Who is the owner of Park View City Islamabad?

Who is the owner of Park View City Islamabad?

Park View City Islamabad owner is one of the biggest names and brands that there is in real estate in Pakistan. Well, it is quite evident over the years that Pakistan’s real estate market is growing, thriving, and flourishing. It is only because societies like Park View City are being made and promoted. Offering a gamut of lifestyle and impeccable lifestyle choices.

In addition, talking about the owners, Park View City is smartly managed by the very well-known Vision Group. Since it is a brand of its own, therefore, it is no wonder that people have managed to create a gamut of trust and assurance. So, the entire Park View City investment is a dream. In addition, it is of extreme pertinence that not only investors but even developers need to build an impeccable bond. So, when developers like Vision Group come forward and deliver the best that they can, trust gets built.

Park View City Trusted Developers

When we talk about a project to be extremely ideal, there are certain factors that play a massive role in defining it. Whether it is the ideal location, NOC approval, impeccable infrastructure, magnificent and easy payment plan, and much more, it becomes a complete deal. Well, the investors decide which society offers them in the best possible way.

In addition, in this gamut of enticing facets, the factor of trusted developers also plays a whole role. They initiate a project and take it to heights. The investors need to utterly trust and have the needed assurance. That is when the dream of having a desired property is complete. So, to put it in a nutshell, the phenomenon is massive and giant.

Vision Group

As mentioned earlier, the incredible Park View City Islamabad is developed, managed, and incredibly supervised by the globally known Vision Group. It is no doubt one of the biggest, most trusted, and assured names in Pakistan real estate.

Furthermore, the owner and CEO of the vision group Mr. Aleem Khan is also an entrepreneur, businessman, politician a former member of the popular political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Distinctive Features

Park View City Islamabad is the proud and giant project of the Vision Group which is under the magnificent supervision of Mr. Aleem Khan. So, there are multiple facets in all blocks including Hills Estate Block, The Walk Commercial, and more. Furthermore, that plays a mega and pertinent role. Some features that the company possesses are;

  • Technologically driven
  • Advanced
  • Genius approach, both metaphorically and practically

Park View City Project

One of the biggest things that make Park View City Islamabad stand out among others is the fact that it is the first-ever project by the incredible vision group. Yet, the insane amount of facets by Park View City Islamabad owner is just simply next to perfection.

In addition, whether it is the infrastructure, easiest and seamless payment plan, world-acknowledged master plan, or anything else, society stands apart. In such a short span of time, society has managed to gather an insane amount of trust, assurance, and most importantly, the attention of the investors.

NOC – Approved

One may ask about the Park View City NOC status. Well, another attractive feature is that Park View City Islamabad owner has managed to get the project NOC approved as soon as possible. CDA which stands for capital development authority approved by the society, considers the trusted developers and fast development status. So, the investors and residents are not on the hustle side.

In addition, that has also been the main aim of the vision group and Mr. Aleem Dar in general which is to make the investors’ life as easy as possible. and it has been completed.


The incredible Park View City Islamabad is a giant housing society and there are very few projects that live up to expectations the way it does. Anyhow, talking about the developers and proud Park View City Islamabad owner, Vision Group is in the supervision. A firm that shares a great trust bond with the investors and everyone else in the real estate market. Moreover, Estate Land Marketing is always here to book your plot and guide you well.

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