Reasons to Invest in Park View City

Reasons to Invest in Park View City

The luxury housing city’s location is first and foremost desirable. Park View City is located on Malot Road, a few minutes from the Kashmir Highway. The 200-foot main avenue of the business may also be accessible by Murree Road, which is about a 15-20 minute drive from the Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Expressway. Even though Blue World City is just 20-25 minutes away, it is a great company and residence for all its citizens.

The Park View City area is around the gorgeous Bani Gala hills and mountains, and civilization is close enough to the city core to provide reasonable access. The tranquillity of the gorgeous environment near the city’s heart is a perfect location for constructing a home.

Commercial Hub with Brilliant Entrance

The main road of the Park View City residential society is 200 feet long. It stretches for around 100 meters from Islamabad Avenue to Jinnah Park Lane. It is simpler and faster to get to and from the business sector because of the large access road. It also enables you to travel simply and pleasantly while also relaxing in the warmth of your luxurious home.

The industrial sector is directly close to the entrance, and Park View City is where you should invest. The project integrates residential jobs into manufacturing and retail activities in commercial zones, enhancing society’s residency and worth. The truth is that the project’s headquarters are right at the entrance, making it accessible to surrounding firms like Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave.

Possession of plots and rapid development

Construction at Park View City moves at a breakneck speed. The developers have completed the construction of Blocks A and B, and they have also awarded the ownership of two of such blocks. Furthermore, construction of residences in all these blocks has already commenced. Park View City Developers have done a spectacular job. 

The construction of the enormous Jamiah Mosque has already begun, and the workers are quickly making progress. We expect that the developers will create the village over two to three decades and that the neighborhood will be ready for everyday use. You may access the Park View City Facilities planning report on the official site.

Designer with a broad scope

We also interpreted that no proper due diligence on a housing project is complete without evaluating the Developer’s capacity to complete it. The Vision Group of Companies is developing Park View City. Aleem Khan, the founder of Vision Group, is a very well-recognized politician and a participant of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

When a project is associated with a person of such renown, it gains even more clout. It removes hazards associated with construction and development. Furthermore, the Developer’s portfolio, which includes Park View Villas, Park View Signature Apartments, and the corporate sector in Lahore and Park View Icon in Karachi, demonstrates the company’s strong expertise in large-scale project execution.

Beautiful Botanical Garden View

Park View City has the advantage of being situated in a valley-like setting surrounded by beautiful botanical landscapes. The project attracted many developers to these real estate house plans in Islamabad because of their favorite aspects. Park View City’s Islamabad goal also includes ecologically conscious residents.

People will indeed find living in beautiful botanical gardens to be a source of joy and happiness. As a result, the Park View City Region is available to all other apartment complexes in Islamabad. Many builders have chosen to invest in projects like the Mayfair villas in Park View City. The villa residences are located near the hills, and are an excellent investment opportunity in 2021.

Plots of a Larger Size

Park View City is also fortunate because its site sizes are often smaller than those of other projects. The size is 1300 sq. ft. for a 5-Marla plot with dimensions of 26′ x 50′′. A 10 Marla land in Park View City, on the other hand, is 2450 square feet and measures 35′ x 70′. In general, a single Marla is 250 square feet meters, which is far more than other similar civilizations.

Even though Park View City costs are higher than those in other Islamabad neighborhoods, we think that, with considerably larger plot sizes and prime land, building expenses exist, as evidenced by the idea that they will be included in the cost.

Park View City Overseas Block

The Overseas Block is the latest addition to this fascinating housing venture, which caters to everyone’s demands. From residential and commercial premises to vintage flats and villas, society is an intriguing lure for everyone.

The initiative will soon commence worldwide to fulfill all of the Pakistani residents’ housing needs overseas. Pakistanis begin the plot size search from outside, seeking a sense of belonging, comprehension, and a secure location to purchase Pakistan. As a result, it is close to the enterprise’s corporate core and provides a solid investment and an exclusive lifestyle for its employees. The same qualities and distinctive phenomena go for other blocks too including The Walk Commercial, Park View City Terrace Apartments, and more.  

Environmentally Friendly

According to environmental evaluations, densely forested areas are excellent for residents. Environmentally friendly home developments are increasingly a reality. Park View City would not need to make an effort in this area, as housing businesses like Capital Smart City are building an environmentally friendly program.

One of Park View City’s key benefits is that it is typically ecologically sustainable and has many natural wood planks. Because the Chak Shahzad region is well-known for its beauty, it attracts many people to this endeavor. Park View City is known for its elegant and secure lifestyle. If you buy a property in Park View City, Islamabad, you will never be satisfied with any other place on the planet.

The Art of Maintaining the Economy

Park View City investment has preserved the market as colorful and busy throughout the last 30 years since The developers decided to launch in mid-2017. This housing society is still well-known in Islamabad’s real estate industry, suggesting that economic trust has grown over time.

Park View City’s management employs various strategies to complete various projects that are started at various times by the property population. Underpricing recurring and strategic transactions is one of the two essential methods we discovered.

Allow Investors To Move Their Money Around.

Similarly, some purchasers desire their money to travel quickly across different commodities. They will spend in the early phases of the market and cause it to languish. Park View City can keep its short-term customers by building brands and shifting their ownership among various things regularly. The fact that the investor has faith in the firm and is satisfied with its returns inhibits them from putting out more effort.

However, now that stockholders may unsubscribe from 3,5 Marla housing units, the firm surprised them by launching 2.5 Marla, which proved to be a huge success. In a nutshell, the projected introduction of Park View City benefits could allow investors to choose between several investment types. It also assists end users in determining the breadth of each commodity for their lifetime engagement before deciding on a brand.


In this post, we discussed why Park View City might be a viable investment project. We believe that these factors will make it continually appealing to us as a substantial investment with excellent returns in a few years.

Our other projects, such as Capital Smart City, Blue World City, and Nova City, and why you should invest in those, you can conveniently locate out why, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, on our blogs section at Estateland and Marketing.

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