What are the best Real estate education podcasts?

What are the best Real estate education podcasts?

Among the plethora of podcast types, real estate education podcasts are coming out to be huge in recent times. To put it in a nutshell, all these types of podcasts are necessary to take the industry forward.

Not only is real estate, as a market, huge all over the world but it is also in Pakistan. So, much so that more than 40 industries are either directly or indirectly connected with real estate. Therefore, the generation of their revenue somehow connects with real estate. Anyhow, having enough information is exceptionally vital. It helps both new and seasoned investors. Well, real estate education podcasts also play a huge role and we will have a look at it.

Podcast types

As mentioned earlier, all types of real estate podcasts bear huge importance. So, are termed real estate education podcasts. Furthermore, a podcast is a giant medium of getting communication across. As we live in a digitalized era, therefore, there are multiple modes of communication. The brands, services, and owners of a product have to have an insane/moderate online presence – depending on the sources. That way the clients and the consumers get to know and make decisions accordingly. Pushing the vicious circle of the economy forward.

A podcast is also a medium where a bunch of experts and speakers sit together with a guess and speak about a certain matter. In this market, about real estate. It could be about real estate consultants, agents’ tricks, trends, ongoing updates, or advising the listeners.

Real estate education Podcasts

Talking specifically about the best real estate podcasts, it is apt to mention that their importance has been huge. Well, one may counter-argue that these podcasts are a general metaphor for educating real estate listeners and consumers. Something that all podcasts do. Well, it is quite true and stands apt.

Moreover, in this particular podcast, we will have a look at all the giant, massive, and bigger-than-life real estate education podcasts that are serving in more than one way.

Best real estate education podcasts

Let’s have a look at all types of education podcasts that are creating huge waves among audiences. Well, they may vary in terms of the topics and discuss concerns on the respective podcasts.

BiggerPockets Podcast

One of the oldest and most enjoyed real estate podcasts is definitely Biggerpocket podcast. It is so because – firstly it is the oldest and was initiated back in 2013. That was the time when podcasts were not a huge thing.

Whether it is the successes, failures, struggles, hustles, or anything else – the podcast sheds light on it frequently. Co-hosted by David Greene and Rob Abasolo, the podcast also does the 1-1 calls during the show along with talking about all kinds of podcasts including the top 10 real estate podcasts.

Cashflow Guys

Yet another huge name when it comes to real estate education podcasts. Cashflow Guys podcast talks about all the major concerns of real estate topics. Whether it is the former employees of real estate firms, new investors, seasoned individuals, or anybody else, the podcast is for you.

It will tell you how you can generate passive income and that too in the long term. All the entrepreneurs too can get help and be above and beyond any rat race. Whether it is about property valuation consultancy, fix & flip, buy and hold strategy or a million other tactics, Cashflow Guys have got you.

The real estate radio show

Among the prestigious names, the real estate radio show also comes with great magnificence. It is also one of the oldest ones because the podcast started in 1997. So, all the fast-paced and insanely entertaining pattern of the show gets many listeners hooked. You can check out the real estate podcasts on Spotify too. 

In addition, the experts and speakers on the podcasts are highly experienced and know what they are talking about. So, all the needed which are basic skills come in handy. The goals are simple; the consumers can get the highest by doing these three simple steps.

  • Focus on what you have
  • Work on implementing them too.
  • Fulfill what to wanted all along (the end goal).


The above-mentioned blog is a great amalgamation of all the biggest real estate education podcasts. It is so because it is necessary to know what one is getting into and have an apt set of knowledge. Anyhow, do give it a read, and do not forget to verify and do your prior set of research before getting into it. Well, Estate Land Marketing is here to help you in any situation and even need.

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