Top 10 Best Real Estate Podcasts in USA

Top 10 Best Real Estate Podcasts in USA

It is often difficult to find spare time and learn about the real estate business daily due to a hectic routine. So, it would be better for individuals willing to learn about Real estate investment to search best real estate podcasts. One can easily learn Social media marketing for real estate agents podcasts to learn about real estate social media marketing. Many of such podcasts involve some top-performing real estate professionals, who share their success stories. Some informative real estate podcasts in the USA provide immense knowledge about the real estate business.

Best real estate podcasts

The Money Pit Podcast

This podcast airs two times a week and the host talks about home maintenance. The guests in this program talk about renovations and helps in become home maintenance expert. The host of this program Tom Kraeutler himself is a maintenance expert. He often talks to his listeners and discusses maintenance issues i.e. cracks on the wall.

House Party

The hosts of this podcast are Rachel Stults and Natalie Way, who discuss the notions behind sales and purchase. The guest discuss their past blunders during sales, just to make sure that real estate enthusiasts don’t repeat such blunders. This is one of the best real estate podcasts, as it discusses home transactions and market trends.

Homebuyer Radio

It is another one of the best real estate podcasts that is geared toward first-time and repeat home buyers. The host of this program is Dan Moralez, a mortgage expert in Michigan, who talks about the benefits of real estate investment. He also discusses mortgage aspects like credit repair, preapproved loans, and interest rates. It is one of the top 10 real estate podcasts that talks about finance too.

Martini Mortgage Podcast

The host behind this podcast is Kevin Martini, who provides virtual aspects of attaining a mortgage loan. It helps the listeners in creating wealth in the real estate business, and get huge profits. He also talks about ways to win bids, improve the credit, and avoid forbearance.

 Real Estate News for Investors

This podcast is really important, as it discusses the current market conditions in the real estate business. Kathy Fettke, co-CEO of Real Wealth Network is the host behind this program, and he reviews the latest reports about market data analysis. He even educates listeners about holding and building a real estate investment portfolio.

The Remote Real Estate Investor

As evident by the name, this podcast talks about real estate investment, while living far from the investment area. The program hosts are Emil Shour, and Michael Albaum explore different topics like identifying markets, and ways to analyze properties.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

There are more than 3000 episodes in this podcast, which are long-running. The host of this program is Joe Fairless, who began investing his money in single-family homes at low rates. Now he has become a huge real estate investor who explores commercial real estate investment. One can also label it as commercial real estate podcast, where one learns tips for commercial investment.

RentPrep for Landlords

This podcast airs once a week, and the host behind it is Andrew Schultz. It is also linked with a famous tenant screening services company named RentPrep, which talks about property managers.  offers relevant news and advice, aimed at landlords and property managers. The audience would get all kinds of answers, whether it is about the legal obligation of landlords or tenants.

Real Estate Today

National Association of Realtors is running this real estate podcast, which is also a standard news radio show. The host behind this podcast is Bill Thompson, and Stephen Gasque, who invite real estate experts to discuss real estate. This podcast runs with a short interview, where guests talk about smart home technology and second home purchases. It is one of the best real estate podcasts in the USA that provides information about real estate like news.

Bigger Pockets

This podcast was established in 2006 by Joshua Dorkin, and Brandon Turner, and it has become the largest podcast about real estate. The guests in this program provide valuable advice to real estate enthusiasts and give solutions to attain more profits. A lot of real estate experts have given thumbs up to BiggerPockets Podcast Review, which shows that it is a trustworthy podcast.


Real estate investors should listen to podcasts about the real estate business, as they are helpful in providing the latest trends in housing. Nowadays, different platforms like Spotify and iTunes have some best real estate podcasts with hundreds of listeners. Please visit the website of Estate Land Marketing for further details about the real estate podcast.

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