Top 10 real estate podcasts

Top 10 real estate podcasts

The top 10 real estate podcasts list is just a testament to how there is an influx of information about the industries out there. When one talks about digitalization and the sheer phenomenon helping the industry at large, it goes without saying that all the modes and mediums have a huge hand. Anyhow, we will look specifically at the podcasts as a great medium, which gives us an insight into a coliseum of real estate subjects, trends, and updates.

Whether it is in Pakistan or all over the globe, whether commercial real estate podcast or any other, that covers a whole lot. In addition, the list that we have amalgamated in this blog is about the top 10 real estate podcasts that have something extra-ordinary to offer. So, give it a read to know which podcasts can help you in terms of awareness and education. Be aware so that you are able to make better investments in the future.

Real estate market

As we have mentioned before and will continue to say, the space and market of real estate are huge and far trickier than one can think. So, it requires sharp senses and proper knowledge in terms of knowing and making investments. in addition, this industry makes a whole lot of contribution to the economy of any region. Therefore, all the spaces, sectors, and departments of the industry need to have proper consistency and persistence in terms of the work.

The authenticity, sheer hard work, and transparency are what take sit forward. Therefore, having this knowledge is important. Well, the podcasts are always here to help and guide you. You can listen to some real estate rookie podcast, if you have a plan to launch your own podcast.

What are podcasts?

Before going ahead, one may ask, what are podcasts and how can they be of any help? Well, they are, and hugely. A podcast is usually an audio version of experts sitting in a studio, closed space, or anywhere near and having a conversation on one of the topics.

For the record, it could be a video too which means that the content creators can decide to even film the whole thing. Moreover, the entire conversation helps the listeners, viewers, and consumers know and gain knowledge as much about a specific topic as they can. Among other benefits that these podcasts carry, one of the tops is that since there are many members and experts sitting in one room, giving their expert views – it can be a great possibility for the viewers to

Real estate Podcasts

As mentioned earlier, we will be talking about all the top 10 real estate podcasts that are truly paving the way in the novelist and innovative way possible. Flourishing the industry as impeccably as possible. So here it goes.

Bigger Pockets

One of the leading and most information-centered real estate podcasts is surely bigger pockets. The Biggerpockets podcast episodes come out weekly, thus, giving all the novel updates and talking about the trends. What sets it apart is that it invites entrepreneurs and investors – to have a non-formal and fun sit down.

Homebuyer Radio

Another giant top 10 real estate podcasts list includes homebuyer radio. It is centered around the discussions of home purchasers as is visible from the name. both the novel and the old are in the center of focus.

Making Money in Multifamily

Another one is making money in multifamily. As is obvious from the name, the following podcast is on investors who want to invest in the field of multifamily. The experts on the podcast walk the consumers and viewers through all the tricks and practices that can help them. It is available on leading streaming platforms.

Real Estate News for Investors

Then comes this among the top 10 real estate podcasts. It has everything that the masses and investors in general need to know about investments. Moreover, all the latest news and updates too are thoroughly discussed in this.

The Remote real estate investor

This is yet another impeccable name. it is centered around those who live far away. Their needs and wants are in consideration and they can make a great investment.

Real estate Today

Among the top 10 real estate podcasts, Real Estate Today is also a huge name. it has been running for years as the podcast covers everything that a mere investor wants and needs. From purchasing a second home, selling one, investment for millennials, and much more, it has everything.

Massive agent podcast

Another giant podcast is this. It is also one of the biggest names because it is specifically for realtors and loan officers. The podcast is hosted by the expert himself Dustin Brohm who gives an exceptional insight into many things that are of great help.

Martini Mortgage Podcast

Based in North Carolina, it comes in the top 10 real estate podcasts, offering a gamut of information and much more. Whether it is about getting a mortgage loan, or simply purchasing a home, the podcast covers everything in the field.

Real estate Rockstars

The second last podcast on the list would definitely be Real Estate Rockstars. The podcast has over 4 million sign-ups all over the world. It says quite a lot about the popularity. Every episode spans over 40-60 mins. It is one of the Best Real Estate Podcasts For Agents, which gives the best guidance to real estate agents. 

The wholesaling Mastermind

It was initiated by keeping all the beginner investors of wholesale in mind. Well, if you want to get on that journey, the following podcast is a great way to start and be aware.


Anyhow, these were some of the names in the real estate podcast territory. Give a watch to all of the top 10 real estate podcasts to know better and, thus, make better decisions. Moreover, do connect with the ever-trusted Estate Land Marketing for all kinds of news and everything in between.

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