Advantages & Disadvantages of Investing in Real Estate

Advantages & Disadvantages of Investing in Real Estate


Real estate investment has the most significant growth potential and opportunities for all investors. Moreover, it helps the investors and the developers to another level, like a home is a place where you can live and also ake it a long-term investment. Furthermore, not even in the developed countries, the investors from the developing countries are also finding this investment opportunity the most reliable and trustworthy option. Finally, and most importantly, the payback of these business ventures is also profitable. Therefore, a lot of people love to invest in this business model. However, there are many gains of investing in a residential venture, including some disadvantages. And that is the reason thorough research and guidance are mandatory. Lastly, the blog includes the proper advice for all real estate investors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Estate Investment

Several pros and cons are here in investing the residential ventures. As we know, every business model always involves an inherent risk. But, it also offers several economic gains, and some of them are as follows:

Advantages of Real Estate Investment 

The benefits are the main reason investors find this venture more trustworthy and reliable. And the main reason is its reliability and sustainability. Moreover, in the pandemic, we have seen that real estate investment showed positive growth where all business models did not work well. Lastly, the most significant benefits are these:

Sustainable Investment

Real estate investment has been in the world for ages, and people around the world find this investment opportunity a long-term investment. Moreover, for all the investors globally and in the country, residential projects bring a lot of perks because real estate investment is not what we do every day. Therefore, long-term benefits and profits are also part of the package. And several examples are also available in the country, like the Prime Valley Islamabad, Kingdom Valley, and the Blue World City.

Passive Income

Investors usually like the opportunities that help them grow passive income. And real estate investment allows investors to succeed financially and helps them make another income stream. Moreover, rental and commercial properties are prime examples of passive income, and numerous residential ventures offer commercial plots with high-quality infrastructure like the Blue World City Islamabad. Therefore, a one-time investment can help the investors grow their long-term monetary benefits.

Flipping Asset

the residential and commercial properties can be good flipping assets. Moreover, real estate investment never disappoints the investors when it comes to making profits. Furthermore, once the property rates see a boom, investors can quickly flip them. And this is the primary reason this business model is popular among all investors. Most importantly, if the property is affordable, investors can benefit more by investing in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Disadvantages of Real Estate Investment

Like benefits, there will be some disadvantages to investing in residential ventures. And here are some of them that all investors must know beforehand to avoid any disturbance in the end.

Property Maintenance & Improvement

Real estate investors need a lot of maintenance and effort. Moreover, the homeowners can understand the task they have to do to maintain the residents’ quality of living. And the best aspect is that several guides offer easy and applicable ways to make home improvements. However, these improvements are the first step, and homeowners must face long-term issues and damages.

Property Tax

Real estate investment involves a lot of monetary investment in the beginning, and not only this, it might cost investors money that is essential to pay. And after spending the taxes, the property is a legal entity that helps the investors make more sustainable benefits. Furthermore, several types of property taxes are payable to make a property a legal entity.

Time Taking Task

Real estate investment is the time taking process and hustle. Moreover, the investors are often not ready to make many efforts. Furthermore, the developers took a lot of research and time to create a housing society. And most importantly, the investors often do not find it necessary to make a lot of effort. Another reason is that the investors do not get the benefits right away. Therefore, the investors have to wait till the worth of the property becomes high.


Real estate ventures are precious investment opportunities widely available to all investors. Moreover, real estate investment offers the best payback profits to all investors. Furthermore, several risk factors are involved in the process, and thorough research and guidance are mandatory to avoid later inconvenience. And numerous pieces of advice are also available that guide the investors that create the process easy for everyone. Moreover, monetary gifts will fascinate the investors in making valuable assets regarding the benefits of residential investment. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will help the investors take genuine advice, so visit their website.

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Tips to Start a Profitable Real Estate Business in 2022

Tips to Start a Profitable Real Estate Business in 2022


The Real Estate Business is one of the oldest business models; all investors prefer to generate a handsome amount of money. Moreover, developers globally find this investment option trustworthy and valuable which is also a sustainable business option. Furthermore, the business model might require some initial investment, but in the long run, it will help in generating more revenues. The primary reason that all investors find this investment trustworthy is its sustainability. And the perfect example will be the pandemic that affects almost all business models except real estate. Lastly, continue reading if you are keen to know the tips for a successful real estate business. 

Tips for Real Estate Business

Several ideas and tips are here that can be helpful for all the investors who are new to the industry and want to build their careers more sustainably. And some of the successful and sustainable tips are here:


For real estate enterprises, Planning is the first step to follow. And that is the reason the investors and developers must spend most of their time planning. Furthermore, we know that the real estate business is a long-term project requiring in-depth research and guidance. And that is the reason realtors must plan every aspect of the project early to avoid any haphazard afterwards. Moreover, we know several real estate schemes are available in the country, like the Prime Valley Islamabad, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Seven Wonders City. 

Market Research & Guidance

The other vital part of the real estate business is guidance and market research. Moreover, the realtors need to invest time in effective planning strategies. And this is to offer the best living standards to all future investors and residents. Furthermore, several subject matter experts are now available with the click of a button who can help all the beginners with the relevant guidance and information. But, most importantly, the research will provide the best options to all the developers. And the best features are then available to all the investors. 

Manage Expenses

The expanses are other real estate business aspects that all investors find exciting and must manage. Moreover, building a new project requires a lot of money and hard work. Therefore, managing and allocating the budget earlier is mandatory to avoid later inconvenience. Furthermore, finances are the main concern and the reason the developers and realtors come to the business. And the best aspect is that all realtors can start the company with a small amount of money. And we can see affordable housing schemes offer inexpensive plot files to all the investors. Lastly, some housing schemes here offering such benefits are Seven Wonders City Islamabad, Kingdom Valley and Park View City. 

Brand Awareness

The other real estate business vital feature is promoting the business. Moreover, several social media platforms and tools are also available to help realtors showcase their properties. And building a brand is essential to getting more leads. Furthermore, the best way can be by making a website that offers all the services the realtor wants. Although several social media platforms are also available, they will help increase the business’s reach. Therefore, taking advantage of social media for business growth will be vital. 

Legal Frame Work

The other vital aspect that is a necessary part of the real estate business is legalizing the work. Moreover, it is mandatory to gain investors’ and buyers’ trust and confidence. Therefore, a keen interest in this area must make a good business plan. Furthermore, the best aspect is that it is not a hard way to become a legal realtor in the country. Moreover, affordable yet legal housing schemes like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad are the ideal example of building a legal housing scheme. Lastly, seeking and promoting legal residential projects will be mandatory to avoid any issues later. 

Setting up an Office 

The real estate business is a successful venture that needs showcasing and showing up at the end of the day. Moreover, building an office is the primary aspect that creates trust among the investors and future residents. Furthermore, the office must be in a busy area to grab the attention of the majority of the people. Another aspect must be that all realtors should use a high-quality architecture that all investors are fond of before making any real estate investment. Lastly, the more good quality of the professional space, the more there will be chances of more lead generation. 


The real estate business is a significant business model showing tremendous growth in the country. Moreover, several residential enterprises are now here, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Blue World City, and Park View City. Furthermore, the developers also need the realtors to promote their businesses and properties to gain profits. And the most crucial aspect is to plan. We all know that Planning must include the majority of the time and efforts of the realtors.

Moreover, other points include legalizing the framework, marketing and setting up an office. Lastly, starting a profitable real estate business is not a dream anymore. Lastly, visit Estate Land Marketing for updates on booming real estate ideas.

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The 10 Best Home Design Software In 2022

The 10 Best Home Design Software In 2022


Home design software is the latest advancement in technology with skilled features. Moreover, designing and creating new designs can be a sceptical task for all homeowners. Furthermore, several user-friendly software is here to help homeowners plan and renovate their homes according to their preferences. And one aspect that everyone appreciates is effectively managing time. Moreover, with the software, the homeowners might get the desired result in minutes. And that’s how they can create numerous designers and shortlist a few according to the family member’s requirements. Lastly, this blog has all the software that must be on the list of homeowners looking for home design software.

The 10 Best Home Design Software

Among various home design software, the best ones are here that are cost-effective and user-friendly. So, without further ado, let’s explore the software.


Homestyler is the first home design software we all focus on for designing purposes. Moreover, it is free software that allows a majority of homeowners. Furthermore, all individuals can use computer-aided design software to create suitable designs virtually. And 2D and 3D designs are available in this application with exact measurements. Moreover, the basic version of the tool is free and to get the specialized features like 4KN rendering and 10K panorama; individuals have to buy the premium version.

Lands Design

Landscape design is also mandatory when creating home improvement and layout. Moreover, professionals and individuals can benefit from it. Furthermore, home improvements are an inevitable aspect for all homeowners. And adequate guidance is already available to help the homeowners improve their quality of living of the individuals. So, the top 10 best ROI home improvements are here with the most suitable options. Furthermore, this home design software can help you achieve your dream remodelling and renovation ideas. Lastly, it has an extensive database of flora and fauna for 2D and 3D designers.


Another home design software that offers outstanding design services is RoomSketcher. Moreover, it has features like 3D Walktroughs and Floor Plans. Furthermore, its cloud base can sink to various devices and download anything. And the best aspect is its user-friendly interface that allows most individuals to use this app. Lastly, the app is highly customizable and affordable, depending on users’ preferences.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

virtual architect ultimate home design is one of the best home design software that offers outstanding services. Moreover, it lets the homeowners upload simple graphics and edit them accordingly. Furthermore, to help more, there will be the provision of understandable tutorials that shows all the tips and tricks to make a suitable and customizable design. However, the software is a little expensive, but the features and quality of service have worth it.

Sketch Up 

Sketchup is a perfect blend of cost and quality. Moreover, it is also one of the best home design software that offers various features. Furthermore, the best aspect is that it is free of cost. And despite being free, the software has the best quality services. Moreover, the app can be applicable on tablets and cell phones. Lastly, the app has an upgrade feature that lets users add more features accordingly.

TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape

For Mac users, the turboFloorPlan Home and Landscape is the best home design software available. Moreover, the app includes automation tools that will help all the users, even at the beginner level. Furthermore, building green tools in the application helps create eco-friendly designs. And we know several housing schemes are developing in the country that follows the gree concept like the Prime Valley Islamabad.

Home Design 3D Gold

Creating 2D and 3D designs using this app is extremely easy. Moreover, this home design software is workable on apple gadgets. So, the users can make exceptional designs on the iPad, and its library has numerous plans, including furniture, plant, and décor. Furthermore, it has an augmented reality tool that allows users to take a virtual tour after completing the designs. Therefore, we can say that this can be one of the best home design software.

Home Designer Suite

If you are looking for a CAD Style tool, the home designer suite cab is the best home design software. Moreover, it is the best app if you are looking to make your hobby a profession. And it can help the designers in both interior and exterior designs. Furthermore, the best feature is the library which has several images to facilitate the users. Lastly, it is highly user-friendly, and all users efficiently operate and create magnificent customizable designs.

DreamPlan Home Designer

This software has all the answers for all the users who love doing DIY projects. Moreover, it is user-friendly with 3D models. And all individuals can create customizable designs according to their needs. Furthermore, the best DIY home improvements website has the relevant data to make more efficient designs. However, the data is not as extensive as other home design software. But it covers all the basics.

Sweet Home 3D

For smaller design projects, the sweet home 3D is the best home design software with all the user’s eyes. Moreover, the prices of this app are also highly affordable, which is a fascinating aspect. Furthermore, the quality of the work is not as up to mark as the other software, but it can help you create outstanding DIY small projects. Lastly, users can opt for this software to make small-scale and not so highly specialized designs.


Home design software is the need of the hour that helps many users create exceptional designs. Moreover, most of the software available is accessible or affordable enough that all users can easily create designs. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface will help the users develop plans without guidance. However, there will be an option of tutorials that will also facilitate the investors using the applications. And the library of images also allows the users to make great setups. Moreover, 2D and 3D home designing have become easier with the help of this software. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has more relevant information for all the users, so keep checking their website and add value to your life.

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How To Estimate Your Rental Property Expenses

How To Estimate Your Rental Property Expenses


Rental property expenses are the first thing that comes to the owner’s mind now and then. Moreover, the rental property proved the best passive income for all the homeowners. Especially in a pandemic, when all business models seem to be not working, the real estate business works wonders. Furthermore, plenty of residential projects are becoming a part of the community, with the idea of providing the best living standards to all the citizens. However, the process may require a crucial understanding of all the aspects relevant to rental properties. Therefore, guidance from experts is mandatory to avoid any inconvenience later. Lastly, the blog will cover all the pertinent details that all homeowners must know before calculating rental property expenses.

How to Estimate your Rental Property Expenses

Several vital points are here that all homeowners must know before calculating the rental property expenses. And some of the best and most relevant facts are as follows:

Property Taxes

The most vital rental property expenses are property taxes. Moreover, we know that various types of property tax are available and payable in our country. Furthermore, this is the foremost vital aspect that all homeowners must keep an eye on to make a property legally the best real estate investment. And the property taxes have various terms and conditions that all owners must complete before the allowed deadline. So lastly, keeping this point first on the list is preferable.

House Assessment

A home inspection before renting out a property is the best service a homeowner can do to their tenants. Moreover, adding these costs will significantly impact the overall home budget while calculating the rental property expenses. Furthermore, leaving this aspect earlier can cost a lot to all the homeowners later. Therefore, before the damage and any other maintenance area cause more damage, its remedy is vital to eliminate a significant financial setback.

Property Marketing

Without outstanding marketing, it will be impossible to grab the attention of all the potential tenants. Moreover, a significant budget allocation is mandatory while planning the rental property expenses. Furthermore, for marketing, professional guidance is required from light to photography; all aspects are viable to check to enhance the best features of your property. And it is the homeowners’ responsibility to spare a good amount of budget and time for marketing their properties. Lastly, several marketing firms are now available that can offer their specialized services to market the property sufficiently.

Utilities Work

The tenant must pay the essential utility bills and work for the electricity, water and gas. However, the homeowners must cover the utilities, including sewer, deep cleaning, and inspection; also, owning a property means checking and maintaining the tenants’ quality of living. Furthermore, the tenants are also entitled to take care of the property. And these utilities cost a lot of money to the homeowners. Therefore, adding these utility costs is mandatory while calculating the rental property expenses.

Home Maintenance & Improvements

Several day-to-day maintenance works cost a lot to all the homeowners. And this is also the landowners’ duty to care for their homes. Moreover, when calculating the rental property expenses adding these charges is mandatory to get an accurate idea of the overall budget. Furthermore, applying beneficial maintenance can pay back all the homeowners. Therefore, the right investment option is mandatory to get a high return on investment. Lastly, all homeowners should get adequate guidelines, and here are the top 10 best ROI home improvements lists to get high payback.

Broker Charges

Another cost that is applicable while calculating the rental property expenses is the broker charger. Moreover, we all know that finding a tenant can be a difficult task. But with the assistance of a qualified broker, the job can become more uncomplicated and efficient. Furthermore, time is a key for all homeowners, and saving time while hiring an expert realtor will be beneficial. And several options are now available which can help all the homeowners find a tenant in the most legal and authorized manner. Moreover, hiring a broker can cost money, so a lump sum and an average cost must be a part of the overall budget.


The rental property expenses are the significant aspect that all homeowners look for before renting out the property. Moreover, several houses are now building in the country. And not only this, rental property has become a primary source of passive income stream. Furthermore, despite being a developing country, the construction rate is increasing daily. Therefore, all the homeowners have to maintain their expenses more efficiently.

Moreover, several points are essential to add to the overall rental property budget, including property taxes, maintenance, inspection, utility charges and many more. And for that, professional guidance is also necessary. Lastly, visit the official site of Estate Land Marketing for more information about rental project options and advice.

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Capital Smart City Development Updates 2022

Capital Smart City Development Updates 2022


Capital Smart city development is what all future residents are keen to know about the housing project. Moreover, the housing scheme is in the surrounding twin cities with the idea of offering a luxurious lifestyle. Furthermore, the developers are also here to facilitate the investors with the inexpensive plots. And not only this, as the name indicates, the housing society is also offering the instalment opportunities that will encourage the residents to make a dream property here. Moreover, the development work here is happening fast. Therefore, it is the right time to invest here because properties will be expensive once the construction completes in the community. Lastly, keep reading if you are keen to know the Capital Smart City development updates of Capital Smart City.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is a magnificent housing scheme soon available for the twin cities’ residents. Moreover, the developers of this outclass residential projects are Habib Rafiq (Pvt) and Future Holdings Development. Both the developers are famous for their unique construction work. Furthermore, the NOC approval will soon be available from the concerned authorities. Finally, and most importantly, the site is also approachable from the main areas like the M2 Motorway and Islamabad International Airport. All these features with world-class facilities are available at highly affordable prices. Lastly, for the latest Capital Smart City development updates, continue reading.

Capital Smart City Development Updates

The development and construction are happing fast, as the developers are willing to do the building and offer high-quality living standards to all the future residents. Similarly, you can get the Blue world city development updates. Moreover, investing in developing residential projects is consistently profitable because the plot prices will decrease as construction work progresses. So lastly, Capital Smart City developments are here:

Capital Smart City Development Updates 2022

Overseas Block 

The capital Smart City development is happening at the overseas block with the best possible living standards for all the overseas investors. Moreover, the developers are willing to provide world-class features and facilities to all overseas as they are the country’s asset—furthermore, the levelling of the roads and plotting complete this block.

Smart Villas Development

Another Capital Smart Development is in the Smart Villas with a highly affordable price range. Moreover, the soil testing and construction work is happening fast in the community. Furthermore, the levelling of the plots is also going on here. And there is no doubt to say that soon the villas will be available for living purposes.

BRT Bus System

The developers have launched a BRT Bus System that will help connect the significant area in the community. Moreover, the service is one of its kind and will facilitate most investors and residents. Furthermore, the developers have ensured that the transport charges will be minimal. And the quality of the buses will also be high-class. As we know, this is the Capital Smart city development that’s going to facilitate the majority of investors. Therefore, investors are also willing to invest here.

Executive Block

The executive block is also under construction. And also one of the most incredible Capital Smart City Development. Moreover, the levelling of the plots is almost complete. Furthermore, sewerage pipes are also here. And the best aspect is that despite the construction work development, the prices are low. Therefore, it is the most desirable time to invest here.

Lake View Heights

The Capital Smart City Development everyone is looking forward to is happening quickly. Moreover, the development and construction work is happening fast to ensure the timely delivery of projects. Furthermore, soon the construction work on the apartment will start with the urban town planning standards. And the flats are built o the overseas block sea that will ensure international living standards.

Roads Construction

The construction of the roads is happening fats that will offer a smooth transition among the society and the vital sites. Moreover, this is the most considerable Capital Smart City development that will allow the best living experience for all the investors. Furthermore, the roads that have completed the construction work are Access Road, La Mer Road, Ring Road, and bridges. All these development will let the investors move around the community more efficiently.

Linear Parks and Green Belts

The developers are offering a sustainable lifestyle to all the investors and the residents. Moreover, the green belts are here to add high-quality and serene standards to the housing society. At the same time, the park construction is also happening fast. Furthermore, the fountains are now available in the community. Therefore, the Capital Smart City Development is ahead the time.


Capital Smart City Development is here with the updates all investors needs. Moreover, the development work is happening fast, ensuring that the residents will soon start living here. Furthermore, developers will quickly receive their NOC approval from the concerned authorities. And the location and payment are enough to make it an ideal residential investment. Therefore, making a dream home here is the most desirable time. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing is here with the updated information, so keep visiting there.

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Top 10 Best ROI Home Improvements

Top 10 Best ROI Home Improvements


Home Improvements are the basics every home needs now and then. Moreover, the owners keep the home renovation aspect in mind every time they are looking to rent out the property. Furthermore, if the owners are not looking to rent the property even for living purposes, the slight modifications can add beauty and comfort to the residents’ lives. And it is customizable depending on the requirements of the family members. Another vital aspect is that, nowadays, several affordable ideas are available that make it feasible for most individuals to make their homes a more valuable place to live. Moreover, a suitable home renovation can provide the best return on investment. So, if you are interested in knowing the best ROI home improvements, this blog is the right fit.

Top 10 Best ROI Home Improvements

Picking the best ROI home improvements is difficult because minor home renovation can pay a lot to the owner. Moreover, as we know, proper guidance is mandatory for starting any venture. And the homeowners can avail information from the best DIY home improvement websites. Furthermore, these sites can offer a piece of valuable information to all the homeowners. Lastly, look at the best return on investment in home remodelling ideas.

Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen is one of the most significant aspects of home improvements. Moreover, the owners can make a home renovation here with minimum amounts as there is no need to make an entire remodelling. Instead, the owners can change the cabinets or appliances placed in the kitchen at a highly affordable price. Furthermore, paint on the walls or the application of wallpapers can modify the kitchen look to another level. Lastly, the ROI can be around 75-98%.

Bathroom Remodelling

Another vital aspect of the home improvements in the bathroom is an excellent home renovation that can help generate a higher investment return. Moreover, the bathroom is another area in the house that can enhance the home’s worth. Furthermore, the owners can remodel the tiles and add or remove the cabinets according to the owner’s wish. And the shower, vanity and lighting can also work wonders in renovating the bathroom. Lastly, the return on investment here can range between 80-90%.

Basement Remodel

The owners can turn a basement into a new room or create a mini theatre for the home. Moreover, the return on investment can range from 60-70%. Furthermore, not all homes have this option. Therefore, basement rooms can be an impactful home renovation. And we can say that this is one of the most luxurious home improvements one can make in their homes.

Attic Remodel

Again, this home renovation idea can significantly impact the overall home look. Moreover, the owners can either make it a room for living or a family living room, where all family members can spend quality time. And the return on investment is 60-70%. All investors and owners always consider such magnificent home improvements while investing in any home.

Outdoor Renovation

Many housing schemes are growing and developing in the country, with the concept of affordable living. Moreover, the outclass living spaces are available at Seven Wonders City Islamabad, which offers a variety of properties. Furthermore, the outdoor home renovation can shape the home’s overall look. And we can assure you that this can be one of the best home improvements to do at your home. Lastly, the ROI here will be significant, so keeping an eye on outdoor remodelling can increase the house’s worth.

Porch Remodelling

Car porches are also a significant aspect of home renovation. Moreover, this is one of the most overlooked home improvements. Furthermore, the owners must keep the area in mind while remodelling the whole house as it can significantly impact ROI and make a home a more valuable place to invest.

Interior Renovation

The one thing that comes to all homeowner’s minds while doing a home renovation is remodelling the home’s interior. And no doubt, this can be the life-changing home improvements amendment one can do. Furthermore, the return on investment can go up to 80-90%. Moreover, as we know, several housing societies are developing in the country that offers high-quality Infrastructure, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Lastly, owning a house here with a newly furnished interior can drastically enhance the home’s quality of living and worth.

Paint Renewal

Painting a home can be the ultimate home renovation that all homeowners must know before making any significant changes in the home upgrading. Several housing schemes are now offering the best quality infrastructure. Therefore, minor paint touch-ups can create a huge impact. Lastly, the return on investment can go up to 50-60%. Lastly, using light colours paints can instantly make the room looks spacious.

Refinish Wooden Floors & Doors

The interior is always the best aspect that all house owners look at while making home improvements. Moreover, typically, doors and floors in the house are wooden, and the slight finish makes a significant difference. But, most importantly, the entry gate must modify according to the latest trends. And the return on investment here makes a 90.7% difference in the home’s worth.

Furniture Decoration

Lastly, without upgrading the furniture, home improvements are incomplete. Moreover, several types and furniture styles are now available that can affect the home’s overall appearance. Furthermore, the return on investment here can vary between 70-75%. Therefore, a general furniture renewal can be a helpful home renovation technique.


Homeowners are always looking for budget-friendly ideas that help them to enhance the worth of the home. Moreover, there are several ways of making home improvements. And the top ten of them is mentioned in the blog. Furthermore, there are several guides available that can helps the homeowners in achieving their home renovation goals. Therefore, a search process will be very easy for all the homeowners. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing is here with excellent tips and tricks to help the majority of the homeowner, so keep visiting there.

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Blue World City Development Updates 2022

Blue World City Development Updates 2022


Blue world city Islamabad is the newest housing scheme developing near the twin cities to offer the best lifestyle to all the residents and the investors. Moreover, the country’s housing schemes are growing fast to provide a sustainable lifestyle. Most importantly, the housing societies will be available to all the investors at inexpensive rates. Furthermore, the master plan includes several plots, including commercial and residential properties. And not only this, several sizes will be available where the investors can invest according to their requirements. Moreover, the development status is the main factor that all investors look forward to making a sustainable living here. Lastly, continue reading about the Blue world city development updates here.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is a unique residential project with outclass facilities. Moreover, the housing society is looking forward to getting its approval from the concerned authorities again. Furthermore, the developers have included several properties in the community with all the basic and high-end facilities. And the blue group of companies are now developing a housing scheme with the best possible features and facilities. Most importantly, the accessibility of this housing scheme is high as it is at the M2 Motorway and near Srinagar Highway, Rawalpindi Ring Roan, and Islamabad International Airport. Therefore, investment here is now mandatory, especially for the investors from twin cities. Lastly, the blue world city development updates are here.

Blue World City Development Status

The residential project is developing fast because the developers are keen to provide the best lifestyle to all the future residents soon. Moreover, the investors are also looking for this development. Lastly, the details are as follows:

Blue World City Development Updates 2022

World’s Tallest Horse Mascot

The world’s tallest horse mascot is complete. Like the Seven Wonders City Islamabad, the housing society is here with a unique infrastructure. Moreover, the blue world city development status shows tremendous growth. Furthermore, the developers are pleased to announce the news by releasing a video. And the video indicates that it has blue and green lights, enhancing the mascot’s beauty.

Second Cup Coffee Franchise

The famous coffee franchise is now part of the community. Moreover, this will be the favourite blue world city development that all investors will love. Furthermore, the developers believe in offering a world-class lifestyle to all the residents. So, they no longer need to go out to spend quality time with friends and family.

Overseas Block Gate Construction

The oversea gate is under construction. But moreover, this blue world city development will facilitate overseas investors. And as we know, the housing scheme’s overseas block is here with the outclass features and facilities. But furthermore, the housing scheme is here to bless the residents with the most peaceful and secure living standards. And not only this, there will be CCTV Cameras at the construction site that will record all the tasks happening there.

Water Theme Park Construction

The construction of water theme park is also under construction. And it is also an exciting feature that all investors are looking forward to under the blue world city development. Moreover, this is the first time in Pakistan that a housing scheme will offer a water theme park, and as the constriction world is going on, the investors will soon benefit from this facility.

Forces School Flagship Campus

The developers are concerned with providing high-quality living standards to all the investors. Moreover, education is the primary facility that all future residents will need. Therefore, the construction of this school is going at on fast pace. And all five floors are almost completed. Lastly, the soon the developers are going to facilitate this feature.

Business Square Development

The business opportunities are available here to housing society residents. Moreover, the investors are also looking forward to this blue world city development. Because once the business square construction works entirely to its full potential, the residents can benefit from it.

Sports Arena Construction

Another blue world city development that will complete soon is the sports arena. Moreover, the idea behind building the aport arena is to provide investors with the best living conditions. And it will also improve the investors’ and future residents’ health and longevity. Furthermore, the construction work will soon complete here with the best facilities.


The blue world city development work is soon going to be complete. Moreover, the developers are building this magnificent housing scheme with international urban town planning standards. And it will have all the basic and luxurious features and facilities available to let the residents live a happy and sustainable life. Moreover, the construction work here is also growing daily, indicating that all the investors will soon be living here with all the facilities. Due to construction work, the investment ratio here is increasing, and the worth of the residential endeavour is expanding. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has all the development updates, so visit their official website.

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Top 5 Commodity ETFs To Invest In [UPDATED 2022]

Top 5 Commodity ETFs To Invest In [UPDATED 2022]


Commodity ETFs have been in the talk for the past few years. And investors are keen to know the reasons for its popularity in detail, just like the metaverse. The Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are a pooled investment security, similar to mutual funds. Furthermore, the benefits of using the ETFs are lower operating costs, more transparency, and flexible trading. Similarly, several commodities are e that can be a beneficial aspect of them when it comes to the economic contributor. And the significant example would the gold and silver, and these commodities have a lot of risks involved. Thus, investing in ETFs is a more secure and reliable investment opportunity. Lastly, to know the details of Commodity EFTs, continue reading.

Commodity Exchange-Traded Funds (EFTs)

Commodity ETFs is a stock trade funds investable in Physical commodities. Moreover, several things are available as a commodity, but the ETFs mainly focus on one type of commodity. Furthermore, f investment is becoming famous because it involves less cost and risks for all the investors. Moreover, it encourages the investors to make valuable investments in their lives. And the investors will not own the physical commodity but have contracts of these commodities as an asset.

Moreover, it is like the digital version of the physical entity like real estate. And if you know how to buy digital real estate metaverse, you can earn several benefits. Lastly, a few types of ETFs investment options are here:

Types of the Commodity ETFs

There are mainly four types of this investment option. All of them have their pros and cons. So an adequate guide is mandatory before becoming part of the field. Lastly, the names are as follows:

  • Equity ETFs
  • Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs)
  • Physically-Backed Funds
  • Future-Based Funds

Top 5 Commodity ETFs To Invest In

Several options are here available, but we have picked up the top 5 choices that will provide the reader with the best possible profits. And the details of them are as follows:

iShares Silver Trust

Storing silver cab be a difficult task; by doing it with the help of commodity ETFs, the investment opportunity may become a more reliable and profitable investment. Moreover, in comparison with gold, silver acts distinct in the market. And like solar panels and medical devices, silver tends to have more common applications. Lastly, the iShare Silver Trust (SLV) that holds physical silver acts similar to the SPDR Gold Trusts (GLD).

Invesco DB Base Metals Funds

The Invesco DB Base Metals Funds offers a platform to invest in the different types of metal. And The future of the investment is highly profitable. Moreover, the metals involved are Zinc, copper, and aluminium. And these are the common metals used in many industries. Furthermore, the pipes, wires, pipes, zippers and all the possible stuff used in industries use these metals. Lastly, the prices of the metals may fluctuate according to the industry’s trends.

SPDR Gold Trust

Gold is a commonly used metal. And from investing point of view to usage in many forms, the gold has proved itself to be the best metal investment. But moreover, several risk factors are here that might make the investor think twice before investing. Furthermore, it is a difficult option to sell. However, a lot of investors find gold a trustworthy investment option. And for those investors, investing in SPDR Gold trust will help eliminate all the risks involved in gold investment.

Tuecrime Corn Funds

Corns are a widely used commodity used worldwide. Moreover, the United States agriculture industry depends a lot on this commodity. Furthermore, according to the department of agriculture, around 97 acres of corn were planted in 2020. However, growing and cultivating corns can be a question as it involves many risks and efforts. So, Tuecrime Corn Funds is here to offer the best investment option for all the investors who want to use corn as an investment opportunity.

Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Funds

For all the investors looking to make a profitable investment, the Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Funds is here to help the investors with the best investment opportunities. Moreover, it shows the future contracts of the world’s 14 most valuable commodities. Therefore, investors are looking to make a profitable investment in various sectors like grains, energy, metals and many more. The platform is here to help out all the investors.

Risk Factors

Like all other investment options, the risks are also part of this investment opportunity. Moreover, the types may have specific risk factors, but now we will look into the overall risk. And the funds are in two forms one is Contango, and the other is backwardation. Moreover, Contango means the prices will see a spike in the future, and the opposite is in the case of the backwardation, which means the costs will be lower in the future. So, ETFs might influence the future price on their own. Furthermore, the bidder can increase the prices according to the current scenario. Therefore, guidance and presence of mind are mandatory to yield the desired results.


The commodity ETFs are the latest trend in the investment world. Moreover, the investors globally are looking to make a profitable investment, and this platform provides opportunities to all. Furthermore, several types here will ensure the variety for all the investors. And the best aspect is that commodity trading is always there but giving a new view to this investment is bliss. Moreover, it helps eliminate all the risks in trading and investing in commodities. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing official site for similar updates regarding this investment option.

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Reasons to Invest in Sialkot Motorway City

Reasons to Invest in Sialkot Motorway City


Motorway City Sialkot is the latest housing scheme developing in the Sialkot. Moreover, the developers here have an outstanding housing society to deliver the best services to future residents. Furthermore, the location and prices plan are also highly affordable in the range of all investors. And the best aspect is the living standards that provide all essential and luxurious services. Moreover, the developers are well known, motivating the investors to make the best investment here.

Motorway city Sialkot is the best housing project developing in Sialkot, like the Citi Housing Sialkot. Moreover, the 5G Group of Companies is developing this magnificent real estate project. And as the name suggests, the investors already know and have seen the high-quality deliverables. Furthermore, the prices with the provision of an instalment are the best features that attract most investors. Moreover, this location is also ideal, which is why future residents are encouraged to make a long-term investment here. Lastly, continue reading to learn about the real estate project perks and privileges.

Reasons to Invest in Sialkot Motorway City

Several reasons are there that offer the ideal lifestyle to all the investors. Moreover, the investors are fascinated by the facilities the developers provide to all the future residents. And some of them are here:

Access to all Essentials

The developers of Motorway city Sialkot are offering the best and most sustainable lifestyle to all the investors. Moreover, the provision of electricity, eater, and gas will be available to investors and the residents. Furthermore, they will be here at highly affordable prices. Therefore, investing here will ensure a healthy and long-term living standard.

Medical and Health Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities are a mandatory aspect that all individuals need to strive for a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, to fulfil this requirement, the developers of Motorway city Sialkot offer world-class health care services to prospective residents. Furthermore, several schools and colleges will also be a part of the community. And they will follow the international and high-quality curriculum that will add value to all residents’ lives. Lastly, the developers are concerned about offering residents the best lifestyle, like in the Prime Valley Islamabad.

Motorway City Sialkot & Ideal Location

The housing project is at the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. Moreover, the location is accessible from the known and significant sites. Furthermore, this is the first aspect that all real estate investors look for before investing. So the developers of Motorway city Sialkot are also willing to do a housing project in an ideal location. Moreover, the access point from this housing scheme includes Saddar Cantt, Murray College, Iqbal Manzil, and Sialkot Clock Tower. Therefore, living here will be beneficial for all the investors.

Affordable Housing Project

The Motorway city Sialkot has several properties for all the residents. And they will have different sizes to make customizable living standards according to the preferences of the investors. Moreover, the plots available here will be affordable enough that all investors can easily invest here, like in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, the price range ranges from PKR 4,250,000/- and ends at  PKR 17,000,000/-. Lastly, the relevant details and updates will be available on the Estate Land Marketing Website.

Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme

The developers of Motorway city Sialkot are building a green and environmentally friendly housing project. Moreover, the construction work will be according to the international town planning standards. And that includes minimum wastage and efficient usage of resources during the construction work. Furthermore, plantation drive will also be going on in the community to make it a serene gated community like the Forest Town Islamabad.

Business Opportunities

The Motorway city Sialkot is not only here for fulfilling the living purposes of the residents but also aims to give them monetary benefits. Moreover, several sizes of commercial plots will be available at reasonable prices. Furthermore, residents can start any business model according to o their needs and likes. And they can make higher financial gains through their business ventures. So, investment here will be a fantastic investment option to attain a prosperous lifestyle.

Secured Gated Community

The Motorway city Sialkot offers the best-secured lifestyle to all the future residents. Moreover, to ensure a secure living, the CCTV Cameras will be all over the community to check and record all the happenings. Furthermore, it is a gated community; a wall around the community makes it a highly secured community. Lastly, security guards will also be there to mitigate any inconvenient situation. So, invest here now to live peacefully.


Motorway city Sialkot is a unique real estate project developing in the Sialkot. Moreover, the developers will know the art of delivering a high-quality lifestyle to all residents. Furthermore, the housing scheme is at the junction of the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, making it an ideal investment for the residents of Sialkot. And the prices are also low again, making it a convenient investment option for all investors and future residents. Moreover, numerous facilities will be available to ensure a sustainable and high-end lifestyle for all the residents. Therefore, investment here now is the need of the hour. Lastly, you can get all the relevant information regarding this housing project from Estate Land Marketing.

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Types of Property Tax

Types of Property Tax


A property tax types are a tax payable on all the properties owned by an individual or a group of professionals. Moreover, the property tax in Pakistan is the expected amount applicable to all the property’s rental value. Furthermore, the taxes amount are different in every province. And the rental value does not mean the value of the rental property; it is the amount the property would have if its let out. The owners have to pay the property tax to the government. The tax is due according to the types of property like the residential or rental.

Several housing schemes are coming up in the country, like the Prime Valley, Kingdom valley, and Seven Wonders City. And all these properties have been to pay the taxes to continue their living or professional purposes. So, lastly, continue reading o know in detail about the property tax.

Types of Property Tax

Several types of property tax types are here that would be applicable in Pakistan. Moreover, the residents and the owners have to pay it to continue their living purposes. And housing schemes are developing all over the country to fulfil investor and resident requirements like the 1947 Housing Society and Park View City. Furthermore, common types of taxes include capital gain, capital value, stamp duty, withholding tax, or advance tax. Lastly, the details of these taxes are as follows:

Capital Gain Tax (CGT)

The property tax Types on the sale of the property are payable on the gain of the profits. Moreover, it is a federal tax that has to be paid by the sellers. Furthermore, it is the amount of the profits sellers gain to gain the property. And the government has also provided the tax rate to give the taxpayer a clear understanding of the due amount. Moreover, for the first year, the taxpayer must pay 10 %. And for the second year, it will be 7.5% if sold. Lastly, 5% if sold in the third year. All these rates are available according to the type of the properties. Therefore, the taxpayer will know the amount they have to pay.

Capital Value Tax (CVT)

The Property Tax types apply to purchasable properties. Moreover, several housing schemes are here to offer the properties to the investors, like the Sialkot Motorway City. So, the investors must know this type of tax payable in the properties they have bought or will buy. Moreover, it is a provincial tax that the buyers pay when purchasing the property. Furthermore, it is applicable at 2%. And properties transferable as gifts, including as inheritance or to spouses, come into this category. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing Official Website for more tax-related knowledge.

Stamp Duty

It is one of the vital property tax types payable on the official legal document at the buying time. Moreover, this type of property tax is payable on the tax implied on the property purchase. And as we have discussed, the housing schemes are developing in the country to offer the best property purchase to all the investors, including the Seven Wonders City. Lastly, the stamp duty is payable at the 3% at the DC rates of property.

Withholding Tax

Another one of the vital property tax types includes the withholding tax. Moreover, this tax is also due on the purchasable and sellable properties. Furthermore, the home buyers’ income tax return will have to pay the 2%. And 4% tax will be due if they do not file a tax return. Moreover, if the value of a home is more than 4 million, only then will the withholding tax apply.

The filer sellers have to pay 1% tax, and the non-filer has to pay 2% tax. Most importantly, this tax is payable at the time of the deal or signing the agreement. Lastly, the tax is also known as advance tax.


The property tax types are the tax payable by both the buyer and the seller. Moreover, it is the government’s amount to make the property legal. Furthermore, several types of property taxes are available in Pakistan with different terms and conditions. And some typical kind of taxes includes the Capital Gain. Capital Value, Stamp Duty, and the Withholding Tax.

Moreover, the excise taxation and narcotics control department’s website allows sellers and buyers to calculate the tax amount. And the details of these taxes are also discussed in detail in this blog. Moreover, with the emergence of several housing schemes in the country, investors must know all these property taxes before investing. Furthermore, some famous housing schemes include Kingdom Valley Islamabad and Blue World city Islamabad. Lastly, keep visiting Estate Land Marketing to learn the latest updates reading the taxes.

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