Best 5 commercial real estate podcasts

Best 5 commercial real estate podcasts

Nowadays, it is really difficult to get latest updates about commercial real estate business. In fact, it may be challenging in to get latest update about the commercial real estate without knowing details. Although, there are dozens of online articles and social media experts who write about such topics every day. Commercial real estate has become a huge trend these days that investors want to make money from. It includes some best aspects like huge profits, and full ownership that fascinates real estate investors. It is better for the investors to listen to commercial real estate podcasts, which are BiggerPocket Episode podcasts. These podcasts are helpful in letting real estate investors learn about latest trends of real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Podcasts

Some of the 5 popular commercial real estate podcasts are as follow

Harvard Business Review

As Harvard Business Review contains knowledgeable information about business trends and happenings, it also tell about commercial real estate. It includes variety of subject about real estate, whether its residential or commercial. Apart from articles, it also includes commercial real estate podcasts that tell about new commercial projects in United States. The creators behind this publication run a podcasts series called Ideacast that also talks about opportunistic real estate investments.

PropertyShe by Susan Freeman

This podcast is somewhat a mixture of commercial and residential real estate industry leaders who talk about latest real estate project daily. The host of this podcast is Susan Freeman under the sponsorship of London Real Estate Forum, PropertyShe is one of the best commercial real estate podcasts that give immense knowledge about commercial real estate. Susan Freeman is one of the popular figures of commercial real estate business, and her names is amongst some influential commercial real estate influencers of 2018.

Commercial Property Show Australia

This podcast is among the popular commercial real estate podcast in Australia. The host of this podcasts is Andrew Bean, who is also the creator of NGO named Develop a Life. He also acts as a managing director, and creates a quality content to assist other real estate enthusiasts. He also teaches way to attain financial freedom in Commercial real estate business by assembling some best mind of commercial business. The beginners would get latest market news, and guideline to make profits.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever’

It is also one of longest running commercial real estate podcast by Joe Fairless. Joe began from purchasing $35,000 single-family homes to having control over $1,000,000,000 worth of huge apartments within a decade. He thinks that Commercial real estate is a convincing investment option, but one must learn where to look. Also, investors must listen to knowledgeable experts, specifically if their money and legacy are under risk. The entire podcast gives commercial real estate expert perceptions, education, and accurate information to the active and passive real estate investors investors seeking to get profits in commercial real estate.


BiggerPockets, is the top most commercial real estate podcast that releases hour long episodes three days a week. The listeners of this podcast have numerous feelings since the current withdrawal of Brandon Turner, who acted as a co-host since 2012. The entire podcast comprises of some professional real estate experts like Joshua Dorkin, in and David Greene. BiggerPockets emphasizes on breaking down commercial real estate investment strategies for freshies. It also targets the experts interested in residential, rental properties, mobile home parks, and multi-family. Even, BiggerPockets podcast reviews show that this site is trustworthy among the real estate experts.


It is very important for the real estate investors to listen to commercial real estate podcasts to start their venture. Such podcasts include the knowledge from professional real estate entrepreneurs, who know pros and cons of this business. For more details about such podcasts, please reach out to Estate Land Marketing for further knowledge. Our enterprise comprises of some professional marketing and real estate representatives, that have been part of real estate business for a decade.

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