Best Industrial Real Estate Podcasts

Best Industrial Real Estate Podcasts

The industrial real estate podcasts are making great ripple effects, paving the way into more territories, thus, helping investors in more ways than one. Moreover, all the mediums, digital precisely, are doing an insanely key job to spread awareness and talk about the trends, and updates. So, podcasts are a great segue of information for everyone.

Anyhow, we will be talking about the best industrial real estate podcasts. All the things that it entails and the impact it has. Not to forget that there are multiple types of podcasts including commercial real estate podcasts, residential, industrial, and much more. Anyhow, we will strictly be talking about the industrial.

Real estate podcasts

All the real estate podcasts that carry the burden of transforming information and talking about the topics are more important. Therefore, it is important to know which podcasts have more information, especially those that concern you. That is precisely why we have amalgamated all the impeccable, top-tier, and most splendid industrial real estate podcasts to get you started on this journey. One must listen to different kinds of real estate investing podcast that provide insights into real estate investment in detail.

In addition, one may wonder about the existence and exceptionally high demand of podcasts as a medium of information. Well, it comes in handy and bears a coliseum of information for investors. Apart from that, we will define what actually is a podcast. It is audio (preferably) where a panel of experts is sitting and having (could be formal or non-formal) conversation. It is centered around a certain topic and can also be video graphed. Giving a gamut of options to the investors, making a good investment.

Top industrial real estate Podcasts

Anyhow, as we are past dissecting what a podcast is and how it helps the readers carve a more educated and sensible investment path for themselves. Moreover, we will now go on a journey of explaining the best industrial real estate podcasts. So, stay intact and in the loop.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Among the best Industrial Real Estate Podcasts, the Real Estate Guys radio show does make it to the list. The show is also old, experienced, and offering a whole lot to the viewers and listeners since 1997. Well, that says a lot about it because the beginning is at the time when even the podcasts were not even a thing. So, even since then – they have been on the go of educating the investors and sponsors.

In addition, the show is hosted by skilled investors themselves – Robert Helms and Russel Gray. The due touches upon everything that is going on in the market along with talking goal-setting and even management.

PropTech Podcast

Yet another fine example of the Best Industrial Real Estate Podcasts, PropTech is a splendid one. Well, an influx of information is out there by the show, helping the listeners, sponsors, and potential investors in more than one way.

The CRE professionals can get a whole lot of advice and assistance from the show. How they can initiate and streamline their new start-up with more security and fewer risks involved – everything is being talked about. Also, the episodes of the podcast are not even that long. A 7-10 mins long episode, covering everything is a blessing and is magnificent even for investors with short attention spans.

New York Times the daily

When we talk about the best podcasts there, one of them, Industrial Real Estate Podcasts, is surely the New York Times daily. It is specifically for CRE professionals because they do not have much time to spare. They are always doing something, a thing or two. So, this podcast having all the needed and wanted information does help them big time. It is just a 20-minute-long episode, having all the industrial real estate updates that one needs to know. It includes some of the best real estate podcasts that tell real estate forecasts.

Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast

Well, one of the most popular ones is surely this Biggerpockets real estate podcast. In addition, the podcast sheds light on all CRE newbies, who are on the lookout for making big in the market. It has all the advice, assistance, interviews, updates, and all the talk about trending updates. So, what else does one need?

The episodes are around 1 hour long, giving away all the information in much detail and keen attention so that the listeners and viewers do not miss out on anything.


The following blog is a comprehensive guide for the real estate new and old fellas who want to make big in the field. Whether it is about learning, getting bits of advice, or just being updated, you are covered. All these best Industrial Real Estate Podcasts have covered are there in every aspect. In addition, one can also get to listen to their favorite, skilled, and experienced investors and how they have paved their way into the market. Anyhow, reach out to Estate Land Marketing, to make big with your investments and secure your future.

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