7 Best Real estate investing Podcasts

7 Best Real estate investing Podcasts

Real estate investing podcasts are many but considering the needs, each one serves differently. One may choose any as per their needs and wants. In addition, in this age of digitalization, real estate is hastily spreading, flourishing, and progressing.

Well, there are many modes and ways through which one can advertise and find their targeted audience. Podcasts are one of them and are exceptionally beneficial. In this particular real estate podcasts list, we will be talking about some of the best and top-ranked real estate investing podcasts that are serving the viewers more. therefore, they can be of great help overall. Anyhow, stay connected as we have amalgamated all about the top-tier real estate podcasts.

Real Estate Investment Podcast

In this particular topic of best real estate investing podcasts, we will be catering podcasts of multiple niches. It is no novel information that all podcasts cover different stages/departments/sectors of the industry. So, viewers who are interested can tune in to their favorite and specific one as per their need. Here is how it goes;

BiggerPockets Podcast

One of the biggest, oldest, and most informative podcasts list does include Biggerpockets real estate podcast. In addition, people can broaden their podcast information horizon by viewing and constantly engaging with BiggerPockets podcasts. It serves you right well with all kinds of information that you need.

Whether it is about knowing the criteria for a specific thing, doing the coaching calls, updates, recent roll-outs, news, its analysis, interviews, and much more – BiggerPockets is here. You can rely anytime and with anything. In addition, being one of the best real estate investing podcasts, it also offers a gamut of resources and assistance for investors to get their investment journey started. All kinds of experiences and background success stories help investors big time.

Rental Income Podcast

Yet another giant name is the rental income podcast which is carving a much deeper and more thorough path for investors. As mentioned earlier, all podcasts are specific to their purposes. Well, this one is specified for the rental income investment. Moreover, it is even available as among the best real estate podcasts on Spotify

Investors who are looking for passive income which is also long-term can tune into a rental income podcast. The guidance in the episodes will help you in a long way. In addition, there are also many successful stories that get featured in the podcast, helping and strengthening the narrative.

Real estate 101

A podcast specifically for those who want to start the journey and strengthen their knowledge. Moreover, it is not a big surprise that real estate is a giant industry and it sure gets updated, novel news pops up along with trends that are ever-changing.

So, a naïve or a newbie can get confused and might fear where one starts and how to get a foot in this crowded market. So, a podcast will be highly hopeful and helpful for newcomers. In addition, the weekly episodes come out every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Real Estate Today radio

One of the biggest and most ardently admired real estate investing podcasts, Real Estate Today Radio does come into it. The thing that makes it stand out among others is that it is officially produced and run by NAR itself. NAR stands for National Association for Realtors. For those who do not know, NAR is the American trade association, specifically for those who work in the real estate industry.

Apartment building Investment

For investors who are looking for a stable but fast income, apartment building investment is there to provide answers for you. By listening to the investment property consultant in this podcast, a person can be financially free in just 3-5 years. Now, that is something that stands out, and ‘Apartment building investment’ can help you achieve it.

In addition, the investors can also learn about how to reposition, reshape, and rebuild hotels as multi-family assets.

Rental rookie

One of the giant real estate investing podcasts has been making the waves and getting the word around to inform, assist, and advise people. It is specifically for investments in the rental department. The pick here is that it is specifically for the newbies and people who are just starting out in this sector of real estate.

There is also a keen discussion on Property management podcasts kind. So, it is extremely helpful for the viewers. 

Think Realty Radio

When we talk about the best real estate investing podcasts, we refer to names that are wholesome, profound, and provide an expert’s journey. Well, think reality radio does proudly come into that list. In addition, real estate investment strategies and techniques can help investors big time.

Real estate news for Investors

In this hard-hitting and profound podcast, the hosts take a look at the investment techniques that can help them avoid any kind of risks or uncertain scenarios. In this case, people will feel more confident in making the investing, thus, it sure is one of the best real estate investing podcasts.


In this following blog, we included the 7 best real estate investing podcasts that are working tirelessly and up to the mark. Anyhow, do give it a look choose the podcast of your type and need, and tune in right now. Make your future secure, sound, and safe. Moreover, Estate Land Marketing, as always brings the best of content. So, stay in the loop.

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