Top 5 Real Estate Marketing strategies podcasts

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing strategies podcasts

Becoming a real estate agent is quite a difficult task, as one needs to be up to date about the transforming trend of this market. One must know that what new things are coming into real estate market and how can one sustain in those changes. Other than that one needs to update himself about the market and learn various strategies to boost their businesses.  business. So, one needs to listen to Real Estate Marketing strategies podcasts to learn about new methods of real estate marketing. BiggerPocket Podcast are one of the famous podcasts that real estate agents must listen to improve their real estate strategies.

Real Estate Marketing strategies podcasts

Bigger Pockets

This podcast is truly a revolution in real estate segment, and its hosts are Josh Dorking,and Brandon Turner. Main interest of these Podcasts is to provide real estate enthusiasts new ideas to get profits in real estate business. They also tell that how one should deal with the stakeholders, and what kind of mistakes they should avoid. They even interview numerous investors of various niches, who guide about the mistakes that one commits in this business. BiggerPockets Podcast Reviews are quite positive, and they attract thousand of listeners every month.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk is the main host of GaryVee Audio Experience, and it the entire podcast discusses about real estate entrepreneurship. It also discusses the way through which real estate agents can market their projects. This is one of this incredible podcasts that tell about ways to run real estate business smoothly. One can realize after hearing these podcasts that real estate business is not a piece of cake. It is a long term business, and one needs to think of future returns. One must establish a real estate brand before listening to some real estate marketing strategies podcast.

Real Estate Marketing Dude

It is another important real estate marketing strategies podcast by Mike Cuevas, which emphasizes on real estate marketing tactics. The vision behind making such podcast show is to explain realtors about real estate growth and marketing strategies. Such strategies would prepare them for huge task that they might face after starting their real estate business. Host invites real estate professional and analyzes strategies that are useful for growing real estate business within limited time. The guests in this podcast discuss those plans that would help the real estate enthusiasts in establishing huge business. They also discuss more about opportunistic real estate investment opportunities that would help in better profits.

GSD Mode

The host of GSD Mode podcasts is Joshua Smith, and it is the top level real estate marketing strategies podcast. Some real estate experts believe that it is one of the most downloadable podcast in the real estate business. Joshua and his guests always try to offer a top quality content to assist real estate enthusiasts. They discuss ethical practices for the realtor to adopt, and grow the real estate business simultaneously. The listeners of these real estate podcasts become confident about their capabilities to implement real estate strategies for better profits. One can easily transform his mindset for implementing real estate strategies.

Keeping It Real

The host of this podcasts is D.J Paris, who has been working as an advisor to young and fresh realtors. In this podcast, he talks to different realtors from Chicago and discuss about real estate marketing strategies podcast. He asks about their past experiences, and mistakes they committed while entering into estate industry. The guests in this program share their past mistakes, and enable listeners to not to repeat those mistakes. One can also get to know about property valuation consultancy to learn about properties worthy of investment.


The podcasts in this blog are good source of commercial real estate knowledge, and one must listen to these before starting own venture. One can also consider these as real estate marketing strategies podcast, as guests highly prioritize commercial real estate investment. If you want to know more about such podcasts, please visit the site of Estate Land Marketing. Our entity comprises of professional individuals, who have expertise in real estate investment.


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