Park View City Hills Estate Payment Plan Details

Park View City Hills Estate Payment Plan Details

Park View Hills Estate Block payment plan details are what all investors want to make a long-term investment opportunity. Moreover, several other benefits and perks are available to investors in making the most desirable investment opportunity in the community. Further, the Park View Hill Estate Payment Plan is highly affordable, along with an instalment provision. The article showcases all the specifics of the price plan. So, keep reading and exploring all the payment details.

Park View Hill Estate

Park View Hills Estate Block is one of the famous blocks of Park View City. Moreover, there will be scenic views will be accessible to all the investors and the prospective residents. Furthermore, panoramic views will be available for the residents living in the hilly surrounding areas. So, who does not want to achieve a tranquil life and have amenities beyond their imagination?

The vital aspect is that the affordable payment plan is an encouraging factor for all investors. The Park View Hill Estate payment plan has a lot of perks and benefits, like quarterly instalments that Park View City J Block also has to offer. Further, the high accessibility is also there to assist prospective investors in making sustainable investments in the community. The other Park View Hill Estate Payment Plan details are in the blog. So, continue reading and get to know all the price details.

Hill Estate NOC Status

The housing project has gained the approved NOC status from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Moreover, legality matters a lot when creating an asset in any residential community. Further, developers are offering this investment opportunity to all prospective investors so they can make their dream investment in the Park View City famous block. Despite all the details, it will be vital to seek professional guidance.

Prices Details

The price details and other specifications offered by the developers are presented here, which will give investors an idea regarding the investment opportunity in the community. Moreover, two property sizes are available in the Park View City Hill estate block. And their prices and specifications are here.

5 Marla Plot price

The specifications of the 5 Marla properties are here:

  • The aggregate amount of the 5-marla plot for sale is PKR 8,000,000/-.
  • The downpayment will be PKR 2,000,000/-
  • The balance payment of the properties will be 6,000,000/-
  • The six quarterly installments will be PKR 1,000,000-

10 Marla Plot Price

These are the ten Marla plot payment plan specific.

  • The aggregate amount of the 10 Marla plot is PKR 15,000,000/-
  • The downpayment of the plot will be PKR 3,750,000/-
  • The balance sheet of the 20 marla plot will be PKR 11,250,000/-
  • Six quarterly installments will be 1,875,000/-

Benefits of investing in affordable housing projects

Several perks are involved in the sustainable investment opportunity in the community. Furthermore, these are some benefits that all investors should not ignore.

High Investment Rates

The approved NOC status allows prospective investors to make sustainable investments. Moreover, the NOC-approved housing project receives more investment rates than the non-approved ones. The best aspect of the high investment rates, especially in the Park View City H Block, is that they increase the trust and confidence among the investors in creating sustainable investments in the residential community.

Fast Development Pace

The development work will also increase in the community with high investment rates. The best feature is that the residential community has the approved NOC status and high investment rates. Also, the block serves to be the best investment opportunity in the community. Furthermore, the block development status will be completed soon, so the right time to make the investment opportunity in the community is now. Finally, kindly visit the site for investment-specific details or call our expert real estate consultants.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

The investment in NOC-approved housing projects usually offers high investment returns. Moreover, the developers have developed a housing project with the best features and facilities. The development pace also encourages many investors to make the best investment opportunity in the community. So, the investment here will yield massive returns to all the prospective investors.


All investors have been looking for the Park View Hill estate payment plan from developers for a long time. Moreover, the price plan indicates that investors from all socio-economic backgrounds make the desirable investment opportunity in the community. The investors can find this investment sustainable because of the NOC approval, as the legality matters while making the long-term investment opportunity. There will be countless facilities and features waiting for the investors looking to make an ideal investment near the twin cities. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has all the up-to-date investment details. So, keep checking their site.

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