CDA to Enhance the Commercial Plots Floor Area Ratio

CDA to Enhance the Commercial Plots Floor Area Ratio

Islamabad: Chairman Anwarul Haq led discussions at a recent meeting at the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) headquarters concerning strategic reforms concerning commercial properties throughout Islamabad.

The core of these discussions revolved around implementing revolutionary policies to improve the investment environment in the capital.

In contrast, plots surpassing 5,000 square yards are granted a FAR of 1:12. This modification results in the enlargement of building space, providing investors with abundant prospects to expand their operations.

Furthermore, developers have granted permission to install subterranean parking facilities alongside roadways, thus effectively resolving the ongoing issue of parking congestion in the municipality.

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This novel resolution not only streamlines the parking administration process but also guarantees vehicles’ uninterrupted progression along busy urban thoroughfares. A critical determination reached during the meeting was to extend the payment schedule for commercial acreage from one year to two years.

This modification gives investors a more flexible time frame to meet their financial obligations more efficiently. Following this amended framework, investors can obtain ownership of their designated properties in exchange for a 50% down payment of the entire sum.

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