Real estate market news Updates 2023

Real estate market news Updates 2023

The real estate business in Pakistan has been booming with time. Although the country is facing economic crisis, so the progress of real estate business is balanced. A lot of local and international real estate investors have desire to invest in this sector despite all odds. According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan, real estate business of Pakistan would grow by 30% in next five years. Even one of the World Back report suggest that this sector is second largest job creator in Pakistan. As per the real estate market news, the real estate market over time has been transforming globally with time. A lot of real estate investors prefer low-cost housing nowadays, especially for gated communities. The gated communities are the one, where there is huge gate that separates the housing project from other surroundings .

Real Estate Market News

Current Trends in Pakistan

The real estate business in Pakistan has been observing changing trends, i.e. more demands for low-cost housing nowadays. The country is in much needs of affordable housing project due to fast urbanization and growing population. Many of the overseas investors are investing their money in overseas sector of different housing projects i.e. Park View City Overseas Commercial. The real estate sector in Pakistan is offering tremendous profitable opportunities, and it has potential to expand further. The main driver behind such potential rise is growing demand for cheap housing and interest of foreign investors. Some of the initiatives like Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme have been instrumental in boosting real estate business. So, one can say that real estate market news in Pakistan is somehow positive.

Many of the Pakistani housing projects that are about to be completed have potential to generate huge revenue. Majority of the real estate investors have found themselves happy with their investment in these projects due to their innovative housing features.

Housing Market in Pakistan

If we talk about housing market in Pakistan, the global reports says that this business would grow 30% more. Next five years in this business would be a drastic change, which has potential to get more profits. The main cause behind such rapid spread is different individuals migrating to huge cities to get better opportunities. One of the important trend in housing market of Pakistan in rise of gated societies. Many individuals would like to live in safe environment, which makes gated societies favorite among real estate investors. Another important trend is the rise of commercial real estate, which encourages business activities within a housing project. Real estate market news suggests that new housing projects in Pakistan like Dream Valley Housing Scheme would attract more profits.

Investment Opportunities

As per the real estate market news, investors  in real estate business of Pakistan have diverse options of investment. This business is one of the lucrative business in Pakistan that provide greater returns in investment. A lot of investors are looking for affordable housing project, since the economic situation of Pakistan is not much satisfactory. The government of Pakistan has been providing some incentives like tax breaks and subsidies, as this is a productive industry. Some of the main projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor have significant for this business, as a lot of roads are under construction. Since this corridor would be linking western part of China with southern part of Pakistan, so a lot of housing projects would develop in that route. Real Estate Market Predictions further suggest that real estate market would gain more investment, in return for profits.


The housing market in Pakistan has been very instrumental in economic progress of Pakistan. The economic situations might not be much good in Pakistan, yet the housing business in rising. Real Estate Market News says that the investment in this business would increase due to overseas investors. The real estate market in Pakistan would be progressing more, and offer better returns. Now, is the best time to invest your capital in this business, as it would be better for future. For more positive news about real estate in Pakistan, please consult with representatives of Estate Land Marketing. Our representatives have good experience in real estate market of Pakistan, and they would provide best guidance.


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Real Estate market prediction for 2024

Real Estate market prediction for 2024

It is a notable fact that real estate business is thriving all over the glove, as it guarantees huge profits in return. Many of the real estate experts believe that 2024 would be shifting year for real estate business. A lot of real estate market predictions of 2024 depends on changing mortgage interest rates. Such rates have skyrocketed two times more than the year 2022. To some extent, Federal reserves of different countries are combatting inflation due to which the interest rates remained huge. Zillow housing market trends suggest tighter economic conditions compel slowdown in implementing nominal growth of wage. The mortgage rate might be high in year 2024, and property sellers might be hesitant to sell their properties at lower rates.

Real Estate Market Predictions

Are sales going to decline?

Although the prices of the homes had not changed before 2023, but this year volume of home sales has softened. The current home sales in July 2023 declined to annual pace of more than 4 million homes. Some of the prominent chief economists like Lawrence Yun suggest that retreating mortgage rates after their dip may get more house sellers and buyers. Some other financial experts further suggested low mortgage rate may further outgrow activity of home sales. The existing sellers in real estate market may enable themselves to trade their current houses. Such trade would help them in getting more transactions by adding much needed inventory into market. Due to competitive nature of real estate market, interest rates might have a drastic impact on real estate market over time.

Other important factor behind declines of sales might depend on inventory level. The inventory levels would need to surge; however it would depend on the buying capacity of existing homebuyers. There would be some new homebuyers, who would list their current properties, or might spend huge amount to construct new homes. Buyer would prefer to sell their low mortgage rates, if they have desire to construct a new home. Other than that, mortgage rates would play huge role in determining house rates. Real estate market predictions also suggests that Interest rates would have a limited effect on real estate. Such affect would influence mortgage payments with demands of housing. Buyer interest rate has remained high despite home prices witnessing growth, as per the real estate market trends.

2024 scenario

As per year real estate market forecast 2024, housing market might continue to slow down, but would not crash. The prices for first time buyers may surge due to very low borrowing rates, and supply restrictions. The prices are expected to rise slower or remain smooth for the next two years. Growing interest rates by next year may lead to a pullback in rates, which would result in affordability. Although, it might remain a primary concern for buyers as growing prices make it difficult for some purchasers to enter the market. Technically, the real estate market will remain very strong, but they might be moving towards some balance.

Though some of national housing markets won’t be crashing, but some other regional markets may witness deterioration in home prices. The only reason behind such deterioration is the increasing interest rate that might result in further unaffordability. As a matter of fact, some regions that previously face price growth issue would definitely experience a slowdown. The good part is that it might be a temporary setback, since economic and demographic trends might evolve favorably.


The amalgamation of huge mortgage rates, vertical home rates and low inventory levels would provide challenges for house buyers. Real Estate Market Predictions of year 2023 tells us that real estate market activity might face ups and down due to changing economic trends. One needs to understand complexities of existing real estate market condition, in order to generate profits next years. Real estate investors must look into challenges of affordability that might occur due to increase in rates. The have been fears of recession among real estate experts, as they contribute towards markets rise or decline. The real estate market may potentially shift away from skewness towards sellers to more balanced situations. If you want to learn more about potential changing trends in real estate market in 2024, please get in touch with consultants of Estate Land Marketing.

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Real estate market over the last 50 years

Real estate market over the last 50 years

One can easily trace the rise and decline of home rates due to a lot of changing conditions. Some of these include mortgage rates, increases in rates, some event economic declines, and migration charges. Different decades between the 1950s to the current year witnessed significant home price fluctuations, especially time between the post-war World War 2 to the late Cold War. Cold War witnessed a huge rise in rates of home while subtracting few collisions along the road. The slump in the early 90s produced a minor real estate market bubble that often bursts. Such a slump eventually brought an insignificant dip in the rate of homes.

Important price drops in the real estate market didn’t actually occur until the Great Recession in 2008 and the real estate decline. The real estate business had not experienced something that happened in the 1930s. Nobody tracked solid numbers for home rates those days, while home production rates tanked by 90%. Nowadays, there are several changing trends that often go on a downward trajectory in the global home market, especially in Pakistan. Different economic trends i.e. real estate market forecast 2024 would have a drastic impact on the real estate market over time.

Real estate market over time


The real estate market is generally a good indicator of financial strength of any developed economy. It overall represents around 15 to 20 percent of a GDP of any state. It had also become a bigger strength and weakness for different stakeholders. Many of the changes began around 50 years before i.e. costs fluctuation, older buyers, and downpayments.  Real estate market over time has witnessed a digital transformation, in terms of real estate market appreciation and transaction.

Market share for first time buyer

Finally, first-time buyers comprise around a smaller portion of the real estate market now than they did around four decades ago. The National Association of Realtors conducted a survey among first profile of home purchasers and sellers survey. The survey clearly states that first-time buyers are around 39% in the housing market; in contrast to 34% share in 2017.

Income-to-rent ratios

Other reason behind the huge rise in long-term occupants could actually be the amount of rent that buyers spend in their younger years. Young adults spend around of $93,000 on rent, as soon as they are thirty years of age. This amount is also a gigantic 45% of their financial income. On the other hand, baby boomers have been spending only 36% of their income at 30 years of agent on rent. By 1960, more than 20 percent of renters had huge burden on their cost. One can look into Zillow housing market trends to analyze how much income to rent ratios evolves.

Home improvements

Many of the individuals had made several home improvements to upgrade their houses. Such outclass improvement formed best year for home improvements since the previous decade. As majority of the development work is becoming increasingly unaffordable, it looks that many real estate investors are trying to look new ways to make up with what they already attain. Housing market predictions 2024 predict that a lot of housing prices would completely rely on home improvements.


Vast majority of the homeowners would do well to purchase a place that they actually hope to reside. They also need pay off their mortgage quickly, until they reach their retirement age. Real estate market over time has compelled the investors to lessen their capital, and shift to less expensive homes. Though such strategy cannot provide guarantee of generating huge profits, so one needs to think in other way. For more facts about evolution of real estate market, you must reach out to consultants of Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate consultants are professional in the field of real estate marketing, so you would get good guidance.

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All housing market trends for 2024

All housing market trends for 2024

The real estate market trends for 2024 are surely bringing in good news. Moreover, in this article – we intend to tap into all of the aspects that make up the industry trends, how long they stay, and the impact that they have on all other phenomena.

In addition, the constant real estate market analysis also keeps the different departments in check. So, it is extremely important to have a solid know-how about things before making any kind of investment. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the opportunity of investing comes around a few times in a lifetime or sometimes – just once. Therefore, acquiring knowledge and knowing what trends run the industry is the smart way to go about it.  So, keep reading more about it.

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is huge and mega, thus, there is an influx of departments and sectors. From housing, rental, commercial spaces, and residential to a lot more – the spectrum is giant. So, we will have to get into all the stats, facts, and figures to analyze the real estate market trends for 2024 and even the years coming after it.

Moreover, on the topic of discoursing how giant the industry is, we will mention Pakistan’s real estate industry. It comes under the discussion of the Real estate market forecast 2024. As of today – the market in Pakistan is directly and indirectly connected to more than 40 industries. Therefore, the revenue generation is huge and it does have a large impact on how the industry progresses. So, to know what could be the top trends, we need to keep all of these things in mind.

Real Estate Market Trends

We will be tapping into the trends, and making predictions about the coming year of 2024. Well, it shall also be remembered that all these analyses are based on the previous facts and figures along with knowing how the industry has been doing. So, here we go.

Oscillating Housing Prices

Predicting the real estate markets and trends, it has also been seen that housing prices have been rising over the past few years. Well, if we look at the trajectory, the pricing phenomenon will sure (by analyzing the stats), the catch is that it will happen at a comparatively lower pace.

So, the oscillating prices will have a huge impact on multiple sectors of the industry in the coming year of 2024 and the years after it.

Rising Need

Well, you must have heard that the more the demand, the more the supply is. Well, with the heavy increase in population, the demand for houses is also increasing with rapid race. So, the calculation is quite simple. As the demand is getting with more and considering the fact that the population (thus, need) is increasing – therefore, it is evident that prices will rise. That is precisely what is happening here.

Competitive Space

Since real estate as a market is extremely mega, thus, the competition in every sector of it also keeps increasing. Whether we do the housing market predictions 2024 about the houses, rentals, or anything else – the competition just keeps getting more and more.

Mortgage Situation

Another thing that is going to make a large and even more impactful noise is going to be the mortgage situation. So, a mortgage basically is an agreement between a lender and you. Suppose a situation where you are not able to keep up with the money, don’t return it – the lender has the absolute right to hold onto your property.

So, in this category – the analysis and predictions of 2024 and the years after say that in this case – mortgage prices are likely to increase. Why? Because the inflation rate is on the rise, the federal reserves are to be used to increase the interest on properties.


In this article, we thoroughly talked about what the real estate of the coming will look like for all investors. So, keeping all the stats, facts, and figures – the analysis is purely based on them. There are no assumptions so to say. Anyhow, having had solid experience in the real estate field – Estate Land Marketing thoroughly and keenly advises you to always do your background research before investing your hard-earned money.

It will not only spare the investors from any random and uncertain circumstances but also make them make even more impeccable investment choices. So, make a timely but wise decision.

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Will it be a buyer or seller's market in 2024

Will it be a buyer or seller’s market in 2024

The housing industry is a complex and ever-changing business, and it is hard to predict that what is coming next. Many of the financial experts believe that after few years the evolving national economy might have direct impact on business. On the basis of current trends and opinions of economic experts, real estate market forecast 2024 has some optimistic views. This forecast explains that housing market would remain stable in year 2024, as it is important component of national economy. One must look into CMA real estate analysis to understand such forecast.

Real Estate Market Forecast 2024

Interest rates might increase the mortgage rates for new buyers, but prices would not fall like the one in 2008 market crash. Lending standards might become more vigorous, as compared to previous years. The housing market was huge during the Covid-19 pandemic because of low borrowing rates. Such trend encouraged purchases of first-time buyers, yet they faced lack of supply due to underbuilding. A lot of real estate experts have distinct thoughts on whether rates would collapse in the next five years. Real estate market forecast 2024 clearly states inflation might have a drastic impact on real estate business of Pakistan.

Though, they are of the view that housing market would experience a slowdown in next five years. Current Housing Market of Pakistan depends highly on interest rates and supply of properties on market, which might even determine mortgage rates. In 2021, the current median home rate in Pakistan increased by 16.9% around PKR 10 million, with sales of 6 million houses, which was highest since 2006. The market also relied on record-low interest rates, huge prices growth and rentals for single-family homes with the 15-year huge sales.

2024 Housing Market Predictions

Real Estate Market Forecast 2024 also gives a hopeful analysis of bringing more solidity to the real estate market after a few years of hesitation. With mortgage rates decreasing quicker than expectation, and home rates are likely to remain frequently flat in 2024. This might be best news for purchasers who are eager to witness a good time to enter the housing market. The national housing shortage might be less, and it would not continue like it did in year 2020. The growing cost and penalties of climate change would also have drastic impact on real estate, as per the prediction for 2024. Homeowners will have to consider cost to build home that would resist climate change. The overall price of owning a home would become an important metric, as it included taxes, maintenance rates, and mortgage rates.

Will it be a Real Estate Market for purchasers?

The housing market of Pakistan has witnessed skyrocketing rates of homes since past two year due to less inventory and low interest rates. According to latest Economic Survey of Pakistan, the entire trend might change with the passage of time. Many of the financial experts in Pakistan have utilized real estate market analysis to explain the forecast.

A potential Shift in Favor of Purchasers

Many of the real estate experts in Pakistan are expecting a huge shift in favor of buyers by next year. The only reason behind such potential shift is increasing mortgage costs. Real estate market forecast 2024 states that huge mortgage costs result in reducing competition among homebuyers. This shift would also apply huge pressure on rental market, as potential homebuyers may want to rent. The forecast report also tells that new housing project are not likely to see price reduction by next years. Contrary to that, some vacation market areas might see price reductions, as the forecast predicted rent growth too. The rent growth would depend upon inflation that might outperform stock and real estate market appreciation by next year.


Real estate market forecast 2024 generally suggests that housing business in Pakistan would go through a huge change in the coming years. Such transformation would entirely depend on declining rates of homes due to shift towards market of homebuyers. It would also be a result of numerous aspects like increasing mortgage rates, and inventory shortage. Such declining issue may push many probable buyers to the sidelines. Please check out the website of Estate Land Marketing to learn more about such forecast. Our real estate consultancy firm is aware about all the previous and future trends of Pakistani real estate business.

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Average appreciation of real estate per year

Average appreciation of real estate per year

Real Estate Market appreciation translates to many things and we are going to tap into all of them. In addition, people often wonder about many real estate markets facets that can help them make an even more wise and lucrative investment choice.

So, in this particular blog, we are going to walk you through the average appreciation of real estate per year, what it is? However, how the masses can understand it more comfortably? Now, before going ahead, let’s understand that the word appreciation in real estate refers to the value or worth of any property being increased.  So, we will talk and discourse over the phenomenon in the same capacity. So, here we go.

What is Home Appreciation in Real Estate?

The term home appreciation, as mentioned before, is when the value of any property increases over time. Now, that progression could be of any form or state. It could either be slow or fast-paced or come via come benefit the property in any way.

For example, a property on rent may benefit the owner slowly and at large too. So, now, let’s talk about how the phenomenon of Real Estate Market appreciation impacts throughout the year. Not to forget that it also has a huge impact on many other sectors and departments of the industry – as per the keen real estate analysis.

Real Estate Market appreciation

Now, on to the major and key topic of the discussion which is about Real Estate Market appreciation – here is how it goes on average along with the yearly reports that come out.

Variable Home Appreciation

What a buyer will agree on buying a property is what defines the appreciation of that home/property. So, there are many factors that it relies on. From the location, market trends, condition of the property, the commercial value of the area, and a lot more.

So, based on that, the appreciation which is the raised value or worth, depends on them. While we are at it, it is also important to note that home appreciation also impacts or rather strengthens equity. The equity is of the owner.

Home Values Vs Appreciation

Now, there is a difference between home values and its appreciation. Home value is what the original value and worth get set while the appreciation is the increased value. It is also important that with the increase in home value, home appreciation is not guaranteed.

How often does home appreciation occur?

The average appreciation of real estate per year varies with time. Looking at the stats and figures, it is believed that the appreciation or the raise in a property’s value has been high. We will look at the recent past and the stats to figure out where the Pakistan real estate forecast 2023 might be going.

So, here is the average Real Estate Market appreciation for the years 2021 and 2022.

  • From April 2021 to April 2022, the increase seen in the market was around 18.8%.

It shall also be noted that this is the historic highest average home value increase. Which proves a whole lot of things. For example, the fact that with these stats, the future of the Real Estate Market adjustment will just be brighter and more pleasant.

Factors impacting Real Estate Market appreciation

Now, that we have looked into the estimation of how the next year or the ones coming after it will be for the real estate market appreciation. As we said earlier there are multiple factors including the PropTech market, appreciation evaluation, and much more. So, we will talk about some of the factors that impact the appreciation phenomenon.

Regional Difference

One of the biggest reasons why the average raise in home appreciation varies is because of the region. One region might generate more appreciation while the other lacks. So, the commercialization, business, demand, trends, and much more is what creates a huge difference.

Economic Image

The instability of the economy of a country makes it one of the reasons for where real estate stands. So, keeping that in mind, we can gauge the situation and what could be the future.

Supply & Demand

In any profession and field, the services are supplied on the basis of demands. So, the more the demand is, the more market appreciation will happen. So, the average real estate market appreciation is likely to happen.


We talked about the very phenomenon of property appreciation and how often it occurs on an average basis. So, we also peeked into the old stats and how often is it likely to happen in the near future too. That is the precise reason why an investor should always go for background research in order to make a wise investment. In any way, Estate Land Marketing is here to guide you further.

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Dallas Housing Market Forecast 2023

Dallas Housing Market Forecast 2023

DFW housing Market is one of the core parts of the real estate market analysis, especially when it comes to Dallas real estate. Well, there are many aspects and facets of the phenomenon because it is giant and massive. In addition to that, there is also very little and minuscule information on the internet, especially authentic. so, we decided to walk you through all the needed and wanted information.

It will not only be helpful in spreading the information but investors and general masses will be in a better position to make wise investment choices. So, here we are, providing the most authentic information on the DFW housing market, the trends, and everything that the future holds.

Dallas Housing Market Situation

Before going ahead, we will be talking about everything that the current Dallas real estate situation. So, whether we talk about the present and the future, the Dallas housing market does have only pleasant news to put across.

Anyhow, there are different sectors and departments of the Dallas Housing Market which means the trends and shifts are likely to change and have polar results. The forecast may include multiple facets of the real estate markets, so here are the top phenomena.

Dfw Housing Market

So, now we will be jumping right into the DFW housing market forecast which translates to talking about the multiple sectors of the industry itself. So, here it is;

Home Values

Firstly, we will be talking or forecasting about a very important phenomenon which is home values. So, basically, home values are the price that buyers or investors are willing to pay for a certain residential property. So, it becomes the home value.

Well, by looking at the stats, facts, and figures – the home values are to increase in the coming time because of many reasons. The first is the fact that the number of houses available for rent is likely to remain the same while the demand might increase. Which is exactly why the prices will hike.

Slower Pace

As discussed earlier, the price range might go higher but the Zillow housing market has also noticed that it will at a slower pace and not a sudden shocker. Along with that, the steady but constant increase in the population of the area will likely have more demand. So, the DFW housing Market will have to find ways to adjust propyl as the given scenarios and situations.

As we are on the topic of the steady increase in the population of the area – let’s also mention that the DFW metro area was also one of the fastest and most hastily growing spaces for the population. Moreover, the stats are just for the last year, so the year 2023 is also going to be in the same territory.

Facts & Figures

Here is some factual forecasting that will determine the market, stakeholders’, and even investors perceptions.

  • The home values will likely increase by a percentage of 3.6% comparatively. Furthermore, these stats are from 2023 -2024. So, that should be kept in mind.

Less Inventory

Well, in addition to these facts, it is also a part of the housing market prediction in the ongoing year of 2023. This means that the inventory entering the market is likely to be less frequent. In addition, it is also believed that the DFW housing market has been seen as transitioning. From a solid and sound seller’s market to a comparatively slower and calm space. Now, it is about time that will prove if the future is going to make it brighter and pleasant or if is it going to be the other way around.

Anyhow, the supply conditions have declined and deteriorated in the recent past. It obviously hints at an alarming image of the DFW housing market.

Hopeful Market

Apart from all the stats and figures, still, the estimations claim that people have brought a much kinder outlook. Both to the current market and the future which means that people. In addition, people will be doing an incredible for you and even more so.

2023-2024 Market Evaluation

The stats say that the upcoming year of 2024 and the ongoing year of 2023 are pleasant and everything profound. Aside from some of the uncertainties –  the DFW housing market is eventually going to grow and prosper rapidly. Most of the departments seem stable, and one can assume that the coming time is going to be worth it.


As we mentioned and thoroughly talked about all the unique facets and stats about the DFW housing market. It is important to know where the industry stands and how investors can make better investments. For more queries and their answers, rightly head to Estate Land Marketing, a prolific name in the advertising world.

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Dream Valley Islamabad total area Guide 2023

Dream Valley Islamabad total area Guide 2023

Dream Valley Islamabad total area defines how incredible and fine the whole society is. Well, there are other facets and many facilities that are enough for investors to know how Dream Valley stands apart. Anyhow, we are venturing out to know all about the area guide of the society and everything in between.

In addition, people also expect an influx of other facilities too for comfort and luxury. Things that would their utmost priority since elevating the lifestyle, matching up to the international standards and what not, it must be a necessity. In addition to that, the phenomenon of area guide or location also holds high importance because of many reasons. And we will be looking at them in this blog. Keep reading to know everything about the Dream Valley Islamabad total area.

Dream Valley Islamabad

When we talk about investments, a whole lot of phenomena come to mind, defining the perfect investment. Moreover, the masses, stakeholders, and all the general investors look for the perfect property and, thus, end up comparing many societies. So, whichever society offers a gamut of defining and phenomenal amenities and facilities – is what attracts them.

So, Dream Valley Investment is soon turning out to be one of the impeccable and highly high-end opportunities in the twin cities. Offering a lifestyle that has rarely been seen in Pakistan. So, the expectation, thus, the hype is real and extreme.

Dream Valley Islamabad total area

In this article, we intend to shed light on all kinds of aspects of area guide and location importance along with how Dream Valley Islamabad total area makes it stand apart. So, here we go;

Dream Valley Location

The highly promising, futuristic and high-end housing society, Dream Valley Housing Scheme, is right on Murree Road. One of the most commercial and highly magnificent residences. Moreover, since the Dream Valley Islamabad location is highly accessible and easy to reach – all residents and investors can reach the capital city center in just a few minutes.

Well, in addition, Dream Valley is also very near to the worldly Koran River which means that there is everything. A perfect amalgamation of life necessities and beauty/magnificence. What else does a person want?

Perfect Amalgamation

When we talk about a location’s scenery and beauty, it translates to the surroundings, cleanliness, and beauty that the place has to offer. So, for Dream Valley – it is no less than any excellence and perfection. Surrounded by the Margalla Hills from all four sides, the society is truly ideal. Moreover, before investing, the intention and demand of the investors is comfort. So, Dream Valley investment is incredible as it is fulfilling its total purpose by staying away from any kind of noise and the city’s chaos.

Accessible Points

Now, we will be talking about the accessible points of society that truly ensure people’s trust and belief in the discourse of Dream Valley Islamabad total area guide. Something which is of extreme importance. So, here we go;

  • Ajaib Market
  • Dantar
  • Manga
  • Country Club Apartments
  • Murree Mall Road
  • Raja General Store
  • Korang Valley
  • Shakarparian
  • Behram Valley
  • Pakistan Secretariat Islamabad
  • Cattle farm
  • Samblan

Well, these are just a few. There is a long list that truly is a testament to investor’s sheer belief in the investors and even in real estate. Something that helps the industry at large flourish and grow. In these testing and unstable economic conditions of Pakistan, this bonding and trust is very much needed. Anyhow, the dream Valley Islamabad total area is surely playing a keen role. The area of this housing project would be just like Prime Valley Islamabad.

Ideal location – Importance

Dream Valley Islamabad enjoys a great deal of reputation and hype, considering the very highly promising Dream Valley features and amenities that it provides. Moreover, talking about the importance of location and how it impacts the society’s image and reputation, it is safe to say that people Dream Valley islamabad is incredible. In that department and every other.

Moreover, an ideal location defines and justifies that residents and investors will have all the facilities available at their doorstep. Along with that, the main aim is to have a balance of personal and professional lifestyles. That is exactly what Dream Valley Islamabad total area hints at. A whole lot of commercial and business opportunities are enough to make sure that people will be living a comfortable life.


We dealt with all the pressing, trendy, and most asked aspects of a property’s location. Well, Dream Valley Islamabad total area is a testament to greatness, grandeur, and much more. So, pay keen attention to what makes your property and resident apart from others. Moreover, doing background research also helps hugely. In that sector, Estate Land Marketing also helps and guides in the best way possible.

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Dream Valley Islamabad Contact Number Details 2023

Dream Valley Islamabad Contact Number Details 2023

Dream Valley Islamabad contact number is very feasible and necessary to carry out all the activities of booking and everything in between. Well, this is also one of the biggest and most massive housing societies to have ever built in Pakistan. So, the investors, stakeholders, and all just general masses are to expect the same. Whether it is the payment plan, incredible master plan, or even the impeccable facilities and facets, the venture stands out.

In addition, there is a gamut of boxes that need to be ticked in order to ensure that the society that you are investing in is magnificent. And these are just a few things that prove its excellence. Moreover, another thing that makes a huge difference is investor satisfaction and that can only happen if all the needs are met. In this, a feasible booking process comes in, so Dream Valley Islamabad contact number and property details are pertinent.

Dream Valley Housing Scheme Investment

The main aim of this blog is to shed light on how investors and the general public can contact the official authorities of the Dream Valley Housing Scheme. Well, there are multiple purposes and reasons behind the knowing of contact details.

Anyhow, before going ahead, the developers of the society have always dreamt of much bigger and beyond than what’s expected. All their past and recent ventures are truly a testament to time. Anyhow, people’s expectations are skyrocketing, and how magnificently they have reciprocated in the larger scheme of things.

Developers & Management

Now, we will be talking about what management and authority does Dream Valley Housing Scheme comes under. Well, M/S Canyon Enterprise (Pvt.), is one of the biggest and most acknowledged names in the real estate space of Pakistan. Moreover, they always try to take the journey up a notch, matching the very standards of the international industry.

So, this time around time – the developers are taking all the steps to ensure that people live a comfortable, luxurious, and lucrative lifestyle. Something that ensures that not today but the coming tomorrow is saved too.

Dream Valley Islamabad Contact Number

Let’s talk about the very phenomenon of what this blog is primarily about. There are different ways to have Dream Valley Islamabad contact number. And well, all of them have different purposes, which the developers try to fulfill on the spot. Here are the top Dream Valley Islamabad contact numbers and other details.

Dream Valley Booking Office

For booking, the head office is here;

  • Gulberg Greens, Premium Square, Business Park, 2nd Floor – Office no 1.

Dream Valley Head Office

One head office of Dream Valley is near the Blue Area and nearby areas too. In addition, people can contact on the numbers, available on the Internet, any time of the day that they want. It is surely one of the best Dream Valley features.

Purposes & Reasons

Now, the question is what could be the reasons and purposes that the masses, the public, customers, investors, or potential stakeholders would want to know the Dream Valley Islamabad contact number? So, here we go.

Booking Inquiries

One of the major reasons why anyone would want to contact the authorities or the management of the society is to inquire about the booking. Moreover, the entire hustle of real estate and housing societies boils down to getting the masses on board.

It is so because that is a cycle to upgrade the living standards and lifestyle of human beings. So, they do inquire about promising societies like Dream Valley. Anyhow, booking inquiries and the entire process could be huge and tricky at times, so contacting and getting authentic information is necessary.

Plots Details

A society like Dream Valley Housing Scheme creates an incredible set of hype, scrutiny, and attention. It is so because very few societies in Pakistan are providing these many incredible facets and features. It results in plots getting sold immediately because investors soon take the golden opportunity.

Therefore, the masses get in touch to inquire about the available dream valley plots for sale that they can grab their hands on. In addition, the inquiries and ambiguities are also about the payment details and what the developers offer in the larger scheme of things.

General Problems

Well, other than that, the contact is in regards to wanting to know all other general problems. Sometimes, the investors get in touch to know about the Dream Valley development status of their property. How soon they will be able to reside and settle in their property?


Dream Valley Islamabad contact number is extremely easy to find and navigate afterward. Anyhow, getting in touch with the management and authorities is important as it gives the sheer authentic information. Well, Estate Land Marketing is also here to get you in touch with the authorities directly.

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Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan

Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan 2023

Park View City is one of the upcoming legal stunning housing project that aims to transform the landscape. Moreover, It is locatable at the heart of Islamabad, which highly indicates its significance in such important sector. This housing project is so huge that it would cater to all kind of residential and commercial prospects. This housing project got the legal approval from capital development authority within few days. One of the best part about this project is its affordable payment plan with exotic location. The owners of such outclass housing project have plans to completely change the real estate business of Islamabad. They plan to make it possible through Park View City Payment Plan.

Owners and Developers

The developers and owners behind such outclass housing project are Vision Group, a real estate entity of Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan. He is a famous businessperson who is popular for his perfect delivery of projects in various fields. He has hired talented designer, who have designed the modern architecture of this project by using best technological methods.  His business venture became on of the huge ventures within a decade, and it has a best status.  Due to its reputation, many of the real estate investors are now devoting their money into this project. Park View City Owners have prepared park view city payment plan, as per the desires of their investors.

Location and Map

Any housing project with good location has potential to grab chucks of real estate investment from various investors. A good location is something that highlights the importance of the place, where that project is being constructed. As per the latest map, this housing project is locatable in Zone IV Malot Road. The entire place is all around near green hills of Bani Gala. The best part of this location is that it is next to Bahria Enclave, and 15 minutes  from Serena Hotel Islamabad. One can easily reach here through Simly Road, and Zero Point, which are not less than 20 minutes away from here. Park View City Payment Plan is completely somehow dependent on the aspects of ;ocation of Park View City Blocks.


Park View City Islamabad location on the map is located at Zone IV Malot road near serene green Bani Gala Hills. Some of its main drive way points are following

  • Around 3 min drive away from Simly Road
  • More than 15 min drive away from Kiani Road
  • Around half an hour drive away from main Zero Point
  • Almost 40 min drive away from Kahuta Road


Overall, the size of the location of this project ranges around 7000 Kanal land with numerous residential and commercial sectors. This housing project holds huge importance among real estate investors in Islamabad. One can come to this place through Malott Road while passing by Kurri Road. The main entrance towards this housing project is on side of Rawal Chowk, while the other gate is at Bahara Kahu’s side.

Payment Plan

Park View Islamabad would be located in one of the important places, so it is believed that the worth of the plots here would be more. This housing project would be constructed to cater to all types of Housing needs. Park View City payment plan makes the purchase of the plots in this project very easy. The membership fee from houses up to 10 Marla would begin from PKR 15000. Some payment for plots more than 1 Kanal would be reserves for around two years installment. Even, the overseas Pakistanis have a wonderful opportunity to invest their capital here in return for better profits. Prices of the plots would begin from PKR eight lacs to PKR 15 lacs.


The overall infrastructure of this housing project would be bewildering, and it would become an important project after its successful execution. The entire housing project would be one of the most brilliant real estate projects in Islamabad that nobody witnessed before. Park View City is a project that is worthy of investment, as it intends to provide state of the art housing facilities to its inhabitants. Park View City Payment Plan facilitates investors to acquire  modern living infrastructure. The development of this project might be the first of its sort in real estate business of twin cities. It comes with huge technological advancements, alongside educational and health facilities of global standard. If you plan to know more about the payment plan of this project, then visit the website of Estate Land Marketing for details. Our real estate portal is filled with all the real estate details.

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