CDA Ends Ban on the Plot Transfer & Allocation

CDA Ends Ban on the Plot Transfer & Allocation

Islamabad: The prohibition imposed by the Land and Rehabilitation Directorate of authority on the plot allocation and transfer is lifted by CDA.

In response to directives from the IHC, the Land and Rehabilitation Directorate has lifted the banned on issuance of No Demand Certificates (NDCs) and the allotment and transfer of the plot. This withdrawal was made in the form of a letter.

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On March 21, the IHC instructed CDA to withdraw the allocation and prohibit plot transfer. However, Land and Rehabilitation required four weeks to comply with court orders.

It is believed that the CDA administration prohibited the transfer and allocation of plots as a result of their inability to regulate illicit and irregular activities within the directorate.

A significant number of minor investors have lost billions of rupees over the past seven years as a result of CDA-initiated plot transfers that were subsequently deemed fraudulent by the authority.

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