Best Real Estate Investing Podcast

Best Real Estate Investing Podcast

As the entire world has become a digital way to connect, it is very easy for individuals to hear any news from anywhere. Many of the real estate investors follow finance websites to keep an eye on finance-related news. So, the real estate investor can listen to some podcasts that are important for their knowledge. There are different Real Estate Investing Podcasts that provide the best guidance about real estate finance and profits. Amongst them is the BiggerPockets Podcast, which more thousands of listeners.

Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Here is the best list;

Joe Fairless’ “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show”

This is one of the best real estate investing podcasts with more than 3000 episodes. The host of this program is Joe Fairless, who himself is a real estate professional. He has invested around 2 billion dollars in the real estate business while writing several books that provide the best real estate advice. His podcasts present valuable insights about residential and commercial real estate investment. He invites other finance and real estate professionals, who have good experience of house flipping to house rentals. Joe Fairless also explains the latest trends in real estate on BiggerPockets Podcast Website by writing several blogs.

Real Estate 101″

If you plan to establish yourself as a real estate professional or want to improve your knowledge about this business, then this real estate investing podcast would help you. The host of this podcast is Robert Leonard, who worked previously as a loan officer and finance analyst. He has hosted this program with another real estate entrepreneur named Patrick Donley, and this program caters to learners. New episodes appear at least thrice a week, and these hosts speak to real estate investors. They even talk about some best industrial real estate podcasts to explain commercial real estate in detail.

Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli”

Macro Snatarelli is the CEO of Norada Real Estate Investments, a firm that deals with property investments. This Real Estate Investing Podcast is for those, who aim to tackle the problems that real estate professional faces. This podcast is important for the ones, who are willing to rectify their blunders. They should listen to these real estate podcasts to learn new strategies to avoid losses in this business.

Rental Income Podcast

The host of this Real Estate Investing Podcast is Dan Lane, who helps investors learn new lessons. He interviews landlords and investors to explain how they stepped into this business. The latest episode talks about a woman who has built up a real estate portfolio of 1 million dollars, and generates 10000 income. Investors looking forward to expanding their business must listen to Rental Income Podcast for more knowledge.

Tom ferry Podcast

This is one of the best podcasts that has even received appreciation from various real estate experts. Tom Ferry Podcasts are all about improving negotiation skills by gaining insights into real estate trends. He involves guests, who are best-selling authors, and teaches the ways to grow the business. This Real Estate Investing Podcast shows updated trends and also enables listeners to learn from experts about their portfolios.


If you plan to grow your real estate business and gain profits, a Real Estate Investing podcast is mandatory for you. Such podcast helps in improving business skills to market and negotiate any agreement. For more information regarding such podcasts, you should check out the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our Real estate professionals have links with different real estate owners in Pakistan and would provide you with better consultation.

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