Reasons to Invest in Park View City

Reasons to Invest in Park View City

The luxury housing city’s location is first and foremost desirable. Park View City is located on Malot Road, a few minutes from the Kashmir Highway. The 200-foot main avenue of the business may also be accessible by Murree Road, which is about a 15-20 minute drive from the Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Expressway. Even though Blue World City is just 20-25 minutes away, it is a great company and residence for all its citizens.

The Park View City area is around the gorgeous Bani Gala hills and mountains, and civilization is close enough to the city core to provide reasonable access. The tranquillity of the gorgeous environment near the city’s heart is a perfect location for constructing a home.

Commercial Hub with Brilliant Entrance

The main road of the Park View City residential society is 200 feet long. It stretches for around 100 meters from Islamabad Avenue to Jinnah Park Lane. It is simpler and faster to get to and from the business sector because of the large access road. It also enables you to travel simply and pleasantly while also relaxing in the warmth of your luxurious home.

The industrial sector is directly close to the entrance, and Park View City is where you should invest. The project integrates residential jobs into manufacturing and retail activities in commercial zones, enhancing society’s residency and worth. The truth is that the project’s headquarters are right at the entrance, making it accessible to surrounding firms like Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave.

Possession of plots and rapid development

Construction at Park View City moves at a breakneck speed. The developers have completed the construction of Blocks A and B, and they have also awarded the ownership of two of such blocks. Furthermore, construction of residences in all these blocks has already commenced. Park View City Developers have done a spectacular job. 

The construction of the enormous Jamiah Mosque has already begun, and the workers are quickly making progress. We expect that the developers will create the village over two to three decades and that the neighborhood will be ready for everyday use. You may access the Park View City Facilities planning report on the official site.

Designer with a broad scope

We also interpreted that no proper due diligence on a housing project is complete without evaluating the Developer’s capacity to complete it. The Vision Group of Companies is developing Park View City. Aleem Khan, the founder of Vision Group, is a very well-recognized politician and a participant of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

When a project is associated with a person of such renown, it gains even more clout. It removes hazards associated with construction and development. Furthermore, the Developer’s portfolio, which includes Park View Villas, Park View Signature Apartments, and the corporate sector in Lahore and Park View Icon in Karachi, demonstrates the company’s strong expertise in large-scale project execution.

Beautiful Botanical Garden View

Park View City has the advantage of being situated in a valley-like setting surrounded by beautiful botanical landscapes. The project attracted many developers to these real estate house plans in Islamabad because of their favorite aspects. Park View City’s Islamabad goal also includes ecologically conscious residents.

People will indeed find living in beautiful botanical gardens to be a source of joy and happiness. As a result, the Park View City Region is available to all other apartment complexes in Islamabad. Many builders have chosen to invest in projects like the Mayfair villas in Park View City. The villa residences are located near the hills, and are an excellent investment opportunity in 2021.

Plots of a Larger Size

Park View City is also fortunate because its site sizes are often smaller than those of other projects. The size is 1300 sq. ft. for a 5-Marla plot with dimensions of 26′ x 50′′. A 10 Marla land in Park View City, on the other hand, is 2450 square feet and measures 35′ x 70′. In general, a single Marla is 250 square feet meters, which is far more than other similar civilizations.

Even though Park View City costs are higher than those in other Islamabad neighborhoods, we think that, with considerably larger plot sizes and prime land, building expenses exist, as evidenced by the idea that they will be included in the cost.

Park View City Overseas Block

The Overseas Block is the latest addition to this fascinating housing venture, which caters to everyone’s demands. From residential and commercial premises to vintage flats and villas, society is an intriguing lure for everyone.

The initiative will soon commence worldwide to fulfill all of the Pakistani residents’ housing needs overseas. Pakistanis begin the plot size search from outside, seeking a sense of belonging, comprehension, and a secure location to purchase Pakistan. As a result, it is close to the enterprise’s corporate core and provides a solid investment and an exclusive lifestyle for its employees. The same qualities and distinctive phenomena go for other blocks too including The Walk Commercial, Park View City Terrace Apartments, and more.  

Environmentally Friendly

According to environmental evaluations, densely forested areas are excellent for residents. Environmentally friendly home developments are increasingly a reality. Park View City would not need to make an effort in this area, as housing businesses like Capital Smart City are building an environmentally friendly program.

One of Park View City’s key benefits is that it is typically ecologically sustainable and has many natural wood planks. Because the Chak Shahzad region is well-known for its beauty, it attracts many people to this endeavor. Park View City is known for its elegant and secure lifestyle. If you buy a property in Park View City, Islamabad, you will never be satisfied with any other place on the planet.

The Art of Maintaining the Economy

Park View City investment has preserved the market as colorful and busy throughout the last 30 years since The developers decided to launch in mid-2017. This housing society is still well-known in Islamabad’s real estate industry, suggesting that economic trust has grown over time.

Park View City’s management employs various strategies to complete various projects that are started at various times by the property population. Underpricing recurring and strategic transactions is one of the two essential methods we discovered.

Allow Investors To Move Their Money Around.

Similarly, some purchasers desire their money to travel quickly across different commodities. They will spend in the early phases of the market and cause it to languish. Park View City can keep its short-term customers by building brands and shifting their ownership among various things regularly. The fact that the investor has faith in the firm and is satisfied with its returns inhibits them from putting out more effort.

However, now that stockholders may unsubscribe from 3,5 Marla housing units, the firm surprised them by launching 2.5 Marla, which proved to be a huge success. In a nutshell, the projected introduction of Park View City benefits could allow investors to choose between several investment types. It also assists end users in determining the breadth of each commodity for their lifetime engagement before deciding on a brand.


In this post, we discussed why Park View City might be a viable investment project. We believe that these factors will make it continually appealing to us as a substantial investment with excellent returns in a few years.

Our other projects, such as Capital Smart City, Blue World City, and Nova City, and why you should invest in those, you can conveniently locate out why, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, on our blogs section at Estateland and Marketing.

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Best Place to Invest in Pakistan Real Estate

Best Place to Invest in Pakistan Real Estate

Best Place to Invest in Pakistan Real Estate

Investing in real estate in Pakistan could be a good strategy for building your capital and gaining passive income. Several things are fueling the rise of South Asia’s 7th most populated nation in land. As a handful, buyer interest, the situation, property taxes, production, and legislation are essential considerations. An investor must remain knowledgeable no matter whatever the conditions.

The other two most significant things to get right when investing in property in Pakistan are identifying the market and analysis. Many resources in Pakistan are located in several areas, making construction difficult. Although each site is exceptional in its possibilities and offers, Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad are without equal. Additionally, we will be looking to purchase properties in three Pakistani cities only. In the first part of this article, we provide you with an outline of the towns we described above, giving you an improved understanding of the following three:

You may like to look into the following as the Property Prices in Pakistan After Covid-19.

Karachi Real Estate

Many people, particularly wealthy Pakistanis, believe that Karachi has an exceptional influence in the real estate industry of Pakistan. Boston is best known for the combination of upper-class, middle-class, and working-class neighborhoods. There are plenty of available pieces of real estate for development in the area.

  • Scheme 33, Karachi:

Stretched through the breadth of the Karachi-Hyderabad Highway, Scheme 33 holds the premier spot for housing purchases in the metropolis. It has a significant effect on Karachi’s success, primarily due to the low prices and well-established societies in place for residents of the city. The scheme was proposed in 1971, a rent-control scheme for 26,000 acres, and it is estimated that it would implement approximately 137 housing schemes. Not all of the 137 projects are complete yet, but a few have now been condominiums with bedrooms.

  • DHA, Defence, Karachi

Among the most common and safest choices for real estate investors in Pakistan’s market is DHA in Karachi. There is no doubt that the Defence Homes are some of the safest housing developments in the world. Notwithstanding Pakistan’s significant prohibitions on housing growth, this location has a by-default valuation rate, making it the best place to invest in Pakistan real estate.

  • Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi

This investment plan was previously located in Karachi’s high-demand areas, which is no big surprise because it has always been well-appreciated. The developing Jinnah International Airport locality, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, focuses on affordable accommodation, providing various opportunities to invest, and maintaining a sustainable quality of life. Residential services such as utility supply make this an ideal growth.

Lahore Real Estate

The town of Lahore has become one of the many successes in Pakistan due to real estate growth. The city has something for everybody. It’s regarded as the best place to invest in Pakistan real estate. The town’s cultural landmarks are immortalized in red brick, but futuristic projects lure real estate developers like iron filings to the area. The business in Lahore will never get boring, regardless of whether it’s commercial, residential, or agricultural. The relocation of many significant corporate headquarters is an encouraging sign of developing the city’s commercial sector.

If you are interested in Lahore’s real estate market, be sure to check at Estateland and Marketing for properties that warrant your attention, as well as a few of the best investment opportunities such as Lahore Smart City.

  • DHA Defence, Lahore

It’s also the first on the list of the best places to invest in when you’re looking to invest in the city. The defence sector remains highly active in Lahore for several reasons. It is recognised mainly for its safe investment deals and goods free of lawsuits. Like other major cities, though, it is still one of the many unplanned. You are delighted to know that the architects of this housing system have paid careful attention to every aspect and provided tenants with all the requisite services and amenities.

  • Bahria Town, Lahore

Secondly, our tour of the best real estate investment areas in Lahore is guaranteed by the Bahria Town investment options. This was not a surprise, as Bahria Town is famous for providing its residents with a first-class lifestyle. This gated community in Lahore probably one of the best place to invest in Pakistan real estate thanks to its futuristic infrastructure, well-designed business areas, and entertainment facilities.

  • Lahore Raiwind Road

In a peaceful place, away from the city centre’s hustle, Raiwind Road’s investment opportunities include low-cost housing systems and affordable services. Many emerging communities along this path are well-matched with the most urban lifestyle norms, including Bahria Orchard Lahore.

Islamabad Real Estate

Islamabad is among the greenest cities in Pakistan, and it is also a stable city for residence and investment. Due to federal law enforcement agents’ persistent and relentless actions, Islamabad is now a United Nations Family Station. We had done extensive research and found the best place to invest in Pakistan real estate when it came to the real estate market of the federal capital.

  • Defence of DHA, Islamabad

DHA Defense occupies a perfect image on the National Highway (N-5). The scheme is handled and operated and requires no introduction from the Defense Housing Authority. The residences here were the first to provide modern living ideas, mostly known for their facilities, utilities, connectivity and stability. The scheme offers secure and profitable real estate at affordable rates with city parks, play areas, international schools and carpeted intersections.

  • Green Gulberg, Islamabad

This housing plan is located on the outskirts of the Islamabad Expressway and is part of the latest growth and prosperity of the city’s real estate industry. The project offers both customers and developers enticing bundles. Gulberg’s residential units host an outstanding combination of standard international facilities and attractive investment opportunities. We can visibly see that the builders have spent extreme time ensuring a modern lifestyle of leisure, a broad network of highways, safe and green areas and commuting options in this city.

  • Islamabad, Bahria Town

Shared by twin towns, Bahria Town is also one of the best investment areas in Islamabad. Given the beautiful combination of amenities for citizens, it would not be incorrect to claim that residences in Bahria Town, Islamabad, fit people who intend to buy property in Pakistan ideally.


This concludes our article on the best place to invest in Pakistan real estate. Our top selections from the country’s three major cities and a rundown of each community’s investment choices have been listed. We will post both the latest updates and fluctuations on our website. To find out about other upcoming developments, check out our project editorials, listed here: Nova City, Blue World City, and Capital Smart City.

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Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

Reasons to Invest in Blue World City


Property investing is a huge decision, and an individual thinks a million things when taking such an action while being in question. The most crucial factor in deciding the risk breaker is the correct choice; the buyer constantly relies on whether their investment will produce gains or even go to waste.

The Blue World City in Islamabad’s Chakri Road is undeniably the city’s fastest-growing real estate venture. The characteristics and amenities provided by Blue World City Islamabad set it apart from the rest of the world. When we talk about the best real estate projects, the first classification is given to Islamabad, and there is Blue World City.

Reasons to invest in Blue World City

The first and biggest Pak Friendly Community is Blue World City. Blue World City seems to be the only private company working with China, and it is the ideal location to invest in for a variety of purposes. If you consider the following characteristics of this area, you would certainly want to be a part of this prestigious venture which The Blue group or organization has proposed to you.

Copy of Blue Mosque Istanbul

This wonder influenced the makers of Blue World City to create a recreation to reinstate Islamic and cultural values from such a century. The reconstruction of the Blue Mosque will be an attraction, drawing a wide range of visitors and tourists. It is the next priority of the urban cities just after Faisal Mosque.

Blue World City Water Theme Park

Another essential quality that differentiates Blue World City Islamabad from a desirable place to live in is Pakistan’s largest water theme park. The park will have a newly constructed pool for children as well as surfing. There will be water rides as well as slides. The park is designed to meet universal standards and principles.

The Blue World Water Theme Park, located in Blue World City, is a spectacular tourist destination. It was founded in collaboration with Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co., a world-renowned company. China Blue World Water Theme Park is developing over 70,000 square metres of steep hills with natural silhouettes, adding to the location’s curiosity and enthusiasm.

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Affordable Payment Plan

Blue World City offers apartments and land at relatively low and affordable prices. For a small sum of money, you will be able to take possession of your assets in no time. Unlike most other housing schemes, the payment package is effortless and inexpensive. There appear to be three-year, and four-year instalment offers available, such as Capital Smart city, which could allow consumers to take advantage of their property-buying plans.

On the other hand, a manageable payment schedule enables an individual to buy a home that would otherwise be out of reach. Blue World City has rendered purchasing a property so simple that anyone could do it. As a result, some 3-year and 4-year instalment plans make it simple for a landowner to maintain ownership of his property. Furthermore, the payment options are very straightforward so that residents can take advantage of the benefits as soon as possible.

Electricity in the field

For a good cause, underground transmitting is gaining prominence. It’s worth considering whether society embraces a power grid that is reliable, powerful, and cost-effective, as well as one that seems to be safe for residents.

However, the primary goal of this feature is not to maintain the overall elegance of the project. Underground power will also provide extra support to the environment in the event of a dangerous condition. It can, however, maintain the cultural standard in society. As a result, overhead lines and wires are both secure and practical.

Development and Architecture

For the inhabitants of Blue World City, the architecture and construction are also unique because they incorporate Chinese-style infrastructure. The uniqueness of the Blue World City growth era is how China’s contemporary architecture inspired cultural, architectural styles. Blue World City is Pakistan’s first housing venture, with qualified Chinese engineers and architects at the helm. Since the Chinese are well-trained and experts in the worldwide creation of cutting-edge real estate projects, this project’s construction can only be predicted to be top-notch and outstanding.

CPEC Path Proximity

The CPEC route passes through Islamabad’s Blue World City, which will also play an essential role in the area’s socio-economic growth and numerous business opportunities. For those unfamiliar with the CPEC initiative, it is a joint project among Pakistan and China to strengthen trade terms between the two countries.

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The Availability of necessities

The housing company has modern amenities, such as the best road access and exceptional security and entertainment. Here are a few of the essential characteristics:

  1. E-tag System
  2. Restaurants and food courts
  3. Access to public transit
  4. A cutting-edge wastewater disposal facility
  5. Filtration plant for water
  6. Safari Zoo and Lakes
  7. Beauty and hair salons
  8. Police Stations
  9. Gated Community
  10. Carpeted Roads in a Large Series (120ft, 80ft &40ft.)
  11. Constant electricity, water, and gas supply
  12. Wi-Fi and landline options
  13. A Security System That Isn’t Going to Fail
  14. Landscaped fields of greenery
  15. Health and Medical Services
  16. Jamia and Masjids in the suburbs
  17. Cutting-edge educational institutions
  18. Zones for making money and doing business
  19. Shopping malls that have a wide range of retail outlets
  20. Parks and gardens are number 20 on the list.
  21. Golf and football clubs
  22. IMAX Theater

Top-notch first business centre

Blue World City aims to be Pakistan’s first commercial hub, with the world’s biggest Chinese retail market among its attractions. With the highest level of growth and the encouragement of Chinese peers. It ensures that your wishes come true. The project’s growth and advancement were aided by the project’s safe scenery, amenities, attractive locations, and many other exciting features.

Rapid growth

The project is moving forward fast, with over 100 large types of machinery produced daily and nightly.   High rises on the central blvd have been constructed, and work on the society’s grand main entrance is underway. The Chakri Road entrance avenue has been finished, and street lights have been installed. The business was the first to have electrical connections, which is an essential milestone for the project. Similarly, earthwork has begun, and infrastructure construction will start soon.

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Diverse community

Blue World City is the only residential development in the district. Under this initiative, you will have the chance to remain in a new community. Since the project is a designated areas unit for Chinese citizens in society, it’s only natural to assume that it entices people from diverse cultures, ethnicities, and cultures to come together.

Increased profit margins

Real estate in Pakistan, especially in Islamabad and the nearby region, has increased dramatically in previous centuries. From the standpoint of a property coverage expert, it is reasonable to conclude that investing in this residential firm as a corporation guarantees high-profit margins. Particularly in periods of economic distress, it is an opportunity that can prove to be profitable and thrive.

We advise developers who want to make a long-term investment in this housing estate. That’s because the Blue World City project caters to a small luxury business segment.


Blue World City is ideal for home buyers, developers, and the general public looking for a place to call home in an urbanised environment with all of the latest amenities and natural greenery. It is advised for those who wish to invest in smaller amounts in Blue World City as their first option.

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Property Prices in Pakistan After Covid-19

Property Prices in Pakistan After Covid-19

Property Prices in Pakistan After Covid-19

The planet has faced a massive catastrophe due to the global pandemic, and property prices in the country have, too. As a part of the Prime Minister’s rental scheme, lower inflation can be felt in the real market. Due to the widespread occurrence of pandemics, home prices have plummeted. Common opinion has it that the government is going to subsidize property prices in Pakistan after covid-19 because of the construction and real estate sectors’

The government fought against high unemployment and the economy’s failure by introducing the building and agricultural acts. These incentives would bring influential investors, leading to an influx of moderate and low-cost homes and commerce. As a result, property prices in Pakistan are reduced in both commercial and residential real estate.

COVID-19 Effects

Under siege, people have put their schemes on hold in every city and re-think all of their strategies. Lack of direction in our country is causing uncertainty and anxiety among the population, which is very distressing. This is an excellent chance for the ones who trust that rates will drop to long-term undertakings. However, the real problem lies in who will ensure the viability of new projects during a threatening pandemic?

The profitability of diverse property investment firms has been reduced to varying degrees by the epidemic. In the commercial and service locations, it’s possible to come up with a speedy conclusion quickly, whilst at the office, we can’t make swift decisions because the long-term proposals are yet to be established.

The worldwide markets are coming to terms with a potentially significant stock-market crisis. So too are the real estate markets in Islamabad and Karachi and real estate agents in Lahore. The aim of investing was to get the investor somewhere infection-free, but individuals have all but ceased doing so because they found it too risky.

Precautionary Travel Ban

The travel ban, while necessary, makes things worse for Pakistan. The restriction on travel from the countries including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan during Eid holidays prohibits the overseas Pakistanis from coming home and settling there. Moreover, they have little interest in investing during the epidemic because they are fearful of loss. As a result, people seem to shy away from investment.

Companies would rather uninvest and keep cash on hand, even if there is a possibility that all would cease temporarily. There has been a prominent in the markets, which has led to a decrease in prices from 10% to 20%. The majority of the dealers who do business during such a period will lose money. In all major cities, land values will be affected by the Coronavirus. More than half of the total assets of Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore are held by expatriate Pakistanis.

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Loss of Certified Realtors

Real estate brokers who’ve put down their time in the industry are losing money due to the virus epidemic. Since the meagre salary offered by many real estate brokers, 40% of agents already left the field. The buyers who switched to creative agencies have lost significant sums of money based on the market crisis. The property bubble is more severe than the housing crash of 2005. Since there are not enough real estate agents available, the property has declined in value.

Commercial properties

The global catastrophe offered the means for corporations to run as well as reducing expenses in the workplace. The work-from-at-home concept was foreign to the modern workforce, a rarity in modern times. It is surprising how home-bound they are as you consider how long the group was quarantined for how inventive they are in using the time.

People used to spend a lot of money on non-creative or creative outlets, but now more are electing to save by purchasing or renting warehouse space on the internet. In this way, we can presume that the price of commercial areas in Pakistan has decreased because of the decrease in the demand for Covid-19.

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The reasons listed above make us see how bad the economic situation is in Pakistan is now. Still, now that they’ve gotten worse, we are all better positioned to find new opportunities. So despite our present challenges, we have a bright future ahead of us.

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Future of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Future of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Future of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Examination of the Pakistani economy

Pakistan is now in a state of a global real estate bubble. Rates have been slowly rising for some period. In prime locations such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, the estate is very active for dealers and purchasers. Previously, the costs of such goods were in the millions of rupees. In areas such as Gulberg Islamabad, or DHA, quick one Kanal homes will cost 11 lakh PKR or 40 lakh PKR.

The economic conditions of our nation are not favorable. As a result, anyone considering investing in Pakistan’s real estate industry should be up to date with the latest real estate trends and updates. Strictly speaking, if you are up to date with current real estate circumstances in Pakistan, you will achieve the right property deal.

But don’t be alarmed; the latest real estate news is perfect. Yes, despite inflation and instability, Pakistani property prices remain low, making investing difficult. But, since land is such a competitive market, prices remain affordable. In this regard, the real estate sector must be valued as it thrives under adverse conditions. Anything else, particularly businesses, is getting out of reach. Nonetheless, reasonable land prices make it competitive for residents and an excellent investment opportunity, which means the real estate business future in Pakistan is bright in the current year.

Prospects for the Real Estate Market in 2021

Given the political instability surrounding the country’s real estate sector in the last year, it is expected that the future of real estate business will be positive in the years ahead. However, several developments underway around the country can alter real estate prices before they are completed.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a developing road network that will promote trade amongst the two countries by providing a direct route from Gwadar port to China’s Xinjiang city. China and Pakistan are also involved in these ventures. Once all the project is finished, Chinese infrastructure investment, especially in the real property market, will expand opportunities. In addition, an increasing number of Chinese citizens want to live in close proximity to their employers in Gwadar and the surrounding areas. Therefore, the CPEC has the potential to attract massive foreign investment.

In terms of the Pakistan property market, we’ll focus on two of the country’s major cities, with an emphasis toward 2021:

Real estate market in Lahore

Last year, housing prices in Lahore increased, particularly until after the elections, which were expected to bring many meaningful progress and policies to the region’s financial situation. On the other hand, entities like Bahria Orchard, DHA, Model Town, Smart City Lahore, Park View City, and Al-Noor Orchid provide sluggish investment knowledge at that time. In 2021, demand is projected to increase once again.

Real estate market in Islamabad

The real estate market has risen to new heights, with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) attempting to create the latest housing art schemes for Islamabadians. Blue World City, DHA Islamabad, Gulberg Green, Capital Smart City, Nova City, Rudn Enclave, and Mivida City are among the city’s recent projects, which will assist developers in a range of new projects.

Furthermore, with the recent amendments to the property purchase prohibition, Pakistani tourists can now consume their money in the economy without fear of an FBR inquiry, but that was not the case before the first forced ban. As a result, we should expect a boom in the property sector in Pakistan in the coming year.

Pakistan Property Ranking Analysis

Pakistan is now on the right path in terms of creating business-friendly markets, according to the World Bank’s report “Doing Business 2020,” which ranks Pakistan 108th in the world. Pakistan’s previous ranking of 136 was quickly registered, indicating a 28-place improvement from the prior year. Improved economic conditions would attract foreign direct investment and provide opportunities for skilled people.

As per the World Bank report, growing international investment and expanding the sector are directly linked to property assessment. Better economic factors indicate that the demand for commercial and luxury housing companies will develop in 2020 in metropolitan cities such as Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Karachi.

Caution Against Real Estate Scams

In some instances, uneducated officers and merchants who do not have the skills to lead consumers have overcome the immovable demand and contributed to theft. In order to safeguard the rights of Landholders, central and provisional realtor authorities are needed in the region. In addition, planners and builders need to monitor the development of settlements over the years to achieve the land procurement process. Oversight by some estate regulators will build confidence in people, particularly Pakistanis from abroad, without concern of being defrauded with the hard-earned money spent in this industry.


The real estate outlook for Pakistan is incredible. The presence of both local and foreign investors in the Pakistani property market is seen. Different residential and industrial projects are developing across the country that provides all the opportunity for golden investment. These assets are legal, and some have reimbursement policies for investors.

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