Best Commercial Investment in Islamabad 2021

Best Commercial Investment In Islamabad

Islamabad’s Best Commercial Investments

Islamabad is recognized as the world’s third most beautiful capital city, making it one of Pakistan’s most attractive locations. Regardless, Islamabad is noted for its high living standards and well-developed infrastructure. Because the armed forces and their families surround the area, the city provides first-class facilities. The natural beauty, absolute serenity, rigorous legal regulations, and safety in the city all contribute to the city’s popularity. In the most recent era, the Capital City has been the best commercial investment in Pakistan. Residents from all across the city are interested in investing in Islamabad’s most well-planned real estate projects, either for their current lifestyle or for predicted future returns. As a result of these demands, the real estate industry has been strongly encouraged to work, and a large number of housing projects have been built and are currently under construction in recent years.

For instance, a Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad that claims to meet the needs of all high-end buyers is backed up by real estate legislation. Some initiatives are listed below as a means of achieving a higher level and serving the cause. These incredible developments have improved the city’s overall appeal. Everything has been supervised by specialists, from the planned infrastructure to the area utilized, to ensure that there are no flaws and that the buyers have the most convenience. To name a few on the buzz list, there are:

In 2021, the best investment in Islamabad will be

  • Mall of Islamabad F-11, Axis Mall
  • The Sixth Boulevard
  • Gulberg Arena
  • Gulberg Heights
  • Elysium Mall
  • Majestic Mall
  • D Mall
  • Twin Towers
  • River Hills
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Gulberg Emporium
  • Park One
  • Royal Crown

The list of recently launched developments in Islamabad includes Elysium Mall.

Listed below are a few of these incredible smart city commercial projects:

Majestic Mall

Majestic Mall, located at B-17 MPCHS in Islamabad 2021, is an impressive commercial complex. It is, without a doubt, Islamabad’s best commercial investment. The Majestic Mall has a large number of halls and stores. The architecture is highly attractively created because this building only has business units; hence the focus has been solely on the design. This mall features an earthquake-resistant surface, which is a significant draw. Only 15% of the down payment is required to secure a reservation.

 Royal Crown

The Royal Crown is a magnificent diamond in the crown of the world-famous Gulberg Greens. This project consists of a mix of corporate offices, retail stores, and residential units, all of which are structured to meet the clients’ necessities. The Royal Crown is situated in an area that is sparsely populated but has a strong potential for commercial development. ORBIS, also known as Overseas Royal Business Solutions, is responsible for the planning, design, and development of the Royal Crown. This fantastic project is at Block-C of the Business Square, which connects to Rawalpindi via the Islamabad Express Highway. The Royal Crown’s booking expenses begin with a ten percent down payment, with the remainder of the money made on an easy instalment plan.

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Gulberg Emporium Mall

Gulberg Emporium Mall and Residency is an Al-Ghani Group project in Islamabad that is located in a great location in the city with other upscale communities nearby. The Mall, as its name implies, is a commercial complex with residential apartments. This mall is strongly regarded as the most acceptable property investment in Islamabad for the year 2021. Gulberg Emporium’s booking rate resumes at 20% of the total, while the remaining payment is made over a 33-month instalment plan.

The Sixth Boulevard

The sixth Boulevard is a mix of luxury residences with a shopping mall and leisure activities on the last three floors. The mall seeks to meet everyone’s current wants and wants in this period. The Sixth Boulevard is located in Phase 8 of Islamabad Bahria Town, in a prominent position. This mall’s position views the Statue of Liberty, and the Dominion Mall is only 2 minutes away, making it much more desirable. This mall’s commercial section houses merchandise from roughly 170 and even more international and domestic brands. The commercial product can be reserved for as little as 5% of the total price, with the remaining payment spread out over 16 instalments.

Elysium Mall

Elysium Mall, an Oasis Developers project in Islamabad, is also a fantastic property with commercial and residential units. Elysium Mall offers luxurious apartments and business premises with a high architectural style and a lovely view of the Margalla Hills. This project is located in the city’s central business district, known as Blue Area. Along with the enormous vehicle parking area, the Elysium Mall features a great food court, worldwide brand shops, and much more to delight. The shops at the Elysium Mall can be reserved for a shallow deposit of 25%, with the rest of the money made every month.

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D Mall

Another fantastic commercial development in Islamabad is D Mall, commonly known as the Defense Mall. The framework of this project is exquisite, and Al-Ghurair Giga, a well-known architect, designed this commercial project. D mall is renowned for its thousands of international and domestic brands. In summary, the mall is in a great location, right in the middle of GT Road, in DHA Phase 2, and right next to the Giga Mall. The first six floors of the D mall are solely for commercial reasons. This mall houses all of the local and worldwide brands, as well as large retail outlets. There are other amenities such as well-known eateries, a children’s play area, and various other leisure spaces.

River Hills

For those looking for the Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad, River Hills is another business project that includes commercial space and residential apartments. After the enormous success of River Hills Tower-1, Bahria Town is presenting this project. The project aims to provide amenities and architectural design that are state-of-the-art in nature. River Hills claims to have an in-house business complex that provides all of the amenities that residents require. The River Hills is on the Bahria Expressway, in phase 7 of Bahria Town. The River Hills’ booking prices start at just 6% of the entire cost, with the remaining balance spread out over 12 convenient instalments.

Park One

Park One has been designed in the inspiration of Paladin-style edifice Park One.  It has three commercial floors out of twenty-one, with a total of 210 commercial units with updated services and facilities. The site is ideal; it is on 10th Avenue, directly across from the F-10 (Commercial Block), and is one of Islamabad’s best commercial investments. The location now confronts Islamabad’s gorgeous and well-known Fatima Jinnah Park. Park One is a sophisticated development that includes both residential and commercial units. Park One is located in Islamabad’s lush green region and seeks to become the country’s most iconic infrastructure. APCO Group, a well-known company, developed and owned the project.


Montviro is a riverside shopping mall currently under construction and will be the most acceptable investment in Islamabad by 2021. Western-styled infrastructures inspired the architecture. Montviro is designed and developed by the Irtifa Group of Companies. This project enhances the visual attractiveness of Murree, which is located along the river and is predicted to become a popular tourist destination. Hotel, theme parks, retail shops, hotel, apartment, and much more are all part of the infrastructure. Within the Montviro, the developers have declared the inclusion of well-known national and international destinations such as Sheraton, Grand Hyatt Hotel, and Bahria Golf City. This mall has a premium gold market and amenities and recreational activities such as a food court and brands from both the domestic and foreign markets.

Gulberg Heights

The Gulberg Heights, established by the Al-Ghani Group, is one of Islamabad’s largest commercial projects. It is one of the Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad. This particular endeavor is a representation of both elegance and beauty. Gulberg Heights is located in Gulberg Greens, on the significant Gulberg Expressway. The Gulberg Arena’s booking begins with a 20% deposit, with the remainder of the payments made on a simple payment schedule.

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The Shopping Center

The shopping mall, commonly known as TSM, is an upcoming commercial project in Islamabad and one of the best commercial investments in the city. The TSM is a joint venture between S.A. Properties and A.K. Properties. The Shopping Mall will have international brand showrooms, as well as outlets and trademarks. As a result of the escalators, capsule lifts, and air conditioning infrastructure, TSM has been intended to provide maximum convenience. The Shopping Mall is presently under construction and is due to be completed soon. The Shopping Mall’s booking rate is roughly 5% of the down payment, but the remaining balance is maintained to be paid on an easy instalment plan.

Mall of Arabia

The Imarat Group of Companies owns the Mall of Arabia, which aspires to convey the Arab legacy to the country. The infrastructure was created with the Arabic culture in mind. This shopping mall project in Islamabad is located near the Jinnah Gardens’ main entrance. The master plan belongs to the -ma family.

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