BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets is an American podcast site that runs from Denver, Colorado. It emphasizes mainly on education about real estate investment. Also, it talks about the benefits of investing in rental properties, and their future profits. It also has a separate website that offers tools and funds for real estate investors, which even includes online community. It includes various forums for residential, and commercial real-estate investors. This site publishes podcasts, where the hosts and guest widely talk about real estate investment. The person who hosts BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcasts is Joshua Dorkin, a real estate expert who founded this site on 2004. This podcast sessions of this site have been helpful in providing best knowledge about real estate investment. Majority of those sessions revolve around commercial real estate podcasts, where guests talk about investment in malls, or corporate offices. BiggerPockets is probably the huge online network that connects real estate enthusiasts globally.

BiggerPockets Podcast

Joshua Dorkin is the founder of BiggerPockets Podcast episodes, and Scott Trench is acting as its CEO and President. Mr Trench is also a real estate investor and certified agent , who resides in Denver, CO. He was a fan and huge follower of the BiggerPockets site before officially joining here as an early employee. He started of as a Director of Operations of this company in 2014. By 2018, he took up the presidential role and continues to be a passionate real estate investment guide and personal finance expert. Scott has authored a book named Set for Life, while hosting the podcast sessions. He has also written several blogs about real estate investment at other media outlets like NBC, Bloomberg, and WSJ. All of his blogs highlight the positive income return through real estate investment. He himself is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with masters in Economics and Finance.

Purpose of Podcast

Main goal behind BiggerPockets Podcasts is to aware ordinary people about benefits of real estate investment. Hosts of this podcast want to help entrepreneurs in building more wealth through real estate investment. They have managed to gain more than 1 million listeners, as they have prominent names in real estate business as their guests. They come up with various real estate investment solutions for their listeners, which would help them in improving their portfolio. One needs to upload the information regarding their wealth and other investment prospects. They also have a separate deal diaries forums that assist thousand of listeners to learn from the experts. BiggerPockets Podcasts reviews have been really positive amongst the real estate investors, as they are all about profits. From those reviews, it can be evident that these podcasts are important, in order to get more expertise of real estate business.


BiggerPockets Podcast are the revolution in real estate business, and also these podcasts are beacon of hope for real estate enthusiasts. Many of the freshies in real estate business can kickstart their careers while listening to the guests in these podcasts The owners behind this podcast had only motivation of providing best real estate investment guides to the real estate investors. If you are looking to learn smart real estate investment strategies, then this podcast is helpful. For more details about episodes of this podcast, please look for the blogs of Estate Land Marketing. Our enterprise is the popular real estate company in Islamabad with professional agents on board.

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