Top 5 best real estate agents podcasts | Realtors Podcasts

Top 5 best real estate agents podcasts | Realtors Podcasts

If you want to learn numerous methods to increase your knowledge about real estate, whether its home improvement or investment. Then, there are numerous kinds of real estate agents podcast that you should hear to improve your real estate skills. BiggerPockets Podcasts are the ones that provide excellent knowledge about real estate investment. Whether it is about personal finance, or real estate investment, these podcasts help in learning about financial freedom.

Real Estate agents podcasts

House Party

The host of this podcast are Rachel Stults and Natalia, and they discuss real estate aspects like Sales and purchases. This real estate agents podcast talks about home improvement strategies, while discussing market trend, and home transaction. The host of this podcast work as editor for, and they mainly share their personal experiences about house disasters. They have been moving all over United States to look into real estate industry, and have also consulted numerous real estate experts. Even, their own website contains variety of information, and insights of real estate industry. The host also provide reference of some commercial real estate podcasts to teach about commercial real estate investment.


Odeta Kushi and Mark Fleming behind this podcast, and they talk about consumers looking for home ownership. Also, listeners learn about the ability to afford any home, especially if it was impacted by changing market dynamics. This podcast emphasizes that homebuying ability somehow relies on mortgage interest rates. The rates of the house often depend on the change of market rates, and economists mainly predict future on this basis. The producer behind these real estate podcasts are First American, who are famous for providing mortgage services. Even, the hosts themselves have worked as an economist for many years. The timing of this podcast is around 15 minutes, and a listeners would learn the operation of a mortgage industry in that time.

There Goes the Neighborhood

This is a limited-series, and one of the best real estate agents podcast that aired between 2016 and 2019. The entire series drives deep into the ways refurbishment of a home affects numerous businesspersons in different neighborhoods. The initial season of the podcast looks into New York City along with Miami and San Francisco in other seasons. The hosts invite real estate individuals, while co-producing with New York Public Radio. The host behind this program is Kai Wright, who is a prominent real estate enthusiast. The hosts have also hosted some real estate agents marketing podcasts to teach their listeners about real estate marketing tactics.

99% Invisible

This is one of the popular real estate agents podcast that targets fans of design architecture. The host of this program is Roman Mars, who tries to bring focus to architecture that nobody witnessed before. Roman himself has worked as a radio host previously, and tries to get hosts, who have experience in architecture. Other than that, the episodes of this podcast talk about other things like infrastructure, technology, and visuals of the new cities. One would also explore in these episodes about issues of housing, and how to resolve them.  This podcast can also be labelled as one of the important Real Estate Marketing Strategies Podcast.

Black Real Estate Dialogue

The host of this podcast is San Dolcine, who describes himself as an innovative real estate investor., In the entire podcast, he shares his experiences about the first rental properties and interviews real estate experts who talk about growing a brand. Also, he talks about a buying investment property and property management from long distance. He even taps the expertise of professional investors and highlights the groups that might have less representation in real estate business. He also tells in his real estate agents podcast that his aim is to prove that any individual can become a successful real estate investor with right tools.


The individuals looking forward to kickstart their career in real estate business must listen to all these real estate agents Podcast. These podcasts are epitome of knowledge about real estate business, especially in terms of getting further profits. The best part about these podcasts is that they provide knowledge about real estate profits too. You may reach out to officials of Estate Land Marketing for more details about these podcasts.


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