Real estate rookie podcast by Ashley Details

Real estate rookie podcast by Ashley Details


As real estate business is gaining popularity worldwide, there are new entrants in the market, who want to be successful. So, BiggerPockets Podcast run Real Estate Rookie Podcast once in a Week. Ashley Kellar is the host of this podcast, who is writer of a famous book known as Real Estate Rookie: 90 Days to Your First Investment. She has been working as a professional real estate representative for last eight years after she purchasing a rental property. Now, she has completely diversified her portfolio due her buy and hold strategy for different real estate ventures. The other co host of this Program is Tony Robinson, who own Robinson Equity, a firm that deals with acquisition of rental properties. He has a skill of scaling partnerships, and also an educator of real estate business.

Real estate rookie podcast

The real estate podcasts allow the realtors in making the best possible investment decisions.

Rookie Reply: Don’t Chase Cash Flow! 

This is some of the knowledgable Real Estate Rookie Podcast, as it discussed the importance of cash flow. The host explain that flow of cash is mandatory, while analyzing new real estate deals. A lot of rookies are not familiar with this, when they count the number. Another important metric in this aspect is cash on return, which determined the worth of an investment property. Ashley and Tony further discuss the ways to calculate the cash on return, and lines of credit in funding deals. The investors must know the ways to pitch sellar financing option that would be acceptable for both the agreeing parties. Tom Ferry Podcast are also helpful in explaining these things

Achieving FI with Fewer Doors: The Small and Mighty Real Estate Portfolio

This Real Estate Rookie Podcast explains importance of financial freedom for purchasing rental properties. Many of the real estate investors believe that huge units of such properties result in huge profits. But harsh truth is that nobody is willing to apply such strategy, as it is very risky. However, one can consider it as means of passive income, along with pursuing it as a passion. One needs to have financial freedom on his own terms, and must not rely in exterior factors. However, acquiring more property units should be the final goal of investors. So, they can also looking into Ninja Selling podcasts to learn ways of selling their units for profits.

Don’t Have 20% Down? Here’s How to Fund Your Next Investment

Ashley and Tony explain that small investment of 20 percent downpayment might not be important to purchase first investment property. Although, many of the real estate experts believe that huge downpayment is mandatory to purchase property. However, one can get some external funding i.e. investing income of the multiple properties that one owns. It might be helpful, if one get in touch with the private money lender. A lot of investor have already begun taking loans, in order to fund their next investment. This Real Estate Rookie Podcast explains the importance of external funding, and how it may help to create wealth faster. Even, some of the important Brandon Turner BiggerPockets Podcasts emphasize on saving some money, while making investment.


Tony and Ashley are one of the important real estate experts, who have 5 years’ experience of real estate sector. Ashely herself is an expert of creative financing, and leveraging partnerships, so mainly discusses the ways to negotiate successfully. She worked as an accountant before pursuing real estate career, which highlights her talent as finance expert. Many of the real estate enthusiasts, who are followers of BiggerPockets must listen to Real Estate Rookie Podcast by Ashley. Such podcast help in improving negotiation and marketing skills to be successful in real estate sector. Estate Land Marketing is here to guide more about such podcasts in details.

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How do real estate professionals benefit from the Tom Ferry podcast?

How do real estate professionals benefit from the Tom Ferry podcast?


Tom Ferry is one of the famous business coach, who has been helping a lot of business enthusiasts in utilizing their talent. He has his own private podcast in the name of Tom Ferry Experience, where he talks about methods to start business. Majority of Tom Ferry Podcast are all about motivating others, in learning and implementing new strategies. He also hosts few shows BiggerPockets Podcast, where he talks about transforming mindset, in order to achieve an aim. Majority of his shows involves professional real estate consultants and authors, who give guidance for sustaining in real estate business.

Tom Ferry Podcast

here are some of the real estate podcasts that allow investors to make the right decision at the right time.

The Recruiting Calls that Team Leaders Need to Make

In this Tom Ferry Podcast, tom emphasizes that one has to make recruiting calls, if there are plans to organize a team. Tom Ferry hosts this show with Lisa Chinatti, who has been working on various leadership roles. Team planning is necessary, if one is serious about scaling in business, or catering to the real estate clients. Lisa shares her own experience by revealing that she was not immune from making calls daily. Within few months, she onboarded agents from 72 to 115. In the entire podcast, Lisa explains that why leaders must be making recruiting call to agents, and what things they need to say to them. Also, the hosts tell that what things are important to create huge profits in real estate business. One must listen to some Ken McElroy podcasts to learn about the team planning.

From Content to Contract: The Real Estate Process

Being a real estate expert, Tom discusses that having a mutual consent and signature to an agreement must be the ultimate goal. He advises that one must produce a lot of video content about such things to address the issues. Content might be one of the best ways to enable other individual to sign the agreement. He recommends some popular content creators named Chris Kwon, and Jen Dillard, who have executed brilliant strategies to attract clients. One should also learn some strategies of Social media marketing for real estate agents podcast to attract more clients. This is one of the most vital Tom Ferry Podcast, where people would learn about marketing strategies to start a real estate business.

Regaining Confidence and Certainty in Today’s Market

This Tom Ferry Podcast explains that certainty and confidence are mandatory things in a real estate business. These two things implicate that what thing are important to have a deal at first phase, and the deal doesn’t rely on ones feeling. Tom feels that the current scenario of the industry is all about lack of certainty and confidence. There are a some of the agents, who are lost and unhappy of the current trends in this market. Tom has hosted this podcast with Jason Patana, and Jeff Mays, who are notable real estate experts. All the host emphasize that having confidence is the only way to get the real estate business on track. One should listen to some best real estate agents podcast to learn about ways to gain confidence in real estate market.


Tom Ferry Podcast is one of the best source of  knowledge about real estate business, but also offer optimistic glimpse of real estate profits. A lot of real estate enthusiasts must listen to these podcasts to start their business with confidence. Also, one must look into the current economic trends, and then make up their mind to invest in real estate project. To learn more details about these podcasts, you should visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our agents have a best hands on experience in real estate business, and looking forward to consult you.

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Who is the owner of Park View City Islamabad?

Who is the owner of Park View City Islamabad?

Park View City Islamabad owner is one of the biggest names and brands that there is in real estate in Pakistan. Well, it is quite evident over the years that Pakistan’s real estate market is growing, thriving, and flourishing. It is only because societies like Park View City are being made and promoted. Offering a gamut of lifestyle and impeccable lifestyle choices.

In addition, talking about the owners, Park View City is smartly managed by the very well-known Vision Group. Since it is a brand of its own, therefore, it is no wonder that people have managed to create a gamut of trust and assurance. So, the entire Park View City investment is a dream. In addition, it is of extreme pertinence that not only investors but even developers need to build an impeccable bond. So, when developers like Vision Group come forward and deliver the best that they can, trust gets built.

Park View City Trusted Developers

When we talk about a project to be extremely ideal, there are certain factors that play a massive role in defining it. Whether it is the ideal location, NOC approval, impeccable infrastructure, magnificent and easy payment plan, and much more, it becomes a complete deal. Well, the investors decide which society offers them in the best possible way.

In addition, in this gamut of enticing facets, the factor of trusted developers also plays a whole role. They initiate a project and take it to heights. The investors need to utterly trust and have the needed assurance. That is when the dream of having a desired property is complete. So, to put it in a nutshell, the phenomenon is massive and giant.

Vision Group

As mentioned earlier, the incredible Park View City Islamabad is developed, managed, and incredibly supervised by the globally known Vision Group. It is no doubt one of the biggest, most trusted, and assured names in Pakistan real estate.

Furthermore, the owner and CEO of the vision group Mr. Aleem Khan is also an entrepreneur, businessman, politician a former member of the popular political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Distinctive Features

Park View City Islamabad is the proud and giant project of the Vision Group which is under the magnificent supervision of Mr. Aleem Khan. So, there are multiple facets in all blocks including Hills Estate Block, The Walk Commercial, and more. Furthermore, that plays a mega and pertinent role. Some features that the company possesses are;

  • Technologically driven
  • Advanced
  • Genius approach, both metaphorically and practically

Park View City Project

One of the biggest things that make Park View City Islamabad stand out among others is the fact that it is the first-ever project by the incredible vision group. Yet, the insane amount of facets by Park View City Islamabad owner is just simply next to perfection.

In addition, whether it is the infrastructure, easiest and seamless payment plan, world-acknowledged master plan, or anything else, society stands apart. In such a short span of time, society has managed to gather an insane amount of trust, assurance, and most importantly, the attention of the investors.

NOC – Approved

One may ask about the Park View City NOC status. Well, another attractive feature is that Park View City Islamabad owner has managed to get the project NOC approved as soon as possible. CDA which stands for capital development authority approved by the society, considers the trusted developers and fast development status. So, the investors and residents are not on the hustle side.

In addition, that has also been the main aim of the vision group and Mr. Aleem Dar in general which is to make the investors’ life as easy as possible. and it has been completed.


The incredible Park View City Islamabad is a giant housing society and there are very few projects that live up to expectations the way it does. Anyhow, talking about the developers and proud Park View City Islamabad owner, Vision Group is in the supervision. A firm that shares a great trust bond with the investors and everyone else in the real estate market. Moreover, Estate Land Marketing is always here to book your plot and guide you well.

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Best Pakistan real estate podcast

Best Pakistan real estate podcast

The search for the best Pakistan real estate podcast is going to be seamless. It is because the industry is huge, thus, thriving, resulting in having a plethora of information available for all. Now, the question of what makes a certain communication mode worthy of being declared or considered good. It is when a particular phenomenon covers all the departments, topics, sectors, and departments. The investors are covered from all boundaries, so much so that they do not have to do much research.

Now, real estate is a huge industry. Taping into and then trying to find secure footing in it is a hard task. Well, first and foremost, one needs to be highly informative and updated along with massive experience. How about one finds this in a single medium? That is exactly what all the top channels offer including the best Pakistan real estate podcast. We will have a look at all the facets and features, so keep reading.

Pakistan Real Estate vs. Digitalization

As we are highly familiar with all kinds of foreign and international exposure when it comes to real estate. Well, the Pakistan industry too is massive, thus, offering a bunch of facets and features. Anyhow, we will talk in massive detail about the best real estate education podcasts.

In addition, people will get inspired by acquiring a whole lot of information and subject expertise. Well, before going ahead, it is important to mention all these real estate podcasts cover subjects and topics of various things. All of them come under the niche of real estate though.

Makkaan kay Mehmaan

One of the giant, massive, globally acknowledged, and most importantly, offering a plethora of information. Makkan key Mehmaan is also gaining a whole lot of attention and eyeballs from the masses within the industry and even outside.

In addition, it should also be noticed that Makkan itself is a huge real estate firm, probably one of the biggest and finest. I served in the industry for years and years, so my sheer skill set and impeccable experience speak aloud. Anyhow here are some of the facets, that make Makkaan kay Mehmaan count in the top 10 real estate podcasts.

Distinctive Features

In order to make it even more comprehensive and distinctive, these are the facets that play a keen role.

Top Real Estate Developers

There is nothing that comes close to having to listen to the first-hand experience. Well, that is precisely what Makkaan Kay Mehmaan brings to the table. They invite all the top developers of all the biggest housing societies and make it a personal experience.

In addition, the developers talk about their journeys, aims, ambitions, aspirations, hustles, future plans, and everything in between. So, being the best Pakistan real estate podcast, it truly lives up to the expectations.

Authentic and transparent Discourse

All an investor wants are authenticity, truth, and transparency. Therefore, all kinds of discussions that happen on this podcast stay authentic. That is why people have managed to build sheer trust and bonding. Therefore, talking about all kinds of strategies and podcasts including commercial real estate podcasts, general, and more are great marketing tactics. They truly prove to be extremely helpful for the listeners. It is because they trust the information.


Another factor that makes it a giant, massive, and magnificent Pakistan real estate podcast, is that diversification plays a huge role. In addition, people get to see experts talk about all kinds of pertinent topics and discourses.

Anyhow, the diversification and all the unique approaches do play a huge role. Anyhow, if one wants to get a wholesome, thorough, and deep analysis – Makkaan kay Mehmaan is the choice.

Experts Opinion

The podcast successfully invites all kinds of experts who have a say in multiple and varied sectors of real estate. Whether it is;

  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Agency owners
  • Realtors
  • Real estate consultants

These aspects surely make it the best Pakistan real estate podcast – helping the industry flourish. In addition, it also targets audiences, content consumers, potential investors, and viewers of all kinds.


In this particular blog, we discussed thoroughly the best and finest Pakistan real estate podcast. It is not only creating great waves but also helping the industry flourish in more ways than one. So, it is only wise to get the needed information and make secure, profound, and beneficial investments. Well, for those purposes and everything else, Estate Land Marketing is here to take it up.

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David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts

David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts

David Greene is one of the prominent name in real estate business, who has earned huge profits in this business. He started of his career as a police officer, and now has a decades old experience in real estate business. In his career, he  purchased and managed more than 20 single-family rental assets. Now, he has an ownership of numerous multifamily mortgage notes, studio apartments, and other triple net properties. He has hired a professional team of real estate agents, along with Kellar Williams for the success of his company. He currently runs a famous mortgage firm in USA known as One Brokerage. One must listen to David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts to learn more about real estate sector operations. Those BiggerPockets Podcast Reviews are very positive among real estate experts.

David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts

Is Buying a Bad Decision in 2023?

The host behind this podcast is Daryl Fairweather, who is also a Chief economist in Redfin. He state that purchasing a home may not be a good thing in 2023. One might have to go through a different hurdles to come under the terms of contract. At first, one has to look for homeowner willing sell the home. Then, one needs to convince them that lowering down the price for more value. After that securing funding for the housing might be difficult, due to  seven percent interest rate. It is one of the important David Greene BiggerPockets recommended real estate podcasts, as it discusses appropriate time to buy houses. As home affordability is low nowadays, so it might not be a good idea to buy house. Brandon Turner BiggerPockets Podcast might provide additional guidance about such issues.

The Fed Just Got One More Reason to Hike Mortgage Rates

This podcast highlights the aspect of mortgage rate hikes, and how they cause difficulty in real estate market. The federal authorities often get frustrated, if the interest rate get higher. It becomes hard for the real estate investors to invest their cash in various housing projects. Many of the crowdfunding platform often go bankrupt due to such hikes. It is also one of the most vital David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts, as it tell ways to sustain in such conditions. As the current job reports are painting a bleak economic picture, so the real estate investor might have to ask for expensive loans. The ones who own short term rentals might need to sell their assets, as platforms like AirBnb are earning less income. One should then go for core plus real estate investment opportunities to thrive in market.

Untold Story of 7-Day Workweeks to 7-Figure Net Worth

In this podcast, David Greene himself tells about importance of Cash flow in establishing a real estate business. For some individuals, this business seems to be lucrative, yet making cash is very problematic in this business. One has to do hard work to make sure that their business thrives in the every type of scenario. This also an important David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts, as David shares his experience of financial stress, and failures. He also has a diverse portfolio of having shares in cash flowing companies, to owning rental properties. One should also learn about ways to manage real estate business through Ninja selling podcast. It also tells that how one has to value every second of the day, in order to get profits from this business


David Greene has been very influential in the real estate sector due to his motivational knowledge of real estate. He shares his personal experiences to make sure that no other individuals repeats such mistakes to avoid losses. David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts are instrumental in enabling the real estate investor to make a rational decision. For further information, you better reach out to real estate professional of Estate Land Marketing.

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List of BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts

List of BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts

BiggerPockets is one of popular American firm that talks about real estate business all over the world. The main headquarter of this podcast session is in Denver, Colorado. Majority of its podcasts are all about real estate investment and its benefits. The purpose of this blog is to educate real estate investors more about real estate business. This podcasts is for those real estate enthusiasts who seek to earn huge money in this business. BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts are those professionals who have been working in the real estate sector for past several decades. One should definitely listen to these hosts, in order to thrive in real estate business for long. This company also has a separate website, where one can find best real estate tools for investing.

BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts

Scott Trench

One of the huge BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts is Scott Trench, who also acts as its CEO. He is also one of the famous real estate investors in Denver, who started of as operations director in this company. People call him a passionate real estate investor, who has also been educating about financial freedom. He has co authored a famous book named First Time Home Buyer, which is one of the popular Money Podcast. He wrote various articles and blogs about real estate business for prominent news outlets like LNBC, CNBC, and Bloomberg. His podcasts include some best real estate agents podcasts, where he talked about difficulties that a real estate investor faces.

David Greene

He worked as police officer, and now working as a real estate investor with more than a decades of experience. He has successfully purchased and managed around more than 30 single-family rental properties. Now, he owns several multifamily apartment complexes, mortgage notes, triple net properties, and short term rentals. He has a skilled team of real estate agents, with whom he partnered with Keller Williams. His partnership lead to establishment and ownership the One Brokerage, which is a famous mortgage firm of United States. He is one of those BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts, who have recognition all over the USA due to their experience. BiggerPockets Podcast Reviews for this host have been mainly positive due to his way to deliver knowledge.

Rob Abasolo

Rob Abasolo is one the successful BiggerPocket Podcast Hosts, who work as a tiny home builder, while working as Airbnb Superhost. He used to work as Senior Copywriter in the ad business, but quit that job to become real estate investor. Since than, he delivered lectures on real estate investing, while also working in its content creation. His present portfolio is an amalgamation of unique house and luxury rentals business that have spread all over USA. He has successfully established his business in Smoky Mountains, Los Angeles, along with tripling his investments. He started off his Youtube channel known as Robuilt three years before and he successfully got more 100000 subscribers. His main emphasis is on opportunistic real estate investment due to its profitable nature.

Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry is a famous business coach, and he has been helping numerous individuals in fulfilling their untapped potential. Though he runs his own podcast named Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, where he talks about ways to start a business. But he often runs a podcast for BiggerPockets, where he discusses ways to avoid losses in real estate business. He is among those BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts, who talk about changing mindset, and have motivation to do something. Many of his real estate podcasts include professional authors, who give hand on training for real estate business.


Many of the BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts are professional in their relevant fields. The best thing about these hosts is that they combine the knowledge of Finance, and real estate, so that their listeners learn something unique. For more information about these hosts, you should visit the internet site of Estate Land Marketing.

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Legal conflict continues over the construction of the Malir Motorway

Legal conflict continues over the construction of the Malir Motorway

KARACHI: Residents have challenged the Environmental Protection Tribunal’s verdict in the Sindh High Court despite the rapid construction of the Malir Motorway.

Read more with EL news: KP’s Mansehra bridge floods, stranding travelers

The appellants requested that the SHC declare the controversial project to be detrimental to the environment and halt its construction pending the outcome of their appeal, while the construction company, M/s Malir Motorway Limited, argued that a substantial amount of public funds had already been spent on the project, which aimed to improve connectivity within the provincial metropolis.

On April 15, a three-member tribunal allowed authorities to continue construction on the controversial project in the public’s best interest, but ruled that the approval of the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conditional and subject to the implementation of approximately 30 conditions, including the risk of urban flooding, the acquisition of land in a transparent manner, and the redress of the grievances of affected individuals.

In the EIA approval, the project in issue is described as a 38.75-kilometer six-lane dual carriageway that will provide a direct route for heavy vehicles from the industrial areas of Korangi and Landhi to the city’s outskirts.

The EIA approval also stated that the project would begin just before the Jam Sadiq bridge on Korangi Road, travel along the right bank of the Malir River through the Korangi and Malir districts, and end on the M-9 near DHA City outside of Karachi.

Ahmed Shabbar, one of the two Karachi residents who had petitioned the tribunal against the approval of the EIA, had his attorney, Zubair Abro, file an appeal with the SHC in May, challenging the tribunal’s April 15 ruling.

Citing the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency and Malir Motorway Limited as respondents, the appellant argued that the tribunal failed to adhere to the principles established by the supreme court in the case of architect Arif Belgaumi and in other cases.

The counsel for the appellant argued that the tribunal was also incapable of appreciating the contested approval of the EIA by the deputy director, who lacked the legal authority to do so, while the tribunal found it to be a mere technical, correctable, and procedural flaw.

However, the attorney argued that it was part of a series of acts and omissions designed to evade regulatory process and circumvent public scrutiny. These included starting work before the EIA hearing, aligning the motorway without prior legal authority, and changing the company during the most crucial stages of the project’s launch, as Malir Motorway Private had submitted the public notice but Malir Motorway Limited was granted approval.

In addition, he claimed that the court had erroneously accepted ex post facto environmental approval and the compounding of violations of mandatory legal provisions.

The attorney argued that the Asian Development Bank was one of the main financiers of the project, and that through a letter, it had agreed with the concerns of the appellant and other residents and withdrawn its support for the endeavour.

In addition, he argued that some complainants had submitted to the ADB that even the EIA reports had two versions, one of which was made available to the public before the 9 March 2022 hearing and the other of which was published to the ADB website in June 2022.

Mr. Abro also argued that the tribunal failed to recognise that the challenged EIA sanction was granted without consultation with the advisory committee that was required to be established under Section 5(6) of the Sindh Environmental Protection Act, 2014.

Regarding the conditions imposed by the tribunal, the attorney argued that they were merely cosmetic and set without realising the situation on the ground, as the project had begun well before EIA approval was granted and Sepa had issued a notice for a personal hearing to the project’s proponent in this regard. Another condition required three rows of plantation on each side of the motorway, despite the fact that the project was in the Malir River.

The appellant asked the SHC to vacate the challenged approval of the EIA granted on April 6, 2022, and the second approval granted on June 10, 2022, on the grounds that they lacked authority, declare the project to be environmentally harmful, and issue a temporary restraining order to halt construction.

Malir Motorway Limited argued in its response that the appeal was inadmissible because the appellant was not an aggrieved party, the appeal before the tribunal was time-barred, and the appellants failed to challenge the second approval of the EIA before the appropriate forum.

The EIA of the project was initially granted in April, and the approval was subsequently reaffirmed by Sepa and issued again in June under the signatures of Sepa’s director general, according to the document, which also noted that significant construction work had already been completed and that a significant amount of public funds were also utilised for the project.

While supporting the result/decision of the tribunal, the firm undertaking the project contested several of the tribunal’s findings, including appellants’ right to approach the tribunal, first approval of EIA being appealable, appeal before the tribunal not being time-barred, and the EIA approval of the project being deemed controversial.

In its comments, the company also asserted that the appellant, in an effort to strengthen his case, had raised new factual allegations in this appeal that had not been raised in the appeal before the tribunal.

It also argued that the ADB had sent a letter to one Abira and not the appellant, that the bank did not share the appellant’s concerns, and that since there was no financing commitment from the ADB, there was no possibility of withdrawing funding for the project.

A single-judge division of the Supreme Court of Pakistan led by Justice Salahuddin Panhwar adjourned the hearing until August 10.

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Park View City H Block complete Details

Park View City H Block complete Details

Park View City Islamabad is amongst the most breathtaking housing projects in Islamabad that is near completion. The purpose behind this project is to fully transform the real estate business of the twin cities. The owners of this project have started selling plots to the real estate investors. that is near its completion in Islamabad. They are now working on Park View City H Block, which has the potential to turn the entire business of this housing project.

It is going to be one of the most innovative blocks that has all types of housing amenities. The important thing about this block is that it would be somehow a mixture of luxury and natural beauty.

Owners and Developers

Vision Group, a famous construction firm famous for its world-class projects is working on this housing project. The president of this firm is Mr Aleem Khan, who is also one of the famous politicians and businessmen of Islamabad. This firm had already worked on some of the huge development projects before, and now establishing themselves in Lahore. Park View City Developers are now working on Park View City Block H to provide the best living space to real estate investors. The residents would be able to live in a lavish housing block, where there is also greenery. The owners are developing this block by keeping all the housing desires of their investors in mind. They have been successful in getting thousands of real estate investors, who invest their capital into this housing project.

Location and Map

The location of this block would be not more than 10 minutes away from the Convention Center and Serena Hotel Islamabad. Any individuals would be able to reach here by passing through Bani Gala within a few minutes. The best point about the location of this block is that it is all around the lush green hills of Margalla Hills. Its nearness to green hills makes it an exotic living location for this project. Park View City Block H would also have huge green botanical gardens that would really important for environmental sustainability. It would be only a few minutes next to Park View City Block J, which is another block currently under development.

H block Payment Plan

The H block payment plan is now available, which shows that the investors can make a valuable investment prospect in the area. Two price plans are available for investors to help create the investment according to their pace and preferences. There are two quarterly installments and four quarterly installments. The additional details of the payment plans are accessible here.

H block New Payment Plan

Park View City H block Payment Plan

H block Payment Plan

H block Payment Plan

Master Plan

Park View City H Block is one of the most charming residential blocks that would change the lifestyle of residents. This block would be around green hills, and the residents would enjoy the view of green huge hills during the morning. There would also be some options for hotels, and apartments that would cater to every investor. Overall, the roads of this housing project would be completely neat and clean, and there would be no traffic issues. The owners of this project are offering plots in this block at reasonable rates, as it is presently in the pre-completion phase. It is one of the few Park View City Blocks that aim to offer luxury and beauty in a single place. The majority of the sizes of the plots in this Block would be around 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal respectively.

Park View City owners have meticulously planned the H block that offers its investors and prospective residents world-class amenities and high-quality infrastructure. The developers claim that the investors can start their dream lifestyle here by making sustainable assets in the community. Lastly, the properties available in the H Block are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Booking Process

The booking process is the most crucial aspect of the plot-buying process. Also, investors must look for guidance before making a long-term investment opportunity. Moreover, it will be vital for overseas investors to seek advice from trustworthy real estate professionals, and Estate Land Marketing has all your questions and answers. The process is quite simple, and submitting the required documents can start it. Here is the list of mandatory papers all investors must have for the investment.

  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Two next-to-kin ID card copies
  • NICOP for overseas investors
  • Paid Downpayment plan receipt


There are several features accessible to all investors that they can enjoy and use to attain the ideal livelihood. Among the several options, here are some of the main features that will uplift the livelihood of the prospective residents.

  • Eco-friendly living space
  • Family parks
  • Gymnasium
  • Filtration Plants
  • Mosque
  • Green Belts
  • Wide Roads
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational hub
  • Shops & Marts
  • Parking Area
  • Wide Streets & Roads


The majority of the residential blocks of this housing project are the finest examples of beauty and innovative lifestyle. Park View City Block H would be amongst those adorable blocks that comprise lavish housing amenities. Many of the real estate investors have got a good impression of this block after visiting the site. For more details regarding this housing block, one should speak to affiliates of Estate Land Marketing. Our sales agents have been working with different real estate clients in Islamabad, and are waiting to consult new clients.


Q1. Is Block H Park View City Payment Plan available?

Yes, a highly affordable price plan with two quarterly and four quarterly installment plans is available.

Q2. Are there any Block H park view city plots for sale?

5 and 10 Marla plots for sale are available to all the investors.

Q3. Where is Block H Park View City’s Location?

The location will be 10 minutes from the convention center & the Serena Hotel.

Q4. What is the H block development status?

The block is developing at a fast pace.

Q5. How do you get the best investment offer in the H block?

Estate Land Marketing will be the right place to seek investment guidance.

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KP's Mansehra bridge floods, stranding travelers

KP’s Mansehra bridge floods, stranding travelers

Friday in the Darband area of MANSEHRA, a significant bridge and a mosque were damaged by downpour-induced flash flooding, halting traffic between Oghi tehsil and the neighboring Torghar district.

Read more with EL news: The Rawat-Kutchery road in Rawalpindi is a nuisance for commuters

In addition to flooding residences, no harm to public life was reported.

As the flash flood struck the Jodan Nullah region and damaged a main bridge, travellers on the Oghi-Darband Road became stranded.

Vice-commissioner Bilal Shahid Rao informed reporters that the administration had dispatched a team and excavators to the area to reopen the artery.

“We are working to rehabilitate infrastructure in addition to providing swift compensation to the families of those killed in house collapse incidents,” he said.

The District of Columbia says efforts are underway to reopen the road.

Additionally, the DC stated that patwaris were conducting damage assessment surveys.

Current monsoon rains in the Hazara division began on Saturday and persisted intermittently through Friday. Twelve individuals, mostly children and women, have died in separate incidents thus far.

The downpour devastated a cattle pen in Oghi tehsil, resulting in the death of approximately a dozen animals.

Assistant commissioner Saleem Khan instructed livestock officials to conduct a damage assessment in the region.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen corpses that were exposed by heavy rain in a Chania cemetery were moved to and interred in a different cemetery in the vicinity.

Mohammad Sajjad Awan, parliamentary secretary for the interior and member of the national assembly, stated on Friday that massive development projects initiated by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in the Hazara division would be completed on time.

“For the first time, a prime minister [Shehbaz Sharif] visited Torghar and other parts of the Hazara division and inaugurated mega development projects for the socioeconomic well-being of the people,” Mr. Awan told reporters.

The parliamentary secretary stated that the federal government had also approved and authorised the release of funds for a small hydropower project in the Shahtot region of Oghi tehsil.

The Frontier Constabulary has trained forest department patrol squads in Hazara division to effectively combat illegal tree felling.

“Now that you know how to hold and fire weapons, you should effectively stop people from illegally cutting down trees in your respective areas,” said FC district officer Pari Gul Tareen to patrol officials at the conclusion of the two-week training programme held at the FC district headquarters in Oghi.

The participants were from the districts of Mansehra, Battagram, Torghar, Upper and Lower Kohistan, and Kolai-Palas.

Saeed Wazir, divisional forest officer, stated that Hazara was wealthy in “green gold,” so illegal tree felling and smuggling occurred in local forests.

“Now, our personnel can respond effectively to gun attacks by illegal woodcutters and smugglers,” he said.

Later, trained officials demonstrated their abilities to the acclaim of instructors.

Ms. Tareen and Mr. Wazir presented them with certificates and financial awards.

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The Rawat-Kutchery road in Rawalpindi is a nuisance for commuters

The Rawat-Kutchery road in Rawalpindi is a nuisance for commuters

RAWALPINDI: The journey from Rawat to Kutchery Chowk has become arduous; it takes hours, and commuters must traverse a rugged, potholed, and bumpy road. In addition, repair work on the June 27-damaged Soan River Bridge is still ongoing, rendering public transport miserable.

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The National Highway Administration (NHA) recently changed the road’s name to Potohar Avenue.

It connects numerous densely populated housing communities, but its deplorable condition makes it difficult for residents to commute, particularly since the bridge is closed for repairs.

Residents of the housing societies who commute daily between Rawat and Kutchery appear powerless to persuade the relevant authorities to remove the waste that has accumulated on the road’s uneven portion near Fauji Foundation Hospital, Al Shifa Eye Trust, and NLC establishments.

Due to a dearth of drains, the newly-built bridge over the Soan River near the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench building (on the Rawat side) becomes flooded during the rainy season.

Commuters claim that ongoing repairs to the June 27-damaged Soan River Bridge are causing traffic jams.

On Friday, video snippets of automobiles submerged in rainwater went viral on social media.

Due to a dearth of drains and poor engineering, rainwater accumulates on the bridge, causing traffic congestion and long lines of vehicles.

The lack of sanitation makes it more difficult for commuters to traverse the area. Even debris and sludge on the roadway are neglected by the relevant authorities.

Due to the collapse of the bridge, heavy traffic is prohibited on the busiest route, causing frequent traffic congestion.

“I am a university student who uses this road daily. “Due to the sluggish traffic and frequent traffic jams, I have missed numerous classes,” said Mohammad Asif.

According to him, it takes more than an hour to travel two kilometres, which frustrates commuters.

A teacher stated, “Like hundreds of other commuters, I am frequently caught in hours-long traffic jams.”

Parallel to the original safety wall, a new concrete wall was erected to block drain holes along the old bridge.

A senior NHA official was unable to explain the rationale behind erecting the second safety barrier and obstructing the drainage.

Thousands of commuters have encountered difficulties as a result of poor planning and road engineering, with some claiming that the old bridge was superior to the new one, which has already claimed the lives of two people in a traffic accident caused by poor management.

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