Countryside Residencia

Countryside Residencia is the upcoming housing project developing for the residents of twin cities. In addition, investors from the twin cities will be facilitating the investors in achieving world-class living standards. Most importantly, the best site location and payment plans will help investors make the ideal residential investment in the community. In addition, several amenities will be available to enhance the living standards of future investors in CSR. Most importantly, the details of the residential and commercial plots are available on this blog. Lastly, the latest updates will be available here from authentic sources.

Owners & Developers

The developers of the Countryside Residencia are the Zee Brothers and the SIM Builders. Furthermore, both developers are renowned and have proven themselves in the real estate field, which ensures prospective investors in creating an upgraded lifestyle. The other details of the developer’s work and deliverables are as follows:

SIM Premier Development Pvt. Ltd

The developers are in the real estate field, making the ideal living standards for all investors and residents. Moreover, the developers have proved themselves to be the best real estate developers whom investors can trust. In addition, their famous projects involve Farmhouses Charsadda and splendid mini commercial Bahria Phase VIII are their main projects. Lastly, among their ongoing projects are the Countryside Residencia, Countryside Farmhouses, and orchard farmhouses’ upcoming projects.

Zee Brothers

The other developer is the zee brothers, who are in the initial stages and will soon start building magnificent real estate firms. But, most importantly, the Singaporean company Surbana Jurong  (SJ) is in charge of designing the architecture of the housing projects. Therefore the developers now trust the developers to create sustainable living investments in the community.

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi

The project is the famous farmhouse investment opportunity that has grabbed investors’ attention near Rawalpindi. Moreover, Countryside Farms Islamabad is one of its investment opportunities with world-class infrastructure and a budget-friendly farm payment plan. As a result, the investors are getting a high return on investment from these farmhouses. In addition, what makes this a unique investment opportunity is that it’s based on the residential investment relying on the agriculture sector. Further, amenities like artificial lakes and organic commodities are available here to enhance the residents’ living experience. Therefore, the Countryside Farms are the best and ideal residential and commercial option available for all twin cities investors.

NOC Status

The No objection certificate is the mandatory document all investors need to make a sustainable investment opportunity. Therefore, the developers of the newly launched housing project will soon get it approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Furthermore, once the housing project has a legitimate status, the worth of the housing complex will increase, which will, in return, make it the best residential investment in the surrounding area. Therefore, the optimal time to make an ideal investment here is now, and Estate Land Marketing is here to guide its investors in making the best investment here.

Location & Map

The developers are coming up with the ideal location that is also grabbing the attention of the investors. Further, the site will be on the main GT Road, which makes it one of the best residential investments like the Naval Anchorage Islamabad. Moreover, the area will be close to T Chowk near Rawat. The location of the housing complex will be opposite the Rawat Police Station. Most importantly, prospective residents and investors usually look for high-access point sites to increase their living standards. Therefore, the high access site of this housing community makes it the best residential option, especially for the residents and investors from Gujar Khan.

Countryside Residencia location map

Nearby Significant Landmarks

Following are the nearby landmarks that increase the worth of the investment here. And here are the site and significant areas.

  • Rawat
  • Giga Mall
  • Defense Housing Society (DHA)
  • Institutes of Space Technology
  • PWD Housing Complex
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • Al Qasim Town

Payment Plans

The countryside Residencia payment plans are highly affordable compared to nearby housing schemes like Blue World City Islamabad. Most importantly, the community’s international standards of amenities are present, which will be the turning point for all prospective investors in making a long-term investment opportunity here. Lastly, the other specifications of the available payment plans are available here:

Residential Plots Payment Plans

The countryside Residencia residential plots payment plans are highly reasonable, providing easy instalments. The developers are offering their kind of living standards to all prospective residents at affordable rates.

CSR Residential Plots payment plans

Countryside Rose Villas Payment Plan

The highly luxurious villas will uplift the living standards of all investors in the housing project. Moreover, the price plan includes easy and efficient payment plans for all future investors. The specifications of the properties’ prices are here:

Countryside Residencia Rose villa payment plan

Master Plan

Countryside Residencia Master Plan is highly intricate and designed by experts and professionals to uplift the lifestyle of investors. Moreover, the professional team of expert architects creates a living space that fulfils the living criteria at international standards. As we know, the developers have created a luxurious project named countryside farms Rawalpindi, where investors have shown great interest in making the sustainable investment opportunity affordable. Lastly, the other details of the project properties are available here.

Countryside Residencia master plan

Residential Plots

The CSR offers numerous residential projects available for all investors where they can have enhanced living standards. Furthermore, the CSR developers ensure that they follow international living standards to make it the ideal residential investment opportunity for everyone. Thus, different sizes of properties will be facilitating the prospective residents, including:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Awami Villas

The CSR Awami Villas are highly low-cost and a high-class investment opportunity. Moreover, the developers are creating this option to meet the living needs of the residents from low-income groups. Despite the affordability factor, the amenities available here are world-class, including both primary and luxurious ends. The villas sizes available at the CSR are:

  • 5 Marla

Countryside Rose Villa

The CSR Rose Villas are the option of another affordable villa available for all prospective investors. Moreover, the international amenities and features standards will upgrade the investors’ living standards. Furthermore, the CSR Rose Villas will be available at the three years instalment plans to make it an easy buy for all investors. Lastly, the speculated properties sizes of the villas will be:

  • 4 Marla

Development Status

The work on 500 feet wide main entrance is going on to assist investors in making the ideal lifestyle. Moreover, the 5000 kanal lands will help fulfil the prospective residents’ needs. And we know that the housing complex designer is Surbana Jurong, who knows how to create luxuriously affordable housing ventures. So far, the land is prepared for construction work as the levelling and cutting of the land is happening fast. In addition, the current news suggests that the owners are looking for the noc approval from the concerned authorities. Further, once the residential projects become legitimate housing projects, the development work will take a pace at the housing project. Lastly, Other updates will be available on the Estate Land Marketing website, so keep exploring for the latest news.

CSR Booking Process

Booking at this housing project will be an easy and efficient process that all investors can quickly achieve to make an ideal and worthwhile investment opportunity. However, all investors must know the booking process details before making a long-term yet sustainable investment in the community.

  • Fill out the online booking application form.
  • Attach all the necessary documents.
  • After that, pay the due amount to the official website or the main branch of the CSR.
  • After submitting all the credentials, data, and documents, collect the confirmation receipt.

Documents Required for Booking

Certain documents are mandatory to make the optimal investment opportunity at the Countryside Residencia, and the details of the papers are here.

  • 2-3 Passport size pictures
  • For Overseas Investors, NICOP is mandatory
  • Required copies of National Identity Card Copy
  • Next to kin ID card Copies

All these papers are necessary and required by the investors to make optimal and sustainable investment opportunities.


The CSR will soon assist future residents and investors by providing world-class features to everyone.

  • Eco-Friendly Housing Project
  • Wide Roads
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Provision of al Basis
  • Grand Mosque
  • Health Care Units
  • Educational Centers
  • Gyms & Fitness Areas
  • Parking Areas
  • Commercial Zone
  • Cemetery
  • Food Courts
  • Shopping Malls
  • Marts & Grocery Stores
  • Multiple Properties


The Countryside Residencia has several facilities to uplift the living standards of investors and prospective residents. Some of the details of amenities available here are:

Secured Gated Community

The residential community is here with highly secure living standards. Moreover, the latest technological advancement in the community will protect the environment from disturbance and inconvenience even though the technology security personnel will also secure the surroundings from haphazard. Thus, prospective residents can attain the ideal living standards.

Provision of all Basics

The developers of CSR are here with specific living standards that will help create sustainable living standards. Furthermore, there will be a provision for the grid station that allows electricity generation at affordable rates. In addition, the water filtration plants will also assist the investors in attaining the ideal living standards. Therefore, achieving all the essential commodities at reasonable rates will help prospective residents reach outstanding living standards.

Business Hub

The high-quality infrastructure of the building will help prospective investors attain the best return on investments. Moreover, the affordable and instalment rates will help the investors make profitable business ventures. Therefore, the investors can start any business venture of their preference and make a good amount of money. Thus, the commercial investment at this housing complex will help create better profits.

Eco-Friendly Housing Project

The developers of CSR are creating a green and serene housing project with various plants available. Moreover, there will be international and sustainable construction approach will be followed. The developer’s idea is to promote a sustainability approach to curb climate change’s adverse effects. Thus, prospective investors can attain an upgraded lifestyle at this housing project.

Educational & Medical Services

The provision of educational centres will be available in the community to help promote optimal living. Moreover, medical facilities will be available to make the living experience more secure and blissful. The medical units will have up-to-date medical supplies for all investors, which can be availed in a medical emergency.

Pros & Cons

The housing ventures will have thousands of reasons to start living there, but some of the most prominent of them are here:


  • Prime Location
  • High Acess Points
  • Affordable Prices Plan
  • Provision of all Essentials
  • Green Belts
  • Wide Roads
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Fast-paced Developments
  • World-Class Amenities
  • Commercial Area
  • Community Center
  • Parking Area
  • Grand Mosque
  • Cemetery
  • Shops & Marts


  • Perception of expensive properties

Why Invest in Countryside Residencia Islamabad?

CSR is one of its kind housing project developed to fulfil the world-class living standards of the prospective residents. Moreover, the site, payment plans and world-class features are amenities enough to make it an irritable residential opportunity. However, the best aspect is that the developers are claiming to receive legitimate status soon. Once the housing complex achieves that status, the worth of all properties here will increase. Therefore, investment here now will help make a high return on investments. Lastly, other details of the benefits of investment here are explained in detail in this blog.


The CSR is one of the upcoming residential projects in the vicinity of the twin cities. Furthermore, the developers have already proved themselves to be the best real estate developers, as their previous project, Countryside farm, was a big hit. The best aspect is that the CSR owners seek the noc approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Once the housing complex is legitimate, the properties’ worth will decrease, and investors will attain a high return on investment. Most importantly, the investors will also get world-class and international lifestyle standards at reasonable rates. So, without delay, investment here will benefit investors from twin cities to attain lavish lifestyles. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will share all the latest information as soon as it receives it, so keep exploring its social media platforms.


Q1. Is Countryside Residencia a Housing Project?

The CSR is the latest housing project available near twin cities.

Q2. What is Countryside Residencia NOC Status?

Soon, the CSR owners will receive legal status from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Q3. Is Countryside Residencia Payment Plan Available?

Yes, affordable payment plans with easy instalment plans are available.

Q4. What precisely is the countryside Residencia Location?

The site of the CSR will be at the Main GT road, opposite Rawat Police station.

Q5. When will the development work progress in CSR?

Currently, the housing project is developing quickly, and soon after the legal status , the development work will speed up.

Q6. Who are the countryside residencia Developers?

SIM Premier Development Pvt Ltd, Zee Brothers, with the assistance of Surbana Jurong, is developing this housing project.

Q7. Does investing here will be beneficial?

Of course, the high access points and reasonable property rates will make the investment worthwhile.

Q8. Where is the CSR Head Office?

Investors can contact Estate Land Marketing for further updates.

Q9. From where to get the great investment in CSR?

Estate Land Marketing is the trusted name for making any real estate investment.

Q10. Is Countryside Farms Linked with this project?

Countryside farms are the previous project of the developers.

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