Departments Asked to Clear Hurdles for Sambrial-Kharian Motorway

Departments Asked to Clear Hurdles for Sambrial-Kharian Motorway

Gujrat: The local administration in Gujarat has issued an order to the government departments to remove any obstacles impeding the progress of the Sambrial-Kharian motorway project to ensure its timely completion.

The land revenue and forest departments have been assigned the responsibility of accelerating the assessment of tree cover and constructing structures along the 69-kilometer length of the motorway.

The district evaluation committee was instructed to expedite the completion of the evaluation to facilitate the payment of acquisition amounts to the proprietors of the land and building structures.

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According to senior local administration officials, these directives were disseminated to the relevant authorities during a collaborative meeting that included the National Highway Administration (NHA), local administration, and appropriate departments to assess the project’s advancement.

He stated that there were complications concerning the procurement of land for constructing a minor interchange at Kharian’s Bismillah Chowk on the main GT road, where the motorway terminates. In contrast, a division of the defense ministry had already acquired the land necessary for the interchange’s construction.

He claimed that despite this, the local administration’s mediation efforts were successful in resolving the dispute between the two pertinent federal departments.

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Construction activities for the M11 extension project began in July 2022, and a two-year completion period was assigned.

However, the project may be delayed due to the revised route plan, which follows the emergence of technical difficulties at the construction site of the river Chenab bridges.

Subsequently, the location has transformed approximately 5 kilometers downstream of Jalalpur Jattan. In the interim, land acquisition for the Kharian-Islamabad motorway has been in progress for several months.

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