills. The investors would have an opportunity to purchase houses at reasonable rates.

Block H and J

These blocks would have a lot of housing facilities that would make the life of a resident comfortable. The overall sizes of the plots in both these blocks would range from 5 Marla to 10 Marla. Generally, these blocks would only be for residential homes, where the investors would invest in homes for themselves. After the purchase of plots, it would depend on investors whether they want to construct a house or some school.

Overseas Block

The owners of Park View City are going to start work on this block very soon. As per the details, this block would have houses of international standard – one of the major reasons as to make the Park View City Investment. Furthermore, The purpose of such a block is to cater to overseas investors of this housing project. So, the owners are making sure that the residents in this block get a luxurious living lifestyle. It is huge in demand amongst all the other ones in Park View City Block List.


Park View City Block List is something that the real estate investor must definitely look into to get more profits. Along with that, they would have a luxurious living life with some of the housing facilities of global standards. Some of the plots are now available for booking, while the remaining blocks will be available for booking in the coming months. The owners of this housing project have even released the payment plan for this project, and the plots are really affordable as per the plan. Please check out Estate Land Marketing for more details about this project. Our firm has professionals, who personally assist real estate investors in coming up with a rational decision.


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