CDA will develop Blue Zone for commerce expansion

CDA will develop Blue Zone for commerce expansion

A news source reported on July 29 that Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) President Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari requested that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) prioritize the development of the Blue Area in order to facilitate trade activities and stimulate economic growth.

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Noting the significance of Blue Area — Islamabad’s main commercial center — the president of the ICCI stated that its development will play a crucial role in propelling the economy forward. During the meeting, it was revealed that parking is a significant problem in the Blue Area. To alleviate this issue, the ICCI President proposed permitting parking on the green area of Fazal Haq Road until the parking plaza is constructed.

The president of the Blue Area Traders Welfare Association, Raja Hassan Akhtar, emphasized crucial issues influencing market traders. The dearth of parking facilities, faulty sewer systems, and inoperable streetlights were cited as the most pressing issues requiring CDA’s immediate attention. In addition to advocating for the establishment of a floral market in the Blue Area, Akhtar emphasized the significance of tree pruning.

The merchants of the Blue Area expressed unwavering support for the ICCI and pledged to work closely with the organization to resolve their problems.

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