Park View City Golf Estate Properties Available for Investors

Park View City Golf Estate Properties Available for Investors

Park View City golf estate plot for sale available so far encourages investors to create long-term investment opportunities in the community. Further, the developers ensure that all investors find their dream asset creation opportunity in the housing endeavor. Currently, the block has several properties available that will assist the investors in making the real estate investment according to their requirements and the family’s needs. Most importantly, all these properties will have the best living conditions and features, allowing investors to create sustainable assets. The Park View City golf estate Islamabad plot for sale details are available here. Lastly, the blog will cover the available property investment opportunities for investors.

Golf Estate Owner

The concerned authorities approved the housing project Park View City. Moreover, the owner of the Golf Estate block is Mr Aleem Khan, who is a prominent politician. Further, the owner is known for developing outstanding housing projects to help create sustainable community assets. The owner is keen to deliver all the said features and facilities to all the investors. Therefore, the investors trust the developer’s projects and are eager to invest in the community.

Park View City Golf Estate Plot for Sale

The options of the properties available in the community are multiple, like the Park View City Terrace Plots, allowing the investors to create sustainable investments. Here are the features of the properties accessible in this housing endeavor. That will help all the investors make the desirable investment prospects. Also, here are the specifics of the plots accessible in the golf estate. Lastly, the Park View City golf estate Islamabad plot for sale is accessible to all prospective investors here.

5 Marla Plot Size

The most in-demand plot size is the five Marla; the properties are viable for small nuclear families. Moreover, the best aspect is that the high-quality infrastructure of these properties will have international standards of living facilities. Furthermore, the price of the five Marla plots is also highly minimal. The total amount of the properties will be PKR 6,000,000/-, with the provision of the instalment plan.

10 Marla Plot Size

The other option in the community is the 10 Marla size, ideal for the middle-size family. Moreover, the features and the developers’ facilities will enhance the investors’ investment capacity, like in the Park View City H block. Most importantly, the investment rates of these properties are also highly affordable. The total price of the 10 Marla plots will be PKR 10,000,000/-, with the provision of eight quarterly instalments. Therefore, the investment in these properties will be viable for all investors in creating long-term assets in the block.

1 Kanal Plot Size

The One Kanal properties are the community’s most luxurious real estate investment option. Moreover, the investment is ideal for joint families, especially overseas investors looking to create community assets. Also, the property rates are highly affordable, starting from PKR 25,000,000/-, with a straightforward instalment provision. So, the investment here will be highly viable for all prospective residents and investors.

Features & Facilities

Several features and amenities are available in the community that will enhance the investor’s wish to create a sustainable asset and help achieve the most desirable lifestyle and Park View City Investment. There will be countless features accessible to all prospective investors that will enhance their livelihood, like the essential amenities, including water, electricity, and gas provision. Also, luxurious features like the high-quality infrastructure, grid station and eco-friendly housing project are the contributing factors that encourage investors to make sustainable assets in the community.


The golf estate is one of the famous blocks of Park View City. Further, the developers are focusing on the development work that will enhance the investment rates in the community. The Park View City golf estate plot for sale is highly affordable. Also, world-class amenities and features will be waiting for prospective investors. Therefore, the right time for investment in the community is now. Proper guidance is vital in creating the ideal investment prospect in housing. Also, Estate Land Marketing has all the relevant information and updated advice for its investors.

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