Historic Rawat Fort Preservation Efforts are in Progress

Historic Rawat Fort Preservation Efforts are in Progress

Islamabad: Rawat Fort, an ancient Sarai situated along the G.T. Road, is undergoing preservation, restoration, and development efforts. These endeavours will safeguard its historical legacy for posterity.

Department of Archaeology and Museums (DOAM) representative for the media stated that this would increase regional and national tourism. He discussed the project’s inclusive nature, highlighting how employment opportunities would be created locally through archaeological excavation, conservation, and restoration efforts.

Historical Significance: Constructed during the early 15th century A.D., Rawat Fort is an ancient Sarai situated along the G.T Road.

The citadel is renowned for being inscribed with an extensive collection of anecdotes, including those about Masud, the son of Mahmud of Ghazna, and Sarang Khan, the brave chief of Ghakhar.
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The Fort is currently characterized by two entrances on its eastern and northern sides, a mosque with three domes at the center of the western wing, and a mausoleum with a single dome arranged in an octagonal shape in the north-western corner. Byways of the past are recalled through the dispersed burials within its precinct.

Historical architectural miracles of the Fort are prominently displayed on the courtyard-facing quadrangular inner face of the defence walls, lined with regal rows of identical living cells.

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