Real Estate market graph 2023

Real Estate market graph 2023

The real estate market graph in Pakistan has been growing more since past few decades. The country had faced some issues like severe pandemic, yet the housing market remained strong. Even, today this sector has continued to gain more investment from both local and foreign investors. A lot of real estate investors in Pakistan are willing to increase their financial portfolio. For that, they must go through the real estate market forecast 2024 to understand the present and upcoming trends in real estate business.

Real Estate Market Graph

2023 Year in Pakistan

The real estate market graph of Pakistan suggest that that this business is likely to grow more with the passage of time. If one looks at the current report of Pakistan’s Economic Survey, it states that real estate is the biggest employer. It contribute greatly towards the economy of Pakistan apart from agriculture. The real estate market news tell us that it would grow around 2.3 percent more in coming years, which investors consider optimistic. The demand for housing is growing, due to rise in population, and urbanization. A lot of real estate investors irrespective of income are looking for affordable housing. Since it is a lucrative market, so a lot of foreign investors have begun showing their interest.

Real Estate Forecast

The current forecast by the Economic Survey of Pakistan show that real estate market growth in Pakistan might be at its peak. The only reason behind such growth is rising demand of affordable housing. The real estate market graph of Pakistan shows that the business is getting boost from government incentives like Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Government of Pakistan greatly understands the importance of real estate business and aims to attract foreign direct investment into this sector. Every individual is willing to start of his own business by starting with the real estate consultancy.

Future Real Estate Projects

A lot of real estate project in Pakistan have received the approval from government authorities since the beginning of 2023. Many of such project are taking Place in Karachi and Lahore, which are largest cities of Pakistan. The most famous housing project is Bahria Town Karachi, that is near its completion. Another housing project that got the approval recently in Dream Valley Housing Scheme that has attracted various investors. Both of these project have the potential to cater to thousands of real estate investors, which would double their profits. Even, Islamabad has a lot of housing project that are among favorites of the real estate investors. One of them is Park View City, which is an epitome of natural beauty and innovative infrastructure. The Real Estate Graph of these three cities is high due to upcoming innovative housing projects.

Investment Opportunities

The real estate business on Pakistan offers some huge investment opportunities for foreign investors especially overseas Pakistanis. They are the ones wishing to invest their capital in Pakistan’s real estate sector to gain profits. One of the most important opportunities within the real estate business is the increasing demand for affordable homes. The government of Pakistan had provided some incentives like tax rebates and subsidies, which has made this business an appealing investment choice. Apart from that the infrastructural projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor have been instrumental for real estate market health of Pakistan. Many of the housing project in Islamabad are currently under development at the route of this corridor.


Many of the real estate experts think that the demand of affordable housing would be beneficial of real estate market graph. Some of the millennials have aged into their home purchasing year, and have become the enthusiastic buyers of properties. The record of millennial property ownership was low but situation has evolved dramatically. The recent report suggest that baby boomers and Generation Z of Pakistan are very much into real estate business. They plan to generate huge amount of wealth by purchasing properties in upcoming housing projects. Majority of the real estate investors believe in getting more wealth by renting out their properties at expensive rates. For more details about the financial trends in this sector, please visit the official site of Estate Land Marketing. Our consultancy firm is notable in Islamabad for dealing with the clients of current and upcoming real estate projects.


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What does real estate market growth refers to?

What does real estate market growth refers to?

One can describe real estate as the land with huge and permanent structures, i.e. a house, or any other building. It involves every type of improvements relevant to a building, which attached to a particular land. Such structure is often related to the land, whether it’s a man made or some natural beauty. Real estate market growth is completely linked to the construction of the type of properties. It often denotes a property of an individual that is built on land, and is a different type of asset. Real Estate Market Forecast 2024 highlights the importance of this business, which would result in huge economic growth.

Real Estate Market Growth

There are numerous factors through which one determines house prices. Some factor rely on economic theories while others mainly revolve around demographical, political and regional trends. It also includes some other intangible aspect like realization for future growth. Some of the important factors of Real Estate Market Growth are mentioned below.

Real Estate Economics

Real estate remain the key factor behind economic growth in different parts of the world especially Pakistan. According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan, real estate includes factors such completion data of housing, permits, and single family housing along with some multifamily buildings. Many of the real estate investors and financial analyst have their observation on the housing, as it may provide sense of financial directions. Real Estate Market growth becomes visible due to the type of housing taking place. Real Estate Market news has provided optimism, when one talks about in terms of Economics.

Opportunities for employment

Real Estate Market growth also results in creation of employment opportunities. If we look into employment to population ratio of Pakistan, it is evident that the ratio is high. Majority of employment sector of Pakistan relies on the real estate business. This clearly proves that individuals in Pakistan enjoy financial independence due to high purchasing power. So, this makes it very easy for the afford best housing facilities. If trends remains the same way in coming years, then real estate market health would be in its best.

Foreign Stakeholders

If there are more foreign stakeholders into real estate business, then this industry would boom within no time. More presence of foreign stakeholders in this business proves that the country is investment friendly. When people from other parts of the world invest, they utilize their own resources like machinery, cash, and human capital. The stakeholders would be needing huge space through real estate development, in order to manage these things. Real Estate Over time has been getting foreign investment in different countries of the world.

Significance Of Real Estate Growth In Pakistan

Real Estate remains one of the significant aspect behind emerging economic growth of Pakistan. It represents around 50 percent of segment of Pakistan’s economy. As this business involves the assets like lands, where one can develop houses, or other commercial building. It may be helpful for the investors to build an asset through this business. One may consider it a broad domain in Pakistan, as nowadays a lot of real estate consultants have established themselves. It has been dealing with issues like property dealing along with retailing, hoteling, and renting of properties. This business has potential to boost the economic growth of Pakistan, as it partnered with other industries too. More than 1000 of industries have already attached themselves with this business in Pakistan. Economic experts in Pakistan believe that real estate market growth would contribute to more than 10% of GDP of the country.


The real estate economy of Pakistan has been growing since past few decades. This business had already established several job opportunities in Pakistan, and would continue to do in coming years. It would also be helpful in opening doors for tourism and foreign direct investment in the country. Only, if  government resolves some of the outstanding issues of this business, it would get more investment with the pledge of greater returns. For more information regarding real estate market growth in Pakistan, you may check the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate consultancy firm has been helping various real estate investors in looking for the best property to invest.

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Factors affecting the health of the real estate market

Factors affecting the health of the real estate market

Real estate business highlights some amount of portion of any wealth of individual. It is especially for the ones residing in countries like United States or Pakistan. According to Economic Survey of Pakistan, the homeownership rate in Pakistan has increased since past few decades. Real estate business is very lucrative, if any real estate investor monitors the real estate market health in the territory. Many of real estate market prediction for coming years has been very encouraging for the investors. This business has potential to increase with the passage of time, as it might give positive return in investment.

Real Estate Market Health


Demographic includes that data that mainly relies on population factors like migration, growth rates, gender, race and social status. Major changes within the demographic has a drastic impact on real estate market health. The main aspect of this depends upon other economic factors like property costs or their types. Some of the demographic trends like baby boomers born after 1980s have huge impact on real estate business. Real Estate Over time has been mainly dependent on the real estate transformation, i.e. from paperwork to digitalization. For instance, previous generation use to work mainly on papers, and now the current generation utilizes digital transactions.

Governmental policies

Any government would implement a legislation that would have significant impact on the demands and rates of the properties. Such legislation includes factors like subsidies, Taxations and FDIs that might boost real estate market health. The individuals need to aware themselves of such government incentives through which one would learn about supply changes. From 2018 to 2022, many of Pakistani investors took advantage of tax incentive by previous government. Despite sluggish economy, the real estate business of Pakistan has been progressing by leaps and bounds. Such policies are also instrumental in getting more foreign investments, which would boost up the national economy.

The Economy

The economic trends of any country would impact the worth of real estate, as it represent significant chunk of national economy. Some of the key values of economy like rates of goods, inflation data, GDP, and manufacturing capacity would impact the value of real estate. The better the situation of national economy, the more real estate market news would be positive. The circular system of economy involves all these key factors that might become reason of decline in real estate business. For instance, Security Exchange commission of Pakistan includes the list of those investments that are integral part of real estate business in Pakistan. So, one needs to be aware abut such circular system that runs the real estate economy.

Interest Rates 

Other important impact on real estate market health relies on Interest rates. For instance, one willing to purchase home with mortgage should use mortgage calculator to inspect interest rates. The changing interest rate would have huge affect on the rates of property purchase. The change in interest rates also equally impacts the ability of a person to buy any residential property. Lower interest rate may make borrowers optimistic, as it would create huge demand for real estate. However, the demand for this business might be lower, if the interest rate rise due to increasing mortgage cost. The future real estate market trends would equally depend on the changing nature of interest rates. In terms of finance, the link of rate to cost would be identical to the link of bonds with interest rates.


The economy of any country would have drastic affect on the real estate market health, which might affect the cash flow of the country. Many of the governmental incentives globally suggest a huge link between cause and effect of economic trends. The recession or economic doldrum poses a bigger threat to real estate business, as it would not provide positive return on investments. Also, it would create hurdles in job creation, and the current household income would completely decline. In such cases, individuals might force themselves to pay off their property as a mortgage. For more knowledge about real estate economy, you should visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our consultancy firm enjoy huge popularity among the real estate investors of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

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Park View City Hills Estate Payment Plan Details

Park View City Hills Estate Payment Plan Details

Park View Hills Estate Block payment plan details are what all investors want to make a long-term investment opportunity. Moreover, several other benefits and perks are available to investors in making the most desirable investment opportunity in the community. Further, the Park View Hill Estate Payment Plan is highly affordable, along with an instalment provision. The article showcases all the specifics of the price plan. So, keep reading and exploring all the payment details.

Park View Hill Estate

Park View Hills Estate Block is one of the famous blocks of Park View City. Moreover, there will be scenic views will be accessible to all the investors and the prospective residents. Furthermore, panoramic views will be available for the residents living in the hilly surrounding areas. So, who does not want to achieve a tranquil life and have amenities beyond their imagination?

The vital aspect is that the affordable payment plan is an encouraging factor for all investors. The Park View Hill Estate payment plan has a lot of perks and benefits, like quarterly instalments that Park View City J Block also has to offer. Further, the high accessibility is also there to assist prospective investors in making sustainable investments in the community. The other Park View Hill Estate Payment Plan details are in the blog. So, continue reading and get to know all the price details.

Hill Estate NOC Status

The housing project has gained the approved NOC status from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Moreover, legality matters a lot when creating an asset in any residential community. Further, developers are offering this investment opportunity to all prospective investors so they can make their dream investment in the Park View City famous block. Despite all the details, it will be vital to seek professional guidance.

Prices Details

The price details and other specifications offered by the developers are presented here, which will give investors an idea regarding the investment opportunity in the community. Moreover, two property sizes are available in the Park View City Hill estate block. And their prices and specifications are here.

5 Marla Plot price

The specifications of the 5 Marla properties are here:

  • The aggregate amount of the 5-marla plot for sale is PKR 8,000,000/-.
  • The downpayment will be PKR 2,000,000/-
  • The balance payment of the properties will be 6,000,000/-
  • The six quarterly installments will be PKR 1,000,000-

10 Marla Plot Price

These are the ten Marla plot payment plan specific.

  • The aggregate amount of the 10 Marla plot is PKR 15,000,000/-
  • The downpayment of the plot will be PKR 3,750,000/-
  • The balance sheet of the 20 marla plot will be PKR 11,250,000/-
  • Six quarterly installments will be 1,875,000/-

Benefits of investing in affordable housing projects

Several perks are involved in the sustainable investment opportunity in the community. Furthermore, these are some benefits that all investors should not ignore.

High Investment Rates

The approved NOC status allows prospective investors to make sustainable investments. Moreover, the NOC-approved housing project receives more investment rates than the non-approved ones. The best aspect of the high investment rates, especially in the Park View City H Block, is that they increase the trust and confidence among the investors in creating sustainable investments in the residential community.

Fast Development Pace

The development work will also increase in the community with high investment rates. The best feature is that the residential community has the approved NOC status and high investment rates. Also, the block serves to be the best investment opportunity in the community. Furthermore, the block development status will be completed soon, so the right time to make the investment opportunity in the community is now. Finally, kindly visit the site for investment-specific details or call our expert real estate consultants.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

The investment in NOC-approved housing projects usually offers high investment returns. Moreover, the developers have developed a housing project with the best features and facilities. The development pace also encourages many investors to make the best investment opportunity in the community. So, the investment here will yield massive returns to all the prospective investors.


All investors have been looking for the Park View Hill estate payment plan from developers for a long time. Moreover, the price plan indicates that investors from all socio-economic backgrounds make the desirable investment opportunity in the community. The investors can find this investment sustainable because of the NOC approval, as the legality matters while making the long-term investment opportunity. There will be countless facilities and features waiting for the investors looking to make an ideal investment near the twin cities. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has all the up-to-date investment details. So, keep checking their site.

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Park View City Golf Estate Properties Available for Investors

Park View City Golf Estate Properties Available for Investors

Park View City golf estate plot for sale available so far encourages investors to create long-term investment opportunities in the community. Further, the developers ensure that all investors find their dream asset creation opportunity in the housing endeavor. Currently, the block has several properties available that will assist the investors in making the real estate investment according to their requirements and the family’s needs. Most importantly, all these properties will have the best living conditions and features, allowing investors to create sustainable assets. The Park View City golf estate Islamabad plot for sale details are available here. Lastly, the blog will cover the available property investment opportunities for investors.

Golf Estate Owner

The concerned authorities approved the housing project Park View City. Moreover, the owner of the Golf Estate block is Mr Aleem Khan, who is a prominent politician. Further, the owner is known for developing outstanding housing projects to help create sustainable community assets. The owner is keen to deliver all the said features and facilities to all the investors. Therefore, the investors trust the developer’s projects and are eager to invest in the community.

Park View City Golf Estate Plot for Sale

The options of the properties available in the community are multiple, like the Park View City Terrace Plots, allowing the investors to create sustainable investments. Here are the features of the properties accessible in this housing endeavor. That will help all the investors make the desirable investment prospects. Also, here are the specifics of the plots accessible in the golf estate. Lastly, the Park View City golf estate Islamabad plot for sale is accessible to all prospective investors here.

5 Marla Plot Size

The most in-demand plot size is the five Marla; the properties are viable for small nuclear families. Moreover, the best aspect is that the high-quality infrastructure of these properties will have international standards of living facilities. Furthermore, the price of the five Marla plots is also highly minimal. The total amount of the properties will be PKR 6,000,000/-, with the provision of the instalment plan.

10 Marla Plot Size

The other option in the community is the 10 Marla size, ideal for the middle-size family. Moreover, the features and the developers’ facilities will enhance the investors’ investment capacity, like in the Park View City H block. Most importantly, the investment rates of these properties are also highly affordable. The total price of the 10 Marla plots will be PKR 10,000,000/-, with the provision of eight quarterly instalments. Therefore, the investment in these properties will be viable for all investors in creating long-term assets in the block.

1 Kanal Plot Size

The One Kanal properties are the community’s most luxurious real estate investment option. Moreover, the investment is ideal for joint families, especially overseas investors looking to create community assets. Also, the property rates are highly affordable, starting from PKR 25,000,000/-, with a straightforward instalment provision. So, the investment here will be highly viable for all prospective residents and investors.

Features & Facilities

Several features and amenities are available in the community that will enhance the investor’s wish to create a sustainable asset and help achieve the most desirable lifestyle and Park View City Investment. There will be countless features accessible to all prospective investors that will enhance their livelihood, like the essential amenities, including water, electricity, and gas provision. Also, luxurious features like the high-quality infrastructure, grid station and eco-friendly housing project are the contributing factors that encourage investors to make sustainable assets in the community.


The golf estate is one of the famous blocks of Park View City. Further, the developers are focusing on the development work that will enhance the investment rates in the community. The Park View City golf estate plot for sale is highly affordable. Also, world-class amenities and features will be waiting for prospective investors. Therefore, the right time for investment in the community is now. Proper guidance is vital in creating the ideal investment prospect in housing. Also, Estate Land Marketing has all the relevant information and updated advice for its investors.

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Is Park View City CDA Approved or not?

Is Park View City CDA Approved or not?

Is Park View City CDA approved or not? All investors are now looking for this before making a sustainable investment. Moreover, world-class luxuries will be available in the community, giving investors the best and ultimate investment opportunity since the developers are keen on making the housing project a kind of investment opportunity. Therefore, they have put their focus on all aspects of investment. And try to make it the ideal living space for all investors. The blog will include details regarding the NOC authorization and how it affects the investment rates in the residential community. So, without delay, let’s explore the detailed and updated guidance.

Park View City Owners

The housing project is one of the most feasible investment options in the Twin Cities; it promises to offer the ideal livelihood for the investors. Moreover, Mr Aleem Khan owns the housing project and is famous for developing magnificent housing projects. Further, the owner’s name is enough to make a credible asset creation opportunity in the community. Lastly, kindly visit our website for more details regarding the owners and developers and their latest projects.

NOC Status

The Park View City CDA approved status makes it the best investment opportunity for investors. Further, the developers are offering world-class facilities and features to their investors. Future residents can make a trustworthy investment here to make it sustainable. Also, the registration number under which the housing project assigned the NOC approval is CDA/PLW/ZONE-4(94)/12/VOL-I/168. Most importantly, with NOC approval, the project spans over 7000 kanal of land. So, investment in this residential community will be trustworthy and sustainable. For more investment details and updates, contact our professional real estate consultants.

Why invest in an NOC-approved housing project?

Investing in Park View City NOC aproved housing project has several benefits. Further, investors can invest in a high-return asset that might help them earn vast profits. Moreover, other privileges will be accessible to all future residents, and here are a few of them.

Secured & Sustainable Investment

The Noc-approved housing community usually allows investors and residents to make the long-term investment opportunity. Further, investors typically look for legitimate investments. Moreover, world-class amenities will be accessible to all investors, where they can find outstanding luxuries and features that can improve future residents’ lifestyles. Most importantly, trust is the main factor that developers are more inclined toward because that is the most prominent feature they can give to future residents.

High Returns on Investment

A legitimate housing project always attracts high investment rates, and highly populated areas tend to have more investment returns. Nevertheless, the high-class architecture and the international living standards will make the community’s livelihood more feasible. Most importantly, the affordable rates will prevent investors from making long-term investments here. Park View City offers the best investment and asset creation opportunity, especially for overseas investors looking to make a sustainable investment in the country.

High Investment Rates

The ideal location and the high access points make the asset creation option more feasible for most investors. Moreover, the influx of Park View City investment is increasing the worth of the housing project. Also, the main reason is the Approved NOC status. The developer has offered access to an opportunity to the investors where they can find credible asset creation investments. Most importantly, there will be several other reasons why the housing project faces high investment rates. So, the right time to make an ideal investment here is now, and estate land marketing is the ultimate spot to help you create the best investment in the community.

Fast Development Pace

The approved NOC status fastens development as the higher authorities allow it. Moreover, the development work at Park View City blocks J and K and overseas block construction will be completed soon. Blocks A and B are practically finished. Construction of main roads to help the investors roam around the housing project and watch the development progress. Further, the investors are impressed with the development pace and are keen to make the best investment to offer them a high investment return.


All investors looking for Park View City CDA-approved status can now create an ultimate investment opportunity in the community. Moreover, the developers have offered the best provision to its investors, where they can think of making their dream investment opportunity. Further, the outstanding features and facilities create a more feasible environment for attaining desirable living standards. Also, the blog has covered several benefits of investing in the NOC-approved residential endeavour to help them make a sustainable investment. Most importantly, Estate Land Marketing has the best investment information and guidance for investors. So, immediately, contact our real estate consultants and find a suitable residential investment.

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CBC dog culling angers Karachi DHA residents, animal lovers

CBC dog culling angers Karachi DHA residents, animal lovers

KARACHI: Animal-loving Defence Housing Authority (DHA) tenants say the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) has started slaughtering stray dogs.

Read more with EL news: CDA requests Islamabad Master Plan Commission’s reformation

Residents said several of the missing canines were fed and guarded their neighborhoods from intruders.

“They are no particular breed, just stray animals but they remained alert at night, which gave us a lot of peace of mind,” a DHA Phase VIII resident told Dawn.

“We would give them leftovers for their loyalty and love. “Everything was fine until the CBC caught and killed them,” the resident said with a lump in his throat.

Stray dogs, who were friendly, have been removed from numerous DHA areas. Another worried homeowner and animal rights activist Haniyeh Shaikh added, “Many of them were spayed, neutered and vaccinated too.”

Cantonment board invites concerned residents and animal rights groups to a meeting tomorrow.

My puppy Crystal was stolen by the CBC. They collected Rs6,000 from me for releasing her when I discovered her. Haniyeh said her dog had a collar.

Many of the dogs they take are old and defenceless. Poor animals are friendly too. The CBC personnel are wild, but the animals are not. They’re cruel. He added that a few days earlier, when they were collecting puppies from Creek Vista Apartments, a housewife stopped them, but they shoved and beat her instead of listening.

Many locals attended the CBC office last Friday to speak to them. They sounded harsh and irritated despite our politeness. They said they would exterminate DHA dogs. When some residents appeared angry, they lied about transferring the dogs, not killing them. We don’t believe that because there’s no room to move the dogs, she remarked.

Jude Allen, who founded the ‘I am Noor Jehan Movement’ after seeing the zoo elephant suffer due to government incompetence and lack of empathy, joined the others at the CBC office on Friday to urge people not to hurt the stray dogs.

“We went together. We met several high-ups who weren’t impressed, he continued.

At first, they disputed everything. Their activities were documented in photos and videos. Even the person at the CBC office videos. So they confessed. We were told to keep the dogs in our homes after much persuasion that they were harmless. We already care for many of them as pets. “We can’t keep them all,” he replied.

Mr. Najeeb ordered us to create a trap, neuter, spay, and release roadmap if we were serious about this issue. We are meeting at Aunty Park on Tuesday to discuss this with all those who care about these unfortunate dogs because our next meeting with CBC is on Thursday.

Jude said his organisation raises awareness of how governments exploit animals for profit. “The movement also covers senseless killings of innocent street animals by the CBC and KMC, who have no shame or fear of God,” he stated.

The Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (Paws) co-founder Mahera Omar regretted the events. Einstein defined insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ She added Karachi municipal authorities continue to brutally murder dogs to remove them.

“The authorities should have implemented a humane citywide mass vaccination drive to control street dog rabies by now. The animal reservoir controls the disease, reducing human transmission. If they educate local communities on dog behaviours and bite avoidance, they can minimise citywide dog bites.

“Reducing neighbourhood garbage will also reduce street dog populations. “There is no quick fix, and the situation requires political will and a sustained multi-pronged approach,” she said.

“Shooting and poisoning dogs is cruel and barbaric, but other dogs fill the void. Killing dogs doesn’t stop rabies either. When dogs are removed, their population changes. She added they can be unstable or violent and reproduce quickly while having rabies.

When Dawn contacted CBC, a spokesman said they have received many complaints about stray dogs and accusations about culling them.

“We have invited all animal rights organisations and concerned residents to the CBC office on Thursday [tomorrow] to discuss the matter and chart a course forward,” the spokeswoman stated.

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Civic body makes announcements for LDA City plot owners

Civic body makes announcements for LDA City plot owners

According to the national dailies on September 23, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has sent out a public notification to the owners of the third and fourth ballot plots in LDA City.

Read more with EL news: RUDA’s Chahar Bagh surcharge waiver expires in 2 weeks

The following announcements on the authorized payment schedule were made, per the details that were released:

  • Plots assigned in the third and fourth ballots began to be assessed development fees on January 1 and April 4, 2023, respectively.
  • By inputting the appropriate file numbers, the challans for development charge payments can be accessed through the LDA website,, or mobile app.
  • Challans for development fees may be deposited at any Allied Bank location nationwide or online through 1Link.

Plot owners are urged to pay their development fees on time in order for their plots to be immediately turned over to them following the conclusion of all ongoing infrastructure development projects.

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RUDA's Chahar Bagh surcharge waiver expires in 2 weeks

RUDA’s Chahar Bagh surcharge waiver expires in 2 weeks

According to a post on the Ravi Urban Development Authority’s (RUDA) official Facebook on September 26, the authority has urged applicants to take advantage of the 2-week extension to the waiver program for Chahar Bagh plots with late payments.

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It was emphasized that the candidates who won the election might avoid late fees by making all outstanding payments by October 10. In its initial phase, Chahar Bagh provides 1-kanal and 10-marla plots, as well as studio to 3-bedroom flats. The project, which aims to combine the traditional splendor of Lahore’s past with the current and modern living concept, is situated next to the Ring Road Shareef Pura/Bhaini Road Interchange.

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The Gwadar port will soon be operational: CM Domki

The Gwadar port will soon be operational: CM Domki

GWADAR: The Gwadar port will soon be operational, which will boost trade and commercial activity, according to Baluchistan’s acting Chief Minister Mir Ali Mardan Domki.

Read more with EL news: CDA requests Islamabad Master Plan Commission’s reformation

During his visit to Gwadar, he spoke with journalists and said that the port was already being utilized for Afghan transit commerce because of its advantageous location.

The chief minister claimed that this year’s below-average rainfall has made Gwadar’s drinking water shortage worse.

The public and the administration, he continued, “are drinking water very carefully.”

Mr. Domki claimed that the Iranian power supply arrangement only had two months of problems. The remainder of the year is trouble-free, Mr. Domki continued.

A later meeting to assess the progress being made on development projects was presided over by the chief minister. He went to the Fisheries Department and the GDA Hospital.

Mr. Domki stated that all initiatives for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor were actively being worked on in order to boost economic activity.

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