Best Real Estate Podcasts For Agents

Best Real Estate Podcasts For Agents

Many real estate agents might face a hectic schedule, so they might not know about latest Real estate update. The agents can listen to some best real estate podcasts for agents, if they have less time. These podcasts are helpful in growing real estate skills. These podcast include many professional real estate guests, who are familiar with ins and outs of this industry. There area some other real estate agent podcasts that help in growing sales in the real estate business.

Best Real Estate Podcasts For Agents

Real Estate Rockstars

This is one of the best real estate podcast for agents that shares tips to make more money in commercial real estate. The host behind this podcast is Pat Hiban, who is a billion-dollar professional and a famous real estate author. He runs this podcast and shares tips to earn higher commissions, and generate huge profit return. This podcasts has more than a million downloads with more than 900 episodes. It includes some famous real estate professionals like Robert Kiyosaki, David Osborn, and Barbara Corcoran. The hosts and guests in this podcast also tell us about methods to earn profits, similar to the ones in BiggerPockets Podcasts.

Lab Coat Agents

LabCoat Agents was Facebook group around 8 years before, and the admin of this group was Tristan Ahumada. After a year, this group became popular among various real estate vendors, agents, brokers, speakers, and financial experts. They started collaborating with each other to establish a best system to generate leads. Now, it has become one of the best real estate podcasts for agents that discusses techniques of business growth. One can also consider it one the best real estate podcasts, where anyone can learn about ways to get more clients.


This Podcast airs two times a week, where expoerts discuss best marketing strategies to generate more sales. The host behind this show is Brady Winder, who helps in negotiation, and video marketing. This podcast is important for professionals looking ways to have a strategic mindset to expand their business. This podcast is quite similar to Tom Ferry Podcast, where one gets motivation to start their own venture in real estate sector.

The Massive Agent Podcast

This is one of the best real estate podcasts for agents, whether they are fresh or professional. The host of this podcasts is Dustin, who motivates his guests to do something new in this business. He offer best advice regarding lead generation and unfiltered marketing tips of loan officer, and brokers. The whole purpose behind such podcast is to enable real estate professional to next level. Just like BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast, this podcast has its own importance due to its involvement with real estate professionals.


It is important for professional real estate agents to listen to these podcasts, in order to improve their business skills. These podcasts serve as a best platform to the ones, who aim to establish a huge business empire in real estate. They might be earning huge profits after few years of stepping into this business. Estate Land Marketing is here to provide you more information about such podcasts in detail. Our consultancy firm website has a lot of information about real estate blogs that are helpful for real estate professionals.

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