CDA Initiate Rs 2Bn Project to Transform Margalla Hills

CDA Initiate Rs 2Bn Project to Transform Margalla Hills

Islamabad: CDA has declared a significant endeavour to augment biodiversity in the Margalla Hills via a PKR 2 billion undertaking.

As delineated in the plan’s specifics, the objective is to propagate ten million trees across the entire 39,000-acre national park.

For funding consideration in the upcoming fiscal year, the project proposal titled “Enhancing Biodiversity and Green Cover through the Management of Natural Resources, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation of the Margalla Hills National Park Landscape” will be presented.

The five-year objective of the initiative is to enhance biodiversity and fauna, alleviate the impacts of climate change, and tackle environmental issues including the reduction of vegetation and water discharge.

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Planting indigenous species, employing security personnel, inspecting dams, and constructing water ponds are all crucial strategies.
CDA representatives emphasise the importance of the initiative in enhancing green space and biodiversity, as well as their unwavering dedication to its triumph.

The initiative has received the support of prominent figures such as Qaiser Khattak, Member Environment, Director General Environment, and Anwarul Haq, Chairman of the CDA.

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