Departments Asked to Clear Hurdles for Sambrial-Kharian Motorway

Gujrat: The local administration in Gujarat has issued an order to the government departments to remove any obstacles impeding the progress of the Sambrial-Kharian motorway project to ensure its timely completion.

The land revenue and forest departments have been assigned the responsibility of accelerating the assessment of tree cover and constructing structures along the 69-kilometer length of the motorway.

The district evaluation committee was instructed to expedite the completion of the evaluation to facilitate the payment of acquisition amounts to the proprietors of the land and building structures.

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According to senior local administration officials, these directives were disseminated to the relevant authorities during a collaborative meeting that included the National Highway Administration (NHA), local administration, and appropriate departments to assess the project’s advancement.

He stated that there were complications concerning the procurement of land for constructing a minor interchange at Kharian’s Bismillah Chowk on the main GT road, where the motorway terminates. In contrast, a division of the defense ministry had already acquired the land necessary for the interchange’s construction.

He claimed that despite this, the local administration’s mediation efforts were successful in resolving the dispute between the two pertinent federal departments.

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Construction activities for the M11 extension project began in July 2022, and a two-year completion period was assigned.

However, the project may be delayed due to the revised route plan, which follows the emergence of technical difficulties at the construction site of the river Chenab bridges.

Subsequently, the location has transformed approximately 5 kilometers downstream of Jalalpur Jattan. In the interim, land acquisition for the Kharian-Islamabad motorway has been in progress for several months.

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KSA to Invest $1bn in Reko Diq Project

Islamabad: Next month, Saudi Arabia is expected to invest $1 billion in the Reko Diq mining project in the Chagai district of Balochistan, Pakistan.

The imminent Saudi investment is anticipated to provide additional momentum to Pakistan’s mining industry, a vital sector of the nation’s economy.

As a prelude to this significant investment, the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) of Pakistan has diligently worked to identify and eliminate any possible barriers.

Furthermore, measures are being implemented by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to guarantee the efficient management of this investment.

His objective is to form a committee comprising all pertinent stakeholders under the Finance Ministry of Pakistan. The primary aim of this committee is to streamline and finalize the Saudi investment process.

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Prior to this, Mark Bristow, CEO of Barrick Gold Corporation, mentioned the possibility of Saudi Arabia acquiring a stake in Reko Diq in November 2023.

Saudi Arabia would acquire a portion of the company through this prospective equity acquisition, a move that Barrick Gold, the second-largest gold producer in the world, endorses.

The investment in Reko Diq is merely one component of a more extensive mining sector collaboration between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

It is anticipated that forthcoming agreements will facilitate the expansion of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Pakistan’s energy sector, potentially encompassing investments in prominent Pakistani energy corporations like the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL).

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Government to Build a Railway Project to Boost Coal Transport

Islamabad: Administration officials announced that construction is scheduled to commence on a 105-kilometre railway line connecting Thar and Port Qasim to increase coal transport from regional fields to power plants nationwide.

Federal authorities will oversee the project, which the federal and Sindh administrations jointly fund. Officials assert that precautions have been taken to prevent adverse environmental effects, notwithstanding this concern.

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An official from the Sindh Energy Department stated, “Every environmental consideration has been accounted for, and the project will not have any negative effects on the environment.”

The railroad track will make it easier to transport coal from the Thar coalfields to power projects across the nation. Enhancing the proportion of economically viable coal-based energy within Pakistan’s energy portfolio is a strategic objective of the government.

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CDA to Amends its Bylaws to Promote High-Rise Buildings

CDA to Amends its Bylaws to Promote High-Rise Buildings

Islamabad: The committee charged with revising the bylaws of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to encourage the construction of high-rise buildings in the capital examined a range of propositions to attract investors.

Diverse proposals were deliberated at the meeting, and it was resolved that a forthcoming policy would be developed and submitted to the CDA board for approval.
The committee, which the engineering member leads, is responsible for evaluating the current parameters and, if deemed suitable, suggesting amendments to the floor area ratio (FAR) for commercial buildings.

Additionally, it examines the payment plans and procedures currently in place for auctioned plots. It proposes business-friendly measures that align with the policies implemented in other cities, including Karachi and Lahore.

According to insiders, modifications to the floor area ratio and payment schedule for commercial sites are imminent.

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As per authoritative reports, many topics were discussed during the Monday meeting. Following the current bylaws, the utmost FAR permitted for lots larger than 5000 square yards is 1:10.

The consensus among the participants was that the FAR should be increased in specific regions of the federal capital as opposed to the entire city. Likewise, to improve the profitability of commercial properties for investors, the firm considered extending the payment schedule from one to three years.

“Yes, today we deliberated on several proposals; we examined the city’s available resources, infrastructure, and future requirements. “Additionally, we deliberated on the implications for traffic management and utilities, including water, should 1:17 FAR be permitted throughout Islamabad,” a source added.

They further stated that the bylaws of Islamabad, the capital city, ought to differ in some way from those of other cities. No decision was reached at the meeting, and the proposals will probably be refined in the subsequent session.

It is noteworthy that after receiving a lackluster response in its auction of commercial sites in recent years, the CDA management had considered implementing significant policy modifications to stimulate development, business activity, and high-rise construction.

According to sources, the CDA administration and government were considering extending the payment schedule for commercial sites from one to three years. Additionally, the floor area ratio of 1:16 increase is in the works.

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Additionally, there is a proposition to transfer ownership to developers upon receipt of a 50% payment, as opposed to the current requirement of 100%. Reliable sources claim that the CDA has been unable to attract investors to its commercial plot auctions for the past two years. On the other hand, Lahore’s central business district has attracted investors from all over Pakistan, including Islamabad.

According to credible sources, investors are relocating from Islamabad to Lahore due to these policy measures.
Former president of the Islamabad Developer Association, Chaudhary Naseer Ahmed, had long advocated for investor-friendly amendments to the CDA bylaws.

In the interim, the president of the Real Estate Association, Sardar Tahir Mehmood, stated that his organization had requested that the CDA amend its bylaws for at least the past six months. “On March 20, we also penned a letter to the CDA urging them to take the necessary action in this regard,” he added.

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Apartment For Rent in Islamabad | Guide 2024

Islamabad is renowned for its exquisite landscapes, well-designed architecture, and high standard of living. Moreover, expatriates and locals seeking an apartment for rent contribute to Islamabad’s burgeoning population and Apartment demand. Whether relocating to Islamabad for academic purposes, professional employment, or to appreciate the tranquil atmosphere, the endeavor of locating an ideal flat can prove quite formidable. Further, the objective of this guide is to streamline the search process by providing crucial recommendations, optimal locations to contemplate, and expectations regarding pricing and amenities. So, let’s explore the benefits and perks of finding an apartment for rent in Islamabad.

Islamabad Layout

Whenever looking for an apartment for rent in Islamabad always consider its location. Islamabad is divided into sectors, each providing a distinct residential environment. The urban landscape is renowned for its verdant landscapes, encompassing numerous districts that accommodate parks and recreational spaces. Apartments rental-intensive sectors consist of F-6, F-7, F-8, G-6, G-11, and E-11. The appeal of these sectors stems from their proximity to commercial districts, academic establishments, and healthcare facilities.

Financial Considerations

Before starting your flat search, it is essential to establish a budget. Rental costs in Islamabad exhibit significant variation, contingent upon factors such as flat sector, square footage, and amenities provided. Additional expenses such as utilities, maintenance, and security fees must be accounted for. Contact us for more investment updates in Islamabad apartments. Let’s explore options for an apartment for rent in Islamabad.

Essential Amenities

When conducting a flat inquiry, consider the amenities that hold personal significance to you. Islamabad apartments frequently include but are not restricted to amenities. Due to the critical nature of safety, many apartments provide round-the-clock security services, CCTV monitoring, and gated entryways.

Backup Electricity, in light of the city’s sporadic power disruptions, it is prudent to search for apartments with a generator or uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Moreover, water supply. Verifying that the flat possesses a dependable water supply and water filtration systems are desirable additional features.

Parking Space confirms whether the apartment complex offers designated parking spaces if you own a vehicle. Lastly, internet accessibility is available. In light of the increasing prevalence of remote work and digital learning, the availability of high-speed internet is essential.

Locating an Appropriate Flat

Suppose you are also searching for an optimal apartment investment opportunity in Islamabad. Then, consider these considerations if you are looking for an apartment for rent in Islamabad. They will help you create a luxurious yet sustainable investment.

Online portals of real estate

The digital age has facilitated the rental property search process. Estate Land Marketing is the most reputable and trustworthy option for investment guidance. Also, it can provide extensive listings that include filters that enable users to refine their search based on personal preferences. On the other hand, working with a reputable real estate agent can result in a more individualized experience, as they may be able to provide neighborhood insights and negotiate more favorable rental terms.

Exploring Prospective Apartments

Even though online images and descriptions can provide a general notion, inspecting the flat in person is essential. Consider the apartment’s ventilation, pollution levels, natural light, and overall condition. Additionally, at this juncture, inquire about pet regulations, potential renovations, or any other matters that may interest you.

Legal and Record-Keeping

After locating the ideal flat, verify that every agreement is in writing. The rental agreement should explicitly delineate the rental sum, payment terms, lease duration, and any additional stipulations mutually agreed upon. Before signing, it is prudent to have a legal professional review the contract. To clarify and prevent misunderstandings, maintain all correspondence with the landlord or agent in writing. Lastly, it is the most vital aspect, to search an apartment for rent in Islamabad.

Residence in Islamabad

Islamabad presents an amalgamation of urban and natural ways of existence. Numerous parks, trekking trails, and picturesque locations, such as the Margalla Hills and Rawal Lake, can be found within the city. Additionally, Islamabad is renowned for its lively dining district, cultural festivities, and commercial zones. You can experience all these lovely city offers by selecting the appropriate flat.


Locating an apartment for rent in Islamabad demands diligence and perseverance. You can find a residence that satisfies your requirements and budget by establishing a practical financial plan, focusing on necessary facilities, and exercising caution when navigating the rental procedure. To ensure a seamless search, remember to utilize professional real estate services and online resources. Lastly, for more investment details and queries keep exploring Estate Land Marketing.

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CDA Launched A New Directorate to Handle Urban Expansion

CDA Launched A New Directorate to Handle Urban Expansion

Islamabad: In response to the difficulties brought about by the fast growth of private housing societies and urbanization, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) established a new division known as “the Directorate of Regulation, Replanning, and Regeneration.”

With this project, the problems brought about by urban growth and the rise in regional private housing constructions will hopefully be properly addressed.

As revealed, the CDA-approved project aims to manage urban growth in the capital city sustainably and efficiently. This Directorate will strive to streamline private society growth under the direction of Member Planning and growth.

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The judgment demonstrates the CDA’s proactive approach to resolving urban issues since it is in line with suggestions made by the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice.

The CDA’s commitment to attaining sustainable and balanced development in Islamabad is demonstrated by this initiative. A recent thorough overview of suggested actions from Member Planning was approved by the Board, demonstrating the continued dedication to this cause.

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