The 6 best ken McElroy podcast

The 6 best ken McElroy podcast


Ken McElroy is one of the popular entrepreneur, who has been working in real estate business for several decades. He has experienced huge success in the real estate world due to his excellent investment analysis. He dealt with various cases of property management to acquisitions, and provided best consultancy to his clients. Ken McElroy Podcast offers unique perspectives on how to invest, and get huge profits with different guarantees. He has spent over more than $700 million investment dollars in real estate business, and has offered various ways to get bigger investment returns. Ken himself has written several books like Sleeping Giant that guide about ways to become a real estate entrepreneur. One must listen to some best industrial real estate podcasts to learn about Ken’s knowledge in depth.

Ken McElroy Podcast

Real Estate Strategies

Kevin McElroy arranges a weekly podcast session, where he discusses some personal real estate investment experiences with some real estate professionals. He explains what kind of real estate strategies he implemented to attain huge profits. The real estate podcasts tells us that how began his million dollar career after his initial job as apartment manager. He talks about various trends like entrepreneurship and its benefits for the real estate investors. Some of the notable guests in this Ken McElory Podcast are Brandon Turner and Jaspreet Singh.

Billion-Dollar Loans at Risk: How Bridge Loans and Rate Caps Led to Disaster

In this Ken McElroy Podcast, Ken speaks to Anton Mattli about Peak Financing. He even talks about the challenges of real estate enthusiasts in commercial real estate business. He even talks about the increase of rate with expiring rate capitals. One can clearly understand that how property owners and lender face huge risk and losses in this industry. This podcast also helps in understanding about opportunistic real estate investment in detail.

When will HOME PRICES go back to Normal?

This Ken McElroy Podcast is a YouTube live stream session between Ken and Danille. Both these real estate professionals investigate the truth behind rising rates of houses and inflation. They both explain that how 2% annual inflation rate goal of Federal Reserve essentially reforms the economy. Such reform has negative impact as it badly impacts the middle and lower income class. He even discussed this issue in one of his BiggerPockets Podcast too, which attracted thousand of listeners.

Building Generational Wealth

This Ken McELroy Podcasts is important for real estate enthusiasts, who aim to establish a huge business in this sector. Ken shares his strategies of building his multi-billion dollar empire from scratch, beginning with a 60-unit building in Seattle downtown. He discusses his entire entrepreneurial journey in detail by sharing strategies to expand his business personality. This podcast offers deep insight into incredible real estate career pathway of Ken, along with ways to cultivate a business mindset.

Landlord Insurance tips that will help you avoid losing everything

In this Ken McELroy Podcast, Ken talks about the importance of Insurance in inspecting real estate policy. He emphasizes that one should write anything until there is an issue and start working on its solutions.  He even advises to check background and credit check by making sure that landlord insurance involves positive credit record.

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

It is one of the most vital Ken McElroy Podcast, as Ken talks about his first job as property manager. It gave him a competitive advantage, as a real estate investors and he also met with Leonard Lipman, a famous real estate advisor. He share that Leonard advised him buy properties and have concerns about cash flow in market cycles. One should also listen to some famous best commercial real estate podcasts to know more about initials of real estate investing.


Ken McElroy is a champion and big advocate for entrepreneurs keen to establish their career in real estate business. He talks to real estate professionals from different countries to learn about real estate business in dept. Ken McElroy Podcast are becoming popular globally due to financial and housing integration knowledge. They are helpful in guiding the real estate investors about the financial aspects of real estate. For more information about such podcasts, you must listen to professionals of Estate Land Marketing.


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